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Now that Kurt Angle is out for a year i was wondering what the future holds for WWE. Here is my Ideas

Smackdown next week Kurt gets hurt in the match with Lesnar and they stop the match and kurt gives up the belt and Lesnar has to face face a somebody at Wrestlemania that person is the winner of a battle royal the following week

Following week

Benoit wins the Battle Royal thanks to Lesnar setting up a match at Wrestlemania


Benoit wins the championship and he finally achives his gold in life

Backlash rolls around with

Benoit vs Rhyno

Lesnar vs John Cena (Gives Cena a good push)

Undertaker vs Nathan Jones

Benoit Retains with help from Matt Hardy becasue he deserves a Push aswel becasue like Paul Heyman has said he has the best Gimmick in WWE Today

Nathan Jones finally turns on his Master and faces Taker in the ring

Cena tries to get revenge on Lesnar

Jugdement Day

Benoit vs Brock Lesnar

Matt Hardy vs Rhyno

Nathan Jones vs Undertaker

Benoit loses to Lesnar with Lesnar getting his title back

Rhyno gets revenge on Hardy While taker vs Jones rematch

What do you think

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Thats good but I think that the WWE should have Lesnar injure Angle then Speth comes out the next week and annouces a tournament with 8 superstars and the tournament will conclude 3 days before WM19. Benoit wins and then Lesnar wins against him.

Then at Backlash have Lesnar battle Cena early in the card for the title and have Lesnar win agian.

Judgement Day

Lesnar Taker II
This time have Taker win and then after the mtch have Nathan Jones attack him.

King Of The Ring
Taker beats Jones

Smackdown that week

Taker is myserioulsy beat down and will be out for 6months......

What do you think?? How should it continue???

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How should it go from there

The next week Y2J comes down and says it was him and and challenges Taker to a match at Vengance Then taker comes out and says he accepts but he cant wrestle Untill Vengance


Y2j beats Taker and becomes the Smackdown champion
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