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First Thread:

Name: GCW

Commissioner: Mr.Green


GCW Championship
GCW United States Championship
GCW TV Title
GCW Tag Team Championship


Main Eventers=

Jacob Virus (Face)
Sir Kevin (Heel)
Matt Griffin (Face)
Brian James (Heel)
Spencer 3.1 (Face)

Mid Carders=

Devin Kenway (Face)
Justin Alabama (Heel)
Tommy Williams (Tweener)
Ivan Nikola (Face)
Big Gordon (Heel)
TKX (Face)
Jim Edge (Heel)
Shane Macman (Face)
Saturn (Heel)
Connor Smith (Tweener)

Edward King (Face)
Alex Taylor (Heel)

Tag Teams=
Garbage Men (Harry Washington and Luke Andrews) (Face)
The Windsor Brothers (Frederick Windsor and Ronald Windsor) (Heel)
Wings of Energy (John Nixon and Danny Peterson) (Face)
Alpha Force (AF Posion and AF Lion) (Heel)
The Grim Reapers (Reaper #1,Reaper #2,Reaper #3) (Tweener)

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I'm already diggin' this so far! I like the fact that you're starting fresh. The canvas is open to do really whatever you want with your promotion. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your personas.

366 Posts
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October 14th 2013
Monday Night Fire

Promo:Mr.Greens Welcome

*Mr.Greens Music Plays*

Play-By-Play Commentator: Here comes the Commissioner !
Color Commentator: He Sure is wearing a Nice Suit
Play-By-Play Commentator: He Sure is Wonder what he has to say.

Mr.Green: Welcome to Monday Night Fire ! Infact this is the first show ICW has ever done !
Mr.Green: Now Before we get all settled in we are going to need champions.
Mr.Green:Our First match will determine the TV Champion which will be defended exclusively on Fire.
Mr.Green: The Tag Team Champions will be Determined Next week.
Mr.Green:As for the United States and World Titles I Have not yet determined how I will award them to the first Champions.

*Mr.Green Leaves Ring*

Match:Fatal-4-Way for the TV Title
TKX vs Jim Edge vs Tommy Williams vs Saturn

*TKX Enters the Ring*

Color Commentator: Well here is TKX he is from New York City
Play-By-Play Commentator: He may be from the City but he survived two months in the Amazon as a Child and was the top Student in his Wrestling School.
Color Commentator: Wow if this guy shows the toughness he had then He will become the first person to hold any title in GCW.

*Jim Edge Enters the Ring*

Play-By-Play Commentator: Apparently This guy got a Two year Prison Sentence
Color Commentator: For What ?
Play-By-Play Commentator: I would say it but this is a TV-14 Show.

*Tommy Williams Enters the Ring*

Color Commentator: This is not exactly the guy you Cheer or Boo for
Play-by-Play Commentator: Yeah this guy grew up in a rough area of Chicago he was a good kid but had trouble controlling his temper and could not graduate High School so he went into a wrestling school
Color Commentator: Hey our industry is funner than being a Lawyer or Doctor am I right ?

*Saturn Enters the ring*

Play-By Play Commentator: We dont know much about this guy he put the bare minimum on his application to GCW but apparntly he has experiance in Mexico.

*Match Starts*
*Saturn hits Clothesline on TKX*

Play-By-Play Commentator: That looked painful

*Tommy Williams attempts German Suplex on Saturn but Saturn Reverses it into DDT*
*Jim Edge Hits Spear on Saturn*

Color Commentator: I wonder if he did that in Prison.

*TKX Gets Up and goes to the top of the turnbuckle hitting a shooting star press on both Saturn and Tommy Williams*

Play-By-Play Commentator: That was amazing !

*Jim Edge and TKX Trade punches*
*Jim Edge hits a running DDT on TKX*
*Saturn Gets Up and Hits a Pedigree on Jim Edge*

Play-By-Play Commentator:This must be the End looks like we have our first TV Champion*

TKX Rolls up Saturn for the 3-Count and the Win

Color Commentator: That was a sneaky win
Play-By-Play Commentator: Sure was but at least he is the first Wrestler in GCW to ever hold a championship

*Winner: TKX*
New TV Champion

Promo:The Windsor Brothers on the Titantron

Frederick Windsor: We are the Windsor Brothers we are from England and Graduates of Oxford
Ronald Windsor: Our Parents breeded us and put respect into us
Frederick Windsor: Unlike you Fat Americans we will politely request that Mr.Green put us into a Match for the GCW Tag Team Titles next Week on Raw

*Promo Ends*

Promo: Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View Promo

Voice: GCW needs a World Champion there is no better place to crown the First Champion than inside to Devils Playground !
Voice: Hell in a Cell !

*Promo Ends*

Match: Singles Match (Sir Kevin vs Edward King)

*Sir Kevin enters the Ring*
Color Commentator: This guy is from Ireland and is 6 foot 9 inches tall
Play-by-Play Commentator: Yeah his Finisher the "Irish Kick" once knocked out an opponent in his previous promotion

*Match Starts*
*Edward King and Sir Kevin Trade blows*
*Edward King hits running clothesline in Sir Kevin*
*Sir Kevin Instantly gets up and hits the Irish Kick for the win*

*Winner: Sir Kevin*

*Sir Kevin grabs mic*

Sir Kevin: I demand more challenge than this Crap !
Sir Kevin: I was a 3-Time World Champion when I was wrestling in my previous Promotion !

*Jacob Virus comes out*

Jacob Virus: I think you are and idiot demanding more challenge
Jacob Virus: Just becuase you won the World Title in your last promotion doesn't mean you will in this one

*Mr.Green comes out*

Mr.Green: Calm down guys I have set up a tournament for next week
Mr.Green: Jacob, you will face Brian James next week and Kevin, You will face Matt Griffin next week.
Mr.Green: The Winners of those two matches will meet each other for the World Title at Hell in a Cell. And by the way that World Title match will actually be inside the Cell.

*Mr.Greens leaves the arena*

End of Show.
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