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Amazing Red

+Good selection of colours chosen.
+Lines effect is a good addition to the graphic.
-The background pictures i'm not feeling as much.

Overall Rating: 8/10 probably the best you've produced out of the 4.

Rodney Mullen

+Again, The font style you've chosen has well fitted the banner.
+/-Placement of the main cut is done fine, Others aren't really needed as the backgrounds looks to crowded blended into the pictures.

Rating: 7/10 An average graphic made their GP.

Life Sucks

-Just not feeling the green glow into the banner below the text to be honest just, Im just not seeing it.

+The cuts are spreaded even across the graphic well

Rating: 6/10

Raw 2

Nothing special, Kinda plain.

Rating: 5/10

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First one is awesome 9/10 love the blending and the colours.

2nd one is awesome too, love it, the coloursand the blending is good aint so keen in the text box though 7/10

3rd one is nice, its really cool with life sucks unless your those people.

forth one i aint liking it much, its alright with the pictures , but i rate it6/10 one of your worse.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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