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good chance for a miz vs cena vs rock at mania

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So i mentioned a while back...then i mentioned it a few weeks ago. Some of u agreed but most said it wont happen. Well accordingly some sites have reported (just yesterday) that they think it may be a triple threat at mania...and the rock said in a recent magazine that he is not done performing in the ring necessarily. I know these websites r 50/50 on correct info, but i think dave meltzer was one of the ones to mention it. All this aside...i think this monday raw in chicago were gonna get the blockbuster anouncement that rock wants miz and cena at mania. I mean what miz has done (rock bottom cena, dress up like rock, call rock out ect...) and cena's war of the words...pissing of the rock to high level of anger....all leads to a match...anything less would be disapointing (unless cena attacks rock and turns heel after match with miz). Why would rock come live to the raw before mania to confront these 2 face to face (they would save the epic confrontation between him and cena for mania...if rock was only going to host). Rock comes to raw to duke it out and build the match. Oh and by the way rock hasn't been mentioned as a guest host for mania in the mania ads for the last 2 weeks (and he is the biggest selling point)....why .....CAUSE VINCE REALIZED THAT HE NEEDS THE ROCK TO WRESTLE...THE FANS WANT THIS TOO MUCH FOR IT NOT TO HAPPEN. I think the rock over the last few weeks has felt re-connected and wants to give the fans what they really want. It will be a triple threat at mania...im calling it now.

p.s.-- a month ago miz said he would beat rock and cena in the same night at mania...it coulda been a clue.