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Gone too soon...Macho Man Randy Savage

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The often imitated, never duplicated Macho Man Randy Savage - a pioneer in wrestling, and truly one of the most iconic and legendary superstars of all-time - died three years ago this month.

To this day, it pisses me off that all we got was a tribute video on Raw - albeit an incredible tribute video, it still makes me emotional watching it - I really, really do hope that WWE buries the hatchet and that Randy's dad stops making stupid demands [sorry Mr Poffo, but the only star in your family was your son Randy - the family doesn't deserve the HOF, Macho Man does] and that finally, Macho Man gets his much deserved HOF entry.

Looking back, what a career - he came from the most star-studded era in wrestling history [the Hulk Hogan "Golden Age"] and he fought the biggest stars of his generation.

All hail Macho Man! :genius
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I hope that whenenever he goes in, that they induct Elizabeth too.
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