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What was the point of __________?
Why did ______ _______?
Should WWE __________ be pushed?
Why doesn't WWE push ______?
Why WWE should push _________!
Do you think WWE should push_____?
Is _______ over pushed?
Is ________ under pushed?
_______ should ________.
Why didn't ________ win?
Will ______ ever win the world title?
Will _______ ever lose the world title?
I'm sick of _______
I've had enough _______
Turn _____ heel.
_____ is a jobber.
_____ should turn face.
Whose dick has ______ been sucking?
_______ or ________?
_______ buried!
Does Vince McMahon like _____ over ____?
Is ______ the next ______?

A little more originality please. If the name in the title can be replaced by literally any single superstar the thread will probably suck, and the replies will be nothing but a) people agree or b) people disagreeing while the people who agree tell them "well than don't watch".

Topics that are either clearly written to be trolled or have a topic that creates an opportunity for nothing more than a "Yes" or "No" answer. The rest are just to fulfill your narcism, especially when you ask for other opinions even though what you're really asking is if people agree with you.

Also you don't know what the best thing for the WWE is.
You only know what the best thing for you to watch is.

Talking to marks is sometimes more fun because they discuss things happening in the show that they like or things in the past that they remember. They don't talk about what should/need to happen. Or at least they don't use that wording. What you'd like to see and what you want to see is way different than this notion that the false delusions that you're a booking genius.

Unless of course you're booking the people that I like and then you are a genius.

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Ted DiBiase Jr. deserves a push.

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you forgot:
The reason ________ sucks right now.
Why ______ isn't over right now.

I got to say, the admins of RAW and Smackdown are pretty polite to not close or move all the personal opinionated threads.

oh, "Miz will win MITB".
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