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Hogan has fallen down tremendously since the 80s/90s, he doesn't draw at all in 2013, which I feel is due to his constant need for TV time and spotlighting that I felt it was of lower value when you actually saw him. A hiatus of a couple years and return match then rinse and repeat, would have been a good way at grasping and controlling his inner draw. Brock is another which is mainly due to WWE's booking, having him lose to Cena and Triple H affected his status as a beast and remarkable aura.

On the opposite side, Rock has done really well for himself by not only preserving but building up his drawing power over the years, his hollywood career is mostly to account for this, though he was pretty big regardless. From the buzz for him to make a return, and the pops he receives when he does make an appearance, I can't help but say Austin has kept himself under wraps and heightened the value of seeing him which is then extended by a possible match.

Any others?
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