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prowrestlingscoops.com said:
Shane McMahon has been in talks with many big time promoters in the wrestling world as of late. His latest meeting with several wrestling promoters, including Adam Pierce, Gabe Sapolsky, and James E. Cornette.

Shane McMahon hasn't been involved with the sport of professional wrestling since his departure from the WWE. The main question we have for this man is why is he meeting with non-WWE bookers and promoters? Is he free lancing himself, or is he tricking them into something for the WWE?

prowrestlingscoops.com said:
In recent news, Gabe Sapolsky has given up power from the Dragon Gate USA and is giving it to a legend in Japan, the Great Muta. With the initial rumors of Shane and Gabe's meeting recently, is there a connection between these two stories.
prowrestlingscoops.com said:
AND in one final note of information, we have received word that there was a meeting between Jim Cornette and Gabe Sapolsky earlier in the week to possibly discuss the future of their careers in the professional wrestling world.

Shane McMahon has also been meeting with other men, but their names have yet to be disclosed to anyone. So is the connection between Shane McMahon and the other two men just a disguise in order to debut a new leader in the wrestling world.

With all of these men having many ties amongst the wrestling business anything could be possible from this meeting, but we keep you updated in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

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prowrestlingscoops.com said:
James E. Cornette has been rumored to be signing back with the Ring of Honor promotion and has not been discussed with the rumors circulating around Shane McMahon as of late. One less name has been addressed to not be apart of Shane McMahon's plan of possibly getting re-involved with the sport of pro wrestling.

Shane McMahon has also gone on record disputing claims that he is partnering up on any project with Gabe Sapolsky as well, so the two most prominent men in the independent league of pro wrestling. The only man left is NWA booker Adam Pierce and this mystery man.

Editor's Note: I cannot say that Shane McMahon is getting back into the wrestling business per se, but the communications with many of the top bookers in the United States today seems to be circulating rumors after rumors that he is bringing up a new promotion to compete with his family.
Several top names in the wrestling world have expressed interest in working with Shane McMahon if he were to start a new promotion. All of these men are top talents on their respected brand and include the following names:

James Storm
Robert Roode
The Miz
Bryan Danielson

Will these men jump ship to a new promotion if the rumors circulating around are to become a reality. Only time will tell, but Shane McMahon has promised in the coming week to reveal the full details of the plans he has in store for his future.
Tune into prowrestlingscoops.com for all the details of this major event in the sport of pro wrestling as the next week begins.

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The official launch of a new Website has been heavily addressed on all pro wrestling news sites, and seems to be the talk of the wrestling world as Shane McMahon has posted not only the roster, but the championships of his new Global Wrestling Alliance. Click on the following links to find out who will be officially signed to the debut episode of Global Wrestling Alliance.


1. Sheamus
2. Robert Roode
3. James Storm
4. The Miz
5. Christian Cage
6. Bryan Danielson
7. AJ Styles
8. Chris Jericho
9. ​Jack Swagger
10. Dolph Ziggler
11. Shelton Benjamin
12. Elijah Burke
13. Douglas Williams
14. Petey Williams
15. Jack Evans
16. Matt Sydal
17. Chris Hero
18. Claudio Castagnoli
19. Samoa Joe
20. Husky Harris
21. Dragon Kid
22. Justin Gabriel
23. Mistico
24. A Double Austin Aires
25. Rey Mysterio
26. Brian Kendrick
27. Kid Kash
28. Mark Henry
29. Wade Barrett
30. Tyler Black
31. Alberto Del Rio

1. Sarita
2. Angelina Love
3. Kaitlyn
4. AJ
5. Mickie James
6. Madison Rayne
7. Gail Kim
8. Rosita
9. Velvet Sky
10. Vickie Guerrero

Owner: Shane McMahon
Commissioner: William Regal
Announcers: Matt Striker and Josh Matthews
Backstage Interviewer: Jermey Borash
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme


World Heavyweight Champion - Vacant
Won From - Vacant
Title History:

World Television Champion - Wade Barrett
Won From - Vacant
Title History:
Wade Barrett - won on Mayhem week 1(defeated Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio)

World Cruiserweight Champion - Austin Aires
Won From - Vacant
Title History:
Austin Aires - won on Mayhem week 1(defeated Rey, Jr., Justin Gabriel, and Jack Evans)

World Tag Team Champions -
Won From -
Title History:

Knockout's Champion -
Won From -
Title History:


Shane McMahon has kept the official preview of the debut of Wednesday Night Mayhem, but the official GWA website has received a bit of information for the upcoming debut episode. The first plan of action Shane has made the most pressing issue is to determine the first ever GWA World Champion, in which he has initiated an eight man tournament to finalize at the first ever GWA PPV, When World's Collide. Who will these eight men be, and which one of them will make an impact on the first ever GWA televised event?

Also, Shane has stated that he will announce the mystery cohort of the Global Wrestling Alliance. He has yet to hint at all who the man with the same power as him, but he stated it is a man that has experience running a major wrestling show, as well as a man who can step up inside or outside of the wrestling ring. Shane has all the faith in this man to make GWA the number one promotion in the world today.

A Wild card tag team match has been announced within the last few minutes of the opening of this site, and Shane McMahon and the mystery man promises for some unique pairings for these two teams. Will one of these teams be the future of the tag team scene or will the two teams not be able to co-exist as one unit? Only time will tell before Wednesday Night Mayhem.

All of this and much more on the debut of GWAs Wednesday Night Mayhem live on the TNT network at 8/7c.

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Roster definitely looks interesting. If I were to venture a guess as to Shane's partner, I'd go with Heyman, because I know those two get along well. I look forward to the debut of Mayhem.

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Global Wrestling Alliance

Wednesday Night Mayhem!
(HSBC Arena – Buffalo, NY)

[A video montage begins to play on the Spike TV network, as the home of the new Global Wrestling Alliance, which features many of the talents of the new promotion. It ends with Shane McMahon extending his hand towards a mysterious man, but the man is never revealed to the aaudience in the Buffalo arena nor the fans at home. As soon as the video concludes the new music of GWA Mayhem begins to blare over the speakers of the arena, as pyro and fireworks begin to explode throughout the arena and the ruckus crowd explodes out of their seats for the debut of Mayhem. The cameras pan throughout the arena in order to watch the fans, but stop when they turn their focus to Josh Matthews and Matt Striker sitting at the ringside position.]

Striker: I would like to welcome everyone to the debut episode of Global Wrestling Alliance's Wednesday Night Mayhem. We have one amazing debut show for all of you here tonight.

Matthews: Yes of course all of this is true Matt, but I wonder how Shane McMahon will address the rumors that he is not the only man to run this promotion, and will these two men truly see eye-to-eye like the ending of that earlier video?

Striker: I know that has a lot of people's attention, but Shane McMahon has promised us that this promotion will truly be about WRESTLING, which is why I agreed to jump to the GWA from another company.

Matthews: Yes I definitely agree with you on that one, and like Shane has announced in several of the press conferences Wrestling will be the forefront of this new promotion.

[Shane McMahon's “Here Comes the Money” now begins to blare over the arena PA system as he struts down to the ringside area to a massive ovation from the fans. He smiles as he gets into the ring and looks out at all of the screaming fans. We all can tell that he has a lot of positive things to address here tonight, but it appears that he is not ready to reveal all of those details here tonight. He is handed a mic from the lovely Christy Hemme, as he continues to let out a huge smile to the fans as chant Shane O'Mac.]

McMahon: Both Matt Striker and Josh Matthews stated to all of you watching at home that tonight is a historical night for all the fans of this sport. Our first match in the history of the Global Wrestling Alliance will be a World Television Title triple threat match to determine not only the first champion of the GWA, but we will guarantee that each and every week from this point on we will open with a Television title match. No promos, no segments, nothing but pure wrestling to tune into at the eight o'clock hour of GWA Wednesday Night Mayhem.

So without further ado, let's get straight to the action. Now enjoy the action, but let me tell you that after this match I will be in my office with a man that will have a major role in this company. Let the suspense build for that debut, but enjoy the triple threat match for the Television Title.

Match #1: Television Title Match
Wade Barrett versus Mark Henry versus Alberto Del Rio

The introductions of the three men are made as Shane McMahon heads to the backstage area. All three men receive a bit of the same heat from the fans, as all of them are jeering towards the fans and brushing off the fans at ringside. The announcers find it interesting that none of these wrestlers are even going to draw support for these fans, so it will be interesting to see how the fans react to the match. When all three men climb into the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The three of them encircle one another, but Del Rio takes the low road and rolls out of the ring, as the fans heavily boo the act of cowardice. Henry and Barrett watch Del Rio for a moment, but Henry being behind Barrett he turns him around and delivers a couple of strong elbow smashes to the face. Del Rio looks on, as Henry looks at him, but turns his attention back to Barrett after hitting several scoop slams on him. He goes for an early World's Strongest Slam, but Del Rio quickly climbs into the ring and takes out the knee of Henry. Henry falls to one knee, but Del Rio continues the attack on the knee and keeps the big man grounded on the mat.

After a few moments of the beatdown on the knee of Henry, Barrett regains some steam and assists in the beatdown of Henry, as they begin to double team him hitting a double hip toss, followed by a double scoop slam. Del Rio climbs onto the top rope as he awaits Barrett to pull Henry off of the mat. He then hits a flying cross body attack onto Henry where he also goes for a pinfall attempt, but it is quickly broken up by Barrett and a shoving contest begins to ensue between the two men The shoving turns into a fist fight between the two men, with Barrett's bare knuckle background gains the upper hand with several lefts and rights and follows it up with a strong DDT. Del Rio rolls out of the ring once again, but Barrett follows him out and irish whips him into the ring barricade. Barrett follows him in and delivers a strong knee to the face of Del Rio. He rolls him into the ring, and goes for the Wasteland, but it is reversed and Del Rio rolls him up in a sunset flip for a two count. Barrett is quickly back to his feet and locks in a reverse chin lock. Henry looks on as he is a bit angry from the double team attack and delivers a strong lariat to Barrett as he turns his attention to Henry after breaking the hold.

Henry delivers some big time power moves on both Barrett and Del Rio for the next few minutes. He again goes for the World's Strongest Slam on Del Rio, but this time Barrett prevents the move by going after the knee again. This time Barrett locks in a a leg lock on the massive tree trunks that Henry calls legs, but he powers out of the move by using his other leg to kick Barrett in the head. Barrett slides out of the ring, and Henry then turns his attention towards Del Rio who gives him a flying elbow smash. He delivers a second one that again rocks the big man, which a third one is followed but Henry catches him and slams him down. Barrett climbs to the apron and taunts Henry, when he approaches him Barrett pulls him down and chokes him on the top rope. He then climbs into the ring and somehow picks up the big man onto his shoulders and hits a modified Wasteland. He goes for the cover as the referee counts the 1, 2, and 3 count as he signals for the bell to ring.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match VIA pinfall, and First ever GWA World Television Champion, Wade Barrett.
[Wade Barrett is seen celebrating in the middle of the ring, as the Mayhem cameras encircle the entire arena while still focusing on the ring in which Wade Barrett is taunting the fans and challenging any man to come down whenever they want and try to take this title from him.]

Matthews: This man truly is a confident one, but he is definitely not adhering himself to these fans here in Buffalo or the fans watching at home.

Striker: Yes that may be true, but he seems to be showing a lot of passion in that ring. I can't really think of anyone who is going to be able to topple this man right now.

Matthews: That may be the case, but I am being told that we have to cut off to a preview for something Shane McMahon and another has set up in regards to the World Heavyweight Title.

[A preview is being shown to all the fans of the new promotion highlighting the eight men that will participate in a single elimination tournament to crown the first ever GWA World Heavyweight Champion. The eight men that are highlighted as followed: Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, James Storm, Robert Roode, Sheamus, Christian Cage, Tyler Black, and finally Bryan Danielson. Images of the GWA World Title is shown hanging high above a ring with the question who will climb to the top of the GWA at “When World's Collide!” The screen goes black, but when the cameras focus once again on the live arena we are in the backstage office of the owner and promoter of Global Wrestling Alliance. Shane McMahon comes on camera next to a chair that is turned away from the camera, alll that is shown from the chair is a single arm and Shane begins to address the fans once again.]

McMahon: I am here tonight for one reason and one reason only and that is to get this promotion and Wednesday Night Mayhem off the ground, but the only way we can make this a success so I felt we needed to bring in a man to run the backstage political issues that will come about when running a wrestling promotion. I searched high and low for the best man for the job of GWA Commissioner. That search lead to one man...

[The chair turns around quickly at that last word and it is revealed to be none other than a man that everyone is familiar with, none other than William Regal. He let's out a quick and patented Regal smirk as he prepares to speak to the fans watching Mayhem.]

Regal: Yes Shane McMahon felt I was the best man for the job and of course I had to agree with him, as only a man of my stature and my abilities could run one of the best promotions of all time. So tonight not only are we commercial free tonight, but we will have the first two tournament matches. These names will not be revealed just yet, but the first of two matches will be next. Before we get to that action, I have made the main event official. We will see four of the best Cruiserweight division talent in the World today compete to become the first ever GWA Cruiserweight champion. The four men that will compete are Rey Misterio, Jr., “A Double” Austin Aires, Jack Evans and Justin Gabriel. Now without further ado, let's get to the action once again.

[The cameras again go back inside of the arena as the announcers are seen addressing the most recent news.]

Matthews: Wow that is the most amazing turn of events that GWA could hope for. Mr. Regal is one of the most interesting characters of all time. He truly knows how to make not only every match he is in a great match.

Striker: While he is a great wrestler, is he a management type is the only question that I have for him.

Matthews: I don't know, but time will tell, but it appears as if he has already made one hell of a match because Bryan Danielson and now Tyler Black is to be the first match in the World Heavyweight Title tournament. These two definitely are familiar with one another.

Striker: Yes if anyone has followed both of these men's career, they know that these two men have had many, many heated feuds throughout their careers.

[Tyler Black is second out who gets a mixed reaction from the fans, as many of them do not want to cheer against “The American Dragon.” The two men enter the ring at the same time as they stare one another down, but shake hands in the middle of the ring.]

Match #2: World Heavyweight Title Tournament
Tyler Black versus Bryan Danielson

They lock up after a few moments of encircling one another. The little bit bigger Tyler Black shoves him down to the mat, but Danielson climbs to his feet quickly and this time gains the quick advantage with three hip tosses one after the other. Black let's out a quick smirk in the direction of Danielson, but stays on one knee agaisnt the ropes and Danielson delivers a strong kick to the face of Black, who then rolls out of the ring. The referee pushes Danielson away from the ropes and then starts a count. As Black starts to get to his feet, Danielson runs along the ropes and dives out with a suicide dive, but Black moves out of the way and Danielson crashes and burns near the bottom of the entrance ramp. Black goes to pick up Danielson off of the ringside floor, then irish whips him into the side of the ring. He comes crashing in with a severe shoulder block to the gut of Danielson. Danielson is rolled back into the ring as Black quickly climbs into the ring to gain a pinfall, but Danielson kicks out at two as Collision heads to its first commercial break of the evening.

As the cameras come back into the arena, Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are describing this match as it continues to be a bunch of stiff chops and kicks to the other person.

Matthews: This has been an amazing back and fourth match as only these two men can do.

Striker: You're right about that Josh, these two men have worked with one another through their careers on the independent scene and it appears as if these two men know each other very well.

Matthews: Anytime that two wrestlers know each other like these two, that match will always be great due to the fact that the moves and reversals are truly amazing to the end.

Back in the ring, it appears as if Tyler Black has gained the upper hand in the match, as he has hit a piledriver, but could only get another two count. Tyler Black climbs the top rope and awaits Bryan to get to his feet one more time, then leaps off of the top rope and hits a flying cross body onto him, but Danielson rolls through and gets a two count of his own. Black rushes to get to his feet, and helps Danielson to his feet as he sets him up in a brainbuster position, but Danielson again drops down and rolls up Black, but only a two count. Black is to his feet and gets a bit frustrated as begins to put the boots to Bryan in the corner ringpost. He then turns to the other side of the ring, but comes running back when he kicks the head of Danielson nearly off his head. Danielson looks out of it as he sits in the corner, but Black drags him to the center of the ring as he climbs the top rope. He hits a big splash on Danielson and goes to cover Danielson once more, but only gets another two count. This time the frustration is truly boiling over, as Josh and Matt are asking what is it going to take to put this man down for a three count. The frustration boils over so much that he gets into the face the referee for this match, but Danielson starts to stir and grabs a hold of Black's hips as he pulls him down into a cover for a quick two. Black looks over at Danielson as he tries to get to his feet, he then hits a missle dropkick to him before he can get to his feet completely. Danielson is down on the mat, but Black climbs the top rope symbolizing the end of this match. He goes for the Phoenix Splash, but Danielson rolls out of the ring sending Black hard to the mat. Danielson rolls back into the ring very slowly due to the beating he has suffered throughout the match, but he is able to quickly lock in the LaBell Lock directly in the center of the ring. Black tries to hold on as he slowly crawls to the ring ropes, but before he can make the ropes he has no choice but to tap out to Danielson's LaBell Lock. The referee calls for the bell, as Danielson releases the hold. Danielson attempts to help Black to his feet, but when he does he offers a handshake, but Black blatantly disrespects him and slaps his hand out of the way and exits the ring. He smiles at Tyler leaving the ring, as the referee raises his arm in victory.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match via SUBMISSION, BRYAN DANIELSON and advancing into the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.
Matthews: That truly was an amazing match. I truly hope that these two men step into the ring one more time and put on one hell of a wrestling clinic.

Striker: After that response from Black towards the man that just beat him, as well as the beating he gave to him I highly believe that is exactly what Tyler Black has in mind.

Matthews: Well tonight's match up is over, but could the next match we see them in be for the GWA World Heavyweight Title?

Striker: Well he has to go through two more matches before that can happen, so anyone's guess is as good as mine. Hold on, I am being told that Danielson is in the back with our very own JB, let's see what he has to say in regards to the tournament and this first match of the evening.

[The cameras quickly head to the backstage area as Jermey Borash is seen ready to interview the man that just won the first match of GWA Collision, Bryan Danielson.

JB: That was truly a hard fought match, I have to ask though was there anytime in that match that you felt like you were done physically, as that was an awful beating you took out there tonight?

Danielson:]/b] Well JB there is only so much .... ....

[Danielson stopped dead in his tracks when Tyler Black quickly attacks him from behind. He lays in lefts and rights on the fallen Danielson, then picks him up and puts him in a scoop slam position and sends him crashing into the table positioned right next to the interview area. Tyler Black then looks over at JB and grabs the arm that is holding the mic.

Black: When our good friend there wakes up from his nap, please let him to make sure he looks over his shoulder wherever he goes. When he least expects it we will meet like this one more time. Now get out of my face JB.

[Black pushes JB out of the way as security and referees are checking on the condition of Danielson, as Collision goes to a preview for next week's main event, which features the former tag team Beer Money going one-on-one with Robert Roode and James Storm going after their goals of wearing the World Heavyweight Title..]

[When the cameras go back into the arena, we see Josh Matthews and Matt Striker talking about the heinous actions of Tyler Black, but Striker is a bit more willing to state that it is a great sign for the GWA, as all of these wrestlers will do whatever it takes in order to become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion. As they discuss the main event, all of a sudden the music of Samoa Joe begins to blare over the PA system. The announcers are quick to announce that this match has assigned all four men in this match randomly. So we could see a pairing of two teams that will not be able to work together or we could see two men truly begin a reign of dominance.]

[Samoa Joe enters the ring, as an entrance music begins to play over the PA system that is unfamiliar to anyone, and the lights go out and a masked man appears on the top of the stage. Samoa Joe tells the man to reveal who it is, and it is third generation wrestler in Husky Harris. Joe looks surprised by the introduction, but smirks as the following team comes out. Shelton Benjamin is the first one to come down to the ringside area, and as he awaits at the bottom of the ramp the music of Elijah Burke begins to play and Shelton shakes his head in favor of this pairing. They rush the ring and jump start the match quickly as all four men begin exchanging punches.]

Match #3: Tag Team Wild Card Match
Samoa Joe & Husky Harris versus Shelton Benjamin & Elijah Burk

The referee tries to gain some order into this tag team match, as he gets in the middle of Joe and Burke and push the two men to their respective corners. He officially calls for the bell, and the action continues between Harris and Benjamin. Benjamin uses his speed to keep away from the stronger Harris in the ring, but eventually Harris hits a powerful forearm smash and Benjamin lands on the ring apron. He goes to pick up Benjamin and attempts to suplex him back into the ring, but Benjamin blocks him and attempts a suplex of his own. Harris blocks the full suplex and lands next to Benjamin on the ring apron. The two men start to exchange lefts with one another, but Joe decides to intervene. He attempts to strong arm Benjamin off of the apron, but instead delivers a strong elbow smash to the chest of Harris after Benjamin dropped down to the ringside floor.

Joe looks on at Harris, but instead of looking sorry he let's out a quick smirk at his fallen partner. Joe stands on the outside of the ring as he watches Benjamin roll Harris back into the ring and lock in a figure four maneuver. Harris somehow makes it to the ropes, as Joe looks impressed and decides to climb back onto the apron. Joe then tags himself into the match and delivers some running knees to Benjamin every time he gets to his feet. He attempts to lock in the Kokina Clutch, but Benjamin drops Joe's chin onto his shoulder. Joe holds his jaw for a moment, but stops Benjamin from crawling to his tag team partner. Joe grabs Benjamin and irish whips him into the ropes with so much force that he falls to the ring mat after the hit. Joe locks in a sleeper hold on the fallen Benjamin. The referee waits a few moments, but it appears as if he is fallen asleep from the hold. He holds up his arm two times and it falls, but the third time he holds it up and starts to rally the fans in support of him, as his partner does the same. Joe tries to hold onto the sleeper, but the elbows from Benjamin have a lasting effort on him and Benjamin delivers a hip toss. Both men are down on the mat, but Joe slowly gets to his feet first, but when he goes to pick up Benjamin off of the mat he is rolled up for a two count in a small package.

Benjamin delivers a couple of stiff kicks to the solarplex of Joe, as he is feeling the kicks Benjamin falls backwards and tags in Burke. Elijah Burke comes into the match in a fury of offense as he delivers a clothesline and follows it up with multiple scoop slams. Burke then climbs to the top rope, but when Joe gets to his feet he attempts a cross body and Joe non-nonchalantly steps out of the way. Burke is holding his chest as he tries to catch his breath and get to his feet, but Joe irish whips him into the corner where he tags in Harris. Joe picks up Burke onto his shoulders, as Harris then hits a running neckbreaker onto Burke as he drops him. Harris goes for a cover, but out of no where Benjamin breaks up the pinfall attempt at two. Joe re-enters the ring and goes after Benjamin, but Benjamin has enough strength in him to toss him over the top rope. Burke slowly starts to stir, as does Harris who was met with a clothesline from Benjamin after the pinfall was broken up. Burke sees Harris, and the two men stare one another down for a moment and he runs towards him and delivers a running neckbreaker of his own. Burke tags in Benjamin. Instead of leaving the ring, Benjamin climbs up to the top rope and Burke lifts up Harris and delivers a double handed power slam, as Benjamin then leaps off in a splash type move on to Harris. Benjamin grabs the leg of Harris in a pinfall attempt. Burke knocks Joe off of the apron before he can break up the pinfall and the final three count, as the referee then rings for the bell to signify the end of the match.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match VIA pinfall, Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke.
[The two men in the middle of the ring hold their hands up in victory as they celebrate their first victory as a team. All of a sudden though William Regal appears on the People's Tron at the top of the arena, as he let's out a smirk. He prepares to speak, as the fans are chanting Regal over and over again.]

Regal: That was an impressive victory and I applaud you two for a great showing of teamwork yet never teaming together before. I have brought together another team that has never teamed together before. A team that has a lot in common, and a team that came together for the quest of tag team gold. So next week we will see another tag team match showcasing two teams. Next week you will face the pairing of Douglas Williams and Petey Williams in the middle of that ring. The winner of the match will face a team of my choosing at When World's Collide for the GWA World Tag Team Championships. Enjoy this victory right now because you will face two men who want nothing more than to be the best of the best in the tag team scene of GWA.

Matthews: What an amazing opportunity for a fledgling team like Burke and Benjamin. Can these two co-exist enough in order to topple another team that has been brought together by the GWA Commissioner himself?

Striker: My question to the commissioner is how can they just throw together tag teams and give them a chance at possibly the most prestigious titles in the world of wrestling today?

Matthews: Every team has to start somewhere, but like Shane McMahon has stated already tonight is history in the making, could we see the rise of the newest hot tag team in the industry come When World's Collide?

Striker: That could be a good way to look at it, but let's go back to Jeremy Borash right now as he is standing by with the Miz.

[The Miz is positioned to the right of Jermey Borash, as he stares directly into the camera with a cocky smile on his face.]

JB: The action has been extreme throughout this commercial free debut of Wednesday Night Mayhem, can we see even more action come out of you when you go one-on-one with the Great White Sheamus?

The Miz: Are you stupid JB? I am The Miz....and I AM AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE! My awesome in ring ability will make this match the match of the night. The match that everyone will be talking about for the months and even years to come. The only match that will garner any more interest than tonight will be the match at the Pay Per View when I am crowned the first ever GWA World Heavyweight Champion.

JB: Well I can respect your confidence in yourself, but honestly Sheamus has been in the best of shape of his career and he left another company at the top of his game. How can you say that you are going to dominate this division when you have been lacking as of late?

The Miz: Don't you ever question the ability of the Awesome One. I am not called the Awesome One just because of my good looks, my superior personality, but I am called the Awesome one because of the things that I do in that ring. I can beat everyone who is on this roster. I can beat anyone who is from the North, from the South, from the East and from the West. It doesn't matter who they put in front of me, I will step over them all because ….. …....... I'M THE MIZ AND I'M AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

[The Miz leaned towards JB and whispers something in his ear, but turns towards the entrance way as the music of “The Awesome One” begins to play over the PA system in the arena and he comes out to a massive amounts of boos and jeers from the fans in attendance. He brushes off each and every fan on his way down to the ringside appearing extremely cocky and determined to walk out of the arena one step closer to the World Heavyweight title. As he climbs into the ring, the music changes and the fans jump to their feet as the Irish man comes out from behind the curtain. He makes a direct walk to the ring never taking his eyes off of The Miz, who is still smiling in the middle of the ring.]

Match #4: World Heavyweight title Tournament
The Miz versus Sheamus

Sheamus enters the ring quickly as he does the referee calls for the bell, and he attempts a brogue kick on Miz right away, but it is ducked and Sheamus is then rolled up for a two count in a school boy. The Miz tries to put the boots to Sheamus and keep him on the ground, but Sheamus powers as he gets to his feet quickly. He grabs the leg of The Miz and delivers a dragon screw leg lock. Sheamus climbs on top of The Miz and delivers some stiff lefts and rights to the face of The Miz, as well as some elbows. The referee forces Sheamus off of him after a count of four and the referee scolds him as The Miz then rolls out of the ring. The Miz pulls something out of his trunks, as Sheamus is coming to grab a hold of him he quickly hits him with what appears to be brass knuckles and hides it from the referee.

He shakes his head and regains some steam and crawls into the ring. He goes for a quick cover, but Sheamus somehow kicks out at the count of two and a half. The Miz is extremely upset, as he gets into the face of the official, but unbeknownst to him Sheamus has started to stir and he goes for another brogue kick with a look of intensity on his face, and The Miz turns around where he gets nailed directly with the kick. Sheamus goes for the cover, and the referee counts the 1, 2, and 3. The referee signals for the bell to ring.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match VIA pinfall AND advancing into the World Heavyweight Title Tournament, Sheamus.
Striker: It appears as if the cockiness of The Miz has backfired on him in this tournament match.

Matthews: Yes it appears as if he was looking too far into the future and underestimated his opponent here tonight.

Striker: Yes and Sheamus is a man that cannot be taken lightly, as was proven here tonight he can kick your head off at any in a match with him.

[The announcers continue to discuss the World Heavyweight title tournament, as a four way camera view shows the four men that will compete in the main event of tonight's show, the wrestlers are as followed, Austin Aires, Rey Misterio, Jr., Justin Gabriel, and Jack Evans. Each men are preparing the biggest match of their careers, as Shane McMahon has stated that the Cruiserweight Title match will be the main event of the very first GWA Mayhem. The announcers commentate, “That these men must be a tad bit nervous due to this being for not only the Cruiserweight title, but everyone is going to be watching due to this being the first main event of the Global Wrestling Alliance's Wednesday Night Mayhem.]

[A preview now takes place of the World Heavyweight title tournament, but still no answers on to who is going to be facing in the next two World Title tournaament matches. The video ends with the official video promotion for “When World's Collide,” which will take place in four weeks time.]

[Back inside of the arena, Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are talking, but are interrupted by the in-ring introductions of each of the four men. The announcers point out the fact that this is the first time in a long time that a Cruiserweight title match is taking place on national television in America for almost five years. These four men have a lot to live up to here tonight, but it appears as if all four men can do just that. They make it to the ring, as the referee tells the combatants that only two men can be in the ring at a time. Aires starts out on the apron, as does Rey Misterio, Jr. which means that Jack Evans and Justin Gabriel are starting this match.]

Main Event: Cruiserweight Title Match
Austin Aires versus Rey Misterio, Jr. versus Jack Evans versus Justin Gabriel

Rey and Aires are positioned in the opposite ends of the ring, as Gabriel and Evans start the match out with a fast paced offense. Gabriel delivered a triple set of hip tosses onto Evans, but he gets back to his feet each time and is then met with a chop to the chest. Evans is then sent into the ropes, as Gabriel ducks his head, Evans slides over the back and then bounces off of the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash on Gabriel. He grabs a hold of him and then sends Gabriel crashing into the corner where Aires is positioned. Aires starts to choke him, then tags himself in and goes to work on Gabriel in the corner of the ring. He picks him up and places him on the top rope. He climbs up with him, but taking his time. This gives Gabriel a chance to recover and he pushes him off. Aires lands hard onto the mat back first as Gabriel leaps off for a splash, but Aires put up his knees in the nick of time. Both men are down in the middle of the ring, and go to the opposite corners where they tag in Rey, Jr. and Jack Evans. Both men run into the ring, and Rey, Jr. ducks a quick clothesline attempt by Evans, then turns around and nails a spinning leg lariat on Evans. Rey, Jr. sends Evans into the ropes, but is hit with a flying headscissors attack by Evans, which sends Rey, Jr. to the outside of the ring. Evans then runs on the opposite side of the ring, and leaps out of the ring on the other side with a spinning plancha on Rey, Jr. outside of the ring. Both men are down on the floor, but when Evans gets to his feet we see Gabriel flip over the top rope directly onto Evans. Finally Gabriel is posing to the fans until Aires nails a suicide dive through the ropes onto Gabriel and he goes back first into the ring barricade. He rolls Gabriel into the ring where he makes the referee count, but only gets a two count. Aires lifts him up for the brainbuster, but Rey, Jr. is back to his feet on the ring apron and when he has Gabriel positioned in the air, Rey, Jr. hits a springboard dropkick to the stomach dropping both Gabriel and Aires to the mat. He goes for a cover, but only gets a one count on Aires. Rey, Jr. is then rolled up by Evans who has climbed into the ring for a two count before Gabriel breaks it up. Gabriel climbs to the top rope and awaits for Evans to turn around, then leaps off of the turnbuckle for a cross body attack. Evans rolls through the move and covers him for a two count. All four men are in the ring and the referee has lost complete control of the match, as the action has squared off between Evans and Gabriel on one side of the ring and on the other Rey, Jr. and Aires pair off hitting several quick kicks and elbows to one another. The action of Gabriel and Evans spills out to the outside of the ring, as the other two men see this they run along the ropes and hits a pair of suicide dives onto the other two men at the same time. They smile for a quick moment, but then turn back to each other and Aires gains the upper hand where he nails a huge discus lariat on Rey, Jr. He rolls him into the ring where he climbs the top turnbuckle and awaits Rey, Jr. to get to his feet again. As he does, Aires leaps off and hits a missle dropkick. Aires then sets him up for the brainbuster, but Rey, Jr. slides out of the hold and hits a dropkick of his own, which sends him into the ropes where he hits the 619. He stands on the apron and waits for a moment. He then leaps off of the top rope and attempts his patented huarcanranna, but it is reversed and Aires sends him crashing hard into the ring mat in a powerbomb like move. Aires then picks him up one more time, and hits the brainbuster. He goes for the cover on Rey, Jr. as the referee counts the 1, 2, and 3! He signals for the bell to ring and the referee then hands the new Cruierweight title and holds up the arm of Aires.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match VIA pinfall and FIRST EVER GWA Cruiserweight Champion, AUSTIN AIRES!!!!
[Rey, Jr. slowly gets up to his feet and he tries to shake the hand of the new Cruiserweight Champion, but he turns his back on him out of disrespects the legendary cruiserweight. The announcers heavily abhor the actions of this man, and state that he should not disrespect the man that made everything possible for guys under 220 lbs to be a success in this business. They go onto talk about how disrespectful the actions are and that he should not be champion; however, Chris Jericho's music begins to play over the PA system and the lights go out inside of the arena as Jericho makes his traditional entrance. He walks down wearing a finely woven suit and clapping his hands in praise of the new champion. He climbs into the ring.]

[When Jericho climbs into the ring he stares him down for a moment still clapping, but then extends his hand to Aires who shakes it and the two men smile towards all of the fans. All of a sudden the music of AJ Styles begins to play and he appears at the top of the stage. A statement appears on the People's Tron at the top of the arena showcasing next week's Main Event of GWA Mayhem will be CHRIS JERICHO versus AJ STYLES: World Title Tournament! The cameras fade out to black, as AJ is seen smiling at the top of the entrance signifying that he will soon be the World Heavyweight Champion, as does Jericho in the middle of the ring.]

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Originally posted on GWA.com/Mayhem

At the closing of the debut episode of GWAs Wednesday Night Mayhem we not only say one of the biggest dream matches of all time occur on this week's edition of Mayhem and a spot in the World Heavyweight title tournament. The other question that has all of the fans talking about is the relationship between Austin Aires, the new Cruiserweight Champion, and Chris Jericho. Is Jericho trying to recruit some help from Aires in his ascent to the top of this new promotion, or is this Aires looking to gain some knowledge from the self-proclaimed "Greatest Wrestling in the World?"

The Wild Card tag team pairing of Douglas Williams and Petey Williams was made official by William Regal to challenge last week's winner in the Wild Card tag team match. Regal has stated that if Benjamin and Burke win their match here tonight, they will be put into the first tag team title match against the likes of James Storm and Robert Roode, Beer Money. Will these two men be able to do what they did last week or will the new team of Douglas and Petey Williams take a step closer to gaining that title match against Beer Money?

We at GWA.com are being told that William Regal and Shane McMahon have decided to bring in a new Knockout's division, as GWA has signed some of the top names in the wrestling industry. How will Mr. Regal and Shane McMahon decide on the match to crown the first ever GWA Knockout's title? We are being told all of that will occur live on Wednesday Night Mayhem, so make sure to tune into the show this week for all of the details on this title situation.

Finally, as promised by Shane McMahon in his opening promo of GWA Wednesday Night Mayhem last week we will see Shane McMahon's words ring true in that the Television title will be defended to open the show. Wade Barrett steps into the ring with the "All American" Jack Swagger. With the World Television title being challenged for each week is Wade Barrett going to be able to pull off a lengthy title reign, or will the pressure of defending it each and every week prove to be too much for him? The first step is to defend the title for the first time, and we will see possibly if Wade Barrett has the ability to defend such a title as the Television title.

All of this and much, much more live on the TNT Network. Do not miss this week's episode or any episode after this week, as Shane McMahon promises to bring a "New Revolution to the sport of Professional Wrestling," and not just Entertainment!

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GWA Wednesday Night Mayhem

State College Pennsylvania – Bryce Jordan Center

[At the eight o'clock hour, the fans tuning in at home on the TNT network and the thousands of fans in attendance at the State College of Pennsylvania are recapped of the first ever edition of last week's GWA Mayhem and the fallout of not only the two World Title tournament first round matches, but the crowning of not only the World Television Champion, but in the main event of last week's show we saw the crowning of the GWA World Cruiserweight Champion in Austin Aires. When the cameras tune into the arena, they pan the arena as the pyros and fireworks explode throughout the arena. The cameras eventually stopping the panning of the fans, focus on the announce team of Josh Matthews and Matt Striker.]

Matthews: Welcome everyone to yet another episode of GWA Wednesday Night Mayhem, we have promised that we will bring you all the best in the business inside of that ring.

Striker: Yes and if you watched last week's Mayhem, Shane McMahon promised to bring just that by having the opening segment take place in the ring and that every opening match will be for the World Television Champion.

Matthews: And what a champion we have to do just that. Wade Barrett beat two of the toughest guys in the business in order to take that responsibility and honor. I have to ask is Wade Barrett a strong enough champion to defend that title each and every week?

Striker: Well we are all about to find that out, as Wade Barrett is making his way down to the ringside area to meet his challenger for the World Television title right now.

Matthews: Oh no! I thought we got rid of that annoying woman when we left the previous company.

[Vickie Guerrero comes out with her normal “excuse me” saying, as she introduces her man in Jack Swagger.]

Striker: Well I guess where her men go, she is right behind them. I wonder if she will play a role in this match here tonight, or will Barrett find a way to topple not only the technical wrestling of Swagger, but this woman as well in Vickie.

Matthews: Well we will find out now, as both men are in the middle of the ring, but referee please get her out of that ring.

Match #1: GWA World Television Championship
Jack Swagger w. Vickie Guerrero Versus Wade Barrett ©

The referee forces Vickie Guerrero to exit the ring as he holds the rope open for her while verbally saying leave the ring right now. She smiles at Wade Barrett, but leaves the ring as the referee then signals for the bell to ring to start the match. Wade Barrett quickly nails Swagger with a massive clothesline as he turns around from talking to Vickie. Wade continues the offense with a reverse chin lock on Swagger. Swagger powers out of the hold with a couple of elbows to the abdomen of Barrett, but he takes the blows and gives him a hip toss. Barrett climbs on top of Swagger and delivers some powerful lefts and rights to the face of Swagger as only the former bareknuckle fighter can do. Vickie climbs onto the apron, which distracts the referee and allows Barrett to deliver some more striking blows, but he notices Vickie and goes towards her. They share words between the two, but Swagger recovers a little and hits a shot to the back of the knee. He then drags his opponent towards the center of the ring, and locks in a quick leg lock. Barrett is in a good amount of pain, as he tries hard to inch towards the ropes. Barrett grabs a hold of the bottom rope, but Swagger refuses to break it before the count of four. The referee acknowledges him as he warns Swagger, but during this Vickie slaps the face of Barrett; however, it was probably not the best thing to do as it just angered Barrett who slowly gets to his feet. Swagger attempts to irish whip him into the ropes, but it is reversed and Barrett sends him crashing out of the ring. Barrett slaps his head a few times and then his knee to get the blood flowing, he exits the ring, and grabs a hold of Swagger where he tosses him into the steel ring steps. He rolls him back into the ring, where he follows and picks him up for the Wasteland. He hits the move, but Vickie enters the ring and jumps on Barrett to break the pinfall, but the referee is forced to call for the bell. Barrett tries to go after Vickie, but she runs out of the ring and he follows. When he nearly catches Vickie, he is met with a clothesline from someone in the fans. It is revealed to be Dolph Ziggler who with the help of Swagger double team Barrett for a few moments, but William Regal appears on the screen.
Regal: Well I was going to make an announcement about the Women's division in a moment, but the time is better now than it ever has with a bunch of divas trying to get their names out there. No I am not talking about Vickie Guerrero either, so with that said next week we will have our opening match be for the Television title once again, but it will be a tag team match where Jack and Dolph will face Barrett and a partner of his choosing. The person who claims the victory will be the World Television Champion. Now if you three don't get out of my ring right now I will have no choice but to suspend and fine you for your actions here tonight. I've got business to take care of right now that doesn't include you three divas.

[Swagger, Vickie and Dolph are surprisingly happy for the events that have transpired as they leave the arena laughing at the carnage that they have brought onto the Television Champion here tonight. Now the cameras once again focus on the People's Tron where it reveals the office of the General Manager of Wednesday Night Mayhem surrounded by all of the GWA women wrestlers. He looks around at all of them, but then turns his attention to the camera.]

Regal: Now I have decided on how to crown the first ever GWA Knockout's Champion and I called all of you in here to be ready for a potential fight. I have decided on four names that will be involved in the opportunity to call themselves the first ever GWA Knockout's Champion. Those four will compete in a tag team match tonight, but at the event “When World's Collide” we will see those partners compete in a one-on-one match to crown the champ. So would Angelina Love, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne all get ready because your match is next.

[The cameras fade out to a commercial break, as the General Manager let's out a smirk for some female wrestling action. The four women that have been named are happy, but the others are a bit resentful that they are not apart of the opportunity to become the first ever Knockout's champ.]

[When we come back from commercials, Christy Hemme is in the middle of the ring as she calls the four Knockout's down to the middle of the ring for the second match of the evening. The first woman out is Gail Kim, who is then followed by her tag team partner Angelina Love.]

Matthews: Well Mr. Regal has appeared to make this an interesting match, as we thought Angelina would team up with her on and off best friend in Velvet, but it appears to be the opposite.

Striker: Just another thing that Regal is doing to add a bit of suspense to the matches here in the Global Wrestling Alliance. The question which one of these two teams will be able to work together enough to go onto the PPV to challenge for the Knockout's title.

[Matthews:[/b] I cannot voice an opinion on that as all of these women have actually teamed together in the past, but have also been bitter enemies to one another as well. Only time will tell in this match.

Match #2:
Angelina Love & Gail Kim Versus Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne

The four women do not look at all happy for the pairing of these two teams, Velvet Sky demands to start the match for her team, but on the other side of the ring Gail and Angelina are arguing with one another on who is going to start the match. Velvet Sky, however, jumps Angelina Love and rolls her up for a quick two count, but Angelina gets back to her feet quickly and pulls Velvet to the mat by the use of her long blond hair. Angelina grabs Velvet off of the mat and sends her into the ropes where she hits a scoop slam onto her when she comes back. Angelina locks in a rear naked choke hold, but Velvet gets to the ropes quickly. Angelina breaks the hold only after the fourth count by the referee. She gets into the face of the referee by her corner, and Gail Kim quickly tags herself in. The two argue again, but as Velvet attempts a clothesline, Gail ducks and Angelina Love is knocked out of the ring. Velvet turns around and is hit with a chin breaker. Angelina Love gets back onto the apron and grabs a hold of Velvet by the arms for Gail to hit, but Angelina is knocked off of the apron again, but this time by a right hand from Gail Kim. Velvet rolls up Gail, but only gets a two count. She attempts to tag in Madison Rayne, but Madison falls down to the ringside floor to avoid the tag. Gail Kim quickly goes on the offense by nailing several scoop slams, and then follows it up with a leg drop after each one. She picks up Velvet off of the mat and sends her crashing into the turnbuckle. Gail follows in with a clothesline and follows it up with a bulldog.

She goes for a cover, but Madison pulls on the leg of the referee to distract him from making the cover. The announcers are commenting on the fact that she doesn't want to get involved in the match, but she doesn't want to see the victory go to the other team. The referee acknowledges Madison Rayne, and Angelina comes back into the ring and hits a running neckbreaker on Gail Kim, then leaves the match. The referee turns around to both Knockout's laying on the mat and starts a ten count. Velvet makes it to her feet first and as Gail does she is kicked in the abdomen, then hit with the facebuster finisher of Velvet, but before she can make a cover Madison tags herself in and throws Velvet out of the ring. She falls on top of Gail Kim for a cover and the referee makes the 1, 2, and 3 count for the victory, as he calls for the bell.

Christy Hemme: The WINNER of the match VIA pinfall, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky.]
[Velvet looks to be pissed off for the taking of the victory over Gail Kim, but both Knockout's start to taunt the other by saying they will soon become the first ever GWA Knockout's champion. The cameras stay in the arena for a few moments, as the two knockout's bicker back and fourth, but then turn to the back as the cameras have been made aware of a situation taking place in the backstage area. The cameras quickly rush to the back.]

[When the cameras are positioned in the backstage area we see three masked men standing above a man that cannot be identified. As the three masked men notice the cameras, they leave the backstage area and we find out that the person laying out in the back is AJ Styles. EMTs and medical personnel rush to the scene as the cameras fade to a commercial break.

An advertisement of the World Heavyweight Title tournament is shown during the commercial break, as they heavily focus on the finals of the GWA title tournament during the first Pay Per View in the history of Global Wrestling Alliance, “When World's Collide!”
[When the cameras return to the arena we see Josh Matthews and Matt Striker appear on camera first.]

Matthews: We are being told that both Shane McMahon and William Regal have been informed that AJ will not be medically cleared to compete here tonight.

Striker: Well Jericho is going to be happy, as it appears he will be receiving a bye into the second round of this tournament. I hope it is not too serious of an injury for AJ, as he would have been a major player in this tournament.

Matthews: I guarantee that is the reason for the attack Matt, as he was one of the biggest threats to all the men involved in this tournament, but it appears as if we are ready for our next match as that music sounds familiar from last week.

Striker: Yes the music of the Wild Card tag team turmoil situation, which one of these new teams are going to build momentum going into quite possibly the biggest tag team match of any of their careers.

Matthews: Yes, but let's not forget that these four men, if their team wins, will face one of the most dominant tag teams to ever step into the ring in Beer Money's James Storm and Robert Roode.

[The music of the Wildcard tag team showcase continues to play as the introduction of the two Williams men are called down to the middle of the ring. As they enter the ring, a version of the two music of Shelton and Elijah begin to play over the PA system, as the two appear to be a unified force and a team that will make a major impact in the tag team division. The fans chant their names over and over again, as the two announcers have assigned the new team to be called The Natural Gems and appear to be very confident in their abilities.]

Match #3: Wildcard Tag Team Showcase
Douglas Williams & Petey Williams versus The Natural Gems

The four men in the middle of the ring seperate into their respective corners, it is an easy decision in the Williams' corner as Douglas says he is going to start the match, but on the other side of the ring Burke and Benjamin do a little rock, paper, scissors to see who starts the match. It appears as if the first two cause a draw, but when they go for the third one Douglas tries to hit Benjamin with an elbow smash, but Benjamin ducks the attack and hits a strong right hand to Douglas. The two men go back and fourth with several punches to the face of Douglas Williams, and Benjamin then hits a massive scoop slam and Burke is forced to the corner as Benjamin climbs to the top rope. He waits for Douglas to get to his feet, and when he does he leaps off for a cross body, but it is rolled through and Douglas gets a quick one count on Benjamin. Benjamin is the first man to his feet as he tries to drag Douglas over to his corner, but before he can Benjamin hits a mule kick to the gut of Benjamin and dives to tag in his cousin, as declared by the GWA announcer Matt Striker. Petey comes into the match like a man on fire who nails a diving headbutt to the knee of Benjamin who falls to the mat. He then delivers some stiff kicks to the knee of Benjamin, then locks in a reverse leg lock on Benjamin who rallies in pain from the shots to the knee by his opponent. Burke tries to come in, but Petey sees this and hits a drop toe hold onto Burke who in turn lands directly on the knee of Benjamin. He picks up Burke off of the mat and attempts to irish whip him, but it is reversed. Before Petey can bounce back, is is pulled out of the ring by his partner to avoid any punishment by Burke.

Douglas and Petey Williams talk strategy outside of the ring, as Benjamin is helped to his feet by his tag team partner Elijah Burke. The two look at their opponents outside of the ring, as they decide to exit the ring as well, but Mayhem is forced to go to a commercial break


When the cameras return to the action, we have seen Elijah Burke in the middle of the ring taking the offense to the much smaller of the four men in Petey Williams. Petey is devastated from a various of attacks, including a belly-to-belly suplex which gives him a two count. He grabs the head of Petey off of the mat and drags him to his corner where he tags in Shelton. Shelton then climbs onto the top rope and Burke hits a back breaker onto his knee, but before he drops him Benjamin crashes down with a knee drop and goes for a cover, but Douglas quickly breaks up the certain pinfall victory. Douglas hits a running knee to the back of the neck of Benjamin to break the attempt, but then follows it up with a German suplex. Douglas drags Petey over to his corner, then exits the ring and tags himself into the mat. He attempts to climb the top rope, but Benjamin is back to his feet after the suplex and grabs a hold of Douglas who is sent flying into the middle of the ring. Benjamin locks in a figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring. After about a few moments of the painful move, he breaks it and tags in Elijah Burke. Burke comes in and goes to work on Douglas Williams, hitting several big time moves including a running bulldog, a snap leg drop to the back of the neck of Douglas and follows it up with an irish whip into the corner turnbuckle as he goes to the opposite corner of the ring and pulls down the knee pads. He looks out at the fans, over to his other opponent and then runs in and delivers the Elijah Express to the neck and back of Douglas Williams. He pulls Burke away from the ropes and goes for the cover, as Benjamin is quickly in to the ring to makes sure Petey is unable to make the save as the referee knocks out the 1, 2, and 3, then calls for the bell to ring.

Christy Hemme: The winners of the match VIA Pinfall, Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin. Otherwise known as the NATUAL GEMS!
Matthews: Just as their name states these two men appear to be naturals as tag team partners, and Beer Money's Storm and Roode better not underestimate their opponents coming at the first ever PPV, “When World's Collide!”

Striker: I truly hope that they do not do that, but I guarantee that it will be a classic tag team bout as all four men can truly go … [Matt Striker pauses for a moment, as it appears as if he is getting words from the back.] I am being told that our very own Jermey Borash is standing in the back as he is trying to get a quick interview with the General Manager of GWA, Mr. William Regal.

[We cut to the backstage area where Jermey Borash is indeed standing in the front of General Manager William Regal's office, he attempts to knock on the door, but Regal comes out of it quickly, he looks at JB for a moment, but turns back away as he gets a call. His conversation seems to be the focal point of the cameraman.]

Regal: How can I help you sir?

I am fully aware of my position here tonight.

Yes Sir.

We will find out the answers of the attack...

Yes sir, we have a replacement in line for the injured AJ Styles!

Thank you sir, I hope to live up to your expectations and am fully honored to get this opportunity to make GWA a top promotion in this company.

Good night Sir!

[Regal hangs up the phone, as JB approaches him once more with a mic in hand.]

JB: Mr. Regal if I could get your input on who is going to replace AJ here tonight in the first round tournament match to crown the first ever GWA World Champion?

Regal: You will find out in due time JB, but this man was not involved in the tournament before AJ was brutually attacked, but he is a man that has my full backing in order to beat the criminal Chris Jericho.

JB: Criminal?

Regal: Yes criminal JB. He was the mastermind behind the attack and we will find out just who attacked AJ and they will face severe punishments by the end of the show.

JB: Thank you for your thoughts Mr. Regal, and I hope the man that replaces AJ in the main event tonight does exactly what you say he will do to Chris Jericho, especially if he was truly behind the attack.

[The cameras begin to fade out to a commercial break, but before they do inside of the arena we see Mark Jindrak making his way down to the ringside area as the screen fades to the commercial break.]


[Just as the cameras return to the live Wednesday Night Mayhem, we see Austin Aires making his way down to the ring to take place in the official tryout match of Mark Jindrak. The two men lock up in the middle of the ring, as the announcers are talking.]

Matthews: This is a huge opportunity for the former WCW World Tag Team champion, can he step up and become a part of the GWA roster.

Striker: I am not certain whether or not he can step up, but if his time down in Mexico's lucha libre promotions we will see a much different style of the Mark Jindrak than we American fans have seen from him.

Match #4:
Mark Jindrak versus Austin Aires

As the announcers continue to discuss the time that Mark Jindrak has spent down in Mexico, the two lock up in the middle of the ring and the bigger Jindrak powers the smaller Aires down to the ring mat. Aires let's out a quick smirk as if he isn't at all imressed. Aires again locks up in the middle of the ring, but the same fate is met by Aires who gets a bit frustrated this time. We Aires get a little frustrated and instead of going for a running clothesline he slides under the legs of Jindrak and from behind takes out the knee of Jindrak. He then uses his shoulder and slams it into the back of the knee over and over again, until he locks in a leg lock. Jindrak uses his free leg to kick at the head of Aires, who in the end breaks the leg lock and goes to pick Jindrak off of the mat and irish whips him into the corner turnbuckle. When Aires runs in for a flying shoulder block, Jindrak falls out of the corner and Aires goes crashing into the ring post. With both men down in the middle of the ring, the referee is forced to count, as he reaches the count of six both men start to get to their feet and both are up as they begin exchanging lefts and rights with one another at the count of eight. Jindrak gains the upper hand in this confrontation as he ducks a left hand from Aires and follows it up with a Yurinagi Suplex. He goes for a cover, but it is kicked out of at the count of two. Jindrak then goes to pick up Aires off of the mat, but it is reversed and Aires has rolled him up for a two count. Jindrak is the first to make it to his feet, but Aires quickly rolls out of the ring. Jindrak looks out at the fans and then back to Aires before running along the opposite side of the ring and then comes out of the ring crashing onto Aires with a massive suicide dive. Aires goes back first into the announce table at ringside, as Jindrak stands up to a massive pop from the fans inside of the Buffalo arena.

Jindrak goes to roll Aires back into the ring and then climbs into the ring as well and attempts a cover, but Aires is too close to the ring ropes and his left foot is placed on the bottom rope. Jindrak awaits Aires to get to his feet, as he positions himself away from Aires and when he gets to his feet he attempts a strong arm lariat, but Aires falls to the mat and Jindrak nails the referee on accident. Jindrak tries to stir the referee and looks angry at the mistake he made, but as he turns around Aires directly kicks him below the belt. He goes on to beat him down in the corner of the ring, as he lays in several stiff kicks to the head and gut of Jindrak. He then runs to the opposite side of the ring and then delivers a running punt to the head of Jindrak, who is rallying in pain at the moment. He goes to lift up Jindrak off of the mat, sets him in the corner and gets the referee to stir a little bit by kicking him. He then sets up Jindrak in the brainbuster position and hits the move. He goes for the cover while smacking the referee before cradling the leg of Jindrak and the referee is able to make the 1, 2, and 3. The referee slowly signals for the bell to ring.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match via Pinfall, the GWA Cruiserweight Champion AUSTIN AIRES!
[Austin Aires lets out a sly smirk to the direction of Mark Jindrak, as he kicks the fallen challenger out of the ring and wipes his hands in significance that he has finished the career of this man and he will never gain an opportunity to work for the Global Wrestling Alliance after tonight. The announcers are hyping up the main event of the night even though they do not know who will be replacing AJ Styles in the World Heavyweight Title tournament.]

Matthews: That has to be one of the biggest travesties in the short history of the Global Wrestling Alliance.

Striker: A win is a win in the end, but I will agree that Jindrak there deserves another shot in gaining an opportunity to get a contract on the future top promotion of the wrestling world.

Matthews: Well I hope so, he …. …. [Josh Matthews is quickly interrupted when the lights go outside throughout the arena as the music of Chris Jericho begins to blare over the PA system, the lights go out with the usual pose at the top of the entrance, but as the lights come back on and Jericho is about half way down the ramp three men appear in the entrance way wearing black ski masks.] It appears as if we are about to reveal the attackers of AJ Styles earlier tonight.

Striker: Yes and it appears as if Jericho has gotten these three men to basically do his dirty work, while it is disgusting in nature, I applaud him for doing whatever it takes to become the first ever GWA World Heavyweight Champion.

[In the middle of the ring, we see Jericho being surrounded by the likes of the three masked men as Jericho signals for them to unveil in the ring. The fans boo at the sight of the smiling faces of Husky Harris, Samoa Joe and “A Double” Austin Aires. Jericho grabs a mic from the ring announcer, but before he can speak the music of the GWA Commissioner William Regal interrupts him. Regal let's out a smirk towards Chris Jericho, but he doesn't say a word but points to the entry way as the music of Christian Cage begins to play and he looks ready for a fight. Regal enters the ringside area right behind Cage, as he then whispers something in the ear of the referee and the referee forces the three henchmen of Chris Jericho to leave the ringside area as does Mr. Regal. Jericho looks out at Mr. Regal, but Christian Cage takes advantage as the bell had officially rang for the match and he rolls him for a two count. Jericho and him square off in the middle of the ring, but GWA Mayhem is forced to take a commercial break.]


Main Event: World Title Tournament Match
Chris Jericho versus Christian Cage

As we come back from the commercial break, it appears as if Jericho has taken full advantage in the match as he used a cheap low blow behind the referee's back after a quick start by Captain Charisma. Jericho continues to attack the leg and back of Christian to set him up for the Walls of Jericho later on possibly during this match. Jericho grabs a fallen Christian off of the mat and irish whips him into the ropes where he hits a power slam on a returning Christian. He goes for a cover, but Christian quickly kicks out at the count of one. The fans start to rally behind the fallen Christian, but Jericho locks in a reverse chin lock to attempt to keep him on the mat. The fans continue to chant Christian's name over and over again, as he attempts to gain some momentum by nailing several elbows to the gut of Jericho as he attempts to get to his feet. He finally hits a back body drop on Jericho and both men are down in the middle of the ring as the referee starts a ten count. The referee reaches five and Jericho has made it to his feet, while Christian made it to one knee. Jericho attempts to send Christian into the ropes, but it is reversed and Chris Jericho is sent into the corner turnbuckle where Cage runs in and nails a running clothesline to Jericho, which is then quickly followed with a running bulldog to the center of the ring. He goes for a cover on Jericho, but only gets a one count. Christian picks up Jericho off of the mat and hits a snap suplex on Jericho, but Jericho then rolls out of the ring. He crawls under the ring in search of something, but comes out empty handed as Christian Cage quickly grabs a hold of him and sends him back first into the announce table. He tears it apart as well, as he removes the cover and monitors from the table. He and Jericho then are positioned on top of the announce table, but as he tries to piledrive him through the table, he is met with a back body drop which sends the table crashing down with the weight of both men. The referee is forced to exit the ring to check on the two men, and breaks the count, but Christian slowly starts to stir, and Jericho is just as slow as he makes it to his feet. Jericho rolls into the ring quickly as he tells the referee to again start the count faster this time. Christian stirs a bit, as the referee reaches seven. Christian just before the count of ten has made it back into the ring and Jericho looks at the referee as he claims he made it in before the ten count. Jericho gets into the face of the referee for a moment, but turns back to Christian as he tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho, but it is reversed and Jericho is propelled into the corner turnbuckle and Cage makes it to his feet as he turns him around and goes for the Killswitch, but it is reversed and Jericho hits the Codebreaker . He slaps the mat before going for the cover, but instead of a three count Cage quickly gets his foot on the bottom rope and the referee sees the foot and stops the count as Jericho becomes irate at the referee. He threatens the referee, but continues to work on the back of Christian with several kicks and knees. He again goes for the Walls of Jericho, but is rolled up in a small package for a two count. Jericho quickly gets back to his feet and returns the knees to the back and side of Cage. From the back Madison Rayne has came back out into the arena as she climbs onto the apron, which distracts the referee and out of no where Christian Cage is nailed from one of the three masked men presumably Austin Aires as it appears to be the Cruiserweight title. Jericho looks on in shock, but goes for the cover as Madison Rayne drops down from the ring apron and the referee turns around to make the final 1, 2, and 3 count and then signals for the bell to ring.

Christy Hemme: The winner of the match via Pinfall and advancing into the World Heavyweight Title Tournament, CHRIS JERICHO!
[The masked man quickly re-enters the ring holding the same title belt that nailed Christian Cage in the head as he removes the mask to once again reveal Austin Aires assisting Chris Jericho into advancement of the World title tournament. Jericho then goes to hold the ropes open for Madison Rayne and both Austin Aires and Chris Jericho have their arms raised in victory by Madison Rayne as the cameras of Global Wrestling Alliance fade to black. Before the official conclusion of Mayhem, the advertisement poster for When World's Collide is revealed to the fans.]


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interesting concept.. don't like the fact that he could just buy out contracts tho, as that doesn't seem too realistic. Anyway a full review will be coming up, when you post your next show

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Source: GWA.com/Mayhem

As per Shane McMahon's decree on the debut episode this week's Wednesday Night Mayhem will be opened up with another World Television title match, but this time around GWA Commissioner William Regal has may have stacked the decks against the Television champion. He has decreed that the Television title match will be on the line inside of a tag team match where the wrestler who gains the pinfall will not only give the victory to his team, but the Television title as well. So the question is will Wade Barrett remain the Television champion and the other question is who will Barrett choose as his partner for this important match?

In other news it seems clear that AJ Styles seems to have the biggest target on his chest, as not only Chris Jericho has a problem with AJ, but it appears as if many of the other wrestlers seem to be siding with the one of the men that could be named the World Heavyweight champion. We will hear both from Chris Jericho and AJ Styles in pre-taped interviews, in which AJ is interviewed from the hospital room he was put into at last week's Mayhem.

The wrestling world seems to be a buzzed about how Shane McMahon has secured the contracts of several big time names, and it appears as if we are going to get some answers as Shane McMahon will make a public address about certain issues coming out of the executive offices of Global Wrestling Alliance. Will the rumors be squashed on Wednesday's episode of Mayhem or will there be more questions that need answers?

Onto the World Heavyweight title, we will get the final first round match of the tournament and it will feature one of the three men that were responsible in attacking AJ Styles in Samoa Joe against the World's Strongest man, Mark Henry. Which one of these big men will take the fourth and final spot?

Tune into this week's Mayhem for all of these and much, much more live on the TNT Network at 8/7ct.
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