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Found this on my laptop.... Road To WreslteMania XX

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Ok here it goes, I'm gonna start at Royal Rumble and then start from RAW and Smackdown! With 4 weeks each before a PPV, into total 9 shows per month (i'm gonna be real tired by the end of this).
I won't go into much depth of matches as it will save time and help me get it done quicker.

I will also be going from the current champions as of now to make it easier to keep track of whats happening.

Royal Rumble

Show opens up with the usual pyro display and theme song.

Match 1
WWE Cruiserweight Title
Tajiri vs. Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio
Very fast paced match with lots of high spots, crowd quickly get behind the match when Kidman holds onto a powerbomb from tajiri and forces him to splash rey whos lying on the ground from a BK Bomb. Match ends when Kidman hits a Kid Krusher on Rey and covers him 1, 2, 3
New WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

Kidman leaves the ring but is held up by Josh Matthew's.

Josh: Kidman you have just won the WWE Cruiserweight champion, how does it feel?

Kidman: Josh, when I got here tonight I had a feeling that I was going to win that belt, since Smackdown! I've been watching tapes of Rey, Tajiri and myself in all our great matches. So I came here to win and I won.

Kidman continues to walk backstage.

A Royal Rumble returns clip is shown of Jeff Hardy. Crowd goes wild because there was no prior promos as such.

The Ussual info on how WWE is comming to your town for RAW, Smackdown and House Shows.

Match 2
World Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz vs. Mark Jinrak and Garrison Caine
Experiance quickly becomes a factor in this match when Jindrak becomes cocky when he drop kicks Bubba and he gets knocked back into the friendly corner and D-von gets tagged in, Jindrak gets worked on and it goes back and forth, Dudley's eventually get the advantage and 3D Caine for the win.
Winner: The Dudley Boyz

WrestleMania Recall, shows Austin turning Heel at WrestleManiaX8 with JR saying Austin has sold his soul to the devil for that WWF Championship.

Micheal Cole and Tazz discuss the history of Eddie Guerrero and A-Train.

Match 3
WWE United States Title
Eddie Guerrero vs. A-Train
Eddie comes down to the ring in a lowrider and hypes the crowd up, A-Train makes his way to the ring and smashes up the lowrider with a crowbar, Eddie becomes irate and grabs a chair and goes after A-Train, A-train runs around the ring and lures Eddie in the ring and starts powering over Eddie. A-Train dominates most of the match, Eddie gets the occasional advantage but isquickly smited but A. After about 15 mintue A-Train hits a Derailer for the 1 2 3
New WWE United States Champion: A-Train

A-Train continues to beat on Eddie after the match until he starts bleeding from the mouth.

Cuts to JR and King.

King: I can't belive what I just saw A-train do to Eddie Guererro.

JR: Neither can I king, that sick son of a bitch, I hope he gets whats comming to him, but guess whats up next king....

King: PUPPIES JR, PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Match 4
Womens Title
Lita vs. Molly Holly
Basic womens match where it travels back and forth, Lita gains the main advantage over molly and goes for the Litacarana but Gail Kim comes down and hits Lita with her book which causes a distraction for Molly to pick up the win.
Winner: Molly Holly

Another Royal Rumble return is shown of Edge, crowd goes ballistic.

Footage is shown for the upcomming match, Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Beniot

Match 5
WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Beniot
Starts with good ground andmat wrestling with beniot going for lesnars arm and Lesnar just trying to take apart Beniot with pure power. Brock soon gets the upper hand on Beniot, but not without some damage taken to his arm, every so often in the match Beniot would get an advantage and work on Lesnars arm and eventually locks the Crossface in right in the middle of the ring, the crowd starting chating "YOU TAPPED OUT, YOU TAPPED OUT" this fires Lesnar up and gives him the strength to power out of the crossface by picking him up and driving him down. Lesnar soon powers back and delivers the F-5 to Beniot for the 1,2,3
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Terri interviews HHH about the Royal Rumble comming up after the next match.

HHH: Goldberg, I said that I would get my revenge and if Kane doesn't destroy you tonight, I'm going to take whats left and reclaim whats mine at the biggest wrestling event in the history of this business, and there isn't 1 man that can stop me, because I am the Game, and I'm that damn good!

Theme song for Royal Rumble (got no idea what so make up ur own) is played showing the history between Goldberg and Kane.

Match 6
World Heavyweight Title
Goldberg vs. Kane
This is a match just completly filled with with power moves, each man trying to out power the other, the match goes to either mans side but is short lived on Kanes behalf when Shane runs down to the ring and hits him with a chair, this opens a chance for Goldberg to hit the Spear and Jackhammer
Winner: Goldberg

Clip is shown of wrestlers fighting on RAW and Smackdown! from this past week building up hype for the Royal Rumble match.

Match 7
Royal Rumble Match
30 Superstars

I had a table here but it would copy and paste, oh well here's the end

At the End of the Match Kurt and HHH were bith eliminated was because Kurt went to clothesline HHH over the top rope and HHH ducked kurt threw him over but Kurt held onto HHH so HHH went over the rope with Kurt and they both got eliminated.

The crowd boos when both of them are eliminated and Finkle annocunes that both mens feet touched the floor at the say time, the camera cuts backstage with Vince.

Vince: Well, Well, Well, This is going to make things very interesting........

Royal Rumble fades off into the WWE logo.

And I also found what I started of WM...

WrestleMania - XX

The Show opens up with Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem and then fades into the usual video clip of the all the fueds and the creepy voice.

Comes back to the arena with Howard Finckle in the middle of the ring.

Finkle: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Sports Entertainments greatest spectical in History. Welcome to WreslteMania 20!!!!!!

The Pyro starts going off with the Wrestlemania Theme song, Superstar II - Saliva, it starts at the top of the arena and then works its way to the stage the same way the Dudleyz pyro comes down and sets off one of the best displays you have ever seen.

Match 1
Crusierweight Championship Elimination Match
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Gurrero vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Tajiri
One of the best crusierweight matches thats every been in the WWE, very much like the old WCW style where there were no restrictions, Everyone hits thier signiture manouvers at least once if not twice, Chavo is first to get emilninated when he was kicked in the face by Tajiri when he attempted a cross body. Ultimo was soon to follow when Kidman hit the Kid - Krusher on him and Rey followed up with a springboad body splash. With only 3 men left it all came clear that it was WM20 and it was everyman for himself Tajiri hit Rey in the face with his Buzzsaw kick and Kidman follwed up with a SSP, Rey got eliminated with boos from the crowd, it was down to Kidman and Tajiri and this was a very entertaing part with kidmans recilance and tajiri's hard kicks, kidman eventually got the Kid - Krusher on Tajiri and then followed by a SSP to pick up the win
Winner - Billy Kidman

Terri is Backstage with RVD who annouces he has entered the ECW Hardcore Invitational.

RVD: Terri, I only wanted to say that I am going to be in that Hardcore Invitational, I mean dude.... Well dudette what would a Hardcore match be like with out Mr. PPV, Mr, Extreme, the one and only, R...V...D.

RVD walks off as Vince MacMahon's music hits the Arena.

Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart - Submission match
HBK vs. Sting - Companies Francise
Undertaker vs. Kane - HIAC
ECW Hardcore invitational
Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg
Chris Beniot vs. Chris Jericho

to me it was going to be a good show, must have stopped for some reason, oh well, can't rember what I was going to do, if people want I'll try and finish it after I've done Nitro tomrrow.

let me know
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Pretty Good show, would of been nic eif you posted the other rest of the RR and WM.
like I said, I must have started and never finished, thats all I could find, except a little bit from RAW..
its a match and bit, not really worth it, but if you want I will.
Do it if you really want to, l don't care.
it's not really worth it so I won't
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