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Welcome Wrestling Forum frawends to what some may consider the final bout of this FIRST ROUND of the Summer Slam snake draft!!!! At odds here are two battle hardened veterans of the Fantasy Draft game, one known for winning the KLIQ for free (!!!), and another for unprecedented fuckery!!! Prepare yourself for thrills and chills as only one drafter will ascend to Round 2!!! LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMBLLLLLE!!!!

To vote will require three steps: first, to respond to each poll on the match up, and second, to post a few sentences explaining the reason behind your vote. I do not expect a novella, but a few sentences briefly stating why one card was preferable to the other.

A example of an acceptable vote:

Man, that Ivelisse/Asuka match is great for an opening match, but the Main Event!?!

Pillman/Okada otoh was something different for a change. Could have used a stronger upper card.

However, the other card had much more star power and engaging story lines. A nice balanced card from top to bottom, and gets my vote.
An example of a vote that will be disqualified:

Fringe more my type of card.
The former provides some constructive criticism, giving both players something with which to objectively assess their cards. The latter provides no insight whatsoever on either card.

Snake dissin' will not be tolerated in this draft. :cudi

Step Three follows long established Draft precedent, that is, voters must also vote on each card. I don't think this is too much to ask from those who genuinely want to enrich the draft experience for all involved. Campaign in the CB or via PM all you wish, but the votes must follow these simple guidelines to be accepted.

Also in following tradition, Points will be awarded +4 from participants, and +3 for non-participants.


STEVIETRON 5000 said:
Show #1

Sold Out, from Madison Square Garden, NY.




Getting them races covered.

Booker T (C) vs Tajiri


Grudge match with both in their primes.

Will Ospreay vs Big Van Vader



The CEO of YOU ON DEMAND versus The Godfather of Japanese Deathmatches

Shane McMahon vs Atsushi Onita


For them shoot/jap fags.

Fit Finlay vs Tetsuya Naito (C)


The Four Horsemen versus The Bullet Club

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson



Kota Ibushi vs Bobby ROOOOOOOOOOOOO (C)


Last Man Standing Match

Eddie Guerrero (C) vs Kevin Owens


Hart versus H's boy

Seth Rollins (C) vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart



Imposter Green Demon Kane and The Hurricane vs Terrible Ted, The Wrestling Bear!

Things get out of hand, and the Hurricane and Imposter Green Demon Kane eliminate themselves and get out of the cage as Terrible Ted shoots real hard on the two. Terrible Ted doesn't look finished, and tries to go after the Hurricane, but Imposter Green Demon Kane makes it just in time and gets the door, while the Hurricane is lying unconscious on the floor, REKT. Ted still isn't done, as he runs the ropes and dives towards the cell door as the Imposter Green Demon still HOLDS THE DOOR :mj2

Imposter Green Demon's body eventually gives, but the referees lock the cage door just in time.

Ted though, in mood for some New Jack levels of shooting, then tries climbing the cage. But as soon as he does, the lights go out and




The bear is RAGING with Lee England Jr's interruption. And slowly, the darkness is followed by a 'OHHHH YESSSS' in a thick Japanese accent, as the new United States Champion Tajiri walks out with an urn.

The crowd, slowly getting clued in, start going APESHIT

The two are then followed by RANJIN SINGH, who comes out to the pop of the night. Tajiri slowly lifts the urn, which gives out a beam of light, as Lee England Jr with his lovely violin, then summons the spirit of da young GAWD.

The bear is startled with the mean look on Ranjin Singh's face as he walks down the aisle to Nakamura's theme, possessed by the spirit of Jinder Mahal. Imposter Green Demon Kane and The Hurricane also seem to recover as the spirit of Mahal takes over the Madison Square Garden. Ted, while certainly being intimidated, doesn't back down as he looks in the eye of Ranjin Singh, who rips the cage door off with his bare hands. Terrible Ted and Ranjin Singh then have a staredown, as the entire arena chants "DON'T HINDER JINDER" Ted tries to make a move but Ranjin Singh slams Terrible Ted to the mat, and then puts him into his new finish, the Allahu Armbar. The show then closes with Imposter Green Demon Kane, The Hurricane, Tajiri, and Lee England Jr standing tall behind Ranjin Singh, who then poses with the urn that illuminated the garden with the spirit of Mahal.​


Rumors say Jericho then confronted everyone about the finish in gorilla.

:evilmatt :evilmatt :evilmatt​

Blue Japan Pro Wrestling
'TakeOver: Pearl Harbor'

Long-Awaited Debut
Blue Demon Kane vs. A Local Athlete

Final Deletion: Battleship
Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

NXT Women's Championship
Bayley © vs. Stephanie McMahon

USS Intrepid: Bodyslam Challenge
Mark Henry vs. Yokozuna


MMA Dream Match
Chael Sonnen vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Nikki & Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee & Lana

Big Show vs. BULLET CLUB's Bad Luck Fale

n.W.o. Japan (of Hiroyoshi Tenzan, The Great Muta & Rick Rude)
Disciples of Apocalypse (of Crush, 8-Ball & Skull)


BJPW President: Donald Trump
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

The full screenplay is all set for release in Round 2. #VOTESHIRLEY if you want to see more!

:yes :yes :yes​

@Scott Hall's Ghost

a Stupid Idea from Bad Creative
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Like Stevie's card overall better.

Rollins/Hart, Eddie/Owens, Roode/Ibushi, and Horsemen/BC all must see matches for me.

Plus Nak's violin theme and the Wrestling Bear :mark:

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So SHIRLEY has some good matches but that's all they are. They aren't capped off by something big. Steve's big 4 of Guerrero, Rollins, Hart and Steen are the obvious winner here

Heath Slater's Personal Roadie
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While Shirley's card has some nice matches mixed in there, nothing's really hitting me as a must-see match. Wyatt/Balor would be good, Big Show/Fale would be an interesting match-up as Fale rarely goes up against other big men and beyond that, this card seems wildly average to me.

And this is where Stevie's card runs away. Owens/Guerrero (the real main event) and Rollins/Hart already put this near a win and when you add in 4H/BC, Naito/Finlay (why can't I watch this match right now?) and Ibushi/Roode, Stevie takes this one easily. A strong opener helps as well.

So even though his dark main-event is all but stealing one of my contracted competitors (3MP lawyers will be in touch with your people btw), I have to give this one to Stevie.

P.S: I can't believe you called the part of your show based around an Indian character the "dark" main-event, that's so racially insensitive.

You know who I am, but you don't know why I'm here
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While SHIRLEY'S card had potential, in the end the Wyatt/Balor and Bayley/Steph matches were the only two that really sparkled for me. The rest was alrighy, with some bright spots, but that wasn't enough to top the overall effort of STEVIE.

Horsemen vs Bullet Club
Ibushi vs. Roode
Guerrero vs. Owens
Hart vs. Rollins

Those are all just a little more than. 'dream matches', there are really good stories to tell there, and STEVIE hinted at that, so he gets my vote.

International Purveyor Of Violence
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Each card will be scored with a potential of 10 total points:

Booker/Tajiri +1.11 Nice opener w two hard hitters

Osprey/Vader +1.11 another solid pick

Shane/Atsushi +1.11 potentially great hardcore match

Finley/Naito +1.11 get dat workrate

Horsemen/Bullet Club +1.11 solid build up begins to the ME here

Ibushi/Roode +1.11 another hard hitter

Guerrero/Owens +1.11 :yoda

Rollins/Hart +1.11 excellent ME

Green Kane + Hurricane/Terrible Ted -1.11 would have been better served as an opening match. Using Mahal is also problematic considering he was drafted by 3MB4Life.

Total Score: 8.88

Extra Credit: None

Blue Kane/Local Athlete -1.25 would have better served as an opener? no storyline to give context

Wyatt/Balor +1.25 solid ME

Bayley/Steph +1.25 the beloved babyface against WWE's most hated bee-yptch. bring it

Henry/Yoko +1.25 clash of the giants

Sonnen/Sakawaba +1.25 upping the ante on the violence

Bellas/AJ Lee + Lana +1.25 sure fire money match :vince$

Big Slow/Fale +1.25 not bad, but still could use some context to flesh it out

Tenzan, Muta, Rude/Crush, 8 Ball, Skull +1.25 solid dynamic opener

Total Score: 8.75

EC: none

STEVIE brings a card full of SOLID matches, but the finish of the Dark Main Event is ill placed, and is centered around a character drafted by someone else. SHIRLEY also delivers the good throughout, but also botches things at the end with an oddly placed colored-Kane match. Coincidence? At any rate, the scoring brings both Drafters here neck and neck. Had SHIRLEY brought his usual storytelling acumen to the table he'd have easily secured the vote. As is, it feels like he's holding out. Calling it for STEVIE.

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Stevie has a great main event with legitimate heat between both guys. I also want to see Vader murder that geek Ospreay, as should be obvious seeing as I had Vader destroy Ricochet in a segment on one of my previous shows. Eddie vs Owens could be alright for the character work, although I'm not a huge fan of Owens' spotty style. Meh at the rest.

Shirley's card is rough. I only want to see Henry slam Yoko. That's it. If Balor was any good at working a character then him vs Bray could be okay, but he's not.

Voting for Stevie.

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Can't find myself to care about a SHIRLEY card without a write-up. Plus STEVIE has Eddie/Owens... and not much else really.

Both pretty bad cards but at least STEVIE has one thing worth voting for. :mj4

I think that's a fair enough judgement @Fringe :mj

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I WANT to see more of SHIRLEY'S screenplay, but am admittedly disappointed with this entry. Given that it has to be judged on his matches alone, I have no choice but to go with STEVIE. STEVIE's top 4 matches plus his dark main event shenanigans put his card over the top easily. If SHIRLEY had committed to some sort of write-up, it's possible that the card could've been a show-stealer. Sadly, it was not.
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