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This is an E-Fed I am Co-Running and I thought I would post the shows as a Be the Booker thread. Most of the matches are written by me.

FTW Presents: Gory Glory
Live! From the FTW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 10th, 2005!

FTW World Tag Team Championship – TLC Match
Fyr & Ice vs. Summers Boyz vs. Guerrera Brothers vs. Atlantic Connection

FTW World Heavyweight Title Tournament – 1st Round
Alyon Mac vs. Poison

FTW World Heavyweight Title Tournament – 1st Round
Hacker vs. Inferno

FTW World Heavyweight Title Tournament – 1st Round
Pat Laba vs. Argus Rage

FTW World Heavyweight Title Tournament – 1st Round
Big Chief vs. Eric Herrera vs. Mathias

FTW North American Title
Seth Cassidy vs. Ewan Katt vs Trevor B

FTW Internet Title – Ultimate X Match
Krystian vs. Nemesis vs. Ryan Prince

Ghostface vs. Moth T

#1 Contendership
Aerial Fantasy vs. The Wolf Pac Boyz

The G.M. is named Nate Redman and the owner/chairman in Courtney Montgomerry. Gory Glory is already written and will be up shortly.

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The FTW cameras turn on showing a capacity crowd at the FTW Arena as Full Throttle Wrestling finally opens it’s doors. Pyros blow up all over the stage as the crowd chants “FTW!!! FTW!!! FTW!!!” The camera eventually makes it way over to the “Bird’s Nest” where FTW Announcers Michael Styles and Zane Wilson are standing by.

Styles: Welcome everyone to FTW Gory Glory!!! I am ‘The Dean of Wrestling’ Michael Styles and joining me here tonight is…

Zane: ‘The Friday Night Delight’ Zane Wilson! And dammit Mikey, I am happy to be here for this historic night!

Styles: I can’t blame you for that but without any further ado, here comes the man that made it all possible, the FTW Owner, Courtney ‘Suicide Kid’ Montgomery!!!

The camera makes it way to the ring, where we see world renowned boxing announcer and promoter Gary Abaddon standing in the ring.

Abaddon: Please everyone, give a warm welcome to the man that made this night possible, the Owner of Full Throttle Wrestling, Courtney Montgomery!!!

“It’s not a fashion statement, It’s a deathwish” by My Chemical Romance hits and the fans erupt at the familiar entrance music of the FTW owner, “Suicide Kid” Courtney Montgomery! He stands on the ramp, looking around, on the verge of being tearful. He does his signature arms out pose for another pop and comes down the ramp way. He walks around the ring and takes the microphone from ring announcer Gary Abaddon. He rolls into the ring and begins to talk but the fans cut him off for another applause.

CM: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is history in the making. It is my night to show you all what real wrestling is. Full Throttle Wrestling was an idea that was born because I knew that I could bring you all the best in the world of pro wrestling! You see, at my old promotion…where I am actually still the world champion…since I’ve never been pinned for my belt…there was a lot of conflict. The creative control had a lot of bickering in it, and it came out in public, I’m sure you all know it. That company was too consumed with itself to worry about what we all do this sport for: and that is you the fans. They forgot that we come out here night in and night out putting our necks on the line for you the fans! Not the money, not the notoriety, but for you the fans that pay your hard earned money to come watch us do what we do best. So I decided that I did not want to be a part of a company that would do that, so I got sick of it and dropped out with my injury. Yes my knee is injured, but I would have still wrestled if it were for a company that deserved a competitor that loved the sport like me.

But Enough about the past, lets look more towards the future that is FTW. And tonight, our FTW Superstars are here to bring you back to the SPORT of professional wrestling. We are going to present to you a product that is rude, crude, breaks all the rules and is up in your face! We are FTW, and we are here to stay. Thank you and enjoy the show!

Styles drops the microphone and walks out of the ring, to a tremendous ovation from the fans.

Zane: Certainly a heart felt speech from the boss!

Styles: You are not kidding. But without any further ado, let’s get Full Throttle Wrestling underway!

Opening Match
Moth T vs. Ghostface

We go to the ring and see the world renowned Gary Abaddon standing in the ring, waiting to make the in ring introductions.

Abaddon: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is the first contest in the history of Full Throttle Wrestling!

The crowd pops loudly for this announcement.

Abaddon: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…

No Sleep Till Brooklyn hits, and Purple and Blue Pyro explodes in an HBK-esque manner. Moth T comes walking out to a massive face pop, and slaps the hands of fans on both sides of the runway.

Abaddon: From Lawrence, Kansas weighing in at 220 pounds, MOTH T!!!

Moth T. rolls in under the bottom rope, and ascends to the top turnbuckle, and points out the crowd... he hops back off and goes to the center of the ring, and strikes a muscular pose, and thrusts upwards while yet another explosion of blue and purple pyros emanate from the four turnbuckles.

Abaddon: And his opponent…

The lights go down and white smoke fills the arena. A strobe light starts up. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor comes on over the PA system. GhostFace pops out of the stage floor about 6' into the air. He lands in a squatting position. He gets up and creeps down the the ring.

Abaddon: From Madison, Wisconsin weighing in at 205 pounds, GHOSTFACE!!!

He slides into the ring and looks around the crowd. Then runs and flips off of the turnbuckle landing in a posed position.

Styles: These two have been cutting into each other and we may see something nice out of this.

Zane: Some boobs would be nice right about now.

Styles: Do you always have to do that?

Zane: Well what can I say I like some titties!

They lock up. GF applies a head lock. Moth pushes him into the ropes. He bounces back and gives him a shoulder tackle and he falls to the mat. He bounces against the ropes. Moth rolls over and he hops over him. He bounces off the ropes again. Moth goes for a leap frog but GF grabs his legs and drops him with a power bomb!

Zane: Wow, what a little bitch, he got dropped like a sack of potatoes!

Styles: That was indeed a very good reversal by Ghostface!

He picks up Moth and runs him to the corner. GF runs in but T turns and elbows him in the face. He stumbles back and closelines him down! He bounces off the ropes and drops a leg drop on the back of GF’s head! He jerks GF up by the hair.

Styles: The ref should do something about that hair pulling!

Zane: What the hell do you think this is Styles, 1985? Actually, that’s a pretty good song…

Styles: Um…back to the match.

He picks him up and drops him with a suplex! Moth irish whips him into the ropes. He bends over and GF stops. GF grabs his head and nails a huge DDT that flips him over!

He picks T up and irish whips him into the corner. He follows up and hits a huge closeline smothering him into the corner. He stumbles out and GF nails him…H…A…R…D…CORE! Moth crumbles to the mat after the five punch combo.

Zane: You would think he’d try to block one of those punches!

Styles: I’m pretty sure he was stunned!

Zane: Yeah, I am too.

Styles: Why are you stunned?

Zane: Would you look at that redhead in the crowd, holy moly!

Styles: I’m sure she’s out of your league!

Zane: Hey buddy, why do you think they call me the Friday Night Delight?

Styles: Well I…shit you’ve got me off track, Ghostface is headed up top now…

Ghostface climbs to the top rope. He looks to the ceiling and dives back with a huge Poltergeist Bomb and MISSES! Moth T stands up and pulls him up but as well. He kicks GF in the stomach and sends him down with a gut wrench suplex! He picks GF up and walks backwards.

Styles: He’s about to finish him off!

Zane: Uh, yeah, put him out of his misery so I can get that blondes number…

Styles: I thought it was a redhead?

Zane: Yeah that one too!

He advances with a Superkick but GF ducks, hooks Moth’s arms and drops him with a Faceless! He makes the cover…1…2...3!!!

Winner via pin fall: Ghostface

Styles: Wow what a match and what a reversal by Ghostface ending it with the Faceless!

Zane: Ok, I’m gonna go get that number…

Styles: Zane would you…well while I go get him back check out this video tape that was sent into the FTW offices! Zane get your ass back over here!

I was at the top

An image flashes on the screen, two men in the ring.

I had everything

Another image, this one of a man and woman holding title belts in the ring

Then in a moment…it was all destroyed

Karnij has picked up Troy, landing a Burning Hammer onto the chair as Grave Digger and Ghalleon turn on each other, knowing it is fruitless to take on Karnij before he has officially entered. The countdown begins as Karnij lifts Troy up again.

A powerbomb onto the chair by Karnij. He picks Troy up again.

Another powerbomb. He lifts him out and throws him out of the ring with ease, Troy’s body crashing into the security wall.

Destroyed by a man….who did more then try to destroy me in the ring. He took the one thing I truly cared about….

An image of Wildcat Lynn Brewster flashes on the screen.

I was her best friend, her confidante. There was nothing she didn’t tell me. I would do anything for her, and she knew it. But….he took her away from me, then he tried to remove me from the picture permanently

A video clip of someone being loaded into an ambulance shows.

They took me to the hospital. I had damaged my back….very similar to what happen to her a long time ago in Tokyo. Yet…back then I was at the hospital every day, there for my best friend. Yet…did she even bother to call? Did she even bother to come once to see how I was? No…..she didn’t even have the guts to tell me that I was through in WOF herself….she had the papers FedEx’ed to me in the hospital.

The camera shows a man standing in the shadows, red light behind him.

I could of returned to WOF…returned to the “scene of the crime”, so to speak. But no…I didn’t. Why? Cause…cause how do you return to a company that claims to not want you any more? I should have seen it coming when Lynn and…..my other FORMER best friend….that weasel Cam Davitt….when they became the tag champs. So much for “Best Damn Tag Team Ever”. Once Cam and I were…until Lynn decided to stick her nose in our business.

The light comes up so we can see Troy Pool, a scowl on his face as he’s looking at a picture on the wall. But the image in the picture is indiscernible.

Well Lynn….I see how it is. Look out for only yourself. Well…the day is coming when you will get yours. I know….bout your personal life. I know the steps you are taking. I know the headaches that are coming.

Meanwhile…I found a purpose. I realize I can count on no one but myself. I’ve taken that anger…and directed it two different ways. One…was to pay you back…you bitch. You and Ron and Cam…will get yours. The other way was to get myself back into shape and to get back to doing what I love. However…when it comes to wrestling….I am taking a page from you…I’m looking out for only myself. And anyone….ANYONE who stands in my way…will feel my anger I have…towards you.

Troy takes a knife and stabs the picture. The camera comes around, and it’s a picture of Wildcat Lynn Brewster, and the knife point is right between her eyes.

Zane comes back up to the announce position, messily shoving two pieces of paper back into his pocket.

Zane: So Mikey, what did I miss?

Styles: Well if you were actually doing your job, you would have seen the very cryptic message of what looks to be the debut of the former WOF Superstar Troy Pool!

Zane: Yea, whatever, lets get on with it. I got some bitches to call, and not your momma!

Styles: Oh please!

FTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament – First Round
Poison vs. ‘The Great One’ Alyon Mac

Styles: This is a first round match to decide the first ever FTW World Heavyweight Champion! Let’s take a look at the tournament bracket!

Poison makes his way to the ring to a welcoming reception from the capacity crowd in the FTW Arena. He climbs a turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air, striking a pose for the cameras but receives chants of abuse from the Philadelphia fans.

Abaddon: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a first round contest to determine the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first…

‘Working Man’ by Rush plays as the stage erupts with fireworks as Alyon Mac stands in the entrance way. He makes his way onto the apron and poses for those with the benefit of flash photography. Poison runs down the aisle at Alyon Mac while he’s still on the apron but Alyon Mac ducks the shot and drives his shoulder into his opponent’s gut. Alyon Mac then launches himself over the top rope with a Sunset Flip into the ring as the bell is sounded. Alyon Mac struts around the ring watching Poison struggle onto his feet. Both competitors glare at each other and begin to circle the ring.

Styles: Poison tried to get the early advantage over Alyon Mac but Alyon knows the guy too well.

Zane: Yeah, he saw that cheap shot coming a mile off. Now though, its time for the one on one contest to get underway.

Styles: I think this could very well be a Slobber Knocker in the making. Both competitors know how the other things and both men are accomplished superstars already in the WOF.

Both men enter a grapple that serves as a test of strength. Alyon Mac begins forcing Poison in one direction but is met with a Knee Lift to the gut. Poison slaps on a headlock but is pushed into the ropes. Poison comes roaring back with the Clothesline but is caught with an Arm Wrench. Alyon Mac applies as much pressure as he can, forcing his opponent to yell in pain. Poison fights back with a Fireman’s Carry. He then locks on the Reverse Chin Lock but Alyon Mac arises and elbows him in the midsection. Alyon Mac hits the Snapmare and when Poison tries to sit up, he receives a Drop Kick to the back. Poison holds onto the ropes as he tries to pull himself up off of his knees but receives a Running Knee to the kidney area. Alyon Mac then drags his opponent into the middle of the ring for a Snap Suplex, hooking the leg for the two count. Alyon Mac lifts up Poison and tries for another suplex but the maneuver is countered with a Small Package for the one count. Poison fights off the Alyon Mac with a Clothesline. As Poison struggles to stand Alyon Mac pulls himself up. Both competitors charge at each other. Alyon Mac ducks another Clothesline and comes racing off of the ropes with a Spinning Wheel Kick. The leg is hooked.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!

Alyon Mac ascends the turnbuckle but Poison heads onto the apron. Poison takes hold of Alyon Mac leg but is kicked off. Alyon then launches himself off of the top rope with a Missile Drop Kick!! Alyon Mac and Poison come tumbling down to ringside.

Styles: Look at the lengths Alyon is going to on this mission to inflict as much pain and humiliation on Poison as he possibly can.

Alyon Mac and Poison both begin to arise at ringside. Alyon Mac looks for a Clothesline but misses and is spun into a Snap Suplex. A replay of the quick, snappy Suplex onto the ringside mats is shown cutting to slow motion as Alyon Mac’s body bounces off of the floor. Poison lifts up Alyon Mac by the head and smashes his face against the guard-rail. He then whips the Great One into the metal ringside steps. Poison fires some hard right hands and tosses Alyon back into the ring. He hops onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. Inside the squared circle, Poison heaves himself up. Alyon Mac stumbles around the ring and into a FLYING CROSSBODY!! Poison soars through the air, taking down Alyon Mac and hooking the leg.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

He proceeds to beat Alyon Mac against the ropes with some knife-edged chops. Poison heads for the Irish Whip but Alyon Mac manages to counter and pulls him into a Monkey Flip. Alyon Mac takes down his opponent with a Flying Forearm to the face and struts around the ring. He climbs to the top rope but Poison runs at him with a right hook. Poison then brings Alyon Mac crashing into the ring with a tremendous SUPERPLEX!!

Styles: Poison is a capable wrestler and the damage he’s just done to Alyon Mac’s body is testament to that.

Zane: That Superplex has taken as much out of Poison as it has Alyon Mac.

Poison slowly drapes an arm across Alyon Mac’s body for the long count.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!

Poison stalks Alyon Mac, ordering him onto his feet. Alyon Mac slowly but surely arises and Poison charges at him. Alyon Mac catches Poison with the Arm Drag and applies pressure to the elbow joint. Poison powers onto his feet and scores a kick to the gut. He then flattens Alyon Mac with the DDT! Poison goes for the cover.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Poison begins to ascend the ring-post but is nailed from behind by Alyon Mac. Alyon Mac brings Poison crashing back into the ring with a devastating BACK SUPERPLEX!! Replay after replay of the thunderous maneuver rolls on the television screens. Again both men lie motionless in the middle of the ring. Alyon Mac manages to cover Poison.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Both competitors crawl to opposite sides of the ring. Gradually both men find their way onto their feet and glare at each other. Alyon Mac charges at Poison with a right hand but misses. Poison sets up the Reverse DDT but Alyon Mac powers out of his clutches and scores a kick to the gut. Alyon Mac nails the Spinebuster and follows it up with the FROG SPLASH!!


Alyon Mac can’t seem to put away Poison and so climbs the turnbuckle. He positions himself for a Diving Moonsault but Poison nails him from behind. Poison climbs the turnbuckle and somehow delivers THE ANTIDOTE!!!

Styles: Oh my God! Oh my God! Poison just delivered one of the most devastating moves in the business!

Zane: The leg is hooked! Here comes the referee! One! Two! Thre- OH MY GOD!!”

The FTW Arena erupts as Alyon Mac kicks out of what was perhaps the most remarkable maneuvers ever attempted in a wrestling ring! Poison is losing his mind in the ring. He stomps violently on Alyon Mac, frustrated that he can’t put away his opponent. Poison lifts Alyon Mac by the hair, throwing punches all the way but is tripped up and locked inside the SLEEPER WITH SCISSORS!! Poison screams in pain as Alyon Mac struggles to maintain the submission hold. With nowhere to go Poison taps out frantically, conceding the match to Alyon Mac.

Winner via submission: Alyon Mac

Alyon is forced to release the hold before standing up and kicking Poison in the back of the head.

Styles: Hey! That was not called for!

Zane: Hahaha! He kicked that guy in the head!

Styles: Well in any event Alyon Mac will move onto the semifinals, only one match away from being in the first ever FTW World Heavyweight Title Match!

Zane: I can’t wait for that! But lets see who his opponent is going to be!

FTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament – First Round
Styles: What a PPV this has been! An awesome way to kick off FTW! And now, our World Title Tournament continues with the second first round matchup. Now Zane, this should be interesting. It is Pat Laba versus Argus Rage.

Zane: Spot on Mikey, Spot on. This is one match I have been waiting in anticipation for. The buildup over the last few weeks for this clash has been huge! In one corner will be Laba, the man who has made one if the biggest impacts in the locker room already! He is be as ready as ever for this.

Styles: Yep, and against him, is another strong character in Argus Rage!! Things seem to have heated up a bit with these two, especially with Laba's attitude and comments towards Rage. Okay, we are ready; this match is about to start now!

Abaddon: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a first round contest in the FTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament! Introducing first…

The opening chords of Sevendust's 'Enemy' hits as the lights flash dark blue, white, black and red until a pyro goes off and Pat Laba appears on the stage with his baseball bat after rising from beneath the stage. The whole band kicks in as 'Enemy' plays as Laba walks down to the ring, feeling confident, pumped and ready to go. He gives abuse back to the crowd who boo very loudly.

Abaddon: From Miller’s Point, Sydney, Australia weighing in at 245 pounds, this is PAT LABA!!!

Laba stops when he gets to the rings and jumps up and down a few times and sort of cracks his neck before sliding into the middle of the ring and standing with his head down as the lights go out except the spotlight put on Laba..the chords of 'enemy' keep playing. Laba then shoots his arm up after a number of seconds, thrusting his bat in the air and he looks up as the four turnbuckles go off with huge pyros and the lights come back on as 'Enemy' continues to play. Laba takes off his jersey he is wearing, revealing a Black singlet with 'Laba' on the back and 'Pain At It's Best' on the front along with some awesome graphics (hogan, biker taker style which is easy to rip) and jumps up on the second turnbuckle, staring down the crowd and talking himself up.

Zane: Now I like that entrance! I have a feeling that Laba will not fail to deliver here folks.

Abaddon: And his opponent…

The lights go out. Then the jumbo-tron lights up with the word “RAGE” across it, and “Army of Me” by Chimaira hits as the fans go wild! A soliditary figure steps out from the lights and smoke that emanates from the stage…head down, arms at sides…then pyrotechnics go off on both sides of Argus, and he lets out a primal roar as he makes his way down to the ring, full intensity.

Abaddon: From Athens, Greece, now residing in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, weighing in at 260 pounds, ARGUS RAGE!!!

Styles: Well just look at Argus Rage. He looks as ready and intense as anyone. Let's see how this one will start off.

Argus quickly gets into the ring and goes straight to Laba. Laba returns the favour as both meet face to face. They are nose to nose, staring each other down. Laba mutters some words to Rage and Rage responds with a right hand! Laba steps back, Rage follows up with another right, and a left. Laba gets knocked back but is still on his feet. Rage lets out a roar and charges at Laba, but it was too obvious and Laba sidesteps out of the way and throws Rage out of the ring, using his own momentum. Laba brushes his hands off and taunts Rage to come in and try again..Rage doesn't take kindly to Laba's gesture.

Styles: I have a feeling this is going to be a very phsyical match!

Zane: Yeah..you're right Mick but I am going with Laba to take this one out..I got a special feeling about this one..

Rage gets back into the ring and the ref restricts him from going at Laba again. Laba starts to tease Argus behind the ref's back until he is told to step back and the ref rings the bell to officially start this one!

~Ding Ding!~

Laba and Rage circle each other, both ready for anything as they engage in a common elbow tieup. They push forward, both trying out a power game. Rage slightly starts to get the upper hand as Laba is aware of this. Laba quickly slaps on a side headlock before going behind Rage and applying a hammerlock. Rage switches it into his own before Laba drops down and throws rage over him. displaying some of his wrestling skill. They exchange a few quick holds and feel each other out. Laba lets rip a big slap to the face of Rage for his troubles and Rage tackles Laba down and mounts him..Rage now throwing rights and lefts as Laba covers up, wisely using his forearms. The ref gets Rage off Laba as they step away again. Both men grapple again and take each other down at the same time with a double leg sweep. Rage is quickly back to his feet and runs at Laba who was up a few seconds before him. Laba is ready though and takes Rage down with an armdrag, he holds on and grounds Rage, while applying pressure to the left arm. Laba uses his own power and picks Rage up before slamming down to the mat again with another takedown..He mounts Rage and slaps him in the back of the head a few times before giving him a kick to the midsection.

Styles: Laba showing he can wrestle and fight here now..Rage has given out some as well..those slaps from Laba could be costly

Zane: We will find out soon I guess..

Laba picks Rage up and throws a few right hands..He irish whips Rage into the ropes and Rage ducks a clothesline, he runs off the ropes once more and takes Laba off his feet with a running shoulder tackle! Rage is up on his feet quickly and starts putting the boots to Laba.He picks Laba up and throws him into the turnbuckle..He gives him two hard chops across the chest while the crowd responds with "Wooo!" and then Laba reverses it and throws Rage into the corner..Laba unleashes a big combo of seven or eight punches as Rage struggles to cover up. Laba turns his back on Rage and tells the ref to back off..This is a mistake though as Rage hits him in the back and throws him back into the turnbuckle once again and then slams his shoulder into the gut of Laba a few times. Laba goes down to his knees as Rage picks him up and gives him a german suplex. Rage has the pin. 1....Laba pushes out of it. Both men are up quickly as they exchange right hands..its a slugfest..both men trying to get the advantage..Rage seems to have the slight advantage now but Laba gives him a big knee to the gut. Laba slams Rage down face first with a downward spiral as he hooks the leg. 1..2 Rage kicks out. Laba irish whips Rage into the ropes but Rage counters, Laba goes into the ropes and back..Rage goes for the powerslam but Laba counters out of it, Laba lands behind Rage and Laba locks in The ChokeOut!!! He tries to thrash Rage around but it is too early in the match..Rage lets out another roar and powers out of it..Rage then sends Laba across the ring with a belly to belly suplex! He doesn't go for the pin though..He quickly picks Laba up and hits him with a rib breaker. He now hooks the leg, 1...2..Kickout by Laba! Rage picks Laba up and tosses him into the ropes..Laba comes back looking for a shoulder tackle but Rage shows some athletic ability of his own as he leapfrogs over him..Laba runs back again and is taken down hard with a sweet-looking side kick to the Jaw! Pin Cover made by Rage. 1...2..Kickout from Laba who got his left shoulder up. Rage picks Laba up again and gives him a kick to the gut..Rage runs off the ropes with a big charge but is caught with an impressive spinebuster from Laba! That came from nowhere!

Zane: Now that is impressive..he has taken some punishment but he is back!

Styles: It's close now..this is the time where they will start to wear down..it's about who reacts first and who wants it more..

Laba stomps Rage a few times and then picks him up off the mat. Laba drops him down hard on the mat with a spinning sidewalk slam. He hooks the leg..this could do it. 1...2..Kickout from Rage! Rage gets to his feet..Laba is already up..both stare at each other..their blood is beginning to boil! They stare at each other, the intensity is felt throughout the arena! They go towards each other again..Right hand by Laba..chop by Laba...Chop from Rage..Right hand by Rage..kick from laba...Forearm by Laba...Rage blocks a punch..Rage gives him a jab..a straight right..and another shot from Rage! Rage is fired up now as he starts to throw more punches..He goes for a kick to the gut but Laba catches it! Dragon Screw from Laba! Wait! Laba is going for The Pain Check!..he almost has it locked in!

Styles: great match so far..this is close, but Laba can end it if he locks in that deadly sharpshooter of his!

Zane: It could be too early though..Laba will need to beat Rage down..he has already escaped The ChokeOut!

Laba locks the legs of Rage in place and tries to turn him but Rage won't budge! Rage punches Laba from the mat and kicks him away.. the hold is broken all together! Laba is pushed away as Rage gets back to his feet..Rage nails a clothesline on Laba..and another one..he goes for a third but ouch! A stiff kick to the knee of Rage..and another one! Rage is down and he favours his knee as Laba starts an onslaught on the knee of Rage. Laba stomps multiple times on the knee before knee dropping it and slamming his elbow onto it. Rage screams out as Laba works harder on the knee..trying to break it down. Laba realises what he has done as Rage now almost struggles to walk. Laba climbs to the top rope and waits for Rage to stand. Bam! Spear off the top! Laba connected with that perfectly! He hooks the leg..1...2....NO! Kickout from Rage! As Laba picks Rage up, Argus tries to fight back, he throws a few clubbing blows but is stopped by a straight dropkick to the knee. Laba picks Rage up and drops him down with a knee breaker. laba then locks in a single leg crab..Laba puts more pressure on the knee..trying to break it down so it is absolutlely useless to Rage. Laba pulls hard on the hold and releases it after thirty seconds. Laba then crouches back near the turnbuckle..shaping himself up for one of his signature running enziguri's as Rage is trying to make it back to a vertical base. Rage stumbles with his footing until he is on both feet. Rage turns around and sees Laba running towards him and he lets rip a huge running enziguri! No! Rage drops down somehow in time and avoids the kick! Rage gets back to his feet and gives Laba a T Bone Suplex! He hooks the leg. 1...2..No! Laba kicks out after two! Rage gets up on his feet and locks Laba in an abdominal stretch. Laba grits his teeth in pain as Rage puts more pressure on the midsection of Laba. Rage then lets go of the hold and throws Laba over the top rope, and with authority! Rage follows him to the outside and whips him into the barricade, Laba's back slamming into the barrier! Rage continues his attack on Laba and goes for a big whip into the stairs..Laba counters and Rage goes shoulder first into the stairs with a loud thud! What impact! Laba grabs the top half of the stairs and puts them to the side..Laba picks Rage up and puts his leg on the bottom half of the stairs..Laba then gets the top half and puts it on top of Rage's knee as Rage looks to be in all sorts of trouble! Laba takes a step back and looks to jump on the top half..crushing Rage's knee completely..but Rage wants nothign to do with it! Rage kicks the stairs off him with his good leg and then blocks another one of Laba's attempts! Rage slams Laba head first into the stairs but Laba blocked it..Laba gives Rage a bit of his own medicine and Rage's skull meets the steel stairs! Rage looks like he has no idea where he is at as Laba clotheslines him over the barricade and into the first row! The fans slap Rage on the back and encourage him as Laba tells them all to shut the hell up. Laab grabs Rage who is on the other side of the barricade but Rage slams Laba head first into the barricade, leaving him an opening. Rage climbs back over and throws Laba into the ringpost! He goes head first! The camera shows a close up of Laba's face..and he has a small cut above his left eye! A small amount of blood starts to trickle down the left side of his face. Rage drags Laba over to the announcer's table and takes off the top and throws the cameras away..He signals that he is going to slam Laba through it! The crowd mark out like crazy as Rage punches Laba a few more times in the head to expose the cut more and he puts him in postion for a jacknife powerbomb!

Styles: Laba is going to get killed here!

Zane: The ref is counting..I don't know if they are aware of it!

6......7..........8....Rage realises and quickly slips into the ring for a second to break the count. This gives Laba some time to regather though and he throws Rage into the apron! Laba outstretches his arm to his baseball bat which is sitting on one of the chairs at ringside! Laba has the bat in his hands as the ref rushes out and stops Laba from using it..Laba smiles and throws the Bat into the ring. The ref slides in and goes to clear it out of the way. While the ref has his back turned..Rage kicks Laba and has him in the position for a powerbomb again..it could be the end of Pat Laba!..just as he is about to lift him up.. NO! Low Blow!! Laba took advantage of the little trick he pulled with the referee! Rage is bent over in pain after that very hard shot to the groin as Laba picks Rage up and delivers The WidowMaker through the announcer's table!! Rage just got crunched big time!!

"Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

The ref begins the count again and gets to 5 before Laba grabs the lifeless body of Argus and tosses it into the ring. Laba smiles and chuckles as he makes the pin. 1.....2.....NO!!! Rage got his left foot on the bottom rope! Laba shakes his head and lifts Rage up in the air and dumps him on the top rope of the turnbuckle. Rage is facing the crowd as Laba climbs up behind him. Laba looks around at the crowd and does a throat-slicing action before slamming Rage down to the mat with the G.T.M.A.N!!! Rage lands neck first from that Tazplex!! Both men are down.. the fans begin to chant a mix of..'Holy Shit!' and 'F T Dub!'

Styles: Oh My God! What a move! He could have broken his neck!

Zane: Now that was awesome!..But Laba seems to have hurt himself too..

Laba slowly crawls over to Rage and drapes his arm over his chest. The ref makes the count..1!.....


3!.. NO!! Kickout from Rage!

Rage kicks out! He somehow got his shoulder up! Laba slams the mat as the frustration starts to build. Rage struggles to get to his feet as Laba attacks him again with a combo of strikes. Rage manages to get Laba away to he can have some time to breathe but Laba comes right back at him! Rage saw Laba out of the corner of his eye..He saw Laba coming!..He scoops him up over his shoulders! Hand Of God! Hand Of God! Can he nail it! Wait! No!..Laba gets out of it and lands behind Rage..Laba scores with The Hospital Ticket! Another big move to the neck of Rage! Laba hooks the leg..




Rage kicks out again!! Laba picks Rage up..he isn't happy..he slaps Rage hard in the face..He slaps him again!...Laba goes for The pain Thriller! No! Rage counters it..Rage lands on his feet..Rage slams Laba to the mat with The Tornado's Rage!!! The whole ring shook with impact! Both men are down..Laba isn't moving..Rage is trying to crawl and finally hooks the leg!..



3!!.. NO!!

Laba manages to kickout!! Rage lets out a scream in frustration as he hobbles up to his feet..barely able to stand on one from the damage Laba did earlier. Laba gets up to his feet with the help of Rage..Rage signals for something?! What is it!? A HURRICARANA! Rage tries the hurricarana! but NO!..NO WAY!? Laba catches him up in the powerbomb position..what strength! Rage tries to punch out of it but Laba squezzes him tight..like into a ball..and flings him over his head!! Laba just scored big time with The Funtimes!!! Laba just tossed Rage like a ragdoll..half way across the ring!! Rage landed on his neck and back..things aren't looking pretty! Laba walks over to Rage..he drags by the legs into the centre of the ring and goes for The Pain Check!! Rage won't have it! He won't let Laba lock it in! Rage kicks Laba away and Rage forces himself up to his feet quickly! Rage goes for another side kick..Laba catches his leg! Rage balances on one leg and uses all the strength he can muster to whips himself around with the Dragon Whip! What! Laba ducks it! How did he have that scouted!?! Rage lands on his back in front of Laba and Laba swiftly grabs the legs of Rage and within a few seconds, HE HAS THE PAIN CHECK LOCKED IN! He has it in the centre and he is sitting on it!! Rage screams out in pain..shaking his head..Rage isn't going to give this up! Its against what he stands for! Can he handle the pain!?

Styles: Can Argus hang on!? Can he suck it up? Will he reach the ropes!? C'mon Argus..Fight it! Put Laba in his place!

Zane: He won't give up! but he will pass out!..he can't take the pain he is feeling..he is human for God's sake!..But the crowd are behind Rage..trying to urge him on..Laba has this one in the bag for sure..

The crowd scream out at the top of the lungs..supporting Rage..trying to help him survive here in this excruciating position he is in! Laba screams at Rage to tap..He demands him too..Rage screams..

The pain going through his legs.....

The pain from his neck...his worn down body..

Rage can hear the crowd screaming...

He outstretches his hand..looking like he about to tap!..

But Rage remembers what happened when he was young..He remebers the words his uncle told him! He won't give up!! Rage powers and wills himself to the ropes..He gets the rope break!!! and the crowd go wild! Laba is disgusted as he breaks the hold and grabs Rage by the neck and puts him in position for The PL Style! Laba yells to the fans..He tells them to watch Rage be destroyed! Laba has Rage's head in between his legs and Laba rips his singlet off and lets out a roar..taunting Rage. Laba goes to lift him up but Rage blocks it!..Laba pounds Rage in the back and goes for it again! No!! Rage back drops Laba over his head!! Rage is barely standing with the condition of his legs and barely focusing properly with the damage done to his neck..Laba then gives a roar of his own and goes for Rage..Laba kicks him and picks him up over his shoulders! 'Wrath Of Laba!'..coming Argus's way!! Laba swings Rage around!...NO! WAIT! RAGE LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! Rage uses all the stength he can muster and picks Laba up over his shoulders again!! He stands in the middle of the ring..He turns around..The crowd scream like crazy as Rage delivers The HAND OF GOD!!!!


Laba is back on his feet as Rage is now on one knee, clutching it like it is about to fall off!.... and Like a hawk..ever the opportunist!..Laba jerks Rage's arm around his neck and crashes him neck first into the mat with The Pain Thriller!! Rage lays out in the middle of the ring..not moving as Laba lies back first across the midsection of Rage with a smile on his face as the ref makes the count..




Winner via pinfall: Pat Laba

The ref rings the bell..this one is over! Laba has a cocky smile on his face as he slowly gets to his feet and wipes off some blood on his face and taunts the crowd who boo him and shout abuse.

Styles: What a match! Wow, major props to both wrestlers who put on one hell of a match!!

Zane: I second that one Mikey! Great match! The last few sequences were gold, especially that F5 to F5! Rage put up one hell of a fight, it was a good performance: the fans were on his side, but Pat Laba Advances!!

Styles: Yes he does. Huge match we just saw with some awesome moves and counters from both superstars. Rage just couldn't pull it out. Laba was too much for him in this meeting. I am sure they will meet again though. Laba got the better of him, Laba was the more 'clever' of the two in this one. The lowblow on the outside was a turning point as well as the first attack on the knee of Argus. So Laba is through to the semi final even though it wasn't all clean! I wonder what the condition of Argus's Leg and neck right now. Things look really bad…

Zane: Yeah, it may not have been the fairest victory, but it was still earned in a way I guess. Rage went down fighting: he went through a lot and he has paid the price for his efforts, with possible career-threatening injuries!

Styles: Pat Laba has a tough task in front of him as he takes on Alyon Mac in the semi finals!

Zane: Well that match should be interesting.. Okay folks from home. We will be back with Gory Glory after this message from our sponsors!

**Commercial** Samuel Jackson Beer. It will get you drunk! Good Mother ****in’ Choice Mother ****er!

Styles: Well welcome back to FTW’s first pay per view, Gory Glory. Up next we will determine FTW’s first ever Internet Champion!

Zane: And it will be determined in an Ultimate X Match!

Styles: The Internet Championship has some interesting rules. The title holder must defend the title on each and every show, as well as have it’s opponent determined by a vote by you, the fans!

FTW Internet Championship
Ultimate X Match
Nemesis vs. Krystian vs. Ryan Prince

Abaddon: This match is for the FTW Internet Championship!!! Introducing first…

Metalingus hits as the lights start to flash red and white and Krystian comes out on stage all fired up. He gets heavily booed as he almost dances around, taunting the crowd before jogging down to the ring where he stops and hops up on the apron.

Abaddon: From Cantebury, Sydney, Australia weighing in at 193 pounds, KRYSTIAN!!!

Krystian then does a twisting flip into the ring before jumping up on the second rope of a turnbuckle and taunts the crowd he gives some trash talk. He takes off his jacket and goes to the opposite turnbuckle and does the same. He gets down and starts to slightly jump up and down on the spot as he waits for the match to start.

Abaddon: And his opponent…

Paranoid by Ozzy plays and Nemesis comes out. Nemesis taunts the crowd, he goes to give a kid a high five but slaps him instead. Nemesis laughs and the crowd boos loudly, he stomps up the steps and into the ring.

Abaddon: From Morgantown West Virginia weighing in at 210 pounds, NEMESIS!!!

He points to himself and then points to the crowd, he flips them off. He pulls a cigarette out and smokes it waiting for his opponent.

Abaddon: And his opponent…

“I Stand Alone” hits, and Ryan Prince comes out as the words “Ruthless” flash across the jumbo-tron. Ryan doesn’t even acknowledge the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Abaddon: From Toronto Ontario Canada weighing in at 245 pounds, RYAN PRINCE!!! Now for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home…LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

All three competitors are in the ring as the bell sounds, signaling the beginning of the match. Nemesis and Ryan Prince immediately turn their attention to Krystian. Krystian heads quickly to the outside where Nemesis and Ryan Prince try to box him in. Nemesis and Ryan Prince charge at Krystian but he moves out of the way. Instead, Nemesis and Ryan Prince begin to exchange right hands on the outside, with Nemesis gaining the advantage. Nemesis slams Ryan Prince’s head off of the outside ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. Nemesis tries to follow Ryan Prince in but is cut off by Krystian with a right hand. Krystian then grabs Nemesis and slams him face first into the ringside barricade before climbing back into the ring. Krystian enters the ring but is immediately drilled to the abdomen with a front toe kick by Ryan Prince. Ryan Prince fires Krystian off of the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Krystian slides underneath his legs. Ryan Prince turns around and is drilled with a super kick to the back of the head from Krystian. Krystian quickly scales to the top rope and tries to shimmy his way across one of the steel cords. Before getting started, Nemesis leaps up onto the apron and grabs the foot of Krystian. Krystian tries to kick free but is unsuccessful as he jumps down from the cable. Krystian lands a couple of right hands to the head of Nemesis before bringing him back into the center of the ring. Krystian goes for an Irish whip but it is held onto by Nemesis, who brings him in and connects with a swinging neck breaker. Nemesis climbs to the top rope but as soon as he grabs the cable he is yanked down from his perch by Ryan Prince. Ryan Prince connects with a right hand before going for an Irish whip. It is countered by Nemesis who delivers a spinning neck breaker to Ryan Prince. Nemesis is quickly cut off by Ryan Prince while going for the title belt. Ryan Prince whips Nemesis into the corner before charging. Nemesis tries to springboard over top of Ryan Prince he gets caught! Ryan Prince carries Nemesis out into the center of the ring, and while this happens Krystian is making his way across one of the cables in hopes of attaining the FTW Internet championship. Ryan Prince walks Nemesis right into Krystian, who leaves his perch and delivers an amazing hurricanrana from the cable to Nemesis off of Ryan Prince’s shoulders!


Styles: Wow! That was an amazing, absolutely amazing move by Krystian!

Krystian turns around and runs right into a Belly to Belly Suplex from Ryan Prince. Ryan Prince climbs to the top rope and works his way across the cable. Ryan Prince is about ¾ of the way across when Nemesis grabs him by the feet. Ryan Prince kicks free from Nemesis’s grip but loses his grip on the cable and falls to the mat. Both men are slow to their feet and when they get there they begin to exchange right hands. Ryan Prince gains the advantage and tosses Nemesis through the ropes and to the floor. In the ring Ryan Prince and Krystian climb up adjacent corners and begin to work their way across the cables to the title belt. Both men get within arms reach of the championship belt when they begin to try and kick each other. Suddenly, Nemesis springboards off of the apron and drills both men with a flying dropkick! All three men are down in the center of the ring and are hurting from the explosive maneuver. Nemesis is the first to recover as he slides onto the outside of the ring to grab a chair before re-entering the ring. Nemesis climbs into the ring and drills a recovering Krystian with the Van Daminator! Then he nails Ryan Prince in the back with the chair. Nemesis winds up and charges at Krystian with the chair but catches a kick to the bread basket. Nemesis drops the chair and catches a right hand from Krystian. Krystian grabs the chair and puts it in between the top and middle ropes before turning his attention back to Nemesis. Nemesis is about to become victim to the chair but in mid move counters, sending Krystian crashing head first into the steel chair. Krystian falls through the ropes and to the floor after the devastating blow. Nemesis grabs the chair and takes a wild swing at Ryan Prince but he ducks it before kicking the chair back into the face of Nemesis!

Styles: Ryan Prince has a chance here to become Internet Champion! Both of his opponents are down and hurt!

Instead Ryan Prince grabs the chair and sets it up in the center of the ring. Ryan Prince picks up Nemesis and fires him off of the ropes, but Nemesis counters it. Ryan Prince rebounds off of the ropes and is planted through the chair with a Tilta Whirl Slam from Nemesis! Ryan Prince is a wreck in the center of the ring, tangled up in the steel chair. Nemesis heads to the outside to attack a bleeding Krystian. Nemesis drills Krystian with measured shots to the wound, further opening it up. Nemesis climbs back into the ring and goes to the top rope. Nemesis begins climbing across the steel cable toward the title belt. Nemesis is about a fingertip length away from becoming the Internet Champion when suddenly Krystian slides into the ring and delivers a scintillating chair shot to the back of Nemesis! Nemesis collapses to the mat as does Krystian. All three men are down in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers them on.

Nemesis is somehow the first person to his feet as he grabs Krystian and pulls him to the outside. Nemesis and Krystian begin to exchange right hands on the outside when Ryan Prince appears from nowhere and a three way brawl ensues. Somehow Krystian gains the advantage and goes for an Irish whip, but Nemesis counters it, allowing Krystian to crash hard into the ringside barricade. Nemesis turns his attention to Ryan Prince and rolls him back into the ring. Nemesis fires Ryan Prince into the corner and charges, only to catch an elbow to the face. Nemesis staggers around and sees a charging Krystian, but picks him up with a fireman’s carry. Ryan Prince climbs to the top rope as Nemesis turns around with Krystian still on his back. Ryan Prince leaps over the top of Nemesis and Krystian and connects with a sunset flip. Nemesis rolls through and holds onto Krystian before delivering a front dropkick to the face of Ryan Prince and a Samoan drop to Krystian! All three men are down in the center of the ring once again as somehow Ryan Prince pulls himself up first. Ryan Prince climbs to the top rope and looks to be going for the title belt as the other two men slowly get to their feet. Ryan Prince is only inches away from grabbing the Internet belt when Krystian quickly gets onto the same cable and yanks him down! Now Krystian is only inches away from the gold when Nemesis does the same thing! Krystian tries to kick Nemesis in the face but instead Nemesis grabs his legs and delivers a devastating powerbomb from the top of the cable!!!


Zane: Oh My God! What a move!

All three men are down for the third time in this match as the crowd is going insane!!! Nemesis is the first to his feet as he climbs to the top rope and works his way across the cable. Ryan Prince gets up and tries to pull him down but is kicked away by Nemesis. Ryan Prince quickly gets back up and heads to the top rope in pursuit of Nemesis. Nemesis is inches away from the title belt when Ryan Prince leaps off of the top rope and delivers an amazing spear which sends both men crashing hard to the mat! Ryan Prince slowly gets up and climbs to the top rope and as he is doing so doesn’t realize that Krystian is climbing up the same trest as him. Both men begin to exchange right hands on top of the trest as Nemesis climbs up on the opposite side of the ring and works his way across toward the belt. Ryan Prince gets down from the trest and goes to the outside of the ring.

Zane: Where is he going?

Nemesis is inches away from the championship when suddenly Ryan Prince gets into the ring armed with a chair!!! Prince comes into the ring and drills Nemesis with the chair, which sending him crashing hard to the mat. Unfortunately for Ryan Prince, Nemesis comes crashing down on top of him! Krystian is all alone as he climbs across the cable and grabs the FTW Internet Championship!!!

Winner and NEW FTW Internet Champion: Krystian

Krystian comes crashing to the canvas with his arm wrapped around the FTW Internet Championship belt. The crowd gives a huge pop for the effort of all three men.

Styles: That was one hell of a contest! All three men gave it there all and some bad luck occurred for Ryan Prince which allowed Krystian to take the Internet Championship!

Zane: Well I don’t think Krystian has heard the last of ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Prince! Just like that blonde has not got enough of the Friday Night Delight!

Styles: ANYWAYS, our next contest will determine who will get a shot at the FTW World Tag Team Championship on the inaugural edition of FTW Unchained: Aerial Fantasy, the popular tag team from WOF or the new tandem of The Wolf Pack Boys. But before we do that, our General Manager, WOF Legend Nate “The Raptor” Redman has a special announcement concerning our first show, FTW Unchained.

The camera shot goes to the back where we see Nate Redman sitting in his office. Redman appears to be doing some paperwork before lifting his head up, noticing the camera is finally there.

Redman: Well I guess it is time for my BIG announcement concerning FTW Unchained, our bi weekly television program here at Full Throttle Wrestling. Just as you heard from Michael Styles, the next contest will determine the #1 Contender to the FTW World Tag Team Champions, whoever they may be. But that is not only BIG thing that will be happening at FTW Unchained in two weeks time. Oh no, the inaugural edition of will be HUGE, maybe even bigger than this pay per view. Not only will we have a World Tag Team Championship match, but BOTH semi final matches for the FTW World Heavyweight Title will happen at that show!

The crowd pops loudly for that.

Redman: But that is not all. We will also have the Internet Championship on the line as the new champion ‘The Korupt One’ Krystian will be taking on ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Prince in one of THREE match types that you the fans will vote on! What are these three match types? Well I will give them to you now. It will either be a tables match…

Slight pop for the tables match from the fans…

Redman: a cage match…

A little bigger pop from the audience…

Redman: or a Stairway to Hell Match!

The crowd goes crazy for the last match type!

Redman: Well to vote for the one that you want, make sure to stay tuned for after the show for the instructions on how to do so. There is also one more BIG surprise concerning FTW Unchained next week, but I will save it for later tonight. For now, let’s go to the ring for the next contest.

#1 Contender’s Match
Aerial Fantasy Vs Wolf Pac Boyz

Abaddon: This match is for one fall with the winner earning a shot at the FTW World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first…

"Faint" by Linkin Park starts to play in the arena. The Instrumental plays complete.

Abaddon: From Vancouver weighing in at a combined weight of 354 pounds, Josh Wingman and Jason Dreamer, AERIAL FANTASY!!!

All move to the center of the ring where April jumps up then is caught by Josh and Jason. April sits on their shoulders. April puts her hands in the air. Josh and Jason makes fists and flex.

Abaddon: And their opponents…

A Huge pyro explodes on the stage and tthe crowd cheers as the Wolf-Pac Boys step onto the stage.

Abaddon: From Vancouver weighing in at a combined weight of 364 pounds, Sean and Ron Sayers, THE WOLF PAC BOYS!!!

Josh and LW start off in the ring. Josh and LW lock up in the middle of the ring. LW puts Josh in an arm wrench. Josh rolls through then connects with a roundhouse kick to the head of LW. Josh quickly gets back to his feet then nails LW with a dropkick to the face. Josh pulls LW up, but LW kicks Josh in the gut then connects with the sunset flip powerbomb. The ref falls for the count…


Styles: That was a close count there Zane!

Zane: Well no duh!

LW follows up with a hurricanrana on Josh. Josh and LW quickly get to their feet then Josh hits LW with a Wheel Kick. Josh quickly gets to his feet then nails LW with his own hurricanrana. Josh quickly gets back to his feet then nails LW with a shinning wizard. Josh gets back to his feet and tags Jason. Jason runs in only to be met with a dropkick to his face. LW quickly moves to the corner and tags in WB. WB rushes Jason only to be hit by a drop toe hold. Jason quickly gets to his feet then hit’s a leg drop to the back of WB head.

Styles: Very quick paced action early on here in this match.

Jason pulls WB back to his feet then whips him to the corner. Jason runs at the corner only to receive a boot to the face. WB jumps to the middle rope then nails a tornado DDT! WB makes the tag to LW. LW climbs to the top rope. WB tries to set Jason in the Wolf Bite, but Jason sits up and nails WB in the head with a couple of punches. Josh runs into the ring then hits LW with a run up the corner hurricanrana. LW falls to the mat hard. Jason hits WB with the Canadian Devastator.

Zane: What a move! Even though I hate anything from Canada…

Josh moves to the apron and Jason tags him in. Josh pulls LW and WB to the corner then climbs up. Jason makes the tag. Josh jumps off and connects with the WOFWING DROP! Josh moves out of the way and Jason hits WB and LW with the JUMPIN’ PRESS! Jason covers…


Winners via pinfall: Aerial Fantasy

The crowd goes crazy as the Aerial Fantasy celebrates in the ring.

Styles: Aerial Fantasy gets the win and the tag team title shot!

Zane: Was that me or was that match a little short? Hahaha get it…cause they are small!

Styles: Oh please, get over yourself. The only thing that is short around here is your peni…

Zane: Well in any event my favorite backstage interviewer Miss Midgets Facemeyer is standing by with Mathias.

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The camera heads to the back where we see the busty blonde Ann “Midgets” Facemeyer standing by with Mathias, one of the competitors in the next contest.

Midgets: Thank you Zane. I am standing by here with Mathias, who will be taking on Eric Herrera and Big Chief in a first round contest for the FTW World Heavyweight Title Tournament. Mathias, what are your thoughts on tonight’s contest.

Mathias: First off I would like to say you have a great big…personality.

The crowd chuckles at the comment.

Mathias: Hahaha, in all seriousness, I am extremely confident heading into this contest. So confident in fact that I am GUARANTEEING a victory here tonight. Now if you will excuse me, I have a match to win.

Mathias walks by Midgets Facemeyer as we head back to the ring for the in ring announcements.

FTW World Heavyweight Title Tournament – 1st Round
Eric Herrara vs. Mathias vs. Big Chief

The ring announcer, Gary Abaddon, steps into the ring with microphone in hand, ready to announce the participants of the next match.

Abaddon: This match will be under elimination style ruling, and will be a three way dance! Introducing first to the ring, from Chicago Illinois, Eric "The Sensational One" Herrara!

The camera angle switches from the ring to the stage. The PA flickers on. Change The World by POD plays. The crowd starts cheering as Eric walks towards the ring. He stops halfway as fireworks start. He then gets into the ring goes to each of the four corners of the ring and gives a fist pump to the fans from the top ropes to a cheering crowd and then goes and sits down in one of the top ropes waiting for his opponents to come out.

Styles: This is the third first round contest of the evening, and the only three way dance in the tournament.

Abaddon: Next to the ring, weighing in at 257 pounds! "The Silent Assasin" Mathias!

Once again the camera switches to the ramp awaiting the arrival of Mathias. Goof by Finger Eleven booms over the PA system as Mathias walks out from behind the curtain. He taunts the crowd to many boos. He makes his way down the ramp taunting and talking trash to Herrara. When from behind Big Chief runs down towards Mathias but Herrara warns him. Mathias turns around and sends a huge boot into Chief’s face. The ring announcer evacuates the ring.

Zane: Mathias is my pick to win this match, he is too strong for these other guys.

Styles: We will see…

Zane: Yeah, and I will prove to you that I am smarter…than you!

Mathias picks up Big Chief and sends thundering clubs to the back of the head and spine. As he is working away at a Chief, Herrera goes running and jumps over the rope hitting Mathias and Chief with a plancha. All three men are down. Herrara makes his way up first. He goes searching under the ring and comes up with a trashcan. He squats down and waits for Big Chief to arise. Chief gets up, and he is blindsided with a crippling trash can shot. Herrera sets his sights on Mathias. When Mathias gets up Herrera goes running but Mathias uses his instincts and sending a huge right hand into the trash can sending it straight into Herrera’s head. Mathias walks over to Chief and throws him into the ring. Mathias gets in and stomps Cheif then lifts him off the mat and and lifts him up for the Mathai-drop and he...nails it! Mathias with the cover.


Eliminated by Mathias: Big Chief

Zane: One down, one to go! Go Mathias!!!

Styles: Shut up and call the match!

Zane: I am!!!

The ref calls for the bell A voice comes over the PA: Big Chief has been eliminated! Mathias turns around Herrara lands a running enziguiri! He covers…

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Mathias lifts Herrara off him and throws him to the side. Mathias gets up and grabs Herrera by the hair picking him up but Herrera sends shots to his stomach. He quickly gets behind Mathias ands delivers a German suplex sending Mathias to the mat. Herrara goes to the top-rope and goes for the "Best Damn Moonsault Ever". Mathias gets his knees up and into Herrara on his way down. Mathias rolls out of the ring and takes a break. He grabs a little help from ringside. He slides into the ring with a chair but it backfires as Herrara dropkicks it into his face. Herrara grabs the chair and puts it on Mathais and legdrops it. Herrara covers...

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Mathais uppercuts Herrara in groin then in one motion he flips Herrara all the way over and pins...

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Herrara and Mathias both get up and face off. The lock up and Mathias gets a side-headlock on Herrara who reverses into a backdrop and Mathias reverses into a double-arm ddt bouncing Herrara's head right off the mat. Mathias then goes to the top-rope and jumps off with a Springboard Frogsplash, but Herrara catches him mid-air with the chair. Mathias crahses to the mat. Herrara drags him into the corner and props him up against the turnbuckle, and places the chair between Mathias legs so it is leaning up against his body. Herarra backs up ten feet. Then sprints towards Mathias and hits the Bronco Buster... Mathias powerbombs Herrara to the mat. Mathias slams the chair hard into Herrara's head busting him wide-open. He lifts Herrara's limp body of off the ground, Mathias knee's him in the stomach and lifts him up of the ground. Mathias sends Herrara to the mat with Mathai-drop, the second of the night, right onto the chair. Mathais covers...


Winner via pinfall: Mathias

The ref calls for the bell and raises Mathias's hand! A voice comes over the PA: And your winner is... "The Silent Assasin" Mathias! The crowd is filled with boos as Mathias celebrates and taunts the crowd, and Mathias rolls out fo the ring and slowly makes his way up the ramp. Leaving Herrara in a pool of his own blood.

Zane: Yes! I was right! I told you so Mikey! I am the real wrestling genius!!!

Styles: Suuuuure…A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Mathias will take on the winner of tonight’s main event, but up next we will determine our first FTW World Tag Team Champions!!

FTW World Tag Team Championship
4-Way TLC
Fyr & Ice Vs Golden Boyz Vs Guerrera Brothers Vs Atlantic Connection

Abaddon: This match is the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match to determine the first ever FTW World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first…

The lights go dark and a chill fills in the arena and then white laser lights shines on the entrance way where a block of ice now stands with a shadowy figure behind it. All of a sudden ICEMAN punches his way threw the ice. As he walks onto the entrance platform, his breath looks like it is 15 degrees out, he slowly moves to the entrance platform and stands there still for a few seconds. He does a tough man flex (kind of like Batista without the kitting of the ground) and looks around before methodically making his way to the ring. Soon after a Wall of flames shoots up through the entrance way and a figure can be seen behind it as they begin to drop. He makes his way toward the entrance platform with Bret Hart type motions.

Abaddon: Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 470 pounds, Heatwave and Iceman, FYR AND ICE!!! And their opponents…

Dacota comes 1st, Williams joins on stage & stands behind. Dacota strikes HBK-like pose, Williams flexes behind. Both come to ring & strike a pose again…

Abaddon: Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 477 pounds, the team of Jason Williams and Jim Dacota, THE ATLANTIC CONNECTION!!! And their opponents…

The pyros go off on the stage as Ed Guerrera steps onto the stage, followed by his brother Salvador…

Abaddon: Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 430 pounds, Sal and Ed, THE GUERRERA BROTHERS!!! And their opponents…

'Takin Care of Business' hits, and the crowd goes wild as the Golden Boys make their way to the ring.

Abaddon: Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 406 pounds, AC and Dean Summers, the GOLDEN BOYZ!!!


Styles: This match has all the potential to be a classic.

Zane: I loved the TLC matches I have seen in the past, and I cannot wait see what these guys do with it!

All eight men are standing in the ring. Heatwave and Iceman start to brawl with Dean and AC. Sal and Ed attack Dacota and Williams. Heatwave moves Dean to a corner where he starts to chop him wildly. Iceman clotheslines AC over the top rope to the floor. Sal and Ed move Dacota and Williams to the floor. Iceman moves Dean to the table that holds a chair and a ladder. Iceman grabs the chair then smashes it over the head of AC. In the Ring Heatwave and Dean are now just exchanging chops in the corner. Sal and Ed whip Dacota and Williams into each other. Dacota and Williams dodge each other and nail the Guerrera brothers with a pair of clotheslines. On the opposite side of the ring Iceman is viciously beating AC with the chair. Dean starts to beat Heatwave with chops moving away from the corner. Dean nails Heatwave with an elbow then runs back to the corner and dives off with a flying clothesline. Dean gets back to his feet then slides out and runs at Iceman. Iceman turns around only to have the chair dropkicked in his face. Dean gets to his feet then grabs the chair. Dean tries to hit Iceman with the chair, but Heatwave grabs the chair then cracks it over Dean’s head.

Zane: Ouch! That had to hurt!

Heatwave puts the chair on the floor then pulls Dean to his feet. Heatwave drives Dean face first into the chair with the HEAT STROKE! On the opposite side of the ring Dacota and Williams roll Sal and Ed into the ring. Sal and Ed quickly get to their feet as Dacota and Williams get on the apron. Sal and Ed dropkick Dacota and Williams off the apron. Ed runs to the ropes bounces off them then dives out onto Dacota and Williams. Sal tries to run to the ropes only to have the ropes pulled down by Heatwave. Sal falls to the floor. Sal tries to get up, but Heatwave smashes the chair over Sal’s head. Iceman starts to come to. Iceman sees AC getting to his feet. Iceman clotheslines AC into the crowd. On the opposite side of the ring, Dacota and Williams have taken an advantage over Ed. Dacota whips Ed at Williams. Williams drives Ed to the floor with a black hole slam. Dacota starts to look under the ring. On the other side Iceman has smashed the ladder over AC’s head. Iceman puts the ladder on the floor then sets up AC for a suplex over the barricade onto the ladder. Heatwave starts to beat Sal with the chair. Dean walks over to Iceman and elbows him in the back of the head. Dean turns Iceman around then drives him onto the ladder with a tornado DDT! Dean places Iceman on the ladder. AC jumps off the guardrail with a FLYING ELBOW DROP on ICEMAN!


Styles: What an incredible maneuver by AC Summers!

Heatwave puts the chair on the floor then pulls Sal up. Heatwave sets Sal up for a powerbomb Sal leans back going for a hurricanrana and grabs the chair. Heatwave holds on then tries to lift Sal up Sal nails Heatwave with a chair shot. On the opposite side of the ring Dacota has pulled out a table and has set it up. Sal has the chair then rolls into the ring, not seeing Ed in trouble. Sal starts to climb to the top rope. Dacota and Williams move Ed to the apron. AC runs to the ring then punches Sal on the top and tosses the chair away. Dean moves a table over to near where Sal and AC are. Dean puts Heatwave on the table. Iceman comes up from behind Dean and nails him in the back of the head with the chair. Dean collapses onto Heatwave. Sal nails an elbow to the face of AC. Iceman moves Heatwave off the table and places Dean in his place. Sal puts AC in position for the Mexican bomb. Dacota puts Ed on his shoulder. Iceman and Heatwave move towards the ladder. Sal drives AC and Himself through the table with the MEXICAN BOMB! Dacota and Williams drive Ed through the table with a GRAND FINALE!

Zane: That was damn impressive!

Heatwave and Iceman slide the ladder into the ring. Sal, Dean, AC, and Ed all lie motionless on the floor. Dacota and Williams slide into the ring at the same time as Heatwave and Iceman. All four men look at each other then look up at the titles. All four men start to brawl. Heatwave and Iceman start to gain the advantage then they snap suplex Dacota and Williams on to the ladder. Dacota and Williams scream in pain. Iceman and Heatwave move to the feet of Dacota and Williams. Iceman puts Williams in the middle of the ladder and Heatwave puts Dacota in the middle of the ladder. Iceman puts Williams in the Ankle LOCK and steps on the ladder. Heatwave puts Dacota in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT (sharpshooter)! Ed starts to move on the outside then climbs to the apron. Sal also gets to the apron. Sal tries to leap to the top, but AC and Dean trip him up cause him to drop neck first on the mat. Ed springs to the top rope and connects with a CORKSCREW MOONSAULT ONTO THE LADDER SANDWICHING DACOTA AND WILLIAMS!


AC and Dean get to the apron. Both men springboard then nail Heatwave and Iceman with a pair of flying clotheslines. ALL FOUR MEN FALL ON THE LADDER SANDWICHING DACOTA AND WILLIAMS AGAIN!

FTW!!! FTW!!! FTW!!!

Dacota and Williams lie motionless in the middle of the ladder. AC and Dean pull Heatwave and Iceman to their feet. Ed helps Sal to his feet. Sal holds his neck in pain. AC and Dean dropkick Heatwave and Iceman into the corners. AC runs at Iceman and Dean runs at Heatwave. Iceman and Heatwave grab Dean and AC in mid run then OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX THEM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! Ed and Sal move to the floor then pull out a pair of chairs, and a ladder. Heatwave and Iceman pull the lifeless bodies of Dacota and Williams out of the ladder. Heatwave sets up the ladder right under the titles. Heatwave starts to climb one side of the ladder as Iceman climbs the other side. Sal and Ed slide in then nail Heatwave and Iceman with chair shots. Set the chairs on the mat. Sal and Ed climb up the ladder. Sal and Ed drop Heatwave and Iceman onto the chairs with a pair of reverse DDTS! Sal and Ed start to climb up the ladder. Both men get half way when Dean and AC roll into the ring. AC and Dean climb to the top ropes then nail a pair of Flying Dropkicks on Sal and Ed! Sal and Ed fall down splashing Dacota and Williams. Dean and AC fall into splashes on Iceman and Heatwave! All eight men lie motionless on the mat with the ladder standing under the titles.

Styles: All eight men are down! Who will have the strength to climb up the ladder and become the FTW World Tag Team Champions?

Heatwave and Iceman roll out to opposite sides of the ring. Heatwave starts to look under the ring. Iceman starts to look under the as well. Both men pull out a pair of tables. Heatwave and Iceman start to set up the tables as Dean starts to move. Dean starts to move to the ladder then when he gets to it he starts to climb. Ed starts to come to and starts to climb the opposite side of the ladder. Heatwave and Iceman finish setting up the Tables then slide back into the ring. Sal and Dean are barley half way up the ladder when Heatwave and Iceman give them elbows to the back. Dacota and Williams actually start to move. Dacota and Williams move to the ropes and pull themselves up. Iceman puts Ed into position for the Crevasse Crunch. Heatwave climbs up then drives Dean back to the mat with a quick DDT! Iceman drives Ed ONTO THE CHAIR WITH A CREVASSE CRUNCH OFF THE LADDER!


Ed lies motionless on the mat. Iceman and Heatwave start to climb the ladder. Dacota and Williams push off the ropes and push the ladder over. Heatwave and Iceman are strung out on the top rope then fall to the mat. AC and Sal get to their feet. Sal rushes Dacota only to be hit with the ANGEL’S WINGS! AC runs and goes for a crossbody on Williams, but Williams catches him then throws AC over the top rope with a FALL AWAY SLAM THAT SENDS AC THROUGH THE TABLE! Williams and Dacota pull Ed to his feet then whip him to the ropes. Dacota and Williams connect with a SUICIDE DROP ON ED! Dacota and Williams exit the ring then look under it. Dacota and Williams each pull out a table. Both men slide their tables into the ring. Dacota sets up his table. Dacota pulls dean to his feet then puts him on his shoulders. Dacota and Williams start to climb. Dacota and Williams get up the ladder to about three fourths of the way then Dacota turns around. DACOTA AND WILLIAMS DRIVE DEAN THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A GRAND FINALE OFF THE LADDER! Williams and Dean lie motionless in the pile of ruble. Dacota moves back to the ladder and starts to climb. Iceman quickly moves and places Dacota into a powerbomb position. Heatwave climbs on that side of the ladder then dives off. HEATWAVE CONNECTS WITH THE MELTDOWN THAT TAKES DACOTA AND HIMSELF OUT SIDE THE RING AND THROUGH THE TABLE! Iceman stumbles back into the ladder. Iceman turns around and starts to climb the ladder. Sal starts to climb the ladder as well on the opposite side. Both men get to the top of the ladder then start to exchange blows. Iceman ducks one punch from Sal then puts him in position for the ICE DRIVER! Iceman walks up to the top rung then DRIVES SAL INTO THE TOP RUNG WITH THE ICE DRIVER! Iceman hangs on to the ladder as Sal falls to the mat. Iceman turns around then starts to climb again. AC starts to show signs of life, but it is too late. Iceman pulls the FTW World Tag Team titles down giving him and Heatwave the win.

Winners and NEW FTW World Tag Team Champions: FYR & ICE

Iceman climbs down the ladder and holds the titles in the air. Iceman rolls out of the ring and pulls Heatwave up. Both men walk to the back with their titles over their shoulders as the crowd continues ferociously to chant FTW.

For eight superstars, it was an opportunity of a lifetime…

We see some action from the eight competitors in the FTW World Title Tournament.

Two men have fought their way toward their destiny…

Some more action is shown of the eight competitors.

But for only one will be able to break through the final barrier and become champion. Who will be able to go the distance? FTW Go the Distance, LIVE! September 4th, ONLY on Pay Per View!

Styles: What a night this has been, but that promo has got me excited for September 4th, when we will finally crown the first ever FTW World Heavyweight Champion.

Zane: That is right Mikey! Going the Distance will be an incredible show! I might have to get extra pimped out for that Mikey!

Styles: Well good for you but in any event we still have two big contests left here at FTW Gory Glory!

Zane: That’s right and the next one will crown the first ever FTW North American Champion!

Styles: And it will be determined in an old fashioned Triple Threat match as Seth Cassidy will take on Ewan Katt and Trevor B in what should be a great contest!

FTW North American Championship
Triple Threat Match
Seth Cassidy vs. Ewan Katt vs. Trevor B

Abaddon: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the FTW North American Championship!!! Introducing first…

Seth Cassidy comes down the ramp to an abusive response from the sold-out Philadelphia crowd.

Abaddon: From Alcatraz, California weighing in at 387 pounds, SETH CASSIDY!!!

Cassidy waits in the ring as Puddle of Mudd’s “Control” blasts throughout the arena and Ewan Katt makes his way to the ring to a chorus of loud boos.

Abaddon: And his opponent from Olympia, Washington weighing in at 244 pounds, EWAN KATT!!!

Katt slides into the ring and begins to trade right hands with Seth Cassidy!

Zane: They aren’t even waiting for Trevor B Michael!

Styles: It’s not even 1 minute into the match and we can already tell that this one is gonna be a slobber knocker!!!

Seth Cassidy gains the advantage and fires Ewan Katt off of the ropes, missing with the boot. Seth Cassidy turns around and catches the kick attempt from Ewan Katt, only to catch a spinning front kick to the chest! Seth Cassidy is knocked out of the ring from the blow as Rob Zombie’s “Neva Gonna Stop” hits and Trevor B sprints to the ring! Seth Cassidy stagers to his feet and is caught with several right hands by Trevor B. In the ring, Ewan Katt sprints off of the opposite ropes, runs across the ring and takes out both men with a suicide dive! Ewan Katt gets up and climbs up onto the outside apron, waiting for Trevor B and Seth Cassidy to get up. When they do, Ewan Katt springboards off of the middle rope and drills both men with a springboard moonsault!!!

Styles: My God! What a move by Ewan Katt!!!

Ewan Katt slowly gets up and grabs Seth Cassidy, slamming him face first off of the steel ring steps, before slamming him face first against the steel barricade. Seth Cassidy crumbles to the floor as Ewan Katt walks over to the barricade and rips the protective padding from the top of it. Ewan Katt picks up Seth Cassidy and drops him abdomen first across the exposed steel before heading back into the ring. Ewan Katt climbs to the top rope but before he can do anything Trevor B grabs his foot! Ewan Katt is eventually able to kick Trevor B away, sending him to the canvas. Trevor B quickly gets up and shoves Ewan Katt off of the top rope and flying into the crowd!

Zane: AHHH!!!

Styles: Ewan Katt has just been taken out of this match by Trevor B!!!

The camera looks to see Ewan Katt, and his is unconscious lying in a mangled chair in the front row. Trevor B grabs Seth Cassidy and rolls him into the ring. Trevor B whips Seth Cassidy into the corner and follows him in, only to catch a boot in the face. Trevor B stagers into the center of the ring before turning around and being leveled from a clothesline delivered by Seth Cassidy. Seth Cassidy picks up Trevor B and fires him off of the ropes, planting Trevor B to the canvas with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Seth Cassidy hooks the leg as he goes for the cover.

One… Seth Cassidy lets up and starts to do push ups on the canvas.

Styles: What a cocky son of a…

Zane: Easy Styles! We are on Pay Per View!!!

Seth Cassidy poses in the ring much to the chagrin of the crowd. Seth Cassidy scoops Trevor B off of the ground and plants him to the canvas with a scoop slam before heading to the outside. Seth Cassidy throws ring announcer Gary Abaddon off of his chair and grabs it, taking it into the ring. Seth Cassidy goes to hit Trevor B with it, but the Referee grabs it away and throws it outside of the ring! Seth Cassidy shoves the Referee off of the ropes, but he bounces back and shoves Seth Cassidy right into a rollup by Trevor B!

One…Two…THRE, NO!

Seth Cassidy just manages to kick out in time. Both men pop up and Seth Cassidy goes for a clothesline, but Trevor B ducks it and Seth Cassidy clobbers the Referee!!! Seth Cassidy smiles at what he has done before turning around and being leveled with an axe kick from Trevor B! Trevor B climbs to the middle rope and signals for a leg drop, until Ewan Katt re-enters the ring and takes out Trevor B with a springboard bulldog from the middle rope! Ewan Katt climbs to the top rope and launches himself onto Trevor B with a Guillotine Legdrop!!! Ewan Katt goes for the lateral press.

One…Two…THRE, NO!

Trevor B gets his foot on the rope! Ewan Katt can’t believe it but gets up and stomps on his opponent.

Styles: I can’t believe that Ewan Katt is back up and fighting after that horrendous fall he took earlier in the match!

Suddenly, Seth Cassidy gets back up and charges at Ewan Katt, knocking him through the ropes with a knee to the back. Seth Cassidy follows Ewan Katt to the outside and lifts up the ring skirt, looking for something underneath the ring. Seth Cassidy yanks out a table, and sets it up near the ring. Seth Cassidy rolls Ewan Katt onto the table before climbing up onto the outside apron. Suddenly, Trevor B leaps over top of Seth Cassidy and catches him with a somersault powerbomb, driving Seth Cassidy through the table and Ewan Katt!!!



All three men are down and hurt on the floor. Trevor B begins to crawl away from the table wreckage, and eventually uses the steps to pull himself up to a vertical base. The referee also comes to and gets back up in the centre of the ring. Trevor B grabs Seth Cassidy and rolls him back into the ring. Trevor B picks up Seth Cassidy and drills him with a kick to the abdomen. Trevor B goes for the Fade to Black but Seth Cassidy shoves Trevor B into the corner back first. Trevor B stumbles out of the corner and Seth Cassidy hooks him up for a Military Press Slam. Trevor B floats over behind Seth Cassidy and plants him to the canvas with a reverse DDT! Trevor B climbs to the top rope and launches himself onto Seth Cassidy with a Houston Hangover! Trevor B hooks the leg as he goes for the cover.

One…Two…THRE, NO!

Almost a new North American Champion. Trevor B picks up Seth Cassidy and fires him into the ropes, but it is countered. Trevor B springs off of the ropes only to be leveled with a big boot from Seth Cassidy! Seth Cassidy hooks the leg as he goes for the cover.

One…Two…THRE, NO!

Trevor B just manages to get a shoulder up. Seth Cassidy is frustrated with the Referee and begins a shouting match with him. Seth Cassidy finally gives up and turns around only to be met with an Axe Kick from Trevor B! Trevor B picks up Seth Cassidy and signals for the Fade to Black until he is leveled with a spin heel kick from Ewan Katt! Ewan Katt grabs Trevor’s head and drills him with the split jaw buster, knocking Trevor B to the canvas. Jeff gets up only to be clotheslined over the top rope by Seth Cassidy. Seth Cassidy turns around and picks Trevor B up, only to be drilled with a low blow whiles the Referee is on the outside checking on Ewan Katt! Trevor B grabs Seth and fires him into the ropes but Seth Cassidy counters. Ewan Katt climbs back on the apron only to hit heads with Trevor B! Ewan Katt falls to the floor as Trevor B stumbles back toward Seth Cassidy who rolls him up! Seth Cassidy grabs a hand full of tights as the referee counts…One…Two…THREE!!! We have a new North American Champion!!!

Winner and NEW FTW North American Champion: Seth Cassidy

Seth quickly slides out of the ring and grabs the North American Championship. Seth quickly makes his way up the ramp, as Trevor B and Ewan Katt look in the ring, pissed at the outcome of the match.

Styles: That ending leaves a sour taste in my mouth!

Zane: Are you sure it wasn’t from your boyfriend last night?

Styles: You are lucky I am civilized…and you weren’t the bosses friend or I would stomp a mudhole in your ass!

Zane: Ohhhh I’m so scared old timer.

Styles: Dammit, lets get back on track. Up next we have the Main Event and the final match of the first round of the FTW Title Tournament, which pits Hacker against Inferno. But up first, we have another special announcement from our General Manager Nate Redman. Let’s go backstage with him right now.

Redman sits backstage looking into the camera with a big smile.

Redman: Welcome back, I hope you all are enjoying the show. Like I said earlier, I had one more BIG announcement for Unchained and right is as good as time as any to announce it. At the Inaugural FTW Unchained, we will have FTW’s first ever 15 competitor battle royal to determine the man who will get a shot at the FTW World Heavyweight Championship at FTW’s second pay per view, Going the Distance. The competitors will be announced in the next couple of days, but trust me, some of the biggest names in the sport will be involved. Thank you very much and enjoy the Main Event.

Main Event
FTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - 1st Round
Hacker vs. Inferno

Abaddon: The next match is your MAIN EVENT of the evening and is scheduled for one fall.

'Slow Chemical' by Finger Eleven hit the PA system as Inferno appears from the back to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. Inferno slowly walks down the ramp and his manager, Eddie Romero, walks behind him taunting fans. Inferno climbs in the ring and Eddie stands at ringside.

Abaddon: Introducing first from Madrid, Spain weighing in at 330 pounds, he is INFERNO!!! And his opponent…

All is silent then out of nowhere we can hear faint knocks.... We hear Ozzy's voice " I am IRONMAN!" the song starts with the classic guitaring as Hacker walks out from the back. The fans scream with a huge pop. He dumps water on his head and walks down the ramp. He jumps up on the ring apron and jumps over the ropes and into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and takes off his shirt revealing his muscular build, he goes to the ropes and spits on Eddie Romero for a big pop.

Abaddon: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania weighing in at 200 pounds, this is HACKER!!!

The crowd pops loudly for the hometown boy.

Abaddon: For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching at home, Ladies and Gentlemen, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!


Styles: Well here we go! The main event of the evening with two of FTW’s brightest stars!

Zane: This should be a barn burner Styles!

The match begins as both men make their way to the middle of the ring. Hacker starts to hammer away at the beast with right hands that connect with the rock hard jaw. Inferno gets backed to the ropes, and Hacker follows up with some hard openhanded chops. Hacker whips Inferno off the ropes, he comes back and ducks. Hacker comes off the ropes into a wicked Big Boot. Hacker holds his mouth as a little trickle of blood runs from the side of his mouth. Hacker quickly gets up but Inferno is on top of him just as quick. Inferno and Hacker exchange punches, Inferno gets the upper hand. Inferno uppercuts Hacker, Hacker leans against the ropes only to be clothes lined over the top rope. Eddie Romero gets down in Hacker face and slaps him. Inferno picks Hacker up and whips him into the steps.

Styles: Oh my! Hacker hit with a sickening thud!

Hacker hits knee first and flips over the steel steps. Inferno takes Hacker’s head and throws it into the steps. Inferno kicks Hacker in the gut, and then picks him up on his shoulder. He drops him face first on the barricade with snake eyes! Hacker is bleeding a little from the forehead. Hacker rolls into the ring. Inferno grabs a chair from a fan and rolls in after Hacker. Inferno goes for a huge swing with the chair but Hacker punches him in the testicles. The crowd cheers on the hometown hero. Hacker picks up the chair and slams it into the spine of Inferno. Hacker lays down the chair and picks Inferno up. Inferno shows no sign of hurt as he pummels Hacker. Inferno scoops up Hacker and drop him on the chair with a sidewalk slam! Inferno helps Hacker up and throws him in the corner. He throws some hard punches and kicks and then decides to try for a superplex. He takes Hacker up top and they come off the top rope with a superplex! Hacker hits the mat hard and bounces.

Zane: That was the biggest superplex I have ever seen!!!

Inferno bounces off the ropes and delivers a hard high leg drop across Hacker’s fragile neck. Inferno picks up the chair and starts to whips chair shots left and right that connect all over Hacker’s body. Inferno sets up the chair and grabs Hacker. He lifts him up and power bombs him onto the steel chair! Inferno pins Hacker.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Hacker kicks out at 2. Inferno wastes no time by ascending the top rope. Hacker slowly gets up and is taken right back down with a flying clothesline from the top rope. Inferno picks Hacker up and puts him on his shoulders. He throws him off face first with an Electric Chair Drop onto the mangled and broken chair! Hackers face bounces of the haggard steel. Inferno pins…

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Hacker gets the shoulder up at the last second. Inferno ponders on what to do as Hacker stands to his feet and we see him wearing the crimson mask. Inferno picks up Hacker like a rag doll and tosses him out of the ring to the concrete floor with a Fall Away Slam! The crowd chants swear words and curses. Inferno climbs out of the ring slowly, as Eddie starts to slap Hacker. Inferno reaches down for Hacker but Hacker reaches under the ring and pulls out a fire extinguisher and sprays it in the his face.

Styles: Desperation move there by Hacker!

Both men lay down on the floor. The crowd screams for Hacker and he seems to be gathering energy from the crowd. Hacker stands and a sick twisted smile comes over his bloodied face. Inferno is still down and Eddie is trying to help him get the fluid off his face. Hacker grabs two chairs and heads into the ring. He sets them up facing each other. He bounces off the ropes and jumps onto the chairs and then the ropes and springboards onto Inferno with a leg drop! The crowd goes nuts as Hacker jumps up holding his rear end planning his next attack. Hacker takes the steel steps and throws them at Inferno, and they connect with his skull. Hacker hammers some right hands into Inferno’s masked face. Hacker pulls a chair from the audience and slams it into Inferno’s back. Inferno gets to his knees and tries to get his hands up to cover his head, too late! BOOM, a thunderous chair shot is heard through the arena.

Zane: Ouch! That is going to hurt in the morning!

Eddie gets in front of Hacker and pushes him. Hacker stares at him, then laughs, Eddie, frightened, takes off around the ring. Hacker chases him with the chair. Eddie is screaming and just keeps circling the ring. Hacker rounds the ring around 4 times before he catches up with Eddie. Eddie slides into the ring and Hacker follows. Hacker almost has him but is cut off by a HUGE big boot that smashes the chair into his skull. Inferno leans against the ropes, fatigued. Hacker slowly makes his way up and faces up to Inferno. Inferno stands taller and bigger but Hacker starts to throw a fury of punches. Inferno hits a knee lift though that stops him dead. Inferno takes Hacker up to the second rope. He stands on the turnbuckle and Hacker stands on the middle ropes. Inferno goes to lift him up for a power bomb but Hacker won’t budge. Hacker low blows Inferno and quickly pile drives Inferno off the middle rope ONTO THE TWO SET UP CHAIRS!

“FTW!!! FTW!!! FTW!!!”

Both men are down. The crowd screams for Hacker as only Eddie screams for Inferno. Hacker very slowly crawls over to Inferno’s limp body, which is covered in twisted metal. He drapes an arm over Inferno.

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Eddie breaks the count up. Hacker is enraged; he punches Eddie in the face. Eddie drops and starts to scream as Inferno sits up. Hacker hits a low dropkick but Inferno keeps rising. Inferno grabs Hacker around the throat and choke slams him to hell! Inferno checks on Romero as Hacker crawls out of the ring. Inferno points to the outside and then points to Romero, Romero quickly moves to the outside. Hacker is crawling toward Inferno with a kendo stick wrapped in barbwire! Inferno quickly kicks Hacker in the head to stop his progression. Inferno takes the stick and slams it into the bareback of Hacker. The stick snaps off his back and the wire rips into his flesh. Hacker screams in agony but makes his way to his knees. Inferno hits him in the top of the head with the cane! Hacker screams again but stands to his feet. Hacker grinds his teeth and challenges Inferno to hit him again. Inferno unloads with furious smacks with the cane. Hacker quickly takes the cane from Inferno and cracks him across the face with it. Inferno stumbles out of the ring. Hacker then takes a piece of the barbwire and licks it; his tongue starts to flow with blood. He smiles and screams “F-T-W!”

Zane: Hacker has lost his mind!

Styles: No, he just bleeds the colors of FTW!!!

He chases Inferno outside and is stopped dead when Inferno hits him with a sack that is full of something. Hacker goes down and holds his head. Inferno gives the bag to Eddie and points to the ring. Eddie slides into the ring and dumps what is in the bag onto the canvas. THOUSANDS OF TACKS! Eddie laughs. Inferno rolls Hacker into the ring and rolls in after him. Inferno holds Hacker up and Eddie punches him many times, Inferno lets go and Eddie throws one last right hand that makes Hacker fall backward into the tacks! Hacker rolls out of them, leaving still a giant pile of tacks. Inferno pins Hacker…

One…Two…THRE, NO!!!

Hacker kicks out. Inferno slaps the mat and goes to the outside; he reaches under the ring and grabs a table. He slides it into the ring and then throws a bottle of lighter fluid in. Inferno climbs in and sets up the tables. Eddie begins to poor Lighter fluid on the table. Inferno is handed a lighter and lights the table a blaze. Inferno places Hacker in pre-power bomb position. Eddie is jumping up and down screaming with joy. Inferno lifts him up for the POWERBOMB! Hacker pulls the kendo stick up with him on the way up! He lays some serious smacks onto Inferno. Inferno drops Hacker on his feet and Hacker canes him down to the ground. Eddie tries to punch Hacker but Hacker catches his hand. He kicks Eddie in the gut and signals for MAN-SLAUGHTER! He hits the move on Eddie, but ALSO ON THE THUMBTACKS!!


The crowd goes nuts! Eddie cries in pain. Hacker screams “GORY GLORY BABY!” He picks up Inferno and Death Valley Drives him through the flaming table! Inferno moans, Hacker PINS!


Hacker WINS!

Winner via pinfall: Hacker

Styles: That was the most gruesome display I have ever witnessed!

Zane: Well that is FTW baby!

Styles: I guess you are right. Wait, it looks like Hacker has something to say.

Hacker grabs the mic from ringside and the crowd quiets their wild chants.

Hacker: This was a REAL match. This is what FTW is all about. Both of us put our bodies on the line for you fans, we bled for you, we screamed for you, we WOULD DIE FOR YOU!

The crowd claps and cheers “FTW!!! FTW!!! FTW!!!”

Hacker: You see, this isn’t like any other federation, where they lie to the fans, where they think you are dumb! We know you better than THAT! FTW is all about you, the fans, and what goes on in this RING! We are here to stay, like it or not!

Crowd pops and Hacker wipes blood off his face on to his hands and holds it up to the crowd

Hacker: This is for you! THIS IS F-T-W, and this WAS GORY GLORY!”

Hacker drops the mic and exits the ring before leaping over the barrier and entering the crowd!

Zane: Well this has been one hell of a night!

Styles: You are dead on Zane! For myself and my broadcast partner Zane Wilson, I want to thank you for joining us here at Gory Glory. Please don’t forget to tune in July 24th for FTW’s first television program, Unchained! Good night from the FTW Arena!

The camera fades to black as it focuses in on Hacker celebrating with the fans, as the chant “FTW!!! FTW!!! FTW!!!”


Feedback and ratings are appreciated. Rep will be added if you review my shows. The next show is FTW Unchained and will be up tomorrow!

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The camera is opened up to a video of Gory Glory. All the spots of the main event are showed. We see Hacker get the pin fall and the win. The camera cuts to after the match where Hacker is in the crowd cheering “FTW” with the fans. The scene goes to black..

Hacker- Gory Glory was the proudest night of my life. I have never been more proud to say I won a wrestling match. My fans are important to me, very important. Some just don’t see that. They don’t understand I feed off the crowd. Maybe they do understand, and they just don’t respect the fans or me. If that’s the case then they don’t appreciate what the fans have done for them. There is a man I am talking about here in particular, Pat Laba. This man confronted me backstage after Gory Glory. For some reason you think, Laba, that I am wanting everyone to respect me cause this is my hometown. That’s not true, I want people to respect me because I respect them. But now, any morale I had for you has dropped. I have nothing but hate toward you. Thinking of your disrespect reminds me of a time in my life when I took everything to far to shut one person up. Now, I am feeling as if it might be ok to kill again. I am coming for you Pat Laba, there’s no where to hide once you step into my ring!

Audio cuts and segment ends.

Styles: Welcome everyone to the first ever FTW Unchained! I am Michael Styles and with me as always is…hey wake up!

Styles nudges Zane Wilson who appears to have been nodding off.

Zane: Huh…what?! Yeah great match!

Styles: Damn you smell like booze! Wake the hell up and drink some coffee you drunk bastard!

Zane: Yeah, right, whatever…

Styles: Well anyway, the first match here is about to begin! Lets go to the ring!

Tag Team Match
Wolf-Pac Boyz vs. Guerrera Brothers

“Bring Em Out’ plays throughout the arena as a pyro goes off and the Wolf-Pac Boyz set onto the stage.

Abaddon: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!! Introducing first at a combined weight of 364 pounds!! From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!!! THE WOLF PAC BOYS!!!!!!!!

Wolf-Pac Boyz stand in the ring awaiting their opponents.

“You Can Run’ plays throughout the arena as the Guerrera Brothers make their way out to a huge pop from the live crowd.

Abaddon: And their opponents at a combined weight of 430 pounds!! From El Paso, Texas!! THE GUERRERA BROTHERS!!!

The match begins with Ed against Wolf Boy. Both men lock up and Ed gets the early advantage with a side headlock. Wolf Boy reverses into a hammerlock. Ed reverses into a hammerlock of his own. Wolf Boy takes Ed down to the mat with a drop toe hold and slides across the mat to get Ed into a headlock. Ed slips out of it and gets Wolf Boy in another hammerlock. Wolf Boy powers to his feet, grabs hold of Ed’s head and nips up and over Ed. Wolf Boy turns Ed around, lands a boot to the midsection and tries for an early Wolf Smash. Ed reverses by sending Wolf Boy into the ropes and going for a clothesline. Wolf Boy ducks it, comes off of the ropes again and lands a cross body for a near fall. Both men get back up and Wolf Boy tries for a body slam. Ed slips out the back door and looks for a German suplex. Wolf Boy turns round into a wristlock of his own. Ed elbows his way out of it before coming off of the ropes and landing a hard clothesline. Ed tags in Sal. Sal brings Wolf Boy up and lands a series of right hands. Sal looks for a whip, but Wolf Boy reverses it and knocks Sal down with an elbow to the face.

Styles: Wolf Pac Boys look good here early on!

Zane: Who cares? Look at the tits on that blonde over there!

Styles: Oh please!

Wolf Boy tags in Little Wolf. Little Wolf goes to the top rope and lands a flying cross body for a near fall. Little Wolf sends Sal into the ropes and comes off of the ropes himself and lands a flying forearm. Little Wolf comes off of the ropes again and lands a flying head scissors which sends Sal through the ropes and to the outside. Little Wolf comes off of the ropes and takes Sal out with a baseball slide, flying to the outside himself as he does so. Little Wolf turns round and is taken down by a flying clothesline from the apron by Ed. Ed rolls Little Wolf back into the ring as Wolf Boy comes round the side of the ring and looks for trouble. As the official restrains Wolf Boy, Sal returns to the ring and he and Ed stomp away on the fallen Little Wolf. Ed exits the ring as the ref returns his attention to the in ring action. Sal brings Little Wolf back up and lands some forearms to the face. Sal sends Little Wolf into the ropes and leapfrogs his foe. Little Wolf runs under the leapfrog, comes off of the ropes once more but runs straight into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Sal Guerrera. Sal tags Ed back in. Ed enters the ring and drops several elbows on Little Wolf for a near fall. Ed brings Little Wolf up and lands several right hands to the face. Ed sends Little Wolf into the ropes and looks for a right hand. Little Wolf ducks it, comes off of the ropes again and takes Ed down with a spinning heel kick. Little Wolf tags in Wolf Boy. Wolf Boy body slams Ed, goes to the middle turnbuckle on the inside and lands a flying leg drop. Wolf Boy goes for the cover, but Ed kicks out after two. Wolf Boy brings Ed up and lands some chops to the chest. Wolf Boy looks for a whip, but Ed reverses it. As Wolf Boy hits the ropes, Sal lifts his knee and catches Wolf Boy in the back. Ed gets Wolf Boy in a front wristlock and executes a suplex. Ed drags Wolf Boy to back to the middle of the ring and looks to apply a Latino Cloverleaf. As Ed turns through, Wolf Boy kicks Ed into the corner. Wolf Boy nips up and looks for a German suplex. Ed reverses into a wristlock of his own and takes Wolf Boy over with a German release suplex. Ed tags Sal back in. Sal comes off of the ropes and drops a leg drop for a near fall. Sal kneels over Wolf Boy and lands several slaps to the face. Wolf Boy hooks Sal's arms with his feet and surprises Sal with a rollup for a near fall. Both men return to their feet and knock each other straight down with a double clothesline. Each combatant gets to their corner and tags their respective partner. Little Wolf comes in like a house on fire nailing Ed with a series of rights. Little Wolf looks for a whip, but Ed reverses it. Ed ducks his head too early, so Little Wolf responds with a boot to the face and follows this up with the sit down jawbreaker. Ed goes down, so Little Wolf lifts both of his legs and lands a leg drop to the lower abdominal area. Ed returns to his feet, but is planted by a body slam from Little Wolf. Red goes out to the apron and scales the turnbuckles.

Styles: What a match! Who is going to come out on top?

Zane: I am going to come out on top tonight…just not in this match!

Sal enters the ring and nails Little Wolf with a right hand which causes Little Wolf to lose his balance as he gets straddled on the top rope. Wolf Boy re-enters the ring and clotheslines Sal over the top rope and to the outside, but the momentum sends Wolf Boy up and over as well. Little Wolf recovers and regains his balance on the top turnbuckle, but by this time Ed is back on his feet as well. Ed then plants Little Wolf with a Top-Rope DDT. Then Ed runs to the top turnbuckle and nails a Corkscrew Moonsault on Little Wolf for the 1-2-3!

Winners via pinfall: The Guerrera Brothers


‘Neva Gonna Stop’ by Rob Zombie hits and Trevor B makes his way out to a welcoming reception from the crowd. He slides into the ring and grabs the mic from Gary Abaddon.

Trevor: What’s Up Philadelphia! I just want to say Gory Glory was a huge success. I was perfect. It had unbelievable matches but there was one thing that went wrong that went wrong at Gory Glory. I got screwed out of the North American Title! Let me show you the footage.

Trevor B grabs Seth and fires him into the ropes but Seth Cassidy counters. Ewan Katt climbs back on the apron only to hit heads with Trevor B! Ewan Katt falls to the floor as Trevor B stumbles back toward Seth Cassidy who rolls him up! Seth Cassidy grabs a hand full of tights as the referee counts…One…Two…THREE!!! We have a new North American Champion!!!

He had a hand full of tights. That big bastard rolled me up from behind! I should have won that match! So Nate Redman if you here me. Two weeks at the second Unchained from now I want Seth Cassidy for the North American title! I don’t care what match it is. I don’t care if it’s a Cage match, I don’t care if it’s a Ladder Match, I want Seth Cassidy! When I get in the ring with him I will pummel him and I will beat him down. I might get the hell out of me in return but it’s all worth it if I win the North American Title! So in two weeks I will be standing the ring with that monster Seth Cassidy and I will beat him and win the North American title. Now can you feel me Philly!

He drops the mic and gets out of the ring.

The camera goes to the back where we see Anne Facemeyer and April Dreamer standing in front of a big FTW sign.

Anne: Well April I see you, but where is your boyfriend and brother?

Josh and Jason get behind Anne.

Josh: Right here Ms. Facemeyer.

Anne turns around.

Anne: Oh there you guys are. Well guys tonight is the moment of truth you versus Fyr & Ice. How does it feel going into the match.

Suddenly Josh Draco cuts into the scene.

Draco: Hey guys, sorry to cut into your thing here, but I got to get this out.

Aerial Fantasy steps aside and gives Draco the room.

Anne: What do you want?

Draco: What do I want? Anne you know your man challenged me just a few days ago. Well I am here to answer his challenge. Krystian you want to face off at the Next unchained? I am ready for the match. You want to toss in the Internet title? I accept. You want me to choose the match. Well I won’t just choose it. The Internet needs to be decided by the fans, but here is what I will do. Like the great Mr. Redman did a few weeks ago, I will give the fans Three options. Option One straight up Steel Cage. Option Two a ladder match, or Option three THE HIGH FLYERS BALL, LADDERS WELDED INTO THE CAGE JUST TO GIVE IT A LOT MORE MADNESS! This match is made for the no limits high flyer, you have to hit a high flying move from each ladder before a pinfall can be decided. You fans decide.

Draco walks off.

Josh: Ok that was odd.

Jason: I like it.

April: Ok guys we lost all time for an interview lets get ready for the match.

Josh: Ok, Bye Anne.

Anne: But guys.

Aerial Fanatsy walks off leaving Anne looking disappointed.

FTW Tag Team Championship
Fyr & Ice © Vs Aerial Fantasy

Abaddon: This match is for one fall and is for the FTW World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers…

"Faint" by Linkin Park starts to play in the arena. The Instrumental plays complete.

*I AM*

April springs out poses with her arms up then falls to her knees.

*A little bit of loneliness
A little bit of disregard
A handful of complaints
But I can't help the fact
That everyone can see these scars

*I AM*

Josh jumps out then falls to one knee then puts his right arm across April.

*What I want you to want
What I want you to feel
But it's like
No matter what I do
I can't convince you
To just believe this is real*

*SO I*

Jason jumps out then does a Raven pose while standing above them.

*let go watching you
Turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here
'Cause you're all that I got*

Josh and April jump up then all three move down to the ring high fiving the fans.

*I can't feel
The way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal
This damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored*

All three move to seperate corners. All three jump to the top turnbuckel.

*I AM*

April walks to the middle of the top rope then does a spiral somersault into the ring.

*A little bit insecure
A little unconfident
'Cause you don't understand
I do what I can
But sometimes I don't make sense*

*I AM*

Josh does a double spiral somersault into the ring.

*What you never want to say
But I've never had a doubt
It's like no matter what I do
I can't convince you
For once just to hear me out*

*SO I*

Jason does a double spiral moonsault into the ring.

*let go watching you
Turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here
'Cause you're all that I got*

*I can't feel
The way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal
This damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored*

Abaddon: From Vancouver weighing in at a combined weight of 354 pounds, Josh Wingman and Jason Dreamer, AERIAL FANTASY!!!

All move to the center of the ring where April jumps up then is caught by Josh and Jason. April sits on their shoulders. April puts her hands in the air. Josh and Jason makes fists and flex.

Abaddon: And their opponents…

The lights go dark and a chill fills in the arena and then white laser lights shines on the entrance way where a block of ice now stands with a shadowy figure behind it. All of a sudden ICEMAN punches his way threw the ice. As he walks onto the entrance platform, his breath looks like it is 15 degrees out, he slowly moves to the entrance platform and stands there still for a few seconds. He does a tough man flex (kind of like Batista without the kitting of the ground) and looks around before methodically making his way to the ring. Soon after a Wall of flames shoots up through the entrance way and a figure can be seen behind it as they begin to drop. He makes his way toward the entrance platform with Bret Hart type motions.

Abaddon: Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 470 pounds, the FTW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…Heatwave and Iceman, FYR AND ICE!!!

Josh and Jason stand outside the ring while Heatwave and Iceman look at them on the outside. Josh and Jason look at each other then Josh walks over to the ring announcer and asks for the mic. The ring announcer hands him the mic.

Josh: You know what? This is the first meeting of Fyr & Ice and Aerial Fantasy in FTW. Now the first time we faced off we broke each other through tables. We also took to the heights on ladders. Tonight I feel that since we are facing off again, and since this is for the FTW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Josh reaches out to the crowd and a fan hands him a chair. Josh throws the chair into the ring.

Josh: Why don’t we wrestle on CHAIRS!

Heatwave and Iceman start nodding their heads. As they nod fans start to chuck chairs into the ring covering the entire canvas in chairs. Josh and Jason slide into ring then stare down Heatwave and Iceman. Jason and Iceman move out to the corners as Josh and Heatwave walk towards each other on the chair covered canvas. Heatwave and Josh start to exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Heatwave starts to get the punch advantage then moves Josh into the corner. Heatwave whips Josh to the corner. Heatwave runs and goes for a clothesline. Josh ducks out of the corner. Heatwave crashes into the corner. Josh springs off the middle the rope and connects with a SWINING DDT DRIVING HEATWAVE INTO THE CHAIRS!

Styles: Wingman is first to use the chairs.

Josh gets to his feet then connects with a flip leg drop on Heatwave. Josh gets back up and tags Jason. Jason climbs to the top rope. Heatwave gets to his feet. Jason dives off the top rope and connects with the MOONSAULT DDT DRIVING HEATWAVE INTO THE CHAIRS! Jason quickly covers Heatwave ONE…TWO…TH-HEATWAVE KICKS OUT! Jason gets back to his feet then pics up a chair. Heatwave gets to his knees. Jason goes for a chair shot, but Heatwave catches the chair then moves to his feet. We see blood coming from Heatwave’s face. Heatwave kicks Jason in the gut then takes the chair and smashes it across Jason’s head. Jason falls onto the chairs then Heatwave beats Jason with the chair. Jason tries to crawl away, but Heatwave keeps the attack going. Heatwave finally tosses the chair aside then pulls Jason to his feet. Heatwave slams Jason onto the chairs then tag Iceman in. Iceman jumps into the ring then connects with a running elbow drop on Jason. Iceman pulls Jason to his feet then drives him to the chairs with a Snap suplex. Iceman pulls Jason up then connects with a Spinebuster driving him into the chairs. Iceman runs at Josh. Josh ducks and nails a shoulder to the gut of Iceman. Iceman stumbles back then Josh connects with a Springboard top rope somersault neckbreaker. Heatwave runs into the ring. Josh ducks a clothesline and grabs a chair. Josh tosses the chair at Heatwave. Heatwave catches the chair only to have it kicked in his face by a Double SUPERKICK from Josh and Jason. Iceman rolls outside the ring. Jason sees Iceman out of the ring then dives over with a NO HANDS PLANCHA! Iceman catches him in mid move and powerbombs him to the floor. Josh sees Jason on the floor and sets up for a move, but Heatwave comes up from behind and drives Josh into the ropes with a HEAT STROKE! Josh falls to the mat clutching his throat. Heatwave starts to kick the fallen Josh. Iceman starts looking under the ring. Heatwave picks up a chair and starts to beat Josh wildly. Iceman pulls out a TABLE! Iceman starts to set up the table on the outside. Heatwave pulls Josh up then goes for a powerbomb. Josh rolls over Heatwave’s head and lands on his feet. Josh runs to the top rope of a corner. Iceman finishes setting up the table then looks up just in time to see to see Josh dive off the top with a corkscrew plancha. Josh connects with the move taking Iceman down. Heatwave starts to walk to the ropes. Heatwave slides out of the ring then places Jason on the table. Heatwave mves back to the apron then moves back to the corner. Heatwave climbs to the top rope then poses. Suddenly Jason moves off the table. Jason trips Heatwave then runs to the top rope and takes Heatwave off the top rope with a FRANKENSTEINER THROUGH THE TABLE! Jason manages to hang onto the ropes then moves to the floor. Jason looks under the ring then pulls out a LADDER!

Zane-Now we have another TLC on our hands.

Iceman is starting to come to as Jason slides the ladder on top of the chair covered ring. Jason moves into the ring himself as Iceman digs under the ring again. Iceman pulls out two tables. Jason starts to set up the ladder as iceman starts to set up one of the tables on the outside. Jason and Iceman finish setting up their respected weapon. Iceman moves into the ring and moves toward Jason. Jason runs at Iceman then gives him a Body Scissors to Cutter on the Chair covered canvas. Jason goes for the pin ONE…TWO…THR-ICEMAN KICKS OUT! Jason moves Iceman closer to the ladder then starts to climb. Heatwave and Josh start to move. Heatwave gets on the apron as Jason makes it halfway up the ladder. Iceman starts to come to. Heatwave starts to climb the turnbuckle near the table. Josh moves around behind him and gets on the other side. Heatwave makes it to the top turnbuckle, but Josh nails him with a few punches. Josh climbs up the turnbuckle then faces away from Heatwave. Josh drives Heatwave through THE TABLE WITH THE DOGFIGHT 101! Iceman starts to climb the opposite side of the ladder and whips his bloody face on each rung. Both Jason and Iceman stand on the third rung from the top. They start to punch each other. Iceman connects with a solid right then grabs Jason by the throat. Iceman DRIVES JASON OFF THE LADDER WITH A DOUBLE CHOKE SIT-OUT POWERBOMB ON THE CHAIR COVERED CANVAS! Jason starts to twitch then rolls to his stomach. Iceman and Jason lie motionless on the mat. Josh gets to his feet on the outside and moves to the apron. Josh goes for a springboard somersault leg drop on Iceman. Iceman rolls out of the way making Josh hit nothing but chairs. All four men lie motionless. Heatwave slowly moves out of the ruble of the table. Heatwave grabs the other table Iceman pulled out from under the ring and starts to set it up. Jason starts to crawl over to the ropes. Josh starts to crawl to the ladder. Iceman starts to get up. Iceman rolls out of the ring and looks under it. Iceman pulls out another table. Iceman slides the table into the ring.. Heatwave finishes setting up the table on the outside then starts to climb the apron. Heatwave starts to climb the turnbuckle. Jason Moves under the ropes and to the apron. Heatwave makes it to the top rope, but is tripped up by Jason. Jason looks back and notices the table. Jason moves up the turnbuckle, but Iceman cuts him off. Iceman puts Jason into a powerbomb position. Heatwave mounts the top turnbuckle. Heatwave and Iceman put Jason THOURGH THE TABLE WITH THE MELTDOWN! Jason and Heatwave lie motionless in the ruble of the table. Iceman leans on the apron. Iceman looks into the ring to see Josh climbing the ladder. Iceman moves into the ring then moves to the ladder. Iceman puts Josh into the ankle lock. On the Ladder. Josh screams as the ref asks if he quits. Josh holds onto the ladder and starts to kick Iceman in the head. Iceman breaks the hold then grabs a chair. Iceman beats Josh with the chair. Josh hangs on to the ladder. Iceman stops the beating and tosses the chair down. Iceman starts to set up his table on the opposite side of the ladder. Iceman finishes setting up the table then climbs the ladder. Iceman gets to the third rung then pulls Josh up. Iceman sets Josh up for the ICE DRIVER then moves to the top rung. Iceman faces the table then screams. ICEMAN JUMPS OFF THE TOP RUNG AND DRIVES JOSH THUOGH THE TABLE AND ONTO THE CHAIR COVERED CANVAS! Iceman falls backward onto Josh ONE…TWO…THREE!

Winners and Still FTW Tag Team Champions FYR & ICE


Styles: Welcome back to…

The opening chords of Sevendust's "Enemy" hits as the crowd suddenly get up on their feet and boo heavily! Pat Laba appears through the curtains to a even bigger sea of boo's..He is dressed in black jeans and a black and orange jersey and he is armed with his signature baseball bat. He stops on the stage as he looks around at the crowd, he doesn't look impressed. He then makes his way down to the ring. He ignores the FTW fans who scream abuse at him as he walks past as he walks up the stairs and into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and puts his head down as the whole arena goes dark except for the white spotlight which is on Laba. The music changes to a different version of the chords until Laba suddenly lifts his head up as well as his baseball bat as he thrusts it into the air..four huge pyros go off from the turnbuckles as the lights come back on and the regular "Enemy" continues to play..Laba leans over and demands a Mic..He snatches it off one of the ring crew and walks back to the middle of the ring. He looks around in disgust as he puts the mic to his lips..

Styles: What the hell is this? Laba is not scheduled here tonight!

Zane: Well shut the hell up and maybe we will find out!

Laba: Well I first was expecting to come here tonight to destroy the "Aged Icon" himself..Alyon Mac..

Crowd pop for Alyon and boo Laba again..

Laba: Yeah, that's right..I was more than prepared to walk into this arena..into this ring tonight..and manhandle Alyon..and put him through hell! Speaking with common-sense here..Pat Laba was going to advance to the final of the World Title Tournament Tonight!

Loud boos from the crowd as they start a "Laba SUCKS!" chant..

Laba: Ha. Laba Sucks?..well I see you lot are rather original...PFFT. But I'll talk about you losers later..

"Laba SUCKS!" gets louder and 95% of the crowd start to hurl abuse at Laba..even if he can't hear it!

Laba shakes his head and laughes before continueing..

Laba: So Alyon...Your brother died in Japan? Well that's too bad, life's a b*tch..I've been through hell too. Alyon..you are just scared to face me..you are probably training right now..trying to prepare yourself for Pat Laba..I like your determination..I mean..you're kinda smart..you make up a stupid excuse so you don't have to face me for another few weeks..but the thing is..it doesn't matter how hard you train..how hard you prepare..and how hard you want to win...because quite frankly Alyon..YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! You want to win this tournament..heck, all eight men did..and now..it is down to four. It will be down to three after tonight..with either Mathias or Hacker being eliminated from this deal..and one of them winning themselves a place in the final. But you don't need to think about them..because you won't get even close to the final..because I am standing in your way..or hang on..YOU are in MY way!! Which is why..I have to destroy you..without any questions asked..I will do WHATEVER is required for me to gain victory..it could be from tearing you apart with my bare hands..or even setting you on fire..heck, I'll break your legs AND neck to get to the final..and you know what!? I..don't care! NO mercy..NO remorse..NO strings attatched!! STRAIGHT UP..and RAW! So Alyon..brother, I can't wait til' the next Unchained..because that is when..Pat Laba makes an impact..and impact bigger than anything that's happened in FTW!..Alyon Mac..Come Unchained..Get ready to feel PAIN..AT..IT..BEST!!!

Huge boos for Laba and an "Alyon!" chant starts..

Laba: Hehe..C'mon people, how stupid are you? Do you honestly think that chanting some has-been's name is going to do anything? Like, save your energy, because you aren't even getting on my nerves..


Laba: But speaking of nerves..and such..I see Hacker, Mr.Homicidal himself stick up for you lot..you bunch of useless mugs! You are like the filth of the society..the human sewage! Ha, speaking of human sewage..that's what the aftermath will be with Hacker..after I destroy him in front of everyone in the final and become the FTW's First Heaveyweight Champion!! But don't worry..I am not under-estimating Alyon..I know exactly what he is capable of..and what he can do..Unlike your favoruite..unlike Hacker..who thinks Mathias will be a walk in the park. Yes, I know Mathias is a freaking loser!! He can't wrestle to save himself! But still, I think he has what it takes to put down that stupid, dillusional, poor, sorry, scumbag disgrace of a wrestler in The "Homicidal" Hacker!

Tremendous heat for Laba and a "HACKER!" Chant starts..

Laba: So you know, I come out here..to address Alyon..Yep, I have done that..Oh, and I wanted to give out a piece of mind..to show what I feel..Because although I am a machine, I have emotions..they may be raw..they may be powerful..but they exist. So Hacker..brother..I see your problem..but YOU don't see it! You know your weakness? Or one of them? It is your trust and faith in these 'loyal fans'! Now James..Or I know you prefer Hacker..What is blocking your mind from the truth?! You say you will DIE for these fans!! But think about it..would they DIE for you!? I'll answer now...HELL NO!!! These incompetent, no-good, blood-thirsty, relentless cowards don't care about you!..they don't care about what you do..and what you go through..physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! I just said it Hacker..they are BLOOD-THIRSTY! They just want to see action..thy want to see pain and suffering..they want the tears, blood, cuts, weapons, gory glory..Hacker, THEY WANT IT ALL!! But for what price!? FOR WHAT PRICE!?...DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!?!? IF YOU DIED IN A MATCH...THEY WILL TALK ABOUT IT FOR A WEEK...THEN MOVE ON TO ANOTHER GUY, LIKE JOSH DRACO! They will replace you within days! And you will be forgotten! So Hacker..you say you FIGHT for the fans!? Well my friend..THAT IS BULLSH*T! You fight for people who will fight back with you!..NOT the people who stand and watch..they watch you get beat down..and do nothing but cheer and scream. If given the chance, I doubt any would risk anything they have now to save you or anyone else on this roster. You wonder why they say ENTERTAINMENT is taking over WRESTLING!!?? Don't blame the companies and promoters...BLAME THE FANS!..because that is all this business is for them...ENTERTAINMENT! It is all one big show for them! They go home without being affected by what happens..they just come back for more laughes, gasps and big moments..NOT YOU! NOT ME! NOT ANYONE!!

Loudest boos come from the crowd..

Laba: ANd why do you all boo me now!?...BECAUSE I AM REVEALING THE TRUTH!! YOU LOW-LIFE SCUMBAGS USE WRESTLING AND IT'S WRESTLERS LIKE KRYSTIAN USES ANNE FACEMEYER!! You just don't get it! You think I don't know what I am talking about!? I..BEG..TO..DIFFER!!! You see..Hacker, Alyon, anybody listening.. I have a story of my own..Like, my hate for these "fans" didn't come from nowhere...I didn't wake up one morning and say..."Hey! I never liked those pr*cks! I will HATE them!"..No! It wasn't like that..You see, I have a reason..for this hate..for this PASSION to hate them! So Hacker, Alyon..everybody and anybody.. The story went like this.. I was once in a position of Hacker..the ultimate fan favourite! Everybody loved me...I was World Champ, and the most loved wrestler on the rosters!! The fan's couldn't get enough of me! I would sacrifice my body and mind for them day in and day out..week in and week out..show in and show out!! I would always go through hell for them..just to hear them cheer for me! To chant my name!...I used to get so pumped up!..But then, the saying, All good things come to an end..yeah, that kicked in I guess. Because, I then went through hell..My Cousin was killed, I sustained an injury in a match..yet I was STILL forced to defend my World Title, even under these circumstances..I just couldn't believe it, apparantly no one could! But then..the fans found out who would get the title shot..some up-comer..some cocky, new, little SOB that thought he was the sh*t! And you know..I put my whole LIFE into that match for everybody..and yet..controversy struck, and I lost my title..what a moment..to lose one of the most important things in my life. But not only did I lose my title that night..I LOST MY SUPPORT!! I LOST MY...FAMILY!! THE FANS..YES YOU..ALL OF YOU!! YOU ALL TURNED YOUR BACKS ON ME WHEN I NEEDED HELP!!!! AND WHY!!?? BECAUSE I HAD BEEN "REPLACED"!? BECAUSE THERE WAS SOMEONE NEW? THAT I WAS BORING TO THEM? BORING TO YOU?! CAN I BELIEVE IT?! CAN YOU?!..BUT NO...THE STORY CONTINUES..IT GOES DEEPER THAN THAT..BUT I WON'T REVEAL IT ALL NOW..TIME WILL TELL..MORE AND MORE WILL LEAK OUT SOON ENOUGH..SO BE READY..THE TRUTH WILL CONTINUE...THE STORY BEHIND ME..THE QUESTIONS ANSWERED...BUT IT WILL COME LATER...

Big boos as Laba is angry and agressive in the ring..he lowers his voice slightly..

Laba: But now..there is a new Pat Laba, a BETTER Pat Laba! Who is STRONGER, MEANER, TOUGHER, MORE DETERMINED AND CRAZY AS EVER!! I have transformed into a cold-blooded machine!! And YOU ALL BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELVES! HA! But, you see now..... I LOVE it!! The NEW me!! SO now...WHAT GOES AROUND..COMES AROUND!!...SO EACH AND EVERY PERSON..EVERY MOTHERF*CKER WHO TURNED THEIR BACK ON ME..WILL PAY, PAY THE PRICE TO ME..AND DAMNIT..IT IS TRUE WHEN THEY SAY REVENGE IS THE SWEETEST JOY IN THIS WORLD, AND I WILL PROVE THIS DAMN QUOTE WITH MY PERFOMANCES HERE IN F T W! On the hitlist right now..Alyon Mac, Hacker. More will be added, and the names on this list won't be lasting much longer here either..

More heat from crowd..Laba soaks it all up..

Laba: Hahaha..so now, this is the new era..Laba is back, and he will be here to stay..You fans..you "supporters", "followers"..."Hacker's Gang!?"...I would thank you..since now I have changed for the better..but YOU LOSERS DON'T EVEN DESERVE A THANKS! LET ALONE HAVE WRESTLERS SACRRIFICE EVERYTHING...EVERYTHING!! FOR YOU!....So..The FTW World Title..my desire...I mean it when I say NOBODY wants that title more than me..Mathias, Hacker, Alyon..even freaking Troy Pool!! NO ONE!!..Everyone is in their own worlds here...Troy Pool...bitter at the Wildcat..Hacker, obsessed with these so called fans of his..Mathias, thinking he big because he is the leader of some job squad..Ghostface..visiting animals at a zoo, the guys got no life!..and Alyon, because of his past and his 'classic stable' and all.. you see, everybody has their own stories, news and motivations..as do I..but mine are far more powerful..much stronger..and these just might be revealed soon..But hey, I feel I have talked enough for now..More than enough actually..so I'll leave it here..Enjoy the show..I HOPE YOU LOT CHOKE ON YOUR FREAKIN' POPCORN WHILE CHEERING FOR HACKER..oh..and be ready, be prepared..STAIRWAY TO HELL!...Watch my boy Krystian DECIMATE that punk Ryan Prince and retain his Internet Championship!! now.....LABA..OUT!

Sevendust's "Enemy" hits as Laba walks out to his music, being MASSIVELY booed here as he walks to the back..Laba shrugs off the crowd and gives abuse back to the fans.

FTW Internet Championship – Stairway to Hell Match
Krystian © vs. ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Prince

Styles: Welcome back everybody, this is the first ever Unchained for FTW! And hasn't it lived up to the hype Zane?

Zane: I have to agree with you there Mick, and things are even better now..because now it is time for the match I have been personally waiting for! Ladies and Gentlemen!.. it is time for STAIRWAY TO HELL! With the Internet Championship on the line! The Korupt One, Krystian, defending against the "ruthless" Ryan Prince!

Styles: Oh yes Zane..and this match was booked after the outcome of Gory Glory..with Krystian winning the title in the Ultimate X match..but now things are different..it is one on one!..and there is a wad of Barbed Wire hanging above the ring, just waiting to be retrieved!

Zane: Damn right, anyways..it is going to start in a just a few moments!..and I can't wait..Krystian all the way! He has quickly become my favourite superstar in FTW..I think he is the best FTW has!!

Styles: Well I don't know about that..but don't be ruling out Prince here. He is hungry! And he wants that title!

Zane: Well time will tell Michael..time will tell!

Abaddon: This match is for the FTW Internet Championship!!! And it is a Stairway To Hell match!! The match cannot end via pinfall or submission, until the Barbed Wire has been taken down! Now, Introducing first..

“I Stand Alone” hits, and Ryan Prince comes out as the words “Ruthless” flash across the jumbo-tron. Ryan doesn’t even acknowledge the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and throws warmup punches..he looks up at the barbed wire and then focuses on the entrance ramp..waiting for Krystian to appear..

Abaddon: From Toronto Ontario Canada weighing in at 245 pounds, RYAN PRINCE!!! And his opponent...


'Live for the moment' hits as the lights start to flash red and white and Krystian comes out on stage all fired up!..He gets heavily booed and an occasional pop as he poses on the stage! He then does the C-Walk for a bit before taunting the crowd again and jogging down ringside where he stops and poses with his title at Prince. Krystian then makes his way around ringside, having a quick look at the ladders and tables that have been scattered around. He takes off his jacket and jumps into the ring..

From Cantebury, Sydney, Australia weighing in at 193 pounds, He is the Internet Champion!..."The Korupt One!".. KRYSTIAN!!! Now.. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

The ref tries to stop Prince as he goes to get into Krystian's face..Krystian grins at him and holds up the title..Prince yells that it is his, and Krystian laughes and shakes his head. Krystian throws the title up in the air and as Prince looks up...Krystian catches him with a snap kick to the ribs...The ref officially rings the bell as this one is under way. Krystian capitalises on his first little trick with straight right hands to the jaw of Prince. Prince has been caught totally off guard here as Krystian blocks Prince's big punch back and takes him down with a drop toehold! Krystian nips up as Prince gets to his face..Prince pushes Krystian and Krystian thanks him with a slap to the face! They both start throwing punches now as Prince gets the better of Krystian and throws him into the ropes, Krystian comes back and slides under Prince's legs before going off the ropes again and leapfrogging over him. Prince runs back off yet again and is taken down with a crossbody from Krystian. Prince is up to his feet as is Krystian..a quick stand-off before Prince throws two punches that are blocked, Krystian with a jumping spin kick..No, Prince ducks..Prince Takes down Krystian with and an side armhold and goes for the crossface! No, Krystian rolls out of it and dodges another prince attack. Prince throws Ktrystian into the turnbuckle and charges..but he crashes into it himself as Krystian moves out of the way in time! Krystian is up quickly as he hits prince a few more times and throws him over the top rope. Prince stumbles to his feet, trying to regather his concentration, but he has no chance! Krystian runs and springboards with a shooting star press to the outside! He connects! The crowd are on their feet..


Krystian is up first as he throws Prince into the barricade..Krystian then lifts up the cloth to search for something underneath the ring..He pulls out a kendo stick! He whacks Prince over the back, and goes to slam him in the head but Prince ducks! Prince tackles Krystian down and starts laying into him. Krystian tries to cover up but is then kicked in the gut. Krystian crawls away, and starts to stand again as Prince grabs the kendo stick and whacks Krystian over the back of his head! Krystian drops like a sack of potatoes as he is then thrown into the ringpost! Blood starts to flow from Krystian's face as Prince grabs a ladder and pushes it into the ring..

Styles: I see he might be going for the barbed wire early!

Zane: I don't blame him Styles..

Prince then grabs one of the many tables at ringside, and sets one up. He goes over to Krystian and kicks him in the head. He grabs Krystian by the hair and slams him headfirst on the table. Prince then takes a step forward with Krystian and looks back at the table. He makes his move...Belly-to-Belly suplex through the table!! Krystian was just sent crashing!..

There is a small "FTW FTW!" chant..

Styles: Wow..Prince means business..

Zane: Well Prince is showing Krystian that he will do whatever it takes to steal his title..

Prince picks himself up and smiles..He shrugs off the fans and then starts giving the boots to Krystian. Krystian hasn't had space to recollect himself, which is a smart move from Prince. Ryan then searches under the ring and pulls out a steel chain!! He has an evil look on his face as he whips Krystian over the back!! The chain ripping at Krystian's skin! Krystian screams out but gets to his feet..he walks away from Prince, luring him into a position that he can use to his advantage. Prince, like a wolf that smells meat..goes after Krystian and swings again with the chain..Krystian ducks though, and then pushes Prince into the ringpost! Prince's back meets the steel! Krystian then takes the chain and wraps it around his fist...he takes a step back and punches Prince in the midsection! That had to hurt!

Styles: Krystian is coming back..This is his chance..

Zane: Princeyboy is getting his ass handed to him! Ha! I love it!

Krystian then dropkicks Prince, taking him off his feet again and then goes and grabs another ladder..he puts it over his head and batters into Prince as soon as he gets to his feet! Krystian slides this second ladder into the ring and then grabs another two tables! He pushes one into the ring..and sets up the second one on the outside, just near the ring apron. Krystian throws Prince into the ring and gets in after him..He has the steel chain with him! Krystian throws the chain down in the corner and then sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring. Krystian grabs the table and puts it at an angle, leaning on the turnbuckle. Prince gets up to his feet but is dropped again with a reverse ddt by Krystian. Krystian picks up the second ladder in the ring and puts it in another corner, like the table..at an angle..leaning up against the turnbuckle. He turns around but almost gets his head taken off with a stiff clothesline by Prince! Prince goes suplex-crazy as he nails Krystian with a butterfly suplex, followed by a high-angled backdrop..he picks Krystian up again and gives him a 1/2 full nelson into a knee lift! He hasn't finished his attack though..Prince grits his teeth as he picks Krystian and gives him two german suplexes..Krystian rolls out of the ring. Prince checks and sees that Krystian is hurt..He starts to climb the ladder..the first attempt to get the barbed wire! Prince climbs two rungs but jumps down..he has to reposition the ladder..this can cost him. He starts to make his way up again..he is almost 3/4 up the ladder and he gets hit in the back of the head with a hard thud! Krystian just came out of nowhere with a sprinboard enziguri which connected perfectly! Both men fall to the ground as the crowd are up and roaring on their feet!

"Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

Krystian gets up and grabs Prince..he gives him two standing kicks to the midsection that can be heard from the last row in the stands! He goes for a third..Prince catches his foot..Prince spins Krystian around and throws himself with a clothesline, he connects. Prince gives two stomps to Krystian before picking him up and going for a Dragon Suplex, No! Krystian doesn't like that idea as he counters out of it and strikes back with a few forearms blows..Prince hits back, Krystian unloads with a few chest-cutting chops! Prince pushes Krystian away..Krystain comes back at him. Prince with a kick to the gut..Krystian catches his foot! Krystian steps over Prince's with his right foot, then suddenly swings his body around into a spinning wheel kick into Enziguri!! HE connected perfectly..No one saw that fast rotation coming from The Korupt One! Krystian doesn't waste time as he rolls out of the ring..he is searching for something under the ring..Prince is unaware of what Krystian is doing..Prince picks himself up and goes over to the ropes.he leans over to get a lookand pulls him up on the apron..Crack! Prince is met with a thunderous shot to the head with a Barbed-Wire Steel chair!! Prince goes down hard as blood starts to pour from his forehead. Krystian climbs back in and puts the chair down..He starts to climb up for the barbed-wire himself..He is halfway up as Prince starts to stir..Prince barely stands up straight as he goes and starts to tip the ladder over! Krystian sees this at the last second and jumps off as the ladder falls on its side..Krystian lands on Prince and somehow levels him with a ddt!!! How the hell!?

"FTW! FTW! FTW!!!!"

Styles: I can't believe it!? Is Krystian "Spiderman" or something!?

Zane: He is the man! He is the man damnit! But he has taken a bad bump himself! He might not be able to capitalise!

Moments pass as the fans scream...Slowly..Prince sits up and pushes himself up..Krystian got the worst of things with that big risk manouver! Krystian picks himself up, and slides outside the ring..Prince follows..Krystian throws him into the barricade and then picks up the barbed-wire steel chair, Krystian throws the barbed-wire steel chair back into the ring and then grabs the bottom of the steel steps..he puts them just before the apron..and then grabs a set-up table and puts it behind the steps. Krystian punches Prince and then puts him on the stairs..in between the apron and the set-up table..Krystian climbs on the apron..he looks like he is about to springboard with an asai moonsault or something..but he doesn't get the chance! Prince somehoe gets up quickly and stands on the stairs..he hooks on a cobra clutch and delivers the biggest Simply Ruthless ever seen!! Krystian crashes through the table!!!

"FTW! FTW! FTW!!!"

Styles: Another absolutely huge move!! Will Prince take advantage?

Prince staggers up..he picks up Krystian and rolls him back into the ring. Prince picks a ladder up off the mat and sets it up..he begins to climb..struggling to drag himself up..He takes his time..breathing..trying to hang on and retrieve the barbed wire..Prince is near the top! He looks over his shoulder..He sees Krystian making it to his feet! Prince can't believe what he sees as he then makes a quick decision and turns his body around..Krystian uses the table against the turnbuckle to stand up..Krystian turns around and is met by a spear from Prince!!! PRINCE SPEARS KRYSTIAN FROM THE LADDER AND SENDS HIM CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

"Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

Styles: Three Zane! THREE! Krystian has been put through three tables!! How is he still breathing!?

Zane: Prince is a bastard!! He won't win though..I mean..He Can't! The Korupt One will pull something out!! I am sure Krystian has gone through more than three tables before..

Both men are down..blood is everywhere..and so is broken wood! Prince laughes and picks Krystian up..He has Krystian by the neck and is choking him..he screams at him.."That is my title!, you stupid motherf*cker!! I will kill you!!" Krystian suddenly moves and kicks Prince in the gut! He was playing possum!!! Krystian puts Prince's head between his legs and gives him a CRADLE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE BARBED-WIRE STEEL CHAIR!!! WHAT IMPACT!!

"FTW! FTW! FTW! FTW!!!!!!!!"

Styles: I don't think I can call this anymore! This is just incredible!

Zane: The Korupt One is back baby!!

Both men are down..the blood continues to pour from them as their wounds continue to be attacked. Krystian gets up and Prince is still stirring on the ground. Krystian grabs the ladder and re-positions it..He starts to climb up..he is on the second rung when Prince grabs his foot. Krystian tries to kick him away but Prince doesn't let go..Prince gets to his feet and Krystian turns his body so he is facing Prince. Krystian starts to climb up using his hands as Prince starts to follow him up. Krystian sees an opportunity as he calls out.." Have fun Princeboy!". Krystian grabs prince up and puts him in a piledriver position, he quickly attempts to lock his legs in position and falls off the ladder!! SIMPLY KORUPT OFF THE LADDER!!! PRINCE JUST WENT FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT!! IT WAS SLIGHTLY MODIFIED, BUT HE STILL CRUNCHED PRINCE!

"FTW! FTW! FTW!!!!!!"


Prince doesn't move at all as Krystian uses this time while he is down to breathe properly. Prince secretly does the same after some time though and Krystian has no idea. Time passes as the ref can't do anything but watch. Krystian eventually gets to his feet and goes to pick Prince up..Prince suddenly picks the ankle of krystian and locks in a ankle lock! He twists on the hold..Krystian screams out in pain as he turns onto his abck and kicks Prince off..No! Prince keeps the hold on! Prince screams at Krystian as he pushes on the ankle lock..Krystian tries to counter again..He does! He sends Prince away with a second kick. Krystian quicjkly tries to get to his feet..but he hasn't recovered! He falls back down..favouring the ankle as Prince runs over and LOCKS IN THE RUTHLESS REIGN! HE HAS IT IN! That extreme submission move!..he is going to break Krystian in half!! Prince screams at Krystian..Krystian yells in pain..

Zane: Fight it kid! FIGHT IT!!!

Styles: This is the end of Krystian..there is no way of escaping until he passes out!!!

Krystian suddenly begins to shake as the sharpshooter facelock of Prince's is starting to break down!! Krystian fights for his life here as he somehow breaks the hand grip of Ryan Prince! He then slugs away with punches with everything he has until he eventually kicks Prince out of his way..Krystian gets to his feet to see Prince run at him..Krystian ducks a clothesline and then changes drection and runs straight at Prince..It looks like he executes a spinning headscissors but NO! KRYSTIAN LOCKS IN THE KORUPTIKAZE!! HE HAS THE OCTOPUS STRETCH IN TIGHT!!! Both men scream out..Prince drops to one knee as Krystian pulls harder and harder!

Zane: What a turn! What a change in momentum! Now Prince finds himself in all kinds of trouble!!

Styles: What a match..this is amazing! From crazy moves and huge impact..to know exchanging their finishing submission moves!! It seems like Krystian has shrugged off the pain in his ankle, it must be all adrenaline. What is next!? Will Prince get himself out of this predicament!?

Prince yells and screams..trying to power out of it!..Krystian knows what he is doing though! He pulls tighter! Prince is fading away!! Prince goes down to one knee as Krystian yanks harder on his arm, stretching out the move as it looks like Prince will fall on both knees... No! Prince is up on his feet! Krystian still has it locked in now..but NO! Not anymore!! Prince just runs backwards into the ladder, knocking it over and squashing Krystian in between his body and the ladder itself!!

Styles: Smart move by Prince..gotta give him props for that..

Zane: Yeah..he found a way out..lucky he did, or he wouldn't be breathing now!

Prince is up on his feet now as he picks up the long steel chain which has been forgotten about in the ring..he wipes blood off his face..but it keeps coming!..Both men have lost too much blood to be healthy now! Prince waits for Krystian to get to his feet..and as he does..he charges and swings like crazy! Krystian ducks!! Krystian jumps!! Krystian avoids the chain three times! Krystian kicks Prince in the gut and runs off the ropes!..NO! Denied! Prince cuts Krystian off with a running clothesline with the chain! Prince grabs Krystian and then wraps the chain around his neck! He then throws Krystian over the top rope!..but hangs on!..Prince is hanging Krystian with the chain!!!

"Holy SHit! Holy Shit!"

Styles: He is going to end Krystian's career here!! This isn't for the weak of heart..

Zane: Exactly..this is FTW! But Krystian is FTW! So don't be losing faith now! He is just giving Princeyboy a false sense of security!

Styles: Uh..doesn't look like it..

Zane: SHutup!

Prince screams out to Krystian as Krystian tries to keep his neck stiff and pull himself out of this serious situation..It isn't working though..as he isn't finding a way out! Krystian starts to cough up blood..as he begins to fade away..his body looking more lifeless after every second that ticks by..Prince starts to smile..he feels secure now..the cockiness starting to rise..Krystian thinks differently though!! Krystian uses alot of strength to swing his body up and kick Prince in the head..he does it again!...and again! A fouth stiff kick to the head of Prince!..and this one may have broken his nose!!!

Styles: Well you were right..there is still more to come from The Korupt One..he made a promise..and he wants to keep it!

Prince falls on his back after the fouth kick from Krystian..and he grabs his nose, trying to stop the bleeding from yet another place! Krystian crawls back into the ring..he is clutching his neck..making sure he can still breathe! What a battle this has been. Krystian wills himself up to his feet and he goes over to Prince and locks in a leg grapevine..then then keeps it locked in and grabs Prince's head and drops him with a sharp ddt!!! What a painful move!! Krystian just got all of that Twizted!!

Styles: He nails him with the Twizted!! Now if Prince was still thinking straight...he isn't after that!

Zane: That was just crazy!! He snapped Prince there! But he needs to climb a ladder..he needs to retrieve the barbed wire before he can win!!

Both men are down yet again as Krystian is up at a vertical base first. Prince is still down after that impact move and Krystian grabs one of the ladders and sets it up perfectly. Krystian now starts the climb to the top as he struggles to push himself up each rung as he gets higher and higher off the floor with each step..Prince finally starts getting to his feet and uses the ropes to stand on both feet. He then forces himself over to the other side of the ladder..and starts climbing up himself. He is gaining on Krystian though, who just realises that Prince is at the same level as him! It is a race..who will get there first!? That person will have a much greater chance of winning!
Styles: And does it get any closer than this? Which superstar here will urge themselves to the next level in their body and mind..and tough this situation out!! I will say now Zane..I think the winner will be the first guy to grab the barbed-wire!

Zane: Well it makes sense doesn't it! That barbed wire is exactly the perfect weapon to use to finish a man off!

They are both two rungs from the top! Krystian makes it to the second highest one..and stretches up his arm..trying to unhook the barbed wire off the cable it is hung on! It is not easy! Krystian has just cut himself on two fingers! But it's all worth it. Prince then takes himself a step up so he is level with Krystian. Prince reaches over and punches Krystian in the gut..he does it again, and again! Krystian grabs the cable the barbed-wire is on and swings it at Prince..Prince ducks though and avoids any contact. Krystian gives Prince a few shots to the head..but Prince won't go down! Prince grabs the cable and pushes it quickly into Krystian. The barbed-wire grazes over the forehead of Krystian! More blood starts to trickle from Krystian as this is all one big bloodbath! Prince takes a chance and tries to get up on the top rung!..He makes it!! His hands are touching the barbed-wire! Blood starts to trickle down the fingers of Prince..but that isn't stopping him! THUD! But that is! Krystian just swung hs whole body around the ladder using his hands from the side of the ladder and just delivered a 619 to the back of Prince!! What the Hell!! Both men drop from the top of the ladder, and go crashing into the mat!!


Styles: Now THAT is determination!! Krystian just sacrificed his own body and took out Prince with one of the most innovative moves I have ever seen!!

Zane: Krystian just proved that he has Prince's Number! But this is just unbelievable, what both men are going through..how will it end?

Both men are down, both are losing blood, there are two ladders in the ring...one leaning against the turnbuckle..and one on the floor..there is also a steel chain and a barbed-wire steel chair!! Both men start to stir again as they push themselves to get to their feet..They both make it and start exchanging blows..punches at first..then kicks, forearms, knees and elbows..ANYTHING to get the upper hand! They still stand toe-to-toe!..neither man wanted to to fall to the other! Prince advances forward...with more aggresive punches..he has time to pick up the barbed-wire steel chair..he charges at Krystian but he pulls the top rope down! Prince goes crashing over to the floor! Krystian gets up to his feet and follows Prince to the outside..he grabs the steel chair and belts Prince over the back..the barbed wire ripping into the flesh..He hits him again in the same spot..blood starts to trickle down the back of Ryan Prince. Krystian grabs a baseball bat and a kendo stick and sends prince back..they start to move up the ramp way as Prince wants to avoid the hazard that is Krystian!..Krystian is swinging the two weapons around...Prince backs away as Krystian starts swinging with the Ball bat..he throws the kendo stick at Prince's head..but Ryan catches it! They whack at each other..with neither connecting..they keep blocking each others shots with their weapons!..Prince then cracks Krystian in the knee..and then over the shoulder! Krystian is down as Prince lifts him up and drops him hard on the ramp with a fishermen's buster!! A loud thud is heard and Prince picks himself up and catches his breath back. He picks up the baseball bat..and keeps the kendo stick to the side. Prince waits for a bit to catch his breath back again..he is taking too long?! Prince swings and hits Krystian in the knee..Krystian blocks Prince's second attempt though..and kicks him away. Krystian makes it up to his feet and sees a charging Ryan Prince! K-Shot outta nowhere!!! He leveled Prince and Prince could be out cold!! Krystian gets himself up and whacks the baseball bat over Prince's back. Krystian throws the bat back up the ramp..so it is near the curtains. Krystian picks up Prince and carries him over his shoulder. Krystian gets down off the ramp to the side and is in an open space. He drags Prince over a set of production tables with cables all over them. Krystian then gets up and looks around before pointing at a 20 foot ladder that is tucked away underneath a table!! He pulls out this monster of a ladder and sets it up! Prince starts to stir over the couple of tables he is laying on as Krystian almost knocks his head off with a stiff spin kick to the head. Krystian then throws a few right hands to Prince and then cracks him with a steel chair that he took off a fan. Prince rolls his head back as he doesn't know where he is as Krystian climbs this massive ladder and finallly makes it to the top. He looks around as he stands tall on the highest point of the ladder! He is back-first towards Prince who is lying on the tables as he pounds himself quickly on the chest and flies off it!....KRYSTIAN CRASHES PRINCE THROUGH THE TWO TABLES WITH THE K-TIME OFF A 20 FOOT LADDER!! THE CROWD CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

"Holy F'N Shit! Holy F'N Shit!" "FT FREAKING W, FT FREAKING W!!!!"

Styles: Well the crowd speak for me!!! Other than that..Krystian is showing how comitted he really is!

Zane: He..is..INCREDIBLE! C'mon..were you doubting him? He is putting his body on the line..heck, he is proving himself more than worthy here..Prince is getting it straight up! But..how the hell will both men even make it back to the ring!? What do they have left??

Styles: Well we will just have to sit back and see how this awesome match unfolds to the end!

Neither man moves as they lay in a heap..squashed into two now broken tables..A minute passes as both men stir as Prince then finds enough strength to get back on the ramp. Prince starts to crawl back down the rampway..trying to get back into the ring..Krystian somehow stands back up and staggers after Prince. Prince doesn't realise until he is kicked in the back!..and kicked again! Prince rolls his way down to ringside as Krystian continues with his kicks. Krystian picks him up but gets a big knee to the gut, and another. Prince rolls Krystian into the ring and hangs him in a tree of woe! He then grabs a Singapore cane and stays on the outside. Prince puts the cane over the neck of Krystian and pulls back!

Styles: He could break his neck here!?

Zane: Well it looks like it, and this isn't an easy situation to get out of.

Prince then stops the pressure he was applying and rolls into the ring with the cane. Prince rolls into the ring and stares at Krystian with hate who is still in the tree of woe. Prince then looks around..he is shaking with agression as he lets you a yell and breaks the Singapore cane over his knee..he then whacks Krystian in the ribs with both smaller canes now and then takes two steps back before delivering a big kick of his own to the midsection as Krystian falls back down to the mat in a heap..grabbing his ribs in pain..

Styles: Well that must be burning now! Krystian will feel that for a long time..

Zane: Maybe so..but listen..If you can find a wrestler who can outshine Krystian on a main stage..then I will give you my car!!

Styles:..Josh Draco? ..I guess you will be keeping your car for now. Krystian is down and I don't know if he will even get up! He must be struggling to breathe..

Zane: Don't worry Michael..I am certain that this match isn't over at all..

Prince catches his breath again..he looks around the ring as he wipes some blood off his face and tries to stop some of the blood..One ladder is still positioned to retrieve the barbed-wire, one ladder is STILL positioned at a high angle against the turnbuckle, a barbed-wire steel chair and steel chain are still in the ring..although smeared with blood and many bits of broken wood are seen in the ring and at ringside!! Prince is getting to his feet first here..Krystian still hasn't moved! Krystian starts to stir! Prince looks at the standing ladder..but shakes his head! He looks at the angled ladder against the turnbuckle and then grabs Krystian by the back of the head. He takes him back to the turnbuckle diagonal to the one where the ladder is positioned. Prince runs with Krystian and pushes him as hard as he can into the ladder! Krystian is going to get head knocked off! NO! WHAT! KRYSTIAN RUNS UP THE LADDER, BALANCING ON THE RUNGS LIKE IT IS A WALKWAY UNTIL HE GETS TO THE TOP WHERE HE DOES A BACKFLIP..WHISPER IN THE WIND!! TURNED INTO A HURRICARANA!! PRINCE GOES CRASHING INTO THE LADDER!!!


Styles: I don't know what to say..

Zane: ...Just don't take your eyes off Krystian!!

Krystian is up quickly though! He has like a..third wind!? Prince has no idea where he is as he uses the ladder to push himself back up...Krystian looks around and grabs the steel chain!! What is he doing!? Krystian wraps the steel chain around his right boot!..why!? Krystian waits like a panther!..Prince turns around, not knowing where he is!! BAM! SUPERKICK WITH THE CHAIN WRAPPED AROUND HIS FOOT! Prince might be cleanly knocked out!! Krystian unwraps the chain and throws it out of the ring. Prince is now on his back..next to the other ladder, which is still standing tall! Krystian looks at Prince..then the ladder..they are close together..Krystian puts two and two together..and he DROPSAULTS THE LADDER..LANDING ON PRINCE!

Styles: Well I have never seen moves like these before!! What is going through Krystian's head!?

Zane: Actually..I would like to know what is going through Prince's head! Because he is probably lost right now!

Krystian staggers back up to his feet..he gets the ladder he dropsaulted which is now leaning agaisnt the ropes..and puts it back in the middle..He doesn't climb though! He gets the second ladder which is near the turnbuckle..and stands it a few feet away from the other ladder! Krystian STILL isn't finished though..as he slides out of the ring and gets a table! He slides it into the ring and climbs back in himself. Prince is now starting to stir.. Krystian holds the table by the side with his right arm..and starts to climb one of the ladders with his other arm and legs!!

Styles: Oh God! Is he going to build a "Bridge!"? Hasn't he done enough!?

Zane:..Well i guess not!

Krystian makes it to the top of the ladder and balances with his feet. He uses both hands to throw the ladder across..so the far end lands on the other ladder! Krystian now takes some time stabilising it..making sure it won't fall. Krystian now starts to climb again as Prince is back up!! Both men are each climbing a ladder as they struggle to reach the top. Krystian makes it up to the table! He is on his knees. Prince makes it up too! Both men now slowly rise to their feet..and look at each other..blood pouring down all over them..this is it! The showdown as they grit their teeth and go for each other. Prince with a right hand..Prince goes for the barbed-wire!..No! Krystian stops him with a knee to the gut. Krystian now starts slugging away..trying to get Prince outta his way so he can claim the barbed-wire..no! Prince fights back..and rocks Krystian with a few quick punches..Prince makes Krystian take a step back but Krystian..as quick as lightening..fires two stiff kicks to the calves of Prince! Prince drops to his knees as Krystian now goes for the barbed wire!! KRYSTIAN GRABS IT!! Wait!..LOW BLOW by Prince! Prince goes to grab the barbed-wire but is kicked in the nuts!!! Payback is a b*tch! Krystian is in all sorts of pain but he then sticks the barbed-wire over the head of Prince!! It is stuck around his head like a crown!! Blood starts to trickle from different places from the head of Prince as he desperately tries to take if off but is caught!...KRYSTIAN PICKS PRINCE UP AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE DOUBLE K DRIVER!! FROM THE "BRIDGE" TO THE MAT!! NO!! WAIT!! THEY ALSO GO THROUGH THE MAT!!!!

"Holy F'N Shit!" "FTW!" "WTF!"

Styles:....Prince still had that barbed wire over his head!!!! Krystian is INSANE!!

Zane: Well, you would have to see it to believe it..AND WE JUST DID!

A big tear and hole is seen in the ring now as no-one can see Prince and Krystian!! Wait! The ref looks into the hole!! He then counts a pin!..


Styles: Who has won it? Either man could be on top of the other!!

Zane: It HAD to be Krystian...but WHAT A MATCH!!


Styles: He retained! He retained! Krystian had the pinfall!!

Zane: That's my boy!! But what a match..MATCH OF THE YEAR!? It could be!

Styles: Well we will see!

The Titantron shows Krystian with his arms draped over the chest of Prince. Prince isn't moving..Krystian is slightly stirring..

Krystian then slowly crawls out of the hole in the ring after several moments pass..He is given his Internet Championship as he uses all the remaining strength he can muster..to hoist himself up on the second turnbuckle and lift up his championship!!


Krystian then falls back and looks down into the big tear in the centre of the ring..he goes down into the hole for a brief second and emerges again..this time, with the barbed wire!, which is now partly red from blood..He rolls out of the ring..barely walking at all! He slowly makes hois way up to the stage with some slight help from some of the crew..he tells them to stay away though as he makes his way up..he looks around at the crowd as he puts the barbed wire ring over his Internet championship before hoisting it over his head. He pounds himself a few times before finally leaving, or closer to falling through the curtain. Paramedics crowd around the hole in the ring as they start to pull Ryan Prince out.


Battle Royal for #1 Contendership to FTW title

Ghostface, Inferno, Big Chief, Poison, Josh Draco, Blood Reign, Original Sin, Eric Herrera, Ace Montana, AC Summers, Justin Chambers, Shoman, Troy Pool, Argus Rage and Trevor B are all standing in the ring as the bell sounds and its complete chaos in the ring.

Mikey, “This is a classic battle royal…”

Zane, “And blah, blah, blah! Let’s watch this shit!”

AC Summer attacks Troy Pool to start off. Troy and AC begin slugging it out major.

Mikey, “In…this other fed…these two were heated rivals at this time last year, I’m sure the hatred hasn’t left yet.”

Zane, “No one cares, this is FTW…not World of ****”

Eric Herrera nails a big dropkick on Big Chief that causes him to fall into Sin, who turns around and closelines his head off! Sin looks down n discuss but turns around to a closeline from Inferno! Shoman and Rage are brawling as Montana and Trevor fight in one corner. Chief goes after Poison and sits him on the top rope. He sets him up for a superplex but Eric Herrera dropkicks the top rope causing both men to plop hard on the floor on the outside!

Zane, “And the Mexican gives us a two for one special! HAHA…Now I wanna go to taco bell!”

Mikey, “But look out”

Herrera turns around into a picture perfect dropkick from Josh Draco! Draco turns around to get a flying closeline from Ghostface! Troy Pool come over to stalk GF. He turns around and Pool gives him a hell of a spear! Ac Summers and Inferno are battling in the corner when Justin Chambers runs at them. Both men part ways and Chambers runs right into Argus Rage with a closeline and sends Rage out to the floor! Justin looks over at Rage on the floor and Troy Pool sneaks up and dropkicks him out and to the floor! Ghostface runs at pool but Pool ducks and backbody drops him to the floor! Troy turns around and is speared by AC Summers!

Zane, “That AC bastard really is trying to get Troy”

Mikey, “well like I said they have a history”

Blood Reign, who has been laying low, sneaks up and tosses Shoman out of the ring! BR looks down but gets a double dropkick from Eric Herrera and Josh Draco and he flips to the outside! Ace Montana rushes them and they both duck and backbody drop him out to the outside!

Zane, “Wow, Draco and Herrera have seemingly formed a bond”

Mikey, “Look over there”

Troy and AC are fighting near the ropes and Ac tosses Troy over but he catches himself. AC runs full force but Troy pulls the rope down and AC flies over the rope and to the floor and Troy slides back in the ring.

Mikey, “Wow he just flew out of there”

Zane, “He’s an idiot”

Trevor B is looking bad on the ropes and Inferno runs at him. He hits him with a huge closeline but the momentum carries them both up and over to the arena floor!

Zane, “That jackass just eliminated himself!”

Mikey, “It’s a dangerous match this Battle Royal is!”

Zane, “Would you look at this, its down to the final four!”

Mikey, “Troy Pool, Original Sin, Josh Draco and Eric Herrera!”

Herrera and Pool square off as Sin and Draco do. They are all slugging it out when they seem to be getting closer. Sin and Troy both swing and Draco and Herrera duck, causing Sin and Pool to hit each other. Herrera jumps on Troy and hits a swinging DDT! Draco jumps up and hits a hurricanranna on Sin, causing him to fall on Pool. Herrera jumps on the top rope and it’s the Best Damn Moonsault! Draco climbs the top rope and hits his version of the moonsault. Draco gets up and him and Herrera begin to argue.

Zane, “Those two bitches are jealous of each others moonsaults! What a bunch of ****ing ass clowns!”

Mikey, “It’s a shame these two looked to be working together”

Draco pushes Herrera aside and climbs to the top rope and does a backflip off.

Zane, “Wow he did a flippy-do”

Herrera climbs up and does the same, but turns around to a right hand from Draco!

Zane, “Ha bitch in your face! Literally!”

The two begin to slug it out when Draco goes for a punch but misses and Herrera hits a dropkick! Draco staggers but Herrera hits another dropkick! Draco is leaning against the ropes. Herrera runs but Draco ducks down and Herrera flips over, but holds on to the rope and is dangling! Draco walks over and Herrera skins the cat, locks his feet around Draco’s head and flips him to the ground! Herrera goes to skin the cat again but Troy nails a baseball slide to his head and Herrera falls to the floor!

Mikey, “And look at this, its Sin and Pool as the final two!”

Zane, “Lets see who’s the bitch and who’s the…well they are both bitches compared to me”

Sin runs at Pool and they start brawling. Sin backs up and goes for a closeline, Troy ducks, Sin turns around and gets super kicked in the jaw so hard that he flips to the outside!

Mikey, “Good God Troy Pool wins!”

Zane, “Wow…I doubt that the owner Courtney Montgomery is very happy about that, they have a history as well. God Damn is there anyone Troy doesn’t have a history with? He is such a man whore!”

Mikey: Well in any event, Troy Pool has locked up a spot in the main event at FTW Second Ever Pay Per View, Going the Distance.

FTW World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Hacker vs. Mathias

Finger Eleven’s “Goof Times” plays as Mathias walks out from backstage. He receives loud boos from the crowd. He ignores them as he welcomes Ewan Katt to join him down to ringside. Ewan steps out from the back to even louder heat. Both walk down to the ring. Ewan stands at ringside as Mathias slides into the ring and warms up.

All is silent then out of no where we can hear faint knocks.... We hear Ozzy's voice " I am IRONMAN!" the song starts with the classic guitaring as Hacker walks out from the back. The fans scream with a huge pop. He dumps water on his head and walks down the ramp. He jumps up on the ring apron and jumps over the ropes and into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and takes off his shirt revealing his muscular build.


The two men slowly make their way to the center of the ring. Mathias is caught off guard as Hacker springs into action with fast right hands. He pounds on Mathias until he gets him into the corner. Hacker lets off a little and Mathias hits the thumb to the eyes. He nails a knee lift and applies a sleeper hold. Hacker fights it by hitting some elbows. Mathias wrenches the hold tighter and Hacker fights even more. Mathias breaks the hold and steps back. Mathias then goes for Hacker again, whipping him into the ropes. Hacker ducks a clothesline and bounces off the ropes again. Ewan Katt pulls Hacker’s feet out from under him though and Hacker hits his face hard off the mat. Mathias laughs and picks up Hacker. He throws him in the corner and begins to pound Hacker’s mid section with right and lefts. He mixes it up with some stomps and boots to the body. Hacker falls to a sitting position in the corner. Mathias steps back and drives a knee into Hacker’s face. Hacker’s nose is busted and starts to flow with blood. Mathias smiles at the blood pouring out of Hacker’s nose. Hacker remains on his knees holding his nose. Mathias holds Hacker’s head and throws down full force forearms that smash right into Hacker’s nose. Mathias picks Hacker up and slams him back down with a side effect!

Mathias pins!




Hacker kicks out. Mathias stomps on Hacker’s face and then helps him up. Mathias whips Hacker into the ropes and when he comes back he plants him with a big boot! Hacker’s face is now starting to be covered in blood. Hacker stands and is hit with a jaw breaker! The crack of his jaw is sickening! Mathias continues the assault with stiff right hands, and then a quick snap suplex. Mathias takes some time to rest, and he taunts the crowd. Hacker makes his way to his feet, and attacks Mathias head on with a flying forearm. Hacker wipes some blood from his nose and wipes it on Mathias’s face. Then he begins to pummel him with trapping headbutts! The crowd lets out cheers for Hacker. Hacker is picked up out of no where by Mathias and is slammed down with a tilt-a-whirl slam! Mathias pins





Hacker kicks out, he jumps up to his feet and Mathias looks on with a little confusion on his face. Hacker runs at Mathias and is taken down with a side walk slam. Mathias stomps on Hacker’s back. Ewan slides a steel chair into the ring. Mathias holds the chair up and slams it into Hacker’s skull. Hacker crumbles to the mat. Mathias laughs and decides its time to end it. He holds Hacker up and nails the Mathia-Driver! He covers cockily





Hacker throws his shoulder up at the last second. Mathias gets up and argues with the ref about the count. He demands that he is right by saying it was a three count. As Mathias is arguing with ref the other two members of SIN, the Atlantic Connection slide into the ring and double clothesline Hacker. They then double power bomb Hacker onto the chair! They slide out of the ring as the fans begin to flip out. Mathias turns around and sees Hacker down, he smiles and pins him again.




Hacker kicks out somehow. Mathias can’t believe this match hasn’t ended already, he was expecting a short match. Hacker quickly gets up with a crimson mask. He nails a super kick on Mathias! Hacker smiles as Mathias lays down on the ground. He looks over to the chair, he picks it up and lays it on Mathias. He heads to the top rope. With the chair still on Mathias Hacker hits a splash! Both men roll around holding they’re mid sections. Hacker gets to his knees. Ewan Katt tries to distract the ref again so Atlantic Connection can come in again. Hacker slides out and punches Ewan in the face. Hacker then throws Ewan into the crowd, where he is then crowd surfed deeper into the crowd. The Atlantic Connection jump into the crowd to save Ewan. The fans engulf Atlantic Connection, they are now gone just like Ewan. Hacker laughs and turns back to look into the ring. Mathias looks around, he sees no one is here to help him out. Hacker smiles his sadistic smile. Hacker reaches under the ring and pulls out a trash can full of weapons. He throws it into the ring and rolls into the ring. Mathias starts to pound on Hacker but Hacker whips out a Kendo Stick and cracks Mathias in the face with it! The crack of that cane can be heard through the arena. Hacker dumps everything out of the trash can into a pile. He takes trash can and lays it on its side. He picks Mathias up and attempts a piledriver onto the trash can! Mathias ducks down and low blows Hacker. He grabs the trash can and puts it behind him. He kicks Hacker in the stomach and nails an inverted DDT on Hacker busting and denting the trash can! Both men are down and the crowd starts to stomp loudly. Cheers fro hacker start to arise through the arena, but Mathias is the first one to his feet. He picks up a stop sign and smacks Hacker in the face with it. And then he nails him in the legs relentless amounts of times. Mathias smiles and locks on the Mathia-Lock! Hacker screams in pain. Hacker starts crawl to the ropes. He is almost their but Mathias pulls him into the center of the ring. Hacker sticks his face straight down into the mat and screams. Hacker tries to lift himself off the ground. He is unsuccessful as his upper body crashes back down to the mat. The crowd cheers for him as he crawls again to the ropes. He is an inch away, he stretches but Mathias pulls him right back to the middle of the ring. Hacker is running out of options. He reaches into the pile of weapons from the now destroyed trash can, he pulls out an object. He put it on Mathias’s ankle and a second later Mathias is on the ground, holding his ankle. Hacker stands up and holds the object in the air. The crowd gasps as they see it is a stapler! Hacker walks over to Mathias and begins to staple his forehead! The crowd cheers obscenities as Hacker smiles. Blood starts to trickle down Mathias’s forehead. Mathias screams out in anger and pain as Hacker staples Mathias’s fingers to the mat! Hacker goes to the top rope and delivers a Senton Bomb! He covers Mathias..





Mathias kicks out so hard that he rips the staples out that are keeping him tied to the mat! Mathias curses and screams as Hacker jumps on top of him with mounting punches. Hacker is furious that Mathias kicked out of one of his signature moves! Mathias punches Hacker off of him. Hacker gets ready to come back when Laba comes out from the back! Hacker sees him and begins to scream at him. Laba ignores him and heads up to the bird’s nest to join the FTW announce team. Hacker turns around into a wicked chair shot. Hacker is at Mathias’s will as Mathias stands over him. Mathias throws Hacker out of the ring and over the top rope. Mathias crawls out after Hacker. He nails snake eyes on Hacker with the steel barricade. The ‘Homicidal’ One is being seriously beat down until he grabs Mathias’s legs out from under him and Sling Shoots him into the crowd! Hacker hurries and jumps over the barricade after Mathias. Hacker takes a fans weapon which is frying pan, and slams Mathias in the head with it. Hacker then smashes himself in the face with the frying pan. He throws it to the fan who gave it to him. Mathias stands to his feet and he starts back pedaling deeper into the crowd while throwing strong punches. Hacker follows him. They fight until they get to the back of the fan section. A pop machine is there and Mathias gets the upper hand of the exchange. He takes Hacker Head and throws it through the front of the POP MACHINE! Hacker screams out as the fans boo Mathias. Mathias picks Hacker up and beats him down, as they keep stumbling towards the bird’s nest. Hacker is limp on the concrete floor as Mathias picks him up on his shoulders and ascends his way up to the bird’s nest. They get up there, and Laba is laughing at the sight of Hacker. Mathias goes for a powerbomb off the birds nest! Hacker drop down though and tries to fight back. Mathias kicks him in the groin and as both men struggle for position, they both lose their balance and fall off of hits THE NEST THROUGH THE TABLES BELOW! Hacker is out cold as is Mathias as FTW Personnel rush to the scene after getting the signal from the referee.

Styles: What a hellacious fall!

Zane: But who won the match?

The camera try to get closer to the carnage but are held back as the EMTs are rushed onto the scene. From the shot the camera is getting, both men are a bloody mess and are not responsive to the EMTs.

Styles: What is going to happen? Who won this match? Are these men going to be able to wrestle again! Hopefully we will have some answers! Good Night!


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Unchained - August 14th

One day prior to Unchained…

Alcatraz Prison, California
The Hole

The red light on the security camera, which has now been wired to FTW studios to view all of Seth's actions, is the only thing Seth Cassidy could see in the dark Hole. He doesnt even look at the camera and just keeps rocking back and forth, clutching the FTW North American title.

Why? Why do they keep me here? What have I done? All I want is to keep my belt. Trevor B cannot have it.

Seth loses himself while continuing to rock back and forth. The camera only sees Seth rocking, but something is happening much deeper than what the eye can see. Much deeper than what the ears can hear. Its in Seth's head.

Seth thinks back to a time when he was still innocent. Just a little boy. He thinks about how happy he was, and how he used to think properly. This was all before they changed him. Changed him into the monster that he is now. Changed him into the derranged freak that is locked up in a hole.

They used to beat him. And beat him badly. To the point of near death. The pain would be so great he would disassociate with it, and eventually not feel it anymore. But no matter how big the beating was, it never hurt as much as one thing. Knowing that your parents truly dont love you. He may of grown immune to the pain, but he was being demolished inside, mentally, day after day. Eventually this extreme mental pain manifested into unbelieveable rage. One day he just snapped. He attacked his parents, but they somehow managed to get him locked away in an orphanage. There, Seth was picked on, and ended up brutally beating one of the boys there. Seth escaped before anything could be done to him. As Seth grew into a young man, he travelled the world, street fighting for money. Illegal stuff just to get him by. His extreme rage is what won him the fights. He probably killed some people there but it never mattered; you die you lose. This is what Seth lived by for years. He tried going legit, but his rage got the best of him as he tried killing a competitor in the cage fighting fed he was in. He was tried, sentenced, and sent to Alcatraz in Maximum Security. Weight training and power lifting only increased his rage more and more. Now look where he is...

...In The Hole.

Seth still just sits there, but it looks like tears are welling up in his eyes. Seth had never cried before.

Does it have to be this way? Why am I such a monster. I want to be normal. I want to change. Why wont I change?

Seth then thinks back to all of the people who called him a freak, and insane, and a monster. He thinks about how they changed him.

They dont know...No one does...

Tears begin to roll down the cheeks of Seth, but he still has a blank expression on his face. His train of thought is heavy. He keeps rocking back and forth, holding his title.

This belt means so much to me. I dont know why. God, help me. I am going to kill Trevor B....no, stop, that is the monster talking inside of you.

Seth's head begins to shake. He has never felt like this before.

What is happening to me? What am I to become of this?

Seth looks down at his North American title, or what he can see of it. He realizes that he can change.

I dont want this anymore. I want to be left alone. Maybe they will leave me alone if I act normal...

Seth grabs his head. He is torn apart as to what he needs to do.

I need to control it....harness it...this is hard...I cant do it...I cant do it...

Seth looks at the camera, with a look of desperate need.

"HELP ME!!!"

Seth stops. He has never cried for help before.

"I want to change..."

He has never spoken in such a civil manner before.

Suddenly, the door to The Hole opens up, and 10 guards await on the other side. The light is bright on Seth's eyes, but it had never looked so good. The guards slowly walk in, and then finally the Warden enters.

Warden: I hope you've learned your lesson.

Seth: I have...

Warden: We will be moving you back to your Maximum Security cell. We have also decided to let you compete at Unchained. But if there is any slip ups, its back to the hole for you.

Seth: I understand...Trevor B will still pay though...

Warden: I hope so...I hope so...

The camera fades out as a sick and twisted grin appears on Seth's face.

*The titantron shows the crowd clips of Moth T. vs. Ghostface at Gory Glory. Moth T. misses the superkick and is pinned. The crowd pops slightly. The screen then shows Ghostface being eliminated, and Moth T. threatening Ghost's family with his thugs flanking him.*

Singles Match
Moth T. vs. Ghostface

The Lights go down. White smoke fills the arena. A strobe light starts up. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor comes on over the PA system. GhostFace pops out of the stage floor about 6' into the air (like Rey used to). He lands in a squatting position. He gets up and creeps down the the ring (like Tajiri). He slides into the ring and looks around the crowd. Then runs and flips off of the turnbuckle landing in a posed position. Then waits for the start of the match.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn hits, and Purple and Blue Pyro explodes in a Shawn Michaels-esque manner. Moth T. comes walking out to a major heel pop, and walks down the ring with a smug look of victory plastered across his face. Moth stops in front of a fan who holds a sign saying, Moth T. meet Don Vito! and tears it up, throwing it in the kids face. He rolls under the top rope, and immediately Ghostface is on him.

Ghostface proceeds to pummel Moth with vicious rights and lefts. Ghost throws Moth into the corner, and lays into him with repeated gut shots, until the ref calls for a seperation. Ghostface backs off, giving Moth a chance for a rest. As soon as Moth gets out of the corner, Ghost is at him again. He grabs a side-headlock, and cinches it up tight. Moth shoots him off into the ropes, but takes a big shoulder-block. Ghost runs into the ropes, but Moth comes right back with a big hip-toss. Moth bends down, and starts taunting Ghost, but Ghost kips up onto Moth's shoulders, and delivers a hurricanrana for a quick 1 cover. Ghost turns around right into a vicious clothesline by Moth for two. Moth starts to get frustrated, and begins to stomp on Ghost repeatedly. He picks Ghost up and knees him sharply in the stomach, before shooting him into the turnbuckle. Moth charges, and Ghost moves out of the way, but Moth leaps to the top and balances. Ghost leaps up and delivers a dropkick, causing Moth to rack himself on the top-rope, falling off backwards. Ghost props him up in the corner, and starts to deliver his HARD Core, but in the middle, Moth's two goons come running down to the ring. One clubs Ghost on the back, causing the referee to call for the bell, while the other one helps Moth to his feet. Both goons start stomping the hell out of Ghostface. They hold both of his arms back, while Moth delivers STIFF right hands to Ghost's face. Ghost now is sporting the crimson mask. Moth throws Ghost out of the ring, and brings him over to the announcer's table. All three men continue to pummel Ghostface. Moth situates Ghostface on top of the announcers table, delivers a low-blow, and hits the Moth's Flight, causing both men to crash to the concrete floor below. As Ghostface lies motionless, Moth grabs the mike.

Moth: "You son of a bitch!! I told you!! Don't push me!! Don't push me!! But you didn't listen! No..you had to show the world how tough you are! You can't fight the numbers, punk!! You're nothing but a backyard *****!

*All three men walk to the back, to a resounding chorus of boos.*

Mystery Partner Tag Match
Ace Montana & ??? vs. Troy Pool & ???

Styles: Well, Ace Montana is out here, but it seems his partner isn’t coming.

Zane: That just makes it worse for him then.

Styles: But who is Troy Pool’s partner going to be?

*Suddenly, a low key on a piano hits the PA, and on the screen a silhouette of a man appears. “Nymphetamine” by Cradle of Filth then hits, and the screen shows a face covered in shadow, before flashing and revealing “The Engulfed Spirit” Rick Dushae’s face, staring straight ahead as the crowd screams.

Styles: Oh my God! It’s Rick Dushae!

Zane: But I thought he was dead!

*Dushae walks out, accompanied by Troy Pool, as the lights turn dim. Attached to Dushae’s wrist is the ends of a flag, which he drags on the ground behind him. The flag is black and in maroon lettering reads “The Engulfed Spirit”. Dushae climbs the apron, into the ring, and pulls his wrists toward himself. Dushae rips off the wrist attachments, and flings the flag into the air backwards. Dushae then turns to Ace Montana, who stares at Dushae. Dushae stares back, and lightly chuckles, before turning to Pool. Dushae talks in a commanding voice*

Dushae: Get out of this ring. Leave him to me.

*Troy grabs Dushae’s flag and slides out of the ring, as Dushae once again stares at Montana, who is stunned*

Styles: Well, it seems that this match, even though is technically a handicapped match, has turned into Dushae versus Montana.

The bell rings and Dushae charges at Montana, who wakes from his sunned stupor too late. Dushae tackles Montana down, and begins to punch him ferociously. Montana tries to cover up, but it is no use. Dushae gets off Montana, and gets him up, before Irish Whipping him. Montana bounces back, and Dushae catches him in a powerslam. Dushae pins Montana.



Th- Montana kicks out.

Dushae gets Montana up, and jabs his fingers into Montana’s eyes. Montana yells in pain, and tries to pull Dushae away, but Dushae does not waver. Montana then kicks Dushae in the gut, making him release the move. Montana then Irish Whips Dushae into the opposite ropes, and hits Dushae with a clothesline. Dushae gets up, and Montana tries again for a clothesline. But Dushae captures Ace Montana by the arm, and slams him down. Dushae gets Montana up yet again, and twists him around, before hitting the Pentazemin (Falling Reverse DDT). Dushae then smiles slightly, before getting Montana up yet again, and grabbing him under arm. “The Engulfed Spirit” lifts Montana upon his shoulder, and then drives him down with The Soul Pick. Montana is out, but Dushae does not pin him. Instead, Dushae heads up to the top rope, and pops his neck, and then dives down onto Montana with the Depression (Top Rope Body Splash). Dushae covers.



Thre- Dushae pulls Montana’s shoulder up.

Dushae turns the knocked out Ace Montana over, and locks in the Permanent Hibernation (STF/Dragon Sleeper Combo). Ace Montana does not react, for he is out cold. The referee raises Ace Montana’s hand once, and drops it. Montana’s hand hits the mat with a resounding thud, signifying the ends of the match. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners: “The Engulfed Sprit” Rick Dushae and Troy Pool

Dushae holds in the lock for a few more seconds, before releasing it and raising his arms. Troy Pool gets in the ring, and puts Dushae’s flag over Dushae’s shoulder, and also raises his arms.

Original Sin vs. Mathias

“Happy?” by Mudvayne hits and out walks Original Sin to a large amount of heat! Sin gets into the ring. “Goof Times” by Finger Eleven hits and out walks Mathias to a great amount of heat! He gets in the ring and Sin goes right to work! He is still stuck in between the ropes as the Sin just keeps punching him. He drags him in and plants him with a suplex! He picks him back up and Irish whips him into the corner! He runs towards him but Mathias moves and Sin goes chest first into the corner! Sin falls back and Mathias nails a clothesline from behind that sends Sin face first into the middle turnbuckle. Mathias picks him up and tosses him to the outside. Mathias backs up and the Messiah starts to get up. As he does Mathias runs and flips over the top rope and nails the psycho senton!


Mathias stands up and goes to work looking for something under the ring. He then finds a table and pulls it out. We see that along with the table some other weapons came out with it. He picks up a Singapore cane. He turns around but gets hit in the head with a steel chair! Mathias falls down like a ton of bricks. Sin picks him up and props him on the apron. Sin sets up the table and rolls into the ring. Mathias stands up on the apron. Sin then kicks him in the gut. Mathias bends over in pain on the apron. Sin takes advantage and flips over the top rope and nails a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!


Sin slowly drapes his arm over Mathias. ONE…TWO…NO!

Mikey, “That was one hell of a move!”

Zane, “That almost killed them!”

Sin gets up and picks up Mathias. He rolls in Mathias and looks under the ring for something. We then see he has a trash can full of stuff. He slides in the ring with it. He then pulls out a light tube! Mathias gets up. He takes the light tube, runs towards Mathias, but Mathias catches him with a drop toe hold and Sin goes face first into the light tube! Mathias stands up and goes over to the trash can. He then pulls out a barbed wire 2x4! He lifts it high over his head and nails Sin in the back! Sin stands straight up as he screams in pain. He turns around and gets the 2x4 right in the head! Sin clutches his head and falls to the ground. Mathias runs to him and starts wailing away at his back and stomach with the 2x4.

Mikey, “Mathias is on fire tonight!”

Mathias grabs Sin and gives him the Mathia-Driver! ONE…TWO…NO! Mathias looks frustrated and goes outside. He pulls out a table and with it falls out some other various weapons. But all of a sudden we see the Sin flip over the top with a clothesline! Sin gets up and plays to the crowd. He picks up Mathias and gives him a thunderous body slam! He grabs the table and sets it up. We then see him grab a roll of barbed wire and wrap it around the table.

Mikey, “What the hell is he doing?”

Zane, “He wants to kill Mathias!”

He then grabs a baggie from under the ring.

Mikey, “NOW What the hell is he doing?”

Zane, “Don’t you ever just try to understand the situation?”

He opens it and pours out a shit load of THUMBTACKS! He starts to laugh but then seems to remember something. He rolls into the ring and goes to the trash can. He then picks up two sets of 3 light tubes taped together! He rolls back out and lays them on the table. He turns around but Mathias is NOWHERE in sight. He slides in the ring and looks for Mathias but can’t find him.

Sin yells, “Where’s he at Mikey?”

Mikey, “Why in the hell are you asking me?”

When Sin turns around he gets a face full of Super Kick! Mathias turns the trash can upside down. He then takes the can and starts bashing it over the head of Sin! Sin just manages to kick Mathias right square in the nuts. Sin starts that evil laugh and goes to the apron. He then jumps off top rope and comes of with a leg drop! Instead of going for the pin he grabs Mathias and nails a reverse DDT! He still doesn’t go for the pin and puts him on the top rope. He stands on the middle rope and starts punching at Mathias. He then puts Mathias on his shoulders and nails a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE!

Mikey, “Original Sin has this in the bag!

Sin pins him. ONE…TWO… Sin picks Mathias’ shoulders of the mat and has a smile on his face.

Mikey, “Big mistake he is making here!”

Zane, “Damn it Sin, pin him!”

Sin takes Mathias and puts him on the apron. Messiah steps out onto the apron himself.

Mikey, “They are now in front of that table with barbed wire, thumbtacks and light tubes covering it!”

Zane, “Someone’s gonna die!”

Sin yells, “It’s finished!” Then out of no where Mathias hits a MATHIA-DROP OFF THE APRON THROUGH A TABLE COVERED IN BARBED WIRE, LIGHT TUBES AND THUMBTACKS!!! He makes the pin. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Winner: Mathias by pinfall


‘Bring Em Out’ by T.I. plays throughout the arena as the fans get on their feet for Big Chief. Big Chief makes his way down with a serious look on his face. Gary Abaddon gets up to give the mic to Big Chief. He takes it from him and pushes him down to the ground. Big Chief slides into ring as the fans get on their feet.

Chief: Shut the hell up!! I don’t need your support!! At the last Unchained I got screwed over!! I was one of the first eliminated. This is bullshit! Well actually, ya know what, I’m going to take my anger out on someone tonight!! Someone will be sacrificed to get the hell beat out of them by me, Big Chief!! I will destroy someone who offered me to do this for them. I will get my shot at the World Championship soon enough, but first I need to do what “someone” hired me to do. I will destroy that person and take him out of the FTW!! That will be one person out of my way of getting another title shot!! I WILL NOT LET HIM SURVIVE!! I got screwed over at Gory Glory, then at Unchained. At Gory Glory, Eric Herrera and Mathias teamed up on me to get me eliminated. Then at Unchained, that crappy ass Poison helped me and himself get eliminated from the battle royal!! I mean Poison is still crying for three weeks. He is still at home crying cause he got eliminated. He wasn’t even put on the card!! He must have phoned Nate Redman up and told him “I’m still crying Nate, I don’t think I want to wrestle in FTW anymore.” Yeah I got screwed over two many times now, and now I’ll get my revenge, TONIGHT!!

FTW World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Alyon Mac vs. Pat Laba

The bell rings and Laba goes straight for Alyon. Alyon doesn't back down at first and the two men begin to throw some punches. Laba gets the advantage straight away and backs Alyon into the corner. Laba then chokes him before rapidly throwing 7 or 8 hard punches to the gut and head. Alyon drops like a sack of potatoes. A smile spreads across the face of Laba as he slaps Alyon as he picks him up off the floor. He whips Alyon in who comes back and ducks a clothesline, he turns Laba around and takes him down with a clothesline of his own. Laba gets up and Alyon goes for another one! No! Laba ducks and locks in The ChokeOut! Laba starts to thrash him around before turning it into the Hospital Ticket!! He hooks the leg of Alyon. 1...2..No. Kickout by Alyon. Laba then kicks him straight in the face..busting Alyon's nose open. Laba then slides to the outside and grabs his bat..he throws it into the ring and then kicks the steel stairs. He picks up the bottom half and slides that into there as well. Laba then climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and waits for a bleeding Alyon to get to his feet on his own..Alyon staggers and turns around..only to be crunched hard with a flying spear off the top rope!! Laba gets himself up as he bends over and snatches up his baseball bat. He waits for Alyon to get to his feet before giving him a stabbing shot to the ribs followed by two sickening cracks to the knees! Alyon drops down hard again! Laba then drags him by the legs over to the ringpost and signals for something painful! Figure Four Leglock around the ringpost!! Alyon screams out in pain as Laba tries to snap apart his legs! Laba has it in for about 20 seconds before releasing the hold and rolling back into the ring. He then stalks Alyon as he struggles up to his feet. He turns Alyon around rapidly and goes for the Pain Thriller! No! Alyon rolls out! Alyon goes for the sleeper with scissors!! He has the sleeper! Can he get the scissors!? NO! Laba throws him stiffly into the turnbuckle neck-first! Laba snickers as he puts Alyon in position and nails him with The Funtimes! Laba isn't happy yet though as he grabs Alyon up and dumps him up on the top turnbuckle..Laba climbs up behind him, gives a throat-slicing taunt and then almost kills Alyon with the G.T.M.A.N! (Get this Mother****er a neckbrace!) Laba looks around at the crowd..he shrugs off the heavy boos and heat he is getting and focuses back to Alyon. Alyon can barely stand up..Laba holds him up by the hair..and starts talking trash to him..Alyon swings a few weak punches but Laba either avoids them or it doesn't hurt him in the slightest! Laba slides to the outside, and sets up a table. He pulls Alyon out wuth him. Laba stands on top the stairs and grabs Alyon and lifts him up on his shoulders. Laba then swings away and crashes Alyon THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE WRATH OF LABA! Laba throws Alyon back in like a ragdoll and gets in himself. He then kicks the stairs he brought in earlier and puts it in the centre of the ring. He helps Alyon up as Alyon tries throwing a few punches back..fighting for his life but is no help at all! Laba scores hard with the train wreck backbreaker! Laba mounts Alyon and starts punchuing away furiously as Alyon can't cover up. Alyon is busted open again as more blood begins to pour from the head of Alyon. Laba looks at the blood of Alyon on his hands and smiles. Laba then looks around at the fans who he despises and smears the blood of Alyon over his chest. He then picks Alyon up over his shoulders and CRUSHES HIM NECK FIRST INTO THE STEEL STAIRS WITH THE PAINDRIVE!!! A sickening crunch can be heard and it didn't sound like the stairs! Laba then smiles as he calmy walks over to Alyon's legs and locks in The Pain Check!! He sits down hard on it as Alyon is barely still moving! Alyon uses his remaining strength to tap out like a little bitch!! The ref calls for the bell as Laba wins this semi final with much ease.

Winner via submission: Pat Laba

Laba will head into the final looking unstoppable! Wait!? Laba's not finished!..Laba grabs a chair from ringside before coming back in. Laba puts the chair around the neck of Alyon as he locks in The Pain Check again! Laba reaches back with one arm and starts pulling back on the chair! He is DECIMATING Alyon Mac! He is going to kill the aged icon himself! Blood starts to dribble from Alyon's mouth as he passes out. Laba continues this for a few moments before eventually letting go. Laba has just sent Hacker and Mathias a message here as he has destroyed Alyon Mac!! Sevendust's "Enemy" plays as Laba goes to walk out..but he stops, goes back..and picks up his baseball bat. He then slams Alyon over the skull one more time before leaving with the most heat ever heard in The FTW Arena!!

Fyr & Ice's music hits the speakers and a video begins to play.

Heatwave: "Unfortunately Ice and I are unable to be there tonight as we have other important things to take care of this evening but we have been granted this time by Mr Redman to make a very special announcement."

Iceman: "Yeah, and this announcement is sure to shake up the tag team division. Since the inception of Full Throttle Wrestling we have dominated every other team around and we went to Mr. Redman with a suggestion."

Heat: "We felt that in order for any of the other teams in FTW to get a shot at these belts" *both men slap the belts on their shoulders* "they woudl have to go through a very tough tournament which will be set up by yours truely."

Ice: "That's right guys. Starting on the next episode of Unchained there will be a tag team tournament in which we will be setting up the brackets. And the winners will face us for teh FTW Tag Team belts in a match made famous by a couple of our heros."

Heat: "Yeah but that will be announced at a later date. Good luck everyone, you'll need it."

The screen goes black.

Debut Three Way Dance
Painious vs. DDT vs. Matt “Phoenix” Calo

“Blow Me Away” plays as Matt Calo makes his way down the ramp to a loud pop from the crowd. Then “Original Sin” by Meatloaf hits and Darian Donny Troy makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Then Painious comes out the crowd boos as he comes out onto the stage.

Mikey, “Well it’s obvious who the fan favorite is here, it’s Matt Calo!”

Zane, “Nonsense Mikey it was to be DDT!”

The ref calls for the bell and we get underway. All three men look at each other, each looking for an opening. As if on queue Matt Calo and DDT double team Painious. DDT and Calo continue the double team on Painious hitting several high impact moves including a spike pile driver. Then out of nowhere DDT hits a DDT on Matt Calo!!!

Zane, “Hey DDT just hit a DDT!! Haha!!”

He goes for the cover but Painious breaks up the count! DDT then takes Painious and launches him over the top rope and continues to work on Matt Calo. DDT whips Matt Calo to the ropes; Matt Calo rebounds off the ropes and into a ranna from DDT which he converts into a pinning situation; one, two, thr...Kickout by Matt Calo. Painious has recovered and is on the top rope where he leaps off hitting a clothesline on DDT that sends him across the ring and under the bottom ring rope! Matt Calo gets slowly back to his feet where he gets a boot to the gut from Painious who hoists him into the air and nails a running power bomb for a near fall. DDT now recovered slides back in under the bottom rope with chair in hand. He swings for Painious who ducks and instead DDT nails Matt Calo! Painious lands a boot to the gut causing DDT to drop the chair. Then Painious picks up Matt and delivers Pain Drop onto the steel chair. Painious then covers Matt Calo; one, two, three.

Zane, “That had to hurt!”

Mikey, “Indeed Zane, indeed”

Eliminated via pinfall: Matt Calo

Painious drags DDT to his feet and whips him to the ropes; DDT rebounds off the ropes and comes back into an AA Spinebuster from Painious. Painious then goes off the ropes and looks for a running leg drop but Paul London moves out of the way! Both men are now showing signs of fatigue and struggle to their feet. They start exchanging right hands with Paul London gaining the advantage by blocking several of Painious’ right hands in a row and landing a wicked left handed jab that sends Painious staggering back into the ropes. Paul London whips Painious to the ropes but Painious reverses the momentum and sends Paul London in instead; Paul London rebounds off the ropes and comes back into a stiff punch to his face from Painious! Painious goes for the pin; one, two, thre...kickout by DDT! Painious drags Paul London to his feet and sends him face first into the corner turnbuckle pad. Painious then begins laying in the knife edge chops and mounts the corner and starts drilling Paul London in the forehead as the crowd counts along; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and finally ten and Painious hops down from the corner as the crowd cheers him on. Painious drags Paul London back to his feet and nails him in the gut again but this time before Painious can hook the arms Paul London back body drops him to escape the finisher. Both men are slow to get up and Paul London gets back to his feet first and drags Painious back to his feet, Paul London goes for a DDT but Painious counters with a high angle spine buster! Painious falls across Paul London and goes for the pin but only gets a count of two. Painious drags Paul London back to his feet and manages a Northern Lights Suplex for another near fall. Painious drags him back to his feet again and Paul London staggers around and Painious goes for another stiff punch but Paul London side steps it and hits a reverse DDT! He then goes for the cover picking up a near fall.

DDT then goes up top but Painious grabs his leg causing him to fall and crotch himself on the top rope before falling into the ring. Painious then picks up DDT and nails the Pain Drop on him for the ONE…..TWO….THREE!!

Winner via pinfall: Painious

Painious gets his hand raised in victory when suddenly the lights go out.

And I vest my flashing sword
And my hand takes hold in judgment
I will take upon mine enemies
And I will repay those who have has me
O Lord, raise me to thy hand
And count me among thy saints

Never shall innocent blood be shed
Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow forth like a river
The one shall spread his blackened wings
And be the vengeful striking hammer of God

The chant ends as the crowd grows in anticipation. Suddenly the first guitar chords of Sevendust’s “Enemy” echo throughout as white strobe lights begin to flicker on the stage. A white smoke also emanates from stage as a dark, foreboding figure begins to appear in the background. Suddenly the amplitude of the guitar rifts is kicked up as Nate Redman forges ahead to a tremendous ovation from the crowd. Redman does not acknowledge the crowd as he rumbles down the aisle with his head down, appearing completely focused on the task at hand. Redman heads straight to his corner and climbs the middle rope, posing for the crowd before returning to the canvas.

Redman: Great job Painious, great job. You and DDT both looked tremendous. You were both great pick ups. However, We have had some not so great pick ups lately, but luckily I have the power to change that. So as of now Matt Calo, Original Sin, Ace Montana, Argus Rage, and Alyon Mac are all FIRED from FTW!

The crowd is shocked by this announcement.

Redman: Now that some of that nasty business has been taken care of, let me get to the real reason why I came out here, and that is to explain the World Title situation here in FTW. I am sure you all saw what happened at the first ever Unchained, so you know the situation. And tonight you seen Laba absolutely destroy former roster member Alyon Mac and later you will see Hacker and Inferno go one on one in the tournament. But recently Troy Pool has also won a battle royal that GUARNTEES him a spot in the Main Event for the World Title. So I think the solution is simple. At Going the Distance, we will have our first World Champion Crowned. And it will be in a Four Way Ladder Match! Pata Laba will take on Troy Pool who will take on Mathias who will take on the winner of tonight’s Hacker and Inferno match!

The crowd goes crazy as the camera fades into a commercial break.


‘You Can Run’ by DMX plays and out walks the Guerrera Brothers to a standing ovation from the crowd. The Guerreras slide into the ring and Ed goes over to Gary Abaddon and grabs a mic.

Ed: Hey Philadelphia! Were back again and ready to take something that should be rightfully ours, The FTW World Tag Team Championship.

Sal: Yeah! You see we are the only team without the Tag Titles with a win here in FTW… other than Aerial Fantasy who made a fool of themselves against Fyr & Ice.

Ed: Yeah so we are the first in line for a Tag Title Shot against Fyr & Ice. But seriously I have watched Fyr & Ice wrestle in WOF and FTW and guess who always gets the pinfall….. ICEMAN!!

Sal: You know what Ed…. You’re Right! Heatwave doesn’t do anything but get pinned. I bet you whenever they train against each other Heatwave loses! Well enough of Fyr & Ice and more of the Tag titles. So Nate if you here me. Give us a title shot! We deserve it for beating those losers the Wolf-Pac Boyz. So Fyr & Ice get ready because you won’t beat us again. You won’t take the Tag Titles away from our grasp and we got a tight grasp them.

He drops the mic then gets out of the ring with Ed to a huge pop from the crowd.

FTW World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Hacker vs. Inferno

“Ironman” by Black Sabbath blasts through out the arena and Hacker walks out from behind the curtain pushing a shopping cart of Weapons.

Styles, “Well Hacker is absolutely ready for this match.”

Hacker pushes the cart to the ring then tosses a trash can into the ring and sets the cart close to the ring then slides in. “Slow Chemical” by Finger Eleven hits the arena and Inferno walks out from behind the curtain to a lot of heat carrying LIGHT TUBES IN HIS LEFT HAND AND A TRASH CAN OF WEAPONS IN THE OTHER!

Zane, “Hacker maybe prepared, but Inferno is too.”

Inferno walks to the ring then climbs in. Hacker quickly runs at Inferno and nails a clothesline.

Styles, “Looks like Hacker doesn’t want to wait for the match to start.”

The ref calls for the match to begin as Hacker beats on Inferno in the corner. Hacker grabs one of the light tubes and SMASHES IT OVER MESSIAH’S HEAD! Hacker quickly DDT’s Inferno on the broken light tube. Hacker walks over to his Trash Can. Inferno gets to his feet; Hacker nails him with the Trash Can. Hacker tosses the can then grabs another light tube and prepares to nail Inferno with it, but Inferno nails a few punches to the gut followed by a LOW BLOW!

Styles, “Damn it Inferno hit a low blow.”

Inferno steals the Light Tube then SMAHES IT OVER HACKER’S HEAD! Messiah gets an angry look on his face then drops to his knees and DIGS THE BROKEN LIGHT TUBE INTO HACKER’S FOREHEAD!

Styles, “I think Inferno has lost his sanity Zane.”

Zane, “Can’t lose what you never had Mike.”

Inferno stops digging the light tube into Hacker’s head then moves to his trash can and pulls out a speed limit sign. Inferno waits for Hacker to get to his knees then smashes the sign over Hacker’s head. Hacker leans back then Inferno Big Boot’s him in the face. Inferno quickly goes for the cover, but Hacker kicks out before a count can even be made. Inferno pulls Hacker up then whips him into the corner. Inferno runs at Hacker, but Hacker gets the boot up. Inferno stumbles back. Hacker grabs a Light Tube then runs at Inferno and smashes it across his chest. Inferno falls to his knees. Hacker grabs another light tube and smashes it across Inferno’s chest.

Styles, “Hacker just cracked a light tube across Inferno’s bare chest.”

Inferno grabs his chest and rolls around on the mat. Hacker walks over to Inferno’s Trash can and pulls out a spool of Barbwire!

Zane, “Look Mike Barbwire!”

Hacker wraps a corner in the Barbwire. Hacker finishes wrapping the corner then turns around. Inferno Big Boot’s Hacker sending him into the BARBWIRE CORNER! Hacker screams in pain.

Styles, “That idea back fired on Hacker.”

Inferno steps back then runs at Hacker, but Hacker moves and Inferno crashes chest first into the corner. Hacker pulls Inferno out of the corner then hits a drop toe hold sending him face first into the barbwire. Hacker runs to the opposite corner then hits a running dropkick sending Inferno into the barbwire again. Hacker pulls Inferno out of the corner to reveal Inferno with blood dripping from his mask. Hacker sets up to slam Inferno, but Inferno floats over and sends Hacker into the barbwire. Inferno lies on the mat as Hacker falls out of the corner. Hacker and Inferno lie motionless on the mat.

Styles, “This has been a brutal exchange.”

Hacker starts to crawl and we see his face covered in blood. Hacker gets to the ropes and pulls himself up. Inferno gets to his knees then to his feet. Hacker and Inferno lock eyes then rush at each other and start exchanging punches. Hacker gets the advantage and beats Inferno to the ropes. Hacker nails a kick to the gut then suplexes Inferno near the ropes. Hacker moves to the apron then springs over the top rope and nails a leg drop. Hacker slides out of the ring, and looks under it. Hacker pulls out a table then slides it into the ring. Hacker gets on the apron and Inferno nails a shoulder to the gut then Suplexes Hacker into the ring on to Inferno’s Trash Can!

Zane, “That had to hurt.”

Inferno gets to his feet then pulls Hacker to his feet and whips him to the corner that is not wrapped in barbwire. Inferno grabs the busted Trash can then smashes it over the bloody head of Hacker. Inferno tosses the can out of the ring. Then walks over to the corner of the emptied can and grabs a bag and places it by the table.

Styles, “What is in that bag?”

Zane, “I don’t know JR. I don’t think I want to know.”

Inferno walks back to the corner and grabs the last light tube. Inferno walks over to Hacker and takes a swing, but Hacker dodges. Hacker nails an elbow smash. Hacker grabs the Tube, kicks Inferno in the legs bringing him to his knees puts the tube at his head then nails the SHINNING WIZARD SMASHING THE TUBE IN HIS FACE!

Styles, “Oh My GOD, the tube busted in Inferno’s face.”

Hacker gets back to his feet then moves over to the table and starts to set it up.

Styles, “Looks like Hacker will be able to use his table.”

Hacker finishes setting up the table then notices the bag that Inferno put near the table. Hacker looks in the bag then gets a big smile on his blood drenched face.

Zane, “Why is he smiling Mike?”

Styles, “The contents of the bag must make him happy.”

Inferno ah nails Hacker from behind and Hacker drops the bag without spilling the contents. Inferno starts laying the boots on Hacker then pulls him up and drops him with a CHOKE SLAM! Inferno pulls Hacker to the middle of the ring then locks in a Dragon Sleeper! Hacker Screams in pain. Hacker tries to get to the ropes, but Inferno pulls him back to the center of the ring. Hacker tries to get there again, but Inferno brings him to the center again. Suddenly Eddie Romero comes down to the ring with a masked figure!

Zane, “I thought he was dead!”

Inferno lets go of the hold and stares down Eddie and the Masked Man. The masked man runs into the ring and he and Inferno start exchanging right hands. The masked man gets the advantage and whips Inferno off the ropes. The Masked Man picks up Inferno on his shoulders and gives him a Death Valley Driver!! The Masked Man picks up the fallen Hacker and puts him on Inferno. The ref makes the count ONE………TWO………THREE!!!!

Winner: Hacker

Eddie Romero gets into the ring and gets a mic.

Eddie: Inferno you thought you had killed me but you didn’t!

Inferno is shown crawling in the ring.

Eddie: Inferno you think you can kill me! No way! Right now I am proposing a match! At the next FTW Pay Per View, Going the Distance you will be in a match Inferno. A match which is a CASKET MATCH!!!! It will be Inferno versus my new client…………. BIG CHIEF!!!!! The masked man takes off his mask to reveal himself as Big Chief. They leave the ring to a huge pop from the crowd.


FTW North American Championship
Trevor B vs. Seth Cassidy ©

“Neva Gonna Stop” hits the arena and Trevor B walks out to a huge pop from the crowd.

Mikey, “Here comes Trevor B looking to take down Seth Cassidy and win the North American Title.”

Trevor starts down the ramp then high fives some fans a long the way. Trevor climbs into the ring then “Burn in Hell” hits the arena and then the arena begins to flash red. A paddy wagon then backs on to the stage very slowly and 2 security guards step out and unlock the back door. Seth is wheeled out of the paddy wagon strapped on to a dolly, with a muzzle around his mouth. The security guards wheel him to the front of the ring and cautiously release him from the confines of the dolly. Seth then steps up onto the ring apron and then over the top rope and stares down his opponent with an icy cold stare that would instill fear into the hearts of the bravest men. Seth walks out to a huge amount of heat from the crowd. Seth runs to the ring then slides in and starts to battle with Trevor B. Seth and Trevor B exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Seth starts to gain an advantage then whips Trevor B to the ropes. Trevor B ducks a boot then connects with a clothesline, but Seth doesn’t fall down. Trevor B runs to the rope and hits another clothesline, but Seth still doesn’t fall down. Trevor B runs to the ropes again and Seth hits a thunderous clothesline turning Trevor inside out. Seth quickly hits an elbow drop. Seth moves to the choke. The ref starts the five count then Seth lets go of the choke then pulls Trevor B to his feet. Seth whips Trevor B to the corner then chokes Trevor B in the corner. The ref goes for the five count, but Seth lets go. Seth whips Trevor B to the other then clotheslines him in the corner. Seth pulls Trevor out of the corner then slams him with a spinebuster. Seth covers ONE…TWO…KICK OUT!

Mikey, “Seth is dominating the match.”

Zane, “Well what do you expect with a monster like him in the ring…..don’t tell him I said that.”

Seth pulls Trevor off the mat then whips him to the ropes. Trevor ducks the clothesline turns Seth around nails him with a kick to the gut followed by a DDT. Trevor gets back to his feet and nails an elbow drop. Trevor locks in a sleeper hold. Seth quickly gets to his feet and pushes Trevor into the ropes. Seth misses the big boot, but connects with a thunderous clothesline. Seth quickly mounts the top rope. Seth gets himself stable and looks like he’s going for the Death Row Drop, but Trevor gets up and runs up the turn buckle and connects with a CRUCIFIX BOMB FROM THE TOP-ROPE! Trevor quickly goes for the cover ONE…TWO…SETH GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Trevor pulls Seth to his feet and locks in an arm wrench. Trevor twists the arm. Trevor twists the arm again, but Seth pulls Trevor in and nails a clothesline. Seth pulls Trevor off the mat then drives him to the mat with a thunderous slam followed by an elbow drop. Seth gets up and hits another elbow drop. Seth pulls Trevor up then tosses him into the corner. Seth sits Trevor on the top rope. Trevor nails a few punches Seth’s face then nails an elbow smash. Trevor turns Seth around then nails a bulldog. Trevor moves to the ropes to catch a breather then looks to see Seth sit up. Trevor starts to shake his head then hits Seth with an axe handle smash. Trevor tries nails a few kicks to Seth, but Seth still manages to get to his feet. Trevor hits Seth with kicks and punches, but Seth pushes Trevor away. Trevor quickly gets back on the attack, but Seth pushes away again. Trevor runs at Seth and gets a boot in his face. Seth mounts Trevor then starts to throw punches to Trevor’s head.

Mikey, “Seth has regained his dominance over Trevor B.”

Seth pulls Trevor off of the mat then whips him to the ropes. Trevor ducks the clothesline and slides down locking in the Boston Crab! Trevor tightens the hold then moves to the center of the ring. Seth screams in pain. Trevor locks the hold in tighter. Seth starts to crawl to the ropes. Seth crawls and his just a hair away from the ropes, but Trevor drags him back to the middle of the ring. Seth starts to crawl to the ropes again then powers out of it and sends Trevor through the ropes to the floor. Seth moves to the corner then pulls himself up. Trevor rolls around outside the ring then gets to his knees. Trevor looks in the ring the quickly slides into the ring. Trevor clotheslines Seth into the corner then connects with a suplex. Both Seth and Trevor lie motionless on the mat.

Mikey, “Both of these men have to be worn out.”

Zane, “Yes neither man can take their advantage.”

Trevor starts to roll around then gets to the ropes and pulls himself up. Trevor walks over and collapses on Seth ONE…TWO…SETH GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Trevor gets to his knees then questions the ref. Seth sits up then nails Trevor with a stiff punch. Seth moves to his feet. Trevor gets to his feet then is taken down by a clothesline from Seth. Seth stands over Trevor and looks down on him. Seth gets a twisted smile on his face then walks closer to Trevor. Trevor quickly hooks the Boston Crab on Seth again. Trevor locks the hold in tight and moves him to the center of the ring. Seth screams then quickly rolls through and locks in a Boston Crab of his own. Seth tights the hold and gets more elevation on it. Trevor screams in pain. Seth moves Trevor to the middle of the ring and tightens the hold. Trevor screams louder as he dangles in the air. Trevor walks on his hands, and tries to reach the ropes. Seth lets go of the hold and Trevor brings Seth down and locks in another Boston Crab. Seth screams in pain. Trevor just tightens the hold.

Mikey, “Trevor is going to break Seth’s back.”

Seth starts to crawl to the ropes, but Trevor keeps the hold in the middle of the ring. Seth changes direction and tries to crawl to the corner. Trevor keeps the hold. Seth powers out again sending Trevor crashing head first into the turnbuckle. Seth gets to his feet and starts walk towards Trevor. Seth pulls Trevor to his feet then sends him to the opposite corner Trevor bounces out of the corner then ducks the boot from Seth. Kurt hits a chop block to Seth’s leg. Trevor waits for Seth to get to his feet. Seth gets up then Trevor goes for a Back Suplex. Seth blocks the move then grabs Trevor by the throat. Seth sets up for the Chokeslam and nails it. Seth covers Trevor ONE…TWO…THRE-SETH LIFTS TREVOR UP!

Mikey, “I think Seth will regret not pinning Trevor.”

Seth tosses Trevor to the mat then climbs to the top rope. Seth dives off the top-rope with a Death Row Drop and pins!! ONE…….TWO………THREE!!

Winner via pinfall: Seth Cassidy

Josh, April, and Jason are standing by Anne Facemeyer.

Anne: Ok Guys you have asked for this time so tell us what you have on your mind.

Jason: What we have on our minds. What is on the minds of every tag team in FTW? The FTW World Tag Team championship. At the last unchained we had a shot at that title. We blew that shot, but that is how the cards are dealt sometimes.

Josh: Fyr & Ice you guys beat us. I guess when it’s on your own terrain that is the way it rolls.

April: Once again I underestimated the team of Fyr & Ice. Well I will not make that mistake again.

Jason: We have trained since that day Heatwave and Iceman. We are getting ready to take you guys on again.

Josh: But first we need to prove to the FTW powers that we deserve a rematch.

April: So here is what we are gonna do. We are not scheduled for this Unchained so we make a challenge.

Jason: That is right at the next show we challenge any tag team in the FTW.

Josh: Atlantic Connection, Summers Boys, Wolf Pac Boyz, Guerrera Brothers, any tag team in FTW boys we challenge all of you.

April: That is right if any of you BOYS have the guts come and face Aerial Fantasy at the next show.

Jason: However, this will not just be any kind of match.

Josh: We have decided to play our game and not anyone else’s game.

April: So at the next show our challenge is to a LADDER MATCH!

Jason: That is right where we feel most at home is what we challenge you boys to.

Josh: If you can fly with us you have a chance.

April: Which of you teams has the guts?

Anne: Well You heard it hear the Ladder challenge has been set for the next show. Hey guys I got to ask everybody is heavily intent on the Main event tonight. Who do you think will win the High Flyers Ball and walk away Internet champ.

Josh, April, and Jason look up in thought.

Josh: I think it will by Draco.

Jason: I hate to admit it, but I got to say Krystian.

April: Krystian are you nuts Draco has this in the bag.

Jason: Nah this has to go to the champ.

Josh: No way this kind of match is made for the challenger.

Jason: Well we’ll see at the end of the show.

All three walk off leaving Anne Looking confused.

FTW Internet Championship
High Flyers Ball
Krystian The Korupt © Vs Josh Draco

Josh and Krystian shake the cage to keep the seeing if it is solid. Josh and Krystian face each other then start to circle each other. Krystian runs up a turnbuckle then lands with a moonsault. Krystian looks over at Josh who runs off the opposite turnbuckle and lands a moonsault. Josh runs up another turnbuckle, but Krystian trips him. Josh crashes face first into the turnbuckle. Krystian turns Josh around then starts to punch him wildly. Krystian goes for a whip, but Josh reverses and drives Krystian to the mat with a hiptoss. Krystian gets up quick. Josh whips Krystian back to the corner. Josh runs at Krystian, but Krystian dodges. Josh stops himself then launches himself off the top rope into a moonsault DDT on Krystian! Josh quickly gets back to his feet then connects with a somersault leg drop on Krystian. Josh pulls Krystian up, but Krystian nails Josh with a kick right between the legs. Krystian starts to kick Josh in the ribs and legs. Josh falls to his knees and Krystian poses for the crowd. Krystian turns around only to be hit by a dropsault from Josh. Krystian stumbles back into the ropes. Josh runs at Krystian, but Krystian dodges sending Josh crashing into the cage. Josh falls to the mat. Krystian runs to the top rope and dives off hitting a shooting star press. Krystian gets back to his feet then connects with a standing shooting star press on Josh. Krystian gets back to his feet then moves to the corner. Krystian mounts the second rope then dives off with the leg drop. Krystian moves back to the second rope then poses for the crowd. The crowd boos Krystian wildly. Josh starts to get back to his feet. Krystian steps up to the top rope then begins to climb to the top of the cage. Josh gets to his feet then runs up the turnbuckle. Josh jumps up and grabs Krystian in a full nelson. Krystian holds onto the top of the cage as Josh tries to pull him down. Josh starts to kick Krystian. Josh rams Krystian’s head into the Cage then falls back driving Krystian into the mat with a DRAGON SUPLEX! Krystian moves to his stomach and lies motionless. Josh quickly gets back to his feet. Josh jumps up to the top rope and waits for Krystian. Krystian starts to get to his feet. Krystian gets to his feet then turns around. JOSH DRIVES KRYSTAIN TO THE MAT WITH THE SHOOTING STAR DDT! Josh stands up then starts to climb the turnbuckle. Krystian starts to roll to the corner. Josh starts to climb the corner of the cage. Josh moves to the top of the cage. Krystian climbs the corner. Josh sits on the top of the cage, but Krystian quickly locks Josh in the ALL CHOCKED UP ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Krystian moves forward then places his feet on the cage. Krystian moves to the top of the cage then pulls Josh to his feet. Krystian DRIVES JOSH TO THE MAT WITH A REVERSE DDT! Josh lies motionless as Krystian rolls to the cage door. Krystian opens the door then rolls out of the ring. Krystian looks under the ring and pulls out a barbwire chair. Krystian slides the chair into the ring then looks under the ring again. Krystian pulls out a table then slides it into the ring and looks under the ring again. Josh starts to get to his feet then starts to climb the cage. Krystian does not notice Josh climbing the cage. Josh gets to the top of the cage. Josh crawls to the five foot ladder and starts to climb. Josh stands on top of the five foot ladder. Krystian pulls out another table then slides it into the ring. Josh yells and Krystian looks up. Josh dives off the ladder and connects with the DRAGONCANRANA! Josh and Krystian lie motionless on the floor. Josh starts to get to his feet. Krystian starts to pull himself up by the guardrail. Josh gets to his feet at the same time as Krystian. Krystian runs at Josh, but Josh dodges and Krystian crashes into the corner. Josh grabs Krystian’s head and starts to bash it into the cage. Josh stops bashing then digs the head into the cage. Josh pulls Krystian away from the cage then tries to whip him. Krystian reverses and sends Josh into the cage. Josh jumps onto the cage then fakes a crossbody which Krystian dodges. Josh climbs higher onto the cage Krystian turns around. Josh dives off and hits Krystian with a Flip Neckbreaker. Josh gets to his feet then moves to the cage door. Josh pulls out one of the tables Krystian threw in the ring. Josh starts to set up the table as Krystian gets to his feet. Krystian sees Josh setting up the table and quickly runs to the cage. Krystian starts to climb the cage as Josh finishes setting up the table. Josh turns and sees Krystian climbing the ladder. Josh grabs the table and moves it closer to Krystian. Josh starts to climb the cage quickly catching up to Krystian. Krystian gets to the top of the cage then starts to climb the 5 foot ladder. Josh gets to top then starts to climb the floor side of the ladder. Josh and Krystian meet near the top of the ladder and start to punch each other. Krystian nails a stiff elbow then quickly jumps over and DRIVES JOSH OFF THE LADDER WITH THE K SHOT THROUGH THE TABLE! Krystian and Josh lie motionless in the ruble of the table. Krystian starts to move out of the ruble then leans against the cage. Krystian moves to the door of the cage then crawls into the ring and grabs the barbwire chair. Krystian starts to climb the cage. Josh starts to move out of the ruble and rolls to the to the ring apron. Krystian makes it to the top of the cage. Josh looks up and sees Krystian on top of the cage. Josh starts to climb the cage. Krystian stands on the top of the cage. Krystian moves where Josh is climbing. Krystian looks down as Josh gets close to the top. Krystian bends down and starts to strike Josh with the BARBWIRE CHAIR! Josh screams in pain. Krystian continuously strikes Josh with the chair. Josh hangs onto the cage and continues to scream. Krystian puts the chair on top of the cage then pulls Josh on to the top of the cage. Krystian pulls Josh to his feet then smashes Josh’s head on the ladder. Krystian moves Josh over to the eight foot ladder then smashes Josh’s head off the that ladder. Krystian tries to drag Josh up the ladder, but Josh nails Krystian with a few punches to the gut. Josh starts to climb the ladder on the open side of the cage. Krystian climbs the ringside of the ladder. Josh and Krystian get high on the ladder then start to exchange punches. Josh hits a hard right, but Krystian connects with an eye poke. Krystian moves Josh and himself up to the top rung then hooks him in a suplex position. KRYSTIAN TAKES JOSH OFF THE LADDER AND INTO THE CROWD WITH THE DOUBLE K DRIVER! Both men lie motionless in the crowd. After a few minutes Krystian rolls to his stomach then crawls to the guardrail. Krystian walks back over to where Josh is then drags his lifeless body to the guardrail. Krystian pulls Josh up then pushes him over the guardrail. Krystian pulls Josh to the ring then rolls his lifeless body into the ring. Krystian drags Josh over near the five foot ladder. Krystian starts to climb the cage. Krystian makes it to the top of the cage and picks up his barbwire chair. Krystian looks down at Josh with a demented smile. Krystian jumps off and places the chair under his feet. KRYSTIAN CRUSHES JOSH WITH A DOUBLE STOMP ON THE BARBWIRE CHAIR DRIVING IT STRAIGHT INTO JOSH! Josh goes into convulsions. Krystian gets to his feet then looks down at Josh with a twisted smile. Josh stops his convulsions and lies motionless on the mat. Krystian leans against the ropes and holds the barbwire chair up, much to the disgust of the crowd. Krystian looks over at the second table he brought in then puts down the chair and moves the table to under the ten foot ladder. Krystian sets up the table. Krystian pulls Josh up then lies him face down on the table. Krystian starts to climb the cage. Krystian gets to the top of the cage then poses to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Krystian gives the crowd the finger then starts to climb the ten foot ladder. Krystian stands on the top rope then gives the crowd the finger again. Krystian goes for a Corkscrew 630, but Josh rolls OFF TEH TABLE CAUSING KRYSTIAN TO CRASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Josh rolls to the ropes then pulls himself up. Krystian rolls on the mat holding his back. Josh gets to his feet revealing his front half to be bloody. Josh walks over and grabs the barbwire chair. Josh pulls Krystian to a corner. Josh places the chair in the center of the ring. Josh pulls Krystian to his feet then POWERBOMBS KRYSTIAN ONTO THE BARBWIRE WRAPPED CHAIR! Josh climbs to the top rope then climbs to the top of the cage. Josh looks down at Krystian then looks at the crowd. Josh gives the crowd a salute (actual salute) then DIVES OFF AND LADNS A DOUBLE MOONSAULT ON KRYSTIAN! Josh sits and watches Krystian roll around in pain. Josh looks at Krystian then at the crowd who is chanting wildly for him. Josh gets to his feet then places the barbwire chair in between the top and second turnbuckle. Josh drags Krystian to the turnbuckle then grabs his legs. JOSH CATAPULTS KRYSTIAN FACE FIRST INTO THE BARBWIRE CHAIR! Josh gets up then puts the chair between the second and bottom turnbuckle. Josh puts Krystian in Half Surfboard Stretch. Josh puts his foot on Krystian’s back then DRIVES KRYSTIAN’S FACE INTO THE BARBWIRE CHAIR WITH A STOMP! Krystian rolls away from the corner clutching his face. Krystian removes his hand s revealing a blood covered face. Josh looks down on Krystian then up at the eight foot ladder. Josh starts to climb the cage. Josh starts to climb the cage. Krystian sits on the ropes and wipes the blood from his eyes. Krystian looks up to see Josh standing on top of the cage. Krystian starts to climb the cage. Josh looks down at Krystian then starts to climb the ladder. Josh stands on the top rung then waits. Krystian gets near the top of the cage. Josh yells and Krystian looks up. JOSH DIVES OFF THE LADDER THEN DRIVES KRYSTIAN TO THE MAT WITH A GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Josh and Krystian lie motionless on the mat for about two minutes. Josh rolls then gets to his feet. Josh moves to the cage door then steps outside. Josh asks the fans for a chair. One girl fan hands Josh a chair. Josh thanks the fans then starts to climb the cage. Krystian gets to his feet and sees Josh climbing the cage. Krystian runs then dropkicks the cage. Josh falls off the cage and crashes into the guardrail. Josh holds his side. Krystian quickly grabs the barbwire chair then moves to the open door. Josh quickly grabs the door and smashes it into Krystian’s blood covered face. Krystian rolls back clutching his face. Josh starst to climb the cage again. Krystian rolls to the opposite side of the ring as Josh continues up the cage. Josh stands on top of the cage with the chair then looks down at Krystian. Krystian gets to his feet then turns around. JOSH JUMPS OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE WITH THE CHAIR UNDER HIS FEET AND CONNECTS WITH A DOUBLE STOMP TO KRYSTIAN’S HEAD! Josh stands against the ropes looking down at Krystian. Josh grabs the chair then climbs the turnbuckle. Josh moves to the top of the cage. Josh jumps up and puts the chair under his knees. JOSH CRUSHES KYRSTIAN WITH A CHAIR AIDED DOUBLE KNEE DROP! Josh gets back to his feet then grabs his left knee. Josh drags Krystian’s body over to the ten foot ladder. Josh starts to climb cage. Josh gets to the top of the cage looks down then starts to climb the ladder. Krystian sits up then shakes his head. Krystian looks up at Josh then starts to climb the cage. Krystian makes it to the top of the cage as Josh gets to the top of the ladder. Krystian quickly makes his way up the ladder and nails Josh with a forearm shot to the back. Krystian moves up and tries to German suplex Josh off the ladder. Josh holds on for dear life. Josh elbows Krystian in the head then drives Krystian to the mat with the SLICED BREAD #2! Josh rolls on the mat grabbing his knee. Krystian lies motionless on the mat. Josh gets to the ropes then pulls himself up. Josh walks to the corner then climbs to the top rope. Josh comes off with a corkscrew 450, but Krystian dodges the causing Josh to crash into the mat. Krystian gets to his feet then starts to climb the corner. Krystian walks on the top under the ten foot ladder. Krystian starts to climb the cage. Josh lies motionless on his stomach. Krystian gets to the top of the cage then starts to climb the ladder. Krystian makes it to the top rung then faces Josh. KRYSTIAN DIVES OFF AND CONNECTS WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO JOSH’S back. Josh goes into convulsions while Krystian rolls grabbing his gut. Krystian crawls to his barbwire chair then grabs it. Krystian sets up the chair then pulls Josh up. Krystian places Josh in a CRADLE PILEDRIVER then LAUNCHES HIMSELF USING THE CHAIR AND HITS A CRADLE PILEDRIVER ON THE BARBWIRE CHAIR! Krystian grabs his legs in pain then rolls to the cage side. Krystian quickly gets to his feet and climbs the Fifteen foot ladder side of the cage. Josh lies motionless on the mat. Krystian makes it to the top of the cage before Josh starts to move. Josh rolls to his right side. Krystian quickly starts to climb the ladder. Josh gets to his feet as Krystian stands on the top. Josh turns around as Krystian dives off and nails Josh with a DRAGONRANA! Krystian tries to go for a pin ONE...TWO...THR-JOSH KICKS OUT! Krystian looks in shock then decides to climb up the cage again. Josh gets to his knees and looks at Krystian. Josh gets to his feet then follows Krystian up the cage side. Krystian gets to the top of the cage then climbs the ladder on the open side of the cage. Josh makes it to the top then climbs the ringside of the cage. Both men have a hard time climbing the ladder. Both men get near the top and start a punch fest. Krystian nails a hard right then puts Josh into a powerbomb position. Josh lifts Krystian and puts him into a Dragon Driver position. Josh steps up to the top rung and faces the crowd. Josh looks down then straight forward. JOSH JUMPS OFF THE TOP OF THE FIFTEEN FOOT LADDER DRIVING KRYSTIAN HEAD FIRST INTO THE CROWD WITH THE DRAGON DRIVER!



Josh and Krystian lie motionless the crowd. The remain motionless for a few minutes. Suddenly, a fan pours some beer on Josh, to no effect. The fan tries it on Krystian, no effect. Suddenly, a female fan mounts Josh then gives him a huge kiss. Anne Facemeyer runs from the back and jumps into the crowd. Anne quickly mounts Krystian and gives him a huge kiss. Josh’s feet start to move. Josh grabs the crazed female fan in a hug then gets to his feet. The fan wraps her legs around Josh as the get on the lip lock.

Zane- Why can’t I be that lucky?
The fan puts her feet down then Josh lifts his arms to the fans delight. Anne continues to kiss Krystian, but nothing happens. Suddenly, two female fans mount Krystian. Krystian immediately wakes up with a hug smile on his face. Josh jumps off a chair and hits a leg drop on Krystian. Anne, and the two fans move quickly as Josh pulls Krystian up then moves him to the guardrail. Josh tosses Krystian over the guardrail then jumps over himself. Josh starts to climb the cage. Krystian quickly follows. Josh makes it to the top of the cage seconds before Krystian does. Josh starts to climb the open side of the cage. Krystian gets on the ringside and climbs the ladder as well. Both men get to the top again. Krystian nails three quick shot then sets Josh in a suplex position. Krystian moves Josh up to the top rung then goes for a SUPERPLEX! In mid air the SUPERPLEX GETS TIWSTED AND BOTH JOSH AND KRYSTIAN ARE DRIVEN THRUOGH THE RING!


The ref looks at the hole in the ring in shock. Suddenly we see movement in the hole.

Krystian starts to dig his way out of the hole. Krystian lies on the mat for a moment then moves back to the hole. Krystian pulls out Josh then moves him to a corner. Krystian slowly makes his way up the turnbuckle. Krystian looks down at Josh’s lifeless body then climbs to the top of the cage. Krystian dives off and connects with the K-TIME! Krystian quickly covers ONE...TWO...THREE!

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