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I've had this idea in other thread when heard about people not giving a shit about a lot of superstars. they were right, people want to watch superstars they care about. and the WWE makes most of the fanbase care only about the main event guys. Zack Ryder used youtube effectively to get himself over with almost no airtime. now, even if he is jobbing most of the time, he has TV time regularly and fans love him. I think most of the superstars can do something in the internet to make themselves more interesting to the "WWE universe", get more opportunities and improve the overall product.

they say we are in the reality era. well, WWE can be in the reality era, but humanity is in the internet era. they are trying to do something in their official website(the divas controversy thing, the interviews...) but they have to use twitter, youtube, etc.

if you have ideas to enhance superstars' gimmicks outside the TV shows, please post them here. I bet this forum has more creativity than the WWE bookers.

here we go:

-Daniel Bryan(by Brock_Lock) Bryan has being training MMA in Xtreme Couture. he should put some videos in youtube training with Randy Couture. that would give him more credibility.
-John Morrison(by YaoGuai) doing parkour demostrations.
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