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Good Matches Michaels got from jobbers.

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This would be even more interesting. Michaels has had match of the year from pretty much every major year he was active. What about the matches he was able to get out of potential nobody's?

HBK vs Marty Jannety on MNR in summer of 1996. If anyone remembers this, it was like 20mins, nonstop! Marty was in the "New Rockers," while HBK was the newly-crowned WWF Champ. Prob should have been a squash, by those standards.
HBK vs Hogan at Summerslam - haha. (well-documented)

Okay its late, I'm tired. But seriously, who can come up with other matches Michaels has had, which prob shouldn't have been good, yet produced good TV?
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not sure about hbk

but bret and 123 kid had a fantastic match summer of 1994 which in all i thought bret would of breezed through in 4-5mins

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Not a classic by any stretch, but since you brought up jobbers... Here is a match with 2 of the biggest jobbers around: The Brooklyn Brawler and Tom "vaguely remember him getting a win against another AWA jobber once... maybe" Stone

Some really nice spots in this match and some cool tag moves.
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