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Friday Night SMACKDOWN oct 7

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show kicks off with teddy an palmer talking about wwe homecoming. teddy says that he will make this sd a memorable one an announces a number 1 contendors hell in a cell match- taker vs orton vs rey vs matt hardy(after losing 2 edge). he also announces the main event-eddie an jbl vs batista in a no disqualification match

1st match:bobby lashley vs ???
bobby is in the ring an waits for his opponent which turns out 2 be...BROCK LESNAR
bob an brck stare at each other in the ring an start the match.brock goes on the offence and hits bobby with a clothesline, then he hits a suplex an a belly 2 belly. brock puts lashley up an irish whips him but lashley counters an hits brock with a running shoulder. bobby then gives brock a back breaker and agrman suplex. bobby then give brock a gorilla press slam 2 the outside. bobby too goes out but brock sends him 2 the ring steps. brock then givesb bobby an f-5 2 the ring post an sends him back in the ring. 1 2 bobby kicks out
lesnar gets frustrated an starts punchimg bobby. bobby gets up an gives brock a spinebuster, he then picks brock up and powerbombs him 1 2 brock kicks out
boby then keeps on the offence dominating brock with several high impact moves. brocks tries 2 clothesline bobby but hits the referee instead. bobby hits brock with his finisher, the referee starts counting slowly as hes down 1 2 2.9 an brock kicks out
bobby starts stomping brock an then goes 2 the top rope. brcok gets up an punches bobby. he goes 2 the 2nd rope an gives bobby an top rope F-5. brock goes 4 the cover 1 2 3 brock wins the match

commercial break

HIAC NO1 contendor match orton vs taker vs rey vs hardy
match kicks off with taker going 4 orton an rey 4 matt. taker starts punching randy an gives him a big boot.taker picks him up an hits a back suplex on him. taker gets a steel chair an start hitting oron on the back with it. taker goes 4 the cover but hardy breaks it up. orton gets up an gives taker a ddt. he goes on offence an gives taker a knee drop an takes taker 2 the turn buckle an gives him a top rope ddt. hardy is now brawling with rey. he hits a side effect an then a leg drop from the top rope. hardy then goes 4 orton hitting him with a twist of fate. matt goes for the cove 1 2 orton kicks out
taker is now up an start working on ortons left arm,when rey hits a hurracama on hardy. rey keep on the offence hitting hardy with a lot of CW moves. taker now gives orton an old school. he then brings the steel steps in the ring an hits orton in the face with them. rey an hardy are now on the outside of the ring an hardy slams rey continuously on the cell. taker now gives orton a choke slam an goes 4 the cover 1 2 orton kicks out. hardy an rey are back in the ring. taker picks orton up, orton goes for the RKO bot taker counters an then gives orton a last ride, matt hits taker with a chair from behind an goes for the cover on randy but rey breaks it up. rey dropkicks hardy an then gives him a 619.taker gets up an keeps working on orton, hitting him with a ddt an then he signals 4 the tombstone but rey hits taker with a cross body from the top rope taker gets up and gives rey a tombstone on the ring steps. orton from behind gives taker a low blow an an RKO 4 the victory.
Kanes music hits an kane makes his way 2 the ring. he breaks the cell an gets in. kane gives rey an hardy a chokeslam then he attacks taker. kane chokeslams taker an then tombstones him. kane an a bloddy randy shake hands

commercial break

the main event:batista vs eddie,jbl
eddie an jbl go on the offence an double team batista,hitting him with a double suplex an punching him. eddie starts working on batista giving him a hurracama an a back suplex. eddie tries 2 hit batista with a clothesline but hits jbl instead.batista then clotheslines eddie.batista picks eddie up an gives him a sidewalk slam. batista keeps working on eddie an hits him with a slam.he then picks jbl up over his head an slams him.batista goes 2 the outside an brings the steel steps in the ring. he hits both eddie an jbl with them.but then eddie hits him with a low blow. eddie goes 2 the outside an brings in a steel chair an the whc belt while jbl is hitting batista with some high impact moves including a fallaway slam. eddie then hits batista with the belt countless times.he goes 4 the cover 1 2 batista kicks out
batista is now bleeding.jbl picks him up an irish whips him but batista counters with a clothesline. batista goes 4 eddie hittng a spinebuster over the chair on eddie. batista then hits both jbl an eddie with the belt an chair makin them bleed.he picks jbl up an batista bombs him on the steel steps 2wice. eddie then accidentaly hits the referee an gets batista bombed over the whc belt by batista,but the refere is down so he counts slowly 1 2 2.9 eddie kicks out
jbl is now up an gives dave a clothesline from hell. eddie gets up an hits batista with a suplex on the ring steps. he goes 4 the cover 1 2 3
eddie/jbl win the match. eddie keeps attackin batista sending him 2 the outside. he puts batista on the announce table, goes 2 the top rope an hits a FROG SPLASH on batista through the announce table from the ring. eddie gets the title an poses with it

some other matches on the night would be booker/benoit vs christian/OJ in a tag team
an lod vs burchill/regal vs mnm in a elimination tag match
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Money Mark Phillip said:
Your shows suck!
STFU, newbie! You have no right to say that. If I said that to you, you'd cry with your Barney doll and say I'm mean. Well, next time, stop following people and say stuff like that. So, Come back later and use more better comments than that.

Very very short but next time, write them out in full and put mor effort to it. Then, I will grade your show.

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Money Mark Phillip said:
Your shows suck! You dont even use proper grammar. Maybe you should go to school and learn how to spell. That is my opinion.
Chill out.

Until you write better then everyone here you have no right to run someone down like that.:no:
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