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Gimmicks: Do they REALLY exist?

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Apart from the obvious (such as Kane, Taker etc) do gimmicks REALLY exist anymore?

Many of the current wrestlers don't have gimmicks as such, but nor are they even exaggerated versions of themselves. Look at Del Rio, Big Show, JoMo, Miz, Orton etc. I'd say cena too, but I reckon he's a TAME version of himself. Thinking about it, there are only catchphrases but no gimmicks, even back in the Attitude Era.

The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle etc etc all were very human personalities within wrestling, without serious 'gimmicks'. Just individual traits.

'Gimmick' to me means 'an OTT, unrealistic character'. Guys now are just themselves imo, without exaggerating their personalities. They need to look at guys like The Rock and Stone Cold who got over by being themselves and taking their personalities to the extreme. That's why I think the Rock's return is a good thing. Even just in the background, he can teach the young stars how to become their own caricatures and ACTUALLY entertain us.
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