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Okay, l've decided to start a federation since my others ones are not that popular, l'll try and make this one popular tho.

Global Pro Wrestling

Heel Face

Main Eventers

Triple H
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Ric Flair
Kevin Nash
The Undertaker

Upper Midcarders
Randy Orton
John Cena
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Chris Kanyon
Rob Van Dam
Dean Malenko

Lance Storm
Mark Jindrak
Sean O' Haire
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Tommy Dreamer
Amazing Red
Mike Awesome
Danny Basham
Bubba Ray Dudley
Doug Basham
D-Von Dudley

AJ Styles
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Guererro
Juvi Guererro
Elix Skipper
Ultimo Dragon
Billy Kidman
Shark Boy
Chris Sabin
The Hurricane
Shannon Moore

Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Keibler
Gail Kim
Molly Holly
Miss Jackie


GPW Championship
GPW Intercontinental
GPW Tag Team
GPW Television
GPW Womens


GPW Revolution's
GPW Crusher

GPW.com said:
GPW Crushed Preview
GPW Owner, Eric Bischoff has announced that this week on GPW Wednesday Night Crusher, The Intercontinental, GPW Championship and the GPW Television will be on the line, also Eric Bischoff has a special announcement for the GPW Fans..What could it be?

Also, Randy Orton and Batista will take on Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

And, The Womens Title will be on the line when Trish Stratus will go one on one with Lita, Gail Kim and Madusa!

And Lots more, on GPW Crusher

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Pffft, I had to wake up early after a phone call from Eric Bischoff..Damn Him, Anyway, Yeah, I woke up, got dressed and l was tolded by Eric that there was a meeting with the GPW Lockeroom and himself about something, l have no clue what it is..but it had to be serious since Eric acted strange on the phone but, l told him l'd be there, and here l am, sitting down waiting for Eric Bischoff, but, l am just talking to one of my personal friends backstage, Randy Orton

RANDY: Hey James, I heard that Bischoff has an announcement to make..

ME: Yeah, He rang me up and told me, he had a serious voice..

All superstars were talking to each other, Randy and l just stared around the room, waiting for Bischoff, until Bischoff walked in..he stared at everyone


The room was silient and all eyes were focussed on Eric, he then went up onto the stand and stares at all the GPW superstars

ERIC: Anyone missing?

TRIPLE H: Yeah, Uhh, Shane Helms..

ERIC: l guess we can wait for him..

The room then started to get loud with the superstars all talking to each other, there was a table with all Former ECW Superstars surounding each other, talking, I stared across the room and saw the lovely Torrie Wilson waving at me, l waved back at here and then suddenly Shane Helms barged through the door

SHANE: Sorry l'm late, Mr. Bischoff

Shane then moved towards Shannon Moore and sat down next to him, Eric then made a 'EHM' and spoke

ERIC: Thank You all for joining me tonight in the first ever, Global Pro Wrestling Meeting, Now to the announcement!

All Superstars are staring at Eric, waiting for him to announce the announcement..

ERIC: That l, Have made James over there, New Global Pro Wrestling Head Booker!

All the superstars clap, l am in embarrest in some kind of way, but Meh, l should be happy and l am, Randy and l say our goodbyes, he leaves and so does the rest of the roster, Eric then grabs a contract and hands it over to me, l read it for a couple of minutes then sign it

ME: There we are..All done.

ERIC: Thank You, James.

We both shake hands, l smile and then l talk to him about Storylines, etc

A Few Minutes Later..

ERIC: Thank You for joining me, James, I hope you have a wonderfull day..

Eric then walks out of the door, followed by me, l am rather nervous

There, Hope you enjoyed!

l got the idea of like, doing backstage stuff from the TEW/EWR forums since other people done it, hope you enjoyed.

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Seems like a great roster!
I especially like seeing a few former wCw stars
(Chris Kanyon, Dean Malenko,Raven, etc)
I love the C-W Division, got some real great talent there!

Can't wait for your first show James!

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Oh You are a member of The TEW thing too cool
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