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Hello this is my first BTB
Here is the backstory to my BTB

Ten years on after the death of WCW presumed by many wresting fans that it would stay dead forever until 2011. In what would become a bombshell that would shock the wrestling world it turned out that the actually sale of the company WCW was sold over to Shane McMahon. After Shane had a falling out with his father about the direction the WWE was heading Shane made a bold move he relaunched WCW. With 3 shows Monday Nitro and Thursday Thunder being the main ones and WCW Showtime as a way of showcasing younger talent

He held a press conference were he offered open tryouts to establish his roster he also offered any unhappy superstars in WWE or TNA a way out as he would buy out their contracts to bring them to WCW. He told the waiting press that he would use some of the WCW original pay per views but also create his own this is how the WCW calender looks like so far

Monday Nights Nitro
Wednesday Nights Showtime
Thursday Nights Thunder

PPV Calender

Febuary Uncensored
March Starrcade
April Spring Stampede
June Great American Bash
July Bash at the Beach
September Fall Brawl
October Halloween Havoc

The most notable change being Starrcade being moved from the end of the year spot to March so that it could compete with Wrestlemania.
The first Nitro of the new WCW is scheduled to be held in Atlanta Georgia the home of the original WCW.

Championship Belts
WCW World Heavyweight Champion
WCW US Champion
WCW Television Champion
WCW Hardcore Champion
WCW Cruiserweight Champion
WCW World Tag Team Champions

WCW Roster
Aj Styles
Alex Shelley
Alex Wright
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brett Dibiase
Bryan Danielson
Bubba Ray Dudley
Buff Bagwell
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Chris Jericho
Chuck Palumbo
CM Punk
Disco Inferno
D Von Dudley
Evan Bourne
The Giant
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jesse neal
Joe Hennig
John Morrison
Juventud Gerrera
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Mr Kennedy
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan
Petey Williams
Rey Mysterio Jr
Robert Rude
Road Dogg
Samoa Joe
Sean O Haire
Shawn Stasiak
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Ted Dibiase Jr
Ultimo Dragon

Tag Teams and Stables
The Fortnate Sons(Ted and Brett Dibiase and Joe Hennig)
Worlds Greatest Tag Team(Hass and Benjamin)
Beer Money(Roode and Storm)
Motor City MachineGuns(Shelley and Sabin)
The Dudleys(D Von and Bubba Ray)
Ink Inc(Moore and Neal)
The New Blood(Palumbo Stasiak O Haire Jindarak)
New Age Outlaws(Billy Gunn and Road Dogg)
IV Horsemen(Roode Styles Storm Kazarian Flair)

Nitro GM
Eric Bishoff
Thunder GM
Paul Heyman

Ric Flair
Ted Dibiase Snr

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Monday 27 June 2011, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
Monday Nitro

A brand new opening video plays for WCW Nitro 2011 playing to the New theme song This is the New Shit by Marilyn Manson. The entrance way was as it was during the monday night wars. pyro goes off and as it ends the crowd go quiet as though they are waiting for something.

Shane McMahons Music hits. A huge roar is heard throughout the Georgia dome as Shane-o-Mac makes his way to the ring.

Shane Mc:Welcome Everyone to WCW Nitro. Today is the new beginning of this legendary company. As of now all titles are vacant but over the next few weeks on Thunder and Nitro there will be a series of qualifying matches for each title with the culmination of those qualifiers being at our first PPV of the new WCW Era:Bash at the Beach. But first i think i should make a few introductions please welcome to the annoucers table Mike Tenay and Tony Schivone.

The Nitro Music hits and Tenay and Schvione make there way to the announce table

Shane Mc:i have 1 more introduction and it is for the man who will be in charge of running Nitro the flagship show of WCW. Ladies and Gentlemen:Eric Bischoff

Bischoffs old WWE music hits some of the crowd cheer and some boo as Bischoff makes his way down the ramp with a huge grin on his face Shane exits the ring after shaking hands with Bischoff

Bischoff:Just when you though it was safe to turn your TV back on tonight we show up haha. Its good to be home. Thats what it feels like for me. Most of the old WCW guys in the back feel like it hasnt been ten years since WCW closed. To them now it feels like it never closed. thank you also you wonderful people for filling this arena to welcome us back.

So in Regards to the Pay Per View as Shane said there wil be a series of Qualifying matches for the TV, US, Tag Team and World titles. The Cruiserweight and Hardcore titles will be open invitational match at Bash at the Beach and it will be the first man to score a pinfall or submission in those matches who will leave with the belt. Well thats all for now but lets just say tonight will be the start of something new.

Bischoffs music hits as he leaves the ring and heads backstage.Nitro cuts to commercial break.

Nitro comes back on air and the crowd are awaiting the first match

Schivone:Hello everyone and welcome back to Nitro im Tony Schivone here with "The Professor" Mike Teny and we are here waiting our first qualifying match but first i believe we have some breaking news coming out of the office of Shane McMahon lets go live backstage with Mean Jean Okerlund.

Mean Jean:Thanks Tony. This is Mean Jean Okerland backstage outside Shane McMahons office. We understand that Shane has just had a meeting over the commerical break with both Nitro GM Eric Bischoff and Thunder GM Paul Heyman and i belive they have made a huge decision.

Heyman and Bischoff quickly leave the office and are soon followed by Shane who speaks to Mean Jean

Mean Jean:so Shane whats the big decision?
Shane Mc:Well Mean Jean we have decided due to our rather large roster this wednesday on Showtime we will be having a superstar draft were the GM pick their rosters.
Mean Jean: will you be doing this live on Showtime?.
Shane Mc: No we will reveal the first 15 picks from each show and the rest will be announced on WCW.com.
Mean Jean: What about the Champions?
Shane Mc: Well as champions they will have to appear on both shows until they lose the title then they return to their own show. Now if you excuse me i have to go.
Mean jean:Well you heard the news guys this wednesdays on WCW Showtime the first ever WCW superstar draft will be revealed personally i can't wait. Back to you guys.
Tenay:Thanks Mean Jean.Well Tony that was a shocking announcement lets see if our first match can follow it well.

Pyro hits and the Dudley boyz music hits and they get a huge pop. They are followed by the motor city machince guns as the tag title tournament begins

Dudley Boyz vs Motor City Machine Guns
The opening match of the new WCW era bgins with the power of Bubba ray and the speed of Chris sabin as expected bubba dominates Sabin useing his size and strengh to his advantage. there was clarly no love loft between these teams as bubba dumped sabin over the top rop and then threw him into the steel steps. after gettng back into the ring just before the ten count bubba continued to dominate making quick tags with d von the crowd were getting hyped and were chanting "get the tables". The tide turned however when the dudleys went for a signature move as d von took off from the top rope for the headbutt to the groin, sabin rolled back making d von hit nothing but canvas he then gave bubba two kicks to the head knocking him to the ground allowing for Sabin to finally make the tag to Shelley. Shelley stormed the ring and began with a flying forearm to D von a beautifuly timed dropkick to Bubba and then as D von went to attack Shelley from behind Sabin came in with a clothesline to d von taking both men out of the ring. this left Shelley alone with Bubba. Shelley hit a superkick and then went to the top rope going for a frog splash. As he was about to d von grbbed a leg causing on to stradle te top rope d von had taken sabin out by slamming him into the barricade. D von got Bubba up and they then set up Shelley for the 3D and then D von pinned Shelley for the win.

Tenay:What a match. a great way to start of this new Era of WCW that puts the Dudley boyz through to the next round. What have we got next Tony?
Schivone: After the commercial Break we have a thripe threat qualifying match in the TV title tournament.

Commercial Break

Nitro comes back on with Ric Flair standing in the ring with Kazarian.


Nitro go nuts as Flair starts strutting round the ring.

Flair: Hello Nitro the nature boy was in the back just sitting reminiscing about the old days and i thought to myself Naitch this is WCW and in WCW thy had a group of guys called the horsemen. Wooooooo. So starting tonight im recruiting the Horsemen class of 2011 firstly Frankie Kazarian you came to me looking for guidance and im telling you now if you win tonights qualifier il give you more than guidance il give a you a spot in the horsemen.

Flair Leaves the ring as Disco infernos music hits and the fans in the georgia dome start singing along. The WCW fans are glad to see him return to the ring. Disco does his usual disco dance in the ring to a huge pop. Kaz comes from behind knocks Disco outside the ring and goes outside the ring to beat him down before his other opponent gets to the ring. To the fans surprise Alex Wright hits the ring as the next competitor and immediatly goes to help his former tag partner Disco.

TV Title Qualifier
Disco Inferno vs Alex Wright vs Kazarian
Alex Wright gets into the ring with Kaz and they lock up in the ring. Kaz takes the advantage with a snap suplex and begins to work on the legs of Wright. Disco begins to try to grab the apron to get back in the ring but Kaz is too quick and hits him with a vicious baseball slide and knocks disco in the barricade. This created a chance for wright to come from behind he goes for the quick roll up but kaz kicks out at 2 the referee becomes distracted by ric flair as it appears he is going to put the boots to Disco on the outside while the ref is distracted Kaz hits a lowblow. Kaz then hits Fade to Black and gets the 3 count.

Tenay: What a cheat Tony i can't believe Kaz is getting away with this.
Schivone: Well he is with the dirtiest plyer in the game looks like thats what flair meant when he said "Guidance"
Tenay: Yeah some guidance.
Schvione: So Mike after 2 matches what you think of Shanes WCW so far ?
Tenay: Well Tony i think there are gonna be some exciting times ahead but only time will tell.

Mr Kennedys music hits. He hits the ring and raises his hand to the sky awaiting his microphone

Kennedy: Good Evening ladies and gentlemen tonight i have a qualifier for the world heavyweight title. Speaking of weight, today i weighed in at 249 pounds. and i hail from Green Bay Wisconsin!!!!!!!. And tonight i get one step closer to the WCW Heavyweight championship. i am MRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............................................................KENNEDY!!!!.

"CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKA" Boker T's music hits and the crowd nearly blow the roof off the georgia dome for the 5 time WCW champion.

World Heavyweight Title Qualifier
Mr Kennedy Vs Booker T
Two fan favourites go one on one here in the first of two main events. After some trash talk from Mr Kenedy to Booker T the pair come to blows in the middle of the ring with booker getting the upper hand. Booker gets Kennedy into the corner and starts to lay into him with heavy punches before the ref breaks it up. booker continues to control the match he sets Kennedy up for the scissor kick but Kennedy moves out of the way then clotheslines Booker over the top rope. kennedy stays in the ring so he can re-cooperate from the beating he received from booker. Kennedy then takes to the outside but catches an elbow to the midsection from booker. Booker slams Kennedys face into the top of the steel steps leaving him dazed. Booker throws him back into the ring. Booker goes for the Bookend but Kennedy counters with an elbow to the back of the head and hits booker with the mic check and covers booker for the 3 count and advances in the tournament.

Tenay:Mr Kennedy advances to he next round
Schvione:Looks like Booker T will be staying a 5 tme wcw champion for the time being haha
Tenay: You'd think a match like that would be our main event but we have another special match lined up as WCW Nitros first main event of the new era.
Schvione:Thats right the Charismtaic Enigma Jeff Hardy will battle a man who can only be described as a WCW Legend. A man who holds the longest undefeated streak in WCW history. He is Da Man. He is Goldberg

Commercial Break

Nitro comes back on the air and on the titan tron is goldbergs locker room the head of secuirity knocks on the door and Goldberg emerges. Looking better than ever. He makes his way to the stage area. He comes through the tunnel and stands as he is engulfed by his pyro . then as the pyro ends Jeff Hardy attacks goldberg from behind with a vicious chair shot. he hit him several times focuses on his legs but also dishing out a number of shots to his head.

Word Heavyweight Titile Qualifier
Jeff Hardy vs Goldberg
After the brutal attack during his entrance Goldberg gets threw into the ring post . Jeff Hardy is geting abuse from the fans in The Georgia dome who came to root for the hometown hero goldberg. Hardy gets goldbeg into the ring and begins stomping away. He picks up his beaten opponent and delivers a suplex followed by a standing moonsault. Hardy picks up Goldberg and signals for the twist of fate but goldberg counter sending him off into the ropes but Hardy was ready and hit back with a flying forearm. Goldbergs is down and Hardy decides its time for the swanton bomb. Hardy comes off the rope bu goldberg gets his knees up. Both men are down and the ref starts the count. Both men begin to get to their feet. Hardy goes to try to take goldberg down with a clothesline but is demolished by a spear. goldberg then bursts int life and the crowd cheer as they know what is coming next. Goldberg picks up hardy and hits him with a devastating jackhammer. 1....2.....3 and its over goldbrg advances.

The Georgia dome crowd go nuts as Goldberg battles back against Jeff Hardy to advance to the next round.

Tenay:Well that was a terrific main event and what a way to end the first Nitro we will see you wednesday to find out the results of the first ever WCW Superstar Draft. So im the Professor Mike Tenay
Schvione: And im Tony Schvione and we will see you Wednesday on WCW Showtime.

Nitro Music Plays and the Show ends


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WCW Title Tournament Brackets
TV Title
Wright vs Disco vs Kaz(W)
Raven vs Bagwell vs Gunn
O Haire vs Dogg Vs Low ki

Us Title
Samoa Joe vs Jindrak
Morgan vs Morrison
RVD vs Danielson
Christian vs Williams

Tag Titles
Dudley boyz(W) v MCMG
Ink Inc vs The New Blood
WGTT vs Beer Money
New age outlaws vs Fortunate sons

World Title
Mr Kennedy(W) vs Booker T
Goldberg(W) vs Jeff Hardy
Styles vs Angle
Jericho vs CM Punk

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Preview for WCW Showtime
After an exciting first edition of the new WCW Nitro all focus now falls on this coming wednesday when WCW Showtime airs we will find out the new rosters for Nitro and Thunder.
In edition to that we have Rey Mysterio jr vs Juventud Guerrera, Raven vs RVD in extreme rules and the main event is a massive 6 man tag match as Christian AJ Styles and Mr Kennedy take on Beer Money and Kaz. so it should be an exsplosive night. Plus in edition to all that there will be a special announcement regarding the Special roster for Showtime which will consist of a group of young superstars and a very special GM to keep them in check. ITS SHOWTIME FOLKS

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Woh, slow down a bit. You just posted your roster today, then posted a show, and now you're posting a preview of another show? Gotta give folks some time to catch up, or even get interested.

I was never into WCW at all, so I can't comment much on the original, but what I do know is the roster looks damn strong, almost too cluttered. I also don't like Starrcade being moved to compete with Wrestlemanaia, if you wanna look at it in a realistic setting. There also appears to be a bit too many titles. I skimmed through your first show, so I can't give a formal review, but it seems much too short.

That being said, remember to slow down. You don't have to post a show on Wednsday even if in your thread timeline says it's on Wednsday. Post shows at your own pace...just not too quickly ;)

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Yes, I agree. you do need to slow down a little bit on your posting. I do like the idea that you have for bringing WCW back in 2011. There are a few problems with it though. Your backstory should be a little more detailed, explaining why 3/4 of the TNA roster decided to go to WCW. It would make more sense that Shane McMahon purchased TNA and reinvented it under the TNA banner. Starrcade going head-to-head against Wrestlemania isn't a great idea. Wrestlemania is the superbowl of Professional Wrestling (even if this year's card sucks). To put WCW's top PPV against the juggernaut.

Your roster is star studded that's for sure, and I'm sure that you can do a lot of great little things with this thread with some careful thinking. Also, check out some other threads and see what other people are doing. Good Luck
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