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Funny Wrestling Pictures/Videos Thread

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Please follow the guidelines, and at least try to find pictures that are, you know, FUNNY.

* No more than 5 pictures per post (and this doesn't mean post 5 then immediately post 5 more)

* Do not quote more than one picture to comment on them. There's no need for this and it just results in pictures appearing again and again.

* Take the time to look over the last few pages to avoid repeats. Yes over time repeats are bound to happen but there's no reason for the same pictures to be posted a second time within a few days.

Anyone breaking these rules on multiple occasions will be removed from the thread.
Funny Wrestling Pictures
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Credit for the original threads.

New thread made after some sad fuck decided to mess about.
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re: Funny Wrestling Pictures/Videos V

Last RAW's finest blooper.

That should be the whole entrance video of Reigns. Flipping his hair and doing duck faces.
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