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WF GFX Shop and Requesting System
New for 2011


New for 2011, we are implementing a new system for purchasing and requesting banners. This system removes the need for individual request threads and replaces it with a series or shops where banners can be sold and requested as the individual artists permit. We are hoping to level out the playing field and really reduce the need for absurd amounts of credits. Additionally we are trying to better guarantee that everyone can get a banner when they want one


Making your shop:

This is your (the artist's) space so structure it however you want. Keep in mind all the rules WF has and all these must be followed. In your first post in the thread the following details must be present:

Availability: Are you currently open to take requests mainly or are you just planning to sell the banners as you put them up.

Price: Each banner you put up for sale should include the amount of credits you want for it.

Updated: when was the last time you updated the thread with updated information or work?

Your rules: As the artist you are allowed to decide what types of requests you will do (whether that be babes, wrestling, sports, abstract, etc) and how often someone will be allowed to buy/request a banner from you (beyond the restrictions we've already set). You are also able to set your own rules as far as banners you've sold or done for requests ie. if you reserve the right to resell banners that are no longer being used.

Also, as a final note, please keep the thread organised and easy to read. Each banner to be sold, if you choose to venture into that area, should be seperated with it's various details under it.


General Rules that MUST be followed:
  • Only one thread for one member only
  • Only paid members can buy/request banners. non paid members can buy avatars if available
  • No spamming; only posts in this section should be to do with buying/requesting signatures
  • Your own rules must be stated in the first post.
  • Update your first post with new pieces as you make them. State in first post when you updated. Take down any banners that you've sold.
  • Shops must be updated or requests must be being done. If requests aren't being done or banners being sold for some extended period of time your thread will be moved to the archive.
  • When buying a banner, use the format below. its easier for the artist to see whose buying what.
  • No double posting
  • No plugging your own shop in someone elses
  • There is no bidding, just first come, first serve
  • Apart from time restrictions each artists sets you are only able to request one sig every 4 weeks and are only able to buy one signature every 2 weeks. FOR NON PREMIUMS: Requests only every 8 weeks.
  • Artists must note what modifications are available to be done to each banner (Avatar, Name, Color etc)
  • Non-Premium members MUST have a minimum of 100 posts, and have been a member of the forum for 2 months before a request can be made.

REMEMBER: An artist can reserve the right to decline any request presented to them! No complaints will be dealt with in this regard!
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