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Welcome to Gotham Mafia. Few ground rules:

- Don't talk about the game outside the thread unless otherwise specified. Don't leak a QT to anyone who shouldn't have access.
- If you have questions, please PM me instead of asking in the thread.
- When you claim, don't copy+paste or screenshot your role, paraphrase please.
- You're only allowed to make one non-gameplay related post after your death and nothing more.
- There is NO FLAVOR in role PM's.
- Town is Gotham Aligned
- Mafia is Jim Gordan Aligned
-Day Phases will be 24 hours. Night will be between 12-18 hours but always closer to 12 if I can help it.
- You can speed up Nigh by pre-submitting to the best of your ability​

Sample PM:

You are Cherry.
Role: Vanilla Townie
Alignment: Gotham

Unfortunately you have no role but you are still a vital part of taking down Gotham

You win when all threats to the Gotham aligned have been eliminated.​

Alive Players(10):
1. Banez
2. Magic
3. SelinaKyle
5. Xenus
6. Roy Mustang (Replaced Reap)
7. Pez
8. Jman55
9. Poyser
10. Odo
12. Rugrat


Jamaican was killed Night 1. Carmine Falcone, 2x Watcher
Skybox was killed Night 1. Selina Kyle, 1x Hider
BigMan was killed Night 1. ???, ???
Laughable Chimp was killed Mid-Day 2. Alfred Pennyworth, 1x Janitor
Chloe was lynched Day 2. Nathaniel Barnes, 1x Executioner
Bearo was killed Night 2. Lazlo Valentin, Vanilla Townie
It’s Bananas was lynched Day 3. Ivy Pepper, Developer
Bearo was killed Night 3. Jerome Valeska, 2x Skitzo
Doddsy was killed Night 3. Bridgit Pike, Vanilla Townie
IMPLUSE was killed Night 3. Jim Gordon, 2x Bus-Driver


Day 1:
Night 1:
Mid-Day 2:
Day 2:
Night 2:

Day 1 Starts now. With 20 Alive, it takes 11 for a lynch. You have 24 Hours.

From parts unknown
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I have no clue who Nov is but given the likes on his sign up post I'm guessing someone who played a while ago?

vote Poyser

The wagon on junk is cringe. Y'all bitter.

From parts unknown
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Not true. I gave a good list of town reads. Only wrong on one count. Was also sussing you :cudi

Tell me are you scum? And will I be spooking your team into shooting me again n1?
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