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The shop is currently​
Taking requests whenever the shop is open. Whatever you want, please let me know ! The banners are for free.​

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Last Request: First shop request. The excitement.

Topic: Liverpool FC (you should like that :eek:).

Details: I'm usually a fan of 500x300 size banners. The main colour has to be red, obviously. I wouldn't mind Anfield being worked into the background in some way either.

Text 1: BkB

Text 2: You'll Never Walk Alone

Pics: Stevie G, Raul Meireles and Luis Suarez along with the Liverpool logo somewhere on there plz. Not too fussed on what pics you use, although I'd prefer the home kit to run with the whole red theme.

I'd also like an avatar cut if possible too thanks.

Yeah, I'll give you what you want in terms of rep + credit or whatever else you want. Much love and many thanks, Des. :eek:

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That's all the requests I will be taking for the moment, so the shop is closed for now. Once I finish with the current requests it will then be open again. The banners are for free by the way!

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Topic: Jon Beason
Text: Jon Beason, WWF

Color-wise, the team colors (Cyan/Black/White/Grey) would be preferred.

If you need anything else, let me know. I know American Fotoball isn't your thing, so if you'd prefer something easier/more universal, I can work with ya. Thanks, bro. :eek:

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Hey man,

I'm interested in another WWE banner. Haven't had one of those in a while. It's going to be 5 guys on it so maybe something like this...http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/...s/TheseGuysPrettyMuchOwn-DES.png?t=1297316652
Just as an idea...you made that one too.

Topic: sort of a future is now sort of deal...
Text: The Future is Now
Pics of: Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett
Text 2: John Mercer, make the J and the M stand out some how
Colours: no fussed, just make it look good :-D

EDIT: A cropped avatar would be good as well. Maybe of Alberto Del Rio.

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Hey Man,
I'm looking for a St George Illawara Dragons Sig,

Last Request: First request since new system

Topic: St George Illawara Dragons 2010 Premiers

Details: Red and White

Text 1: St George Illawara Dragons

Text 2: Vivaveron

Im sure you don't know who they are so I'll give you some pics that I'd like for the sig.

I'd like the layout to be like BKB's sig.


PS: Dragons are a NRL team, it's a massive sport in Australia

Thankyou in Advance :D, also if you want rep and credits for the sig just message me

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Hey whats up man always been a big fan of your work, hope you do my request. Thanks in advanced!

Last Request: First request one new system.

Topic: TNA Madison Rayne

Details: Anything you think looks good (Please NO black and white)

Text 1: My Knockout!

Text 2: Isaias4u2nv

Pictures: Make sure you use this picture along any other picture you think looks good.

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