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Goldberg winning the WCW title on Nitro is one of the biggest mistakes Bischoff made

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The story writes itself

Goldberg beats EVERYONE from top to bottom from late 97 to late 98

he wins WW3

he challenges Hogan at Starrcade 98 (booked in the Georgia Dome) and wins the title clean from Hogan with a jackhammer

Goldberg won the title on free TV on July 6, 1998. Nitro drew a 4.8 rating to Raw's rating of a 4.0. All's good right? Well Raw drew higher ratings for the next 4 weeks afterward.

While Goldberg won the title on Nitro, the WWF was starting their Summerslam build by having The Undertaker win the #1 contendership to Stone Cold's title over Mankind in the main event.
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Re: Goldberg winning the WCW title on Nitro is one of the biggest mistakes Bischoff m

And Goldberg only found out by watching Thunder on the weekend. :lmao They had a 3 day build. They could've had a million buys on PPV at a Starrcade but they had to get a moderately higher rating for one week.

It's symptomatic of the way WCW was run. They just blew their load the first chance they got, everything was about now. I want it now, give me it now. They never built stars outside of Goldberg, they weren't concerned with doing anything other than getting a higher rating than Vince that week, it was all done on a basis of the immediate victory with no long term gain plan. WWE has always been very forward thinking, even to this day, with the things they're doing with Roman Reigns, the performance center, the WWE Network, etc. That's why they're still around, one of many reasons.
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