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Fundraise A Handicap Van For A Wrestling Fan

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I noticed on Wrestling Twitter this fellow fan Sean Smith who is nearing the goal on a fundraiser for a handicap van that he desperately needs. The same fundraising attempt has failed in the past, but he is so close now. He's @WithoutWaiting on Twitter. His Go Fund Me is linked into most of his recent tweets. I'd post it here but I'm new member and can't post links. Hope he makes it.
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A handicap van? I imagine that pertains to a wheel-chair functionality-thing. Can wheel-cheer ridden people not ride in cars for some reason? Just like the minority selfish handicap population taking money and services from tax paying Americans. Then they want to stay handicap cause they get more benefits that way instead of trying heal their self and reach for that American dream.

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Blows my mind that "handicapped" is still socially acceptable in the US. Anyway, carry on...
I thought the same thing. I just used the same verbiage from his Go Fund Me, assuming it's what he'd prefer. Noticed that Paul Feig pledged 2,500.00 (25% of the goal), which I thought is pretty cool of him.
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