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This is how i see it going down as far as goldberg returning after this "30 day deactivation". We will hear absolutely nothing about him and so no one will even think about ohh whens he coming ack or something and then half way or about 20 guys into the royal rumble match he all of a sudden shows up and take all of them out but brock lesnar and they will be the last two or something and then that will start a feud between those two and goldberg will win the rumble and get his title shot and then they will hold ff with the lenar, goldberg angle until wrestlemania time and then they will feud.

Now i know some of you will say ohh that wont work cause if he wins the rumble he has a title shot at wrestlemania but as we all know very well anything can happen in the WWE especially when heyman and bischoff are incharge of there show.

and of anyones got good posts of divas be sure to tag them along with ur reply
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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