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Should there be a sub online-gaming section?

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I'm aware of phases, and how they fizzle out. But, with the online gaming community growing, (on consoles) and the limitless games available online, (both single and multiplayer) the idea of a sub section for gamers on the boards to hold comps (high scores, rounds won, etc) or to post up different games they've found for people to check out seemed like a good idea to pitch.

I've wanted to try an get a Socom league goin but figured if I posted in gaming it'd get closed. (As it might start a phase and clutter up the gaming section...see, I thought this through a little! :D)

I know we already have the arcade, but most of the games in there are weak and tiresome. (And some of the fun one's have been owned so bad...not naming names here....that it's impossible to keep the level of fun and challenge at a happy medium)

I just think something like that'd be well received. But I made it a poll so's to get a concensus on whether it'd be wanted or not. So make your pick and post your thoughts.

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Just put it in gaming....It's something to do with video games, so yeah...seems only logical to put it there. No need to complicate things.
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