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Fresh blood on the canvas?

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There is a bold to step to be made and it's not just transferring talent from one area to the next. It's apparent that there is dire need for change, but it can't happen overnight. However, in wrestling it almost literally can. That's what I have always loved, or used to love about the Sports Entertainment Industry that is the WWE. The ability for us to suspend our imaginations and imagine the impossible, or unseen. I find that it's time for fresh blood on the canvas and I believe there are several talents in NXT that are ready for today's WWE roster. The translation from NXT to the WWE main roster hasn't been consistently booked. I am challenging that change to actually happen. I realize that it's more than just fresh talent and probably more to do with booking, character enhancement, and story telling etc. Except I have decided to point out the talent ready for today's main roster.

Baron Corbin

I don't care what anyone says. He has progressed significantly in the ring and has the look going for him. Some would say a little more seasoning, but I say the turkey is done. His exposure has been strong and I think that will only help him identify with the main roster fans. There is an "it" factor there with this talented young man. He has been in NXT since it has started in it's current format.

Simon Gotch

Notice I left Aiden English out of the equation. Simon Gotch impresses me. I don't know that his current look will work on he main roster. Normal trunk and tights. Perhaps something vintage just to keep to character. I don't care about his size, he has charisma. I think the total Vaudevillain act should translate into more of a "hipster" act. I honestly think he could get over as "face" on the main roster. There is something about his work ethic that is totally fresh and amazing to watch. Easily one of the best story tellers of our time.

Enzo and Cass

I don't care if they ever win the NXT tag team titles. All that matters is the WWE tag team titles. Enzo and Cass are a type of tag team that I would like to see every week on Raw. Enzo alone is enough for me. Whether it be as heels, or cool face tag team I don't care. I just find these two are the best young tag team not named Jordan and Gable in the WWE today. This team is ready now.
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As much as I love and appreciate Simon Gotch, Vince won't give him a chance. Even ounce of it. :mj2
Why not? He has the look, the size, the charisma, mic skills, and a unique ringname (thank God his ringname wasn't John Smith, that's too common and bland)
For Vince his look and size aren't enough. Wait, they're - for a "Simon Gotch and the Amazing Dancing Bear" comedy jobber gimmick.
While I agree that his ringname is a little too comedic, if he shaves his mustache off and repackaged a more intimidating ringname, I'm sure he'll get pushed right.
His ring name is great, his moustache is awesome. He isn't just a "Vince type' ,with or without the moustache. His only way to reach the main event is to go a Daniel Bryan's route, but things like this doesn't happen very often.
Trut me, no one will take him seriously when he debuts to the main roster with that moustache. This isn't the 1800s anymore.
Well, according to Vince it's still 1975, so we aren't that far. :mj4

Anyway, I see where you're coming from, but I think that regardless of a gimmick he's a lowercard type of wrestler for life in WWE. Well, maybe he'll get a short run with the tag titles.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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