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If you could change a few of the guys Gimmicks in the WWE. Who would you change, and how would you change it?
You heard a few guys on here saying, they like the wrestler, just not his gimmick. So what would you do differently?

CM Punk: I would have him as the whiney heel, moaning at authority figures. I'd keep the best in the world stuff. Just calm it down a little.

Randy Orton: Scrap the Viper gimmick. Bring in a new ruthless gimmick, where he literally does anything to win. Make him into a guy, that once he HAS won.. he carries on beating down his opponent. Ruthless.
Ziggler: Have him as the 'show off'. But make him 'The Fans Show Off'. Make him a massive fans favourite.

Brodus Clay: Drop the dancing stuff NOW. I'd gbasically have him like he was in NXT. A monster.

Christian: Im not liking the Face turn, I want 'ONE MORE MATCH' back. Have him as a wingey heel. Just have him win more.[/B]
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