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Yesterday, my sister showed me some pictures and video from her trip to California a few weeks ago.

She was there for some teacher conference, but during the down-time she and her friends did the whole "sight-seeing" stuff. At one point, they found themselves near the red-carpet of the premiere of Hobbs and Shaw. A security guard let them stand right up front to take videos of all the celebrities going by.

One video shows a man and a woman walking by and my sister LOUDLY saying things like - "Who's that? Are they cheering for HIM or HER?" and the guy stares at the camera looking legit pissed off.

It was Triple H and Steph.

In another video, a guy walks up to my sister saying - "Do you want a photo with me?" My sister is heard on the video saying - "No, I don't know you!" They guy says - "I'm famous!" and my sister says - "No, thank you." and the guy laughs, shrugs, and moves on...

It was Dana White.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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