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FoW-Turbo Charged

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I will be writing my own show with one show and a pretty big roster. I will not write the whole match but no PPV's for now PPV. This is just something that I will do when I have the time seeing as I am in the midist of writing a BTB with Juvy. I will write the last 10 lines or so but it will be as detailed as I can make it. It will be called FoW (Future of Wrestling) and the owner will be Eric Bischoff. The show will be called Turbo Charged. Here is the ENTIRE roster:

Ring Announcer:
Stacy Kiebler

Colour Commentators:
Trish Stratus

Jonathan Coachman


Heavyweight Division:
Gene Snitsky-Heel
Mark Jindrak-Heel
AJ Styles-Face
Monty Brown-Heel
John Cena-Face
Luther Reigns-Heel
Tyson Tomko-Heel
Ron Killings-Face

International Division
Garrison Cade-Heel
Carlito Caribbean Cool-Heel
Charlie Haas-Face
Chuck Palumbo-Face
Kenzo Suzuki-Heel
Matt Hardy-Face
Jeff Hardy-Face
Doug Basham-Heel
Danny Basham-Face
Shelton Benjamin-Face
Johnny Samboli-Heel
Rene Dupree-Heel

Cruiserweight Division:
Paul London-Face
Petey Williams-Heel
Frankie Kazarion-Heel
Michael Shane-Heel
The Hurricane-Face
Billy Kidman-Face
Rey Mysterio-Face
Amazing Red-Face
Chris Sabin-Face
Kid Kash-Heel
Fallen Angel-Face
CM Punk-Heel
Eric Young-Heel

Board of Directors (BoD):
Eric Bischoff (President)
Jim Ross (Vice President)
Jerry Lawler (Title Committee)
Vince Russo (Title Committee)
Dusty Rhodes (Title Committee)

People will be added/deleted from the roster at any given time. I will have my first show up in about a 2 days and I’ll try and get one show up each week.

Promo for the 1st show:

It seems as though Eric Bischoff pulled the wool over Vince McMahon’s as McMahon had left Bischoff in charge for a few weeks and Bischoff got a deal with NWA-TNA selling the NWA-TNA, WWE for a fair price plus he got to be the owner of the company. But soon after signing some of the young stars from WWE to contracts he has fired the likes of such superstars as Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and along with some others to make the FOW!!! We are proud to announce that the old school wrestlers are out and the like of Batista, Monty Brown, RVD and AJ Styles in the Heavyweight Division in the International Division with people like Jeff Hardy, Rene Dupree and Shelton Benjamin. Who could ever forget about the Cruiserweight Division with people like Rey Mysterio, Petey Williams and Michael Shane? It was announced that one the first Turbo Charged show that AJ Styles, Batista, Monty Brown, Ron Killings, John Cena, Raven, Edge and RVD will fight in a tournament for the heavyweight belt, Jeff Hardy, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Carlito Caribbean Cool, Maven, Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree in a tournament for the International Title and Rey Mysterio, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Amazing Red, Paul London, The Hurricane, CM Punk and Kid Kash in a tournament for the Cruiserweight title. What else could happen on Turbo Charged? Tune in to find out!

It was decided in a meeting earlier today who would be facing who in the Tournaments earilier today. Here is how it all played out. Good luck to all the superstars.

Tournament Tree:

Heavy Weight

John Cena

Ron Killings

Monty Brown

AJ Styles


Kenzo Suzuki

Rene Dupree
Jeff Hardy

Charlie Haas

Shelton Benjamin
Carlito Caribbean Cool


Rey Mysterio
Kid Kash

Paul London
Amazing Red

Petey Williams
The Hurricane

Chris Sabin
CM Punk

Hopoe you all enjoy this!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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