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Hi all,

Since we won’t be getting the shoutbox back anytime soon, figured this would be a good alternative.

Sometimes, you’ve got something on your mind, but, it’s not really worth an entire thread. This is where this thread comes in.

Just a few guidelines:

- Please do not talk about anything that has a thread. For example, there are 8000 covid related threads. You can discuss those things in the threads already made. This is more for topics that just aren’t enough for a dedicated thread.

- Please do not spam. Examples, just posting a gif, just posting a picture, just saying “hi”. At least make your post have a little effort it in. Instead of “I’m cold”, expand just a bit, at least, like “damn, it’s cold outside, summer certainly made a quick exit”. Add a bit of meat to your post.

If you’re still unsure of what to do in here, please ask. It’s basically a giant “talk about anything” thread, except for topics already made.

Cheers :)
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Just so everyone knows, the site is being a bit buggy, so, if you see anything weird, it's not just you.

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