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Good Role for Savage?

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So with the sudden resurgence of the "Macho Man" in several WWE related propoganda in the last year or so (DVD, Mattel, All-Stars,...) I feel like whatever vindetta Vince has with Savage is slowly eroding away (similarly to what happened with Bret Hart)...there has been talk of a HOF induction, not this year, but in a future year that he could be the headliner...Would Savage not work great as a manager for someone like John Morrison who would have weaker mic skills and just needs that extra boost to get over the top? I know all of the "internet" fans are ready for JoMo to get his chance...I feel like Morrison's gimmick is similar to Savage's, its just Morrison isn't near as popular, and is a lot more atheletic so I feel that together they could work well together. Morrison is suppose to be the example of what the "post-steroid era" superstar is suppose to look like...say what you want about that last statement, but he definitely has the most "normal" muscled body in the WWE and I think he would benefit greatly from what Savage could bring to the table in what could be a mutually beneficial union for both superstars as it would elevate Morrison to the ME and would be a great HOF storyline for Macho...
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