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Gone too soon...Macho Man Randy Savage

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The often imitated, never duplicated Macho Man Randy Savage - a pioneer in wrestling, and truly one of the most iconic and legendary superstars of all-time - died three years ago this month.

To this day, it pisses me off that all we got was a tribute video on Raw - albeit an incredible tribute video, it still makes me emotional watching it - I really, really do hope that WWE buries the hatchet and that Randy's dad stops making stupid demands [sorry Mr Poffo, but the only star in your family was your son Randy - the family doesn't deserve the HOF, Macho Man does] and that finally, Macho Man gets his much deserved HOF entry.

Looking back, what a career - he came from the most star-studded era in wrestling history [the Hulk Hogan "Golden Age"] and he fought the biggest stars of his generation.

All hail Macho Man! :genius
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Randy's dad didn't make demands as far as I know, it was Savage himself. He wanted Vince to induct his father, but since he had no relation to the WWF it didn't happen.

Lanny Poffo also said that Randy wanted to have his father in the HOF first, plus Vince not contacting their mother after Randy's passing is why he thinks it won't happen before Vince gives condolences to the family.
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