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The biggest 4 Corner Survival in quite sometime has been signed for Charlotte, NC on January 15th, 2011 at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo consisting of four Final Battle winners: Homicide vs. El Generico vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Kenny King!

All four men are hot going into 2011 and are all coming off major “Final Battle 2010” wins. A victory can be huge for any one of these men: both El Generico and Homicide have secured ROH World title matches (Generico challenging on 1/28 & Homicide on 2/26) while Kenny King has an ROH Tag title shot and Mark is scheduled for a Dream Tag Team match on 2/26 with the winning duo surely shooting to the top of the title picture.

El Generico earned a shot at the ROH World Title on January 28th in Los Angeles through sheer blood and sweat during all of 2010 showing he had the heart to be a champion. Homicide earned his shot by remaining undefeated since returning to ROH and has defeated wrestlers like Christopher Daniels, Claudio Castagnoli, Jay Briscoe, and Kevin Steen on his road to the championship.

“I know Generico has that title shot before me,” said Homicide, “so I gotta take him out so he ain’t a threat. Hell I don’t like nobody in this match, nobody, and I’ll take them all out and survive going into my shot, getting my belt, at that Anniversary show.”

Kenny King is a man familiar with all of his opponents and is planning on using the experience to his advantage. “I’ve been in the ring with all these dudes. I know what to do because I don’t forget people’s tricks. 2011 is the year of the ANX and a win here, well baby that will put me at the top of the singles ranks just like me and Rhett got going on with the tag scene. Maybe this will be the year ANX carries all the gold.”

The final man in this match is also very familiar with everyone involved and is looking to pick up the win and celebrate hard after the show. “When my brother wins the belt, he’s got Generico and Homicide waiting. I’ll have that in mind during this match plus I gotta keep my eyes out on Kenny who is a sneaky bastard. It’s going to be a party later on when the Briscoes celebrate two huge wins in North Cakalackie!”

This match has many different elements of intrigue and its anybodies guess as to what will happen in Charlotte on January 15th. Be there and witness this huge 4 Corner Survival Live! Tickets for Charlotte are available right here: http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=3!
Could be alot of fun.
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