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General WWE/Raw Forums Suggestion

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Everytime I am in the General WWE section or the Raw Section, I always see a thread bashing Triple H. All opinions aside, is there any way anyone can make a thread called "The Official Triple H Bashing Thread" to stop spam? If possible, can you sticky it, please?
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Put simply, it's not going to happen.

Put slightly less succinctly, there's no need for it. Triple H is at the top of the WWE tree. Therefore, he is the one who will receive more comment and, in turn, more threads. The same happened with JBL not so long ago. BDV1, the other wrestling forums mods and myself all keep an eye on it. Anything unnecessary is closed and anything in the General WWE forum is either moved or closed. If you don't like a thread the simple answer is not to post in it.
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