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>>> A Rant by Cerbs, The Sheikuation™, Stone Cold sXe, Mr.Styles, and Jupiter
Throughout every year on WF, we encounter many fuckheads along the way. So much so, that they often overshadow the GOOD posters on the forum.

This Thanksgiving, we were able to catch up with the Top 20 forum fuckheads of 2010 and ask them why they should be voted in as "Forum Fuckhead of the Year". There were some interesting responses, but I'm sure that should be expected considering they are all unbelievable fuckheads.

But this thread really doesn't require a long prolouge, so let's take you straight to Josh™, one of our favorite fuckheads this year, and let's hear what he had to say about possibly getting this award.

Josh™ said:
]I Insist On Typing Like This Every Time Because I am a Fucking Ballbag! I’m A Helpful Member, I Will Always Post In The Help Section To Help You Like The Other Admins And Suck Their Dicks Like Popsicles Because One Day I Will Be An Admin. So Please Don’t Troll When I’m Around, I Will Go Into Your Threads And Threaten To Ban You. Posted A Thread In The Wrong Section And I’ll Fucking Report You As Well. Do Not Fuck With The Admin Powers I Like To Make Believe I Have. Btw, Did You Know I Was The First Wade Barrett Mark? You Probably Did Because I Have It In My Sig Usually. I’m Not Afraid To Gloat On Behalf Of The Admin Team Either, You Probably Know About My Sig Entitled "Why You Shouldn’t Mess With The Mods" Jupiter Doesn’t Like Me, That’s Fine Because Nobody Else Does Either. I Created The Above You Thread And Now That's Where I Hang Out. Vote For Me Because I'm The Future Of WF!
wretlingfan203 said:
Heya guys! wretlingfan203 here and I... wait, why are you guys looking at me like that? Haven't you heard of wretling?!! This is a wretling forum after all, isn't it? I sure as hell love my WRETLING!

Yeah, I know. I'm a fucking moron. I mean out of all the things not to get a typo on you'd figure I'd get it right on a fucking username I'll be using for as long as I'm on here and can't change... or at least up until my stupid ass gets banned. Because let's face it, morons like me almost NEVER last on here. It's not like I make up for it with my educated posts or anything either. I mean, check out this brilliant post I made in the 'What the fuck do you mean no more name changes?' thread:
Oh well. get over it. not being able to change your name on a fourm isn't anything to rant about unless your hardcore on the ranting stuff.
Really? Coming from me, the guy with without a doubt has the WORST typo in the history of Wretlingforum... I mean.... FUCK just ban my stupid ass already so you all no longer have to endure my ridiculous posts. And please red rep me afterwards... after all I pride myself on my red rep, having 3 red bars is quite an achievement for me. Haven't you all read my sig? I'm guessing you haven't, considering I'm an irrelevant fuck with quite possibly the stupidest username to ever grace this website. I mean, even if I had spelt it right, it would still be up there with the worst usernames. wrestlingfan? NO FUCKING SHIT I'M A WRETLING FAN! I'm on a wretlingforum after all... aw fuck.
WWE216813 said:
My fucking wife left me for another woman, and I was banned right after buying my membership, are you kidding me? I'm still in the midst of getting my $5 back, and my wife as well. I was the king of this forum for the short time I was here, everybody wanted to stay away from my hardcore ownings of them. Many men have fallen victim to the Owning of the Numbers.

Wanna see a classic example of an Owning by the Numbers? Here goes; you fucking suck you punk ass bitch.

There is no fucking coming back from that you homo's, so if you don't wanna be owned back the fuck up and we won't have a fucking problem.

Oh and Rajah, I'm coming for my $5 bitch.
floyd2386 said:
I hate Gary Oak. He fucked me in the butt when I was only 12 years old, which was only a year ago. And I am still mortified. His girth destroyed the very integrity of my anus and now I have chronic diarrhea for the rest of my life. My only hope is to shit on the posters of WF that adore him and hope my huge anus earns me the revenge I seek. I'm not even kidding, my anus is 12 inches in diameter. My bed is still missing since I went to sleep last week. Vote for me and help me find my bed. I'm a huge ...got .....

Thanks, floyd2386.

Tony777 said:
Jamie Keyes is the best thing to ever happen to wrestling. AJ Lee is nothing in comparison to her. People say Jamie looks like a man, and I'd turn gay for her if that were true. Vote for me, and I just might turn gay for you right now.
Oh well, my sister now has to take over the computer so I will be going now.
perro said:
I'm a special nomination. Probably the most notorious guy in the WWE section, except for Pyro but even he gets mixed reactions. Anyone who has encountered me is just dumbstruck for what an unbelievable moron I am. It makes you wonder how someone so stupid actually manages to log onto a computer. There is nothing wrong about being the anti smark and bash WWE on every little thing, but not me. No, I decide to praise them instead. Why though must I be so stupid about it? Not even JTG knows, and he is every bit as awesome as Eddie Guerrero. The IWC says one thing but then I say the other. Not even having an opinion, just going against popular opinion for the sake of trying to stand out. So I am nominated for Fuckhead of the Year, courtesy of Jupiter. I’d provide some dumb quotes and blatant examples of my idiocy, but I've already covered the WWE A-Listers thread like a huge load of rhinoceros shit thrown into a nine-foot fan. Vote for perro!
V1_Dante said:
Haha greatest prank of the last year! Remember Crazy_Carolina? Yeah fucking right that was the best thing to ever happen here in the last year, and I was the mastermind behind it! Nobody even suspected me and I had it going for a few months! Who cares if I used the fact her mom was in an accident and she was coming back to town for that reason to play the prank, nobody caught on until the end!

I broke hearts as her and became even more popular then I was before I created her. I thought for sure posting a picture of my abs in a picture frame but nobody paid attention to that picture so I had to take another approach to being remembered around here. Fuck anybody who doesn't think what I did was great, you're just mad you didn't think of it first.

Klebold said:
So I'm pretty sure you've heard about this school in Littleton, Colorado called "Columbine", right? Well that wasn't me. Because that guy was a jew, not a f.a.g. Wait a minute, I'm not gay. Not gay at all. Anyways, I'm sick of everyone comparing me to a murderer just because I was accused of being Raven Ryder's Youtube imposter. Did I mention I'm not gay? I'm really not. I love huge muscular TITS. Actually, nevermind. Not muscular. I like them small... but not too small, because that would make me sound gay. And I'm not gay. And I'm not Raven Ryder. Vote for me, and I will give you tons of gay sex. Seriously. I want nothing more than people I hate to accept me. Your's truly, Klebold. (not gay)
Austin101 said:
Nancy Benoit was a bitch who fucking deserved it. Chris was one of the all-time greats, just like Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Eddie Guerrero and Randy Savage.

Vince McMahon should of trusted the word of his #1 performer over his slut of a daughter when that rumour came about. OOOOOHHHH YEEEEEAAHHH Vince, you fucked up there.

I love to stay in shape. I'm built like a brick shithouse and I pull women whenever I want. How I get this figure and way with women when I spend my life at a computer typing up 100-page play-by-play reviews of wrestling events I'll never know.

Wait, someone just called me out. That's it, it's too much. I'm coming, Chris. It's time to end it all. Where's my weight set, it's time to an hero
Punk_4_Life said:
Hey guys, it's me everybody's favorite Estonia(in?) Punk_4_Life. I love everything CM Punk (4 Life! Get it hahaha!) and he's where I got the inspiration for my username here on wrestlingforum. Sometimes I wish I could be more like him though and not just have a username like him. I wish I could talk to girls the way he does. You see it's the thing is, believe it or not though, I have no game with the ladies.

Nah I'm only kidding, I've got great game with the ladies! Remember I am the guy with the slickness to give a bitch a heart shaped rock on a school trip! That right there shows I go more game then any of you pussies out there. I'm from the greatest country anybody could ever wish of calling home, and we have the hottest woman, mine being the hottest, obviously. So for all you losers out there looking to know how you can be as cool as me, the answer is simple.

Heart-shaped rocks.Vote for me!

Hollywood Johnson said:
It’s your top fella here. So let me tell you about my brief history here. When I first joined I entered rants and didn’t like Mr.Styles or Jupiter, well actually I saw other people didn’t like their trolling. So I made a thread trying to win favour but I soon saw people didn’t like me either so I quickly resorted to trolling. Unlike other trolls, I couldn’t actually come up with something on my own so I instead copied Puggle in hope people would like me. (I’ll never admit to it btw.) All my threads are the same and all my posts are the same, I really lack variety. But that’s okay because I don’t have anything useful to say anyway. I’ll always call other people pathetic yet I only post and troll in one section, don’t call me out on it, I’ll just ignore you. One last thing, I’m your top fella whether you like it or not. Vote for me, please. Seeking acceptance.
Presenting another edition of my daily words of wisdom courtesy of your favorite cross-forum laughing stock. Wouldn't it be great if John Cena turned on the Nexus and became the leader of his own faction? Call it something like the Chain Gang. That would be incredible. Vote for me because Rated RKO is the best tag team of all time.
Theproof said:
Evo is such a weirdo for complaining about women's deodorant. Personally, I like to sniff other men. And I would totally suck Mr. Anderson's cock. It's too bad Owen Hart's dead, or I would probably suck his too. Actually, I probably would anyways. Vote for me. I'm the POOF.

P.S. I want to suck Shirley Crabtree's cock. Will wear strap-on if necessary. PM me.
P.P.S. I want to suck off TheLoneShark too.
P.P.P.S. Did I mention I live in San Francisco?

Raven Ryder said:
GUESS WHO'S BACK BITCHES. It's the one and only prodigy from New York, RAVEN RYDER. Now I haven't been here in a while, but let me start off by saying this. Have you guys been watching impact lately?! FUCKING EPIC! Best wrestling television I've seen since WCW 2000! Oh man, oh man. I want give Vince Russo a blowjob and make him scream SWERVE!~ at the top of his lungs while he ejaculates in my mouth! This guy is fucking ridiculous. Not one, not two, not three, but 4 HUGE heel turns in one night! Who cares if it makes sense or not? It's better than that WWE PG Disney bullshit! I mean seriously, has there even been a better wrestling writer in history? I think not. I haven't been on here in a while obviously, but I noticed most of you on here are still brain dead, of course except for this one new fellow. Mcshnobel, where you at man?! BRO you've got to be the SMARTEST guy I've ever seen on here, aside from myself. Your educated responses to those damn Stooges! And your stuff about how you're not a part of the IWC, despite being a member of a Wrestling Forum... on the internet... GREAT STUFF BRO! Anyways, my master is calling me back to the asylum. He must've found out I escaped while he was taking a shit. DAMNIT, no TNA for me for a week! Now I'm going to miss Jeff Hardy defend the Divas title against Alicia Fox!
Puggle said:
Puggle here.

I started off funny but became as worn out as Lita's vagina. I created an alter ego called PuggZ which got me banned when I took on Headliner. I was given the title of "saviour of rants" and in the end died for your trolling. Rumor has it this wasn't the first time I've been banned.

Puggle out.
MVP444 said:
I hate Shad, Ezekiel Jackson, Pope, JTG, and The Rock because they are all black. I hate black people. Everytime I go to my user control panel, all I see is black people. It's like I'm in that movie "The Sixth Sense", only I'm not seeing dead people, I'm seeing a bunch of ........ Why on earth do you people rep me with these pictures? I'm a pretty good guy. I'm entitled to my opinion like everyone else. But for some reason you guys choose to gang up on me. I really don't see what the big deal is. You people act like black people are human beings or something. WTF is wrong with you all?

Anyways, vote for me. And I will kill all the black people on WF.

TheBandisBack said:
Nobody cares how great I pretend my life is. I might just be the most irritating member here if nothing else. I mean who the fuck quotes themselves (with grammatical errors not corrected) in their own sig because they thought their post was good? ME! But it wasn’t, it was a typical TNA A-List hate on the WWE (ssssh! don't tell anyone). I even claimed at one stage to be a hench lad, but I’ve never even posted a picture to prove it. In fact I post inconsistent pictures because some of the (lads) are different people. None of them particularly toned (obviously not a big deal, but it's my lie) and none of them always the same guy I claim to be. I am the ultimate A-Lister!
The MaskedStarr said:
Can you see me? Heh heh. No you cannot. That's because I red rep you from out of the shadows like the quiet little lurker I am. My other account can't afford to take anymore hits in the red department. Actually, I'm pretty much the biggest coward on the internet. But no one really cares because I don't even realise my rep has absolutely no effect anyways, due to the fact I've never posted. But damned if that doesn't stop me. So who am I? Only time will tell. I am the resident Riddler of WF. The phantom of your User CP and probably the biggest loser you would ever meet in person. Vote for me, and I will make all your wildest dreams come true.
RITS and azza said:
Yo losers of wrestlingforum, how are your shitty lives? We're doing this post together for the simple reason, we do everything together. You got a whole buch of fuck heads around these parts, from Sticksy all the way down to little nobody's like Hollywood Whatshisname. You guys all make shitty rants and need to be more like us, Robo Is The Star and azza, the two greatest members to ever grace this forum. Think we're lying? Fuck you, we've brought this crappy some of the greatest rants of all time.

We've made fun of everybody and even the admins hate us, but they're too fucking pussy to perma-ban us, because they know if we're gone for good this forum dies. Whether you want to admit it or not RITS and azza are what make this section go around, without us what are you left with, Cerbs?

We are the saviours of rants, the guys everybody wants to be and the girls wanna be with (sup Croft?), so fuck you all we're the Stars off this section, and we make losers look like losers.

So there you have it, everyone. Hopefully this rant made your 2010 Thanksgiving a memorable one. Take your time to evaluate the nominees and cast your vote for FORUM FUCKHEAD OF THE YEAR.

And of course, each of these fuckheads would like to thank YOU for reading their pleas and considering them for this prestigous award. Because without this rant, you might never have had the chance to read their posts considering most of them are no doubt on your block list by now. Or banned.

These fuckheads are an inspiration to...well, no one. BUT... they provide teh LULZ at their own expense for us throughout the year, so it's only right we took this time to acknowledge them.

So on behalf of sXe, Sheik, Styles, and Jupiter, thank you for coming everyone, and we'll see you again next Thanksgiving. :)


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Wow this is quite a list, is there a way we can have a 20 man tie for fuckhead of the year? I wouldn't want any of these very deserving candidates going home empty.

I voted for Hollywood Johnson btw, fucking idiot, not funny at all and the worst gimmick poster I've ever seen.

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Centigold aka SCOTTY STEINER added me on msn. Blocked him after 3 consecutive chat sessions of him telling me about his small dick and how he can't get girls because he thinks he's ugly. Uggggggggh

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You stil got it! *clap clap clapclapclap*

I was about to ask where was Mcshnobel but I remembered that he and Raven Ryder are the same person.
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