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Gimmick idea for Swagger.

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Since he is stale and has the personality of a Paper Plate, They should give him lance Storms old gimmick. "Im Not Boring".

Complete with this theme.

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He's not bad, he just needs time on the mic to improve.
Thwagger Thoaring Eagle was my fave.

Someone pointed out that they should use Swagger's natural goofiness to work in his favour as a babyface. But if he is booked as goofy, he'll end up as the only kind of goofy WWE know, which is the OTT Santino-esque kind. That wouldn't do him any favours.

I dunno, they should do something with him I think! That clip shows it, there's just something about Swagger.

I'd completely change Swagger into a carnivorous, borderline sociopathic, not-quite-there in-ring assassin whose almost psychotic state would be defined over a long period of time as a sort of deranged Jungian hero syndrome.
DRow, I don't think I've ever disagreed with you more :eek:
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