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Garfunkle's WWE(

Here is my thoughts for the raw and smackdown after Wrestlemania XX


pyrotechnics shoot off and Raw starts

JR: Welcome to Raw folks, we are here in Chicago

King: Yes just one day after the biggest show of all time

JR: It was one hell of a show, here is some of last night's highlights

( Wrestlemania XX footage plays through)

JR: Chris Benoit is the World Heavy Weight Champion after making HHH tap out to the Crippler Crossface

King: I seen alot of matches and by far that triple threat tops them all

(Vince Mcmahon's music starts and Vince walks down to the ring, He grabs a microphone.)

JR: What the hell is he doing here?

King: What do you mean he's the boss

Vince: Wrestlemania XX was a complete success except for one thing, that is it's motto "where it all begins....again". Don't worry I will correct that right now. I already took iniatives and gave Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman their pink slips, which means there is gonna be new general managers on both brand shows. I don't want to waste any of your time, I will announce the General Manager of RAW. The new general manager of Raw is ........ The Macho Man Randy Savage.

( Macho Man's music hits and he walks out in a grey suit and his hair slicked back into a ponytail. Macho Man walks down and enters the ring, receiving a standing applause from the crowd. Vince Mcmahon passes the mic and leaves )

Macho Man: OH YEAH! it is great to be back. Vince hired me to make some drastic changes on this show. I intend to make Raw the brand that everybody wants to watch. I am gonna start by.........

( Evolution music hits and Triple H, Orton, Flair, and Batista walk down to the ring )

HHH: The reason we are here is to welcome you to Raw Macho and If you were smart, you would stay out of Evolution's way. And If you were smart, you would give me a title shot because Benoit winning last night was a fluke

Macho Man: Actually Triple H, Evolution was gonna be my first official act as GM. Evolution is getting to be powerful and there are intiminating everyone in the back including the GMs. I am gonna put a stop to it now.

( Evolution start to circle Macho Man)

Macho Man: And It's gonna done through a mini tournament, It will work by having two singles matches and the two losers of those matches will face off in a singles match. The loser of that match will be fired on the spot, So the contestants of this tourny contain all the members of Evolution. It will be HHH vs. Randy Orton later on tonight and starting as soon as I leave this ring, It will be Battista vs. Ric Flair.

( Macho Man leaves and all of Evolution is shocked and frustrated. A Referee runs down to the ring, Triple H and Orton move to ring side. Flair takes off his suit jacket and shirt, Battista takes off his white dress shirt. The bell rings )

King: What the hell is Macho Man doing

JR: He is doing something that should have been done a long time ago

Ric Flair versus Battista

The starts about with Flair and Battista exchanges blows and moves back and forth. It ends off with Flair going for a clothsline but Batista ducks and waits for Flair to turn around, Battista kicks Flair in the gut then Finishs him off with a Battista Bomb. Battista covers Flair .......1........2.........3 Battista wins the match. Battista picks up Flair and aids him to the with the rest of Evolution

JR: that was a good match put on by Flair and Battista, It could have gone either way

King: Battista is in his prime, So he should have won anyways

(Commercial Break)

( When Raw comes back on, It in the locker room with RVD and Booker T. Macho Man walks in)

Macho Man: I watch your guy's match last night, you two were amazing, you both deserve a title shot against Benoit next week on Raw

RVD: all right I'm liking the new GM already

Booker T: now I can dig that sucka

Macho Man: But there is one catch, you two will have to battle it out to see who gets that title shot tonight

( Macho Man leaves )

RVD: hey whatever happens tonight we will still be buds right

Booker T: Yes we will be Bros after I win tonight

RVD: whoa whoa I'm not gonna let you win

Booker T: well we will find out in the ring won't we

( The screen turns over to King and JR)

King: A few words shared there, But I think Booker is gonna win because he is almost the whole tag team

JR: I don't think so, RVD is equal as good as Booker T

King: What has RVD done

JR: What do you mean? anyways it's time for the next match, It's Chris Jericho vs. Test

( Jericho's music plays and he walks down to the ring pissed off)

Y2J: everybody knows that I had Christian beaten but if it wasn't for that Garbage breathing, trash bag bottom eating, creepy little bastard sleeping, S..L..U..T..

( Test's music play and he walks down )

Y2J vs Test

It starts off with Y2J whipping test around like a little rag doll until Christian and Trish walk down the ramp. Jericho gets distracted long enough for Test to pull off the Big Boot to pick up the pin fall on Y2J. Christian and Trish enter the ring and beat the hell out Jericho with Test.

( Commercial break )

( when Raw comes back on JR and do there advertising about Snickers Crunchers and Stacker 2 )

( Randy Orton's Music play and He walks to the ring waiting on Triple H )

( Triple H's Music plays)

Triple H vs Randy Orton

It starts off with Orton dish out all he can give which Triple H takes and dishes out what he can as well. Triple H gets the upper hand and puts Rany Orton out with the Pedigree......1.........2........3...... Triple H picks up the win.

JR: well It will be Randy Orton versus Ric Flair in a "Your Fired" match. The loser will be fired

King: This is terrible, Is Macho Man off his rocker

( It goes back stage where you see Macho Man walking in the hallways, He is stopped by Scott Steiner )

SS: Randy I'm tired of this

Macho Man: tired of what?

SS: When I first came here I was fighting for the World title and now I'm barely wrestling at all, I want bigger matches macho

Macho Man: well you can have your first one tonight you will face Chris Benoit in a non title, and at Back Lash you will be in a Cage Match. So how's that for better matches?

SS: yes that will do

Macho Man: Oh yeah your opponent at Back Lash will be against someone who wants to fight you for a longest time and he says he can beat you as well

SS: oh yeah I like to see that, Who is the little punk

Macho Man: well that little punk is......... your brother Rick Steiner

( Macho Man leaves and Scott Steiner stands there all shocked )

( It goes back to the ring, Kane's music hits and walks down to the ring )

( Le Risistance music hits, Renee Dupree comes down to the ring cautiously )

Kane vs Renee Dupree

Kane beats Renee very fast as he finishes it with a chokeslam and a Pin

( Commercial Break )

( When Raw comes back It has Macho Man in his office with Shawn Micheals )

HBK: I want a title shot against Chris Benoit at Back Lash

Macho Man: So does Triple H, So I think I will make a fatal four way at Back Lash..... It will be Triple H vs HBK vs Chris Benoit vs .......... over one year absent .....Edge

( Shawn Leaves )

Chris Benoit vs Scott Steiner ( non title )

Benoit and Scott Steiner give each other moves after moves. It ends off with Scott trying to applie the Recliner but slips through the legs and gives him a german suplex. Benoit climbs up the turnbuckle and gives a Diving Headbutt to Scott, Benoit makes a cover 1.....2.....kick out. Steiner gets up and tries to clothsline Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface and Steiner taps out after moments of crying.

( Rick Steiner music hits, Scott Steiner gets scared and hightails it through the crowd, Benoit celebrates in the ring )

JR: wow I can't wait for the return of Rick Steiner

King: He sure is scared of his brother

RVD vs Booker T

It ends off with Booker T trying to lay a Book end but RVD spins out and trys a spinning heel kick. Booker T ducks and kicks RVD in the gut, Booker T rebounds off the ropes and goes for a scissors kick, RVD moves back and connects a Vandaminator on Booker T. RVD goes up to the turnbuckle and pulls off the Five Star Frog Splash 1.......2........3 . RVD wins the match and a title shot next week.

( It goes backstage in Evolution's locker room )

HHH: ok Ric ok Randy don't worry Macho man is not going to get away with this, I'm gonna complain to Vince and this Sledge Hammer will help me Persuade Vince to fire Macho Man.

( Macho Man enters )

Macho Man: oh but I am gonna get away with this and your gonna help me Triple H

HHH: like hell I am

Macho Man: yes you are because your the special guest referee for the " Your Fired" match between Orton and Flair. you are basically signing the release forms for Flair or Orton. How do you like them apples.

( Macho Man leaves and Triple H is pissed)

Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton with Special Guest Referee HHH

The two fight it out for a good five minutes until Ric bodyslams Orton and does his nature boy strut. Triple H decks Ric Flair, Battista runs out with a sledge hammer and passes it to HHH. HHH waits for Flair to get up then he hits Flair in the head with a sledge hammer. Flair is busted open, blood is flowing everywhere. Randy gets up and gives Ric the boots. Battista soon joins in the beating of Flair. Randy goes for a pin, HHH makes a slow 3 count knowing Flair isn't getting up.

JR: What is this is just sickening

King: Hey the Macho man is right Triple H did help out what do you know


tell me what you think any Ideas or pointers.

tell me what was good and what was bad
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