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Forum User Gets Shot At Producing DDP TV

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Hey guys. Been around the wrestlingforum.com forums for a little while now and make it a point to be here for every live event to talk and crack jokes with you guys. But as you can probably tell I gotta a little break from the 3 Time 3 Time 3 Time former World Champion Diamond Dallas Page to ramp up his YouTube video blog. So I put the link up there for the first episode of the NEW DDP TV that I produced with Dallas. He had some footage of himself, RVD, and MMA badass Justin McCully doing DDP's YRG workout and there was a little interview type thing with RVD before it and some other segments that I molded into a 3 part series for DDP TV.

Now, you gotta agree that it's pretty awesome for an ordinary fan to get a shot at working with one of his heroes like this right? So show us some love and at least give it a see look. If it's not your cup of tea it's not your cup of tea, thats the way things go. But if you dig it subscribe to DDP's channel. He's the only wrestler out there doing giveaways right now. HE'S GIVING AWAY A DDP WWE CLASSICS FIGURE PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED TO THE WINNER AND NUMBERED FOR THE DDP TV SERIES HE GIVES IT AWAY IN.

Yeah we put a lot of advertisements in there for DDP's site and RVDs site and YRG and stuff but you have to and why wouldn't we? We're really just trying to create good content for YouTube thats all. DDP already gets revenue sharing so the bottom line is we aren't trying to make money off this AT ALL. We're doing it for fun and I have a little say in the content so if there are topics you want to get on there, questions for Dallas, ect ect...you have a conduit now in me. I was a huge DDP fan during his WCW days so this is a dream come true for me and DDP made it happen through his YRG believe it or not. So check it out, your live might change in a positive way because of it.

Thanks for reading and checking out our video. The next episode of DDP TV will be out next weekend. See you all on Monday Night in the live RAW forum.