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To any new players please follow the link for rules and regulations on the game:

Also a few other things you may want to know (Rules and Regulations): http://www.wrestlingforum.com/wwe-ppv/600622-wwe-forum-championship-rules-rankings-thread.html

1. No changing your predictions AFTER the cut off point (Usually 10 minutes before the pre-show kicks off) You will either be deducted points or Disqualified.

2. The BTC (Beat The Clock) championship is open to EVERYONE, all you need to do is put what you think the overall PPV in-ring time will be (this includes the pre-show match as well)

3. Only the matches listed below are taken into consideration for the points, if the WWE announces anymore matches after this post was made then they won't count.

4. Any questions feel free to ask me but you may want to check the link above for the games main rules.

5. If you're a returning player but you've changed your user name PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

6. If you post your predictions anytime after my 'cut off time notice post', you may still play but you will receive point deduction depending on you time of lateness.

WWE Fastlane Matches

. Cena V Rusev

. Nikki V Paige

. Reigns V Bryan

. Barrett V Ambrose

. Usos V Kidd/Cesaro

. Goldust V Stardust

. Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Kane/Show

7 matches with a perfect score of 28 possible.

Fast Lane
Forum Championship (Triple Threat)
KakeRock (Champion) V Curry V Corrza25 (22-12-13)
Winner and STILL Forum Champion: KakeRock

Internet Championship
Proc (Champion)V KakeRock (14-22)
Winner and NEW Internet Champion: KakeRock

NXT Championship
Slider575 (Champion) V Age of Kings (14-9)
Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Slider575

Television Championship (Vacant) (Triple Threat)
Meryn V Corrza25 V Proc (22-13-14)
Winner and NEW Television Champion: Meryn

Television Championship (Winner of 1st TV title match must defend)
Meryn (Champion) V KakeRock V Rodgers (22-22-15)
DRAW: Champion retains due to 'Champion Draws' rule.

BTC Championship (Free for All)
Champion: The Acquired Taste
Winner and NEW BTC Champion: Proc (1:24:43) - Actual Time: (1:23:53)

Intercontinental Championship
KakeRock (Champion) V Deadman's Hand (22-19)
Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: KakeRock

Tag Team Championship (GM netty -Submission Match)
Wrestling Gods (Champions) V ProcRock
Winner: TBD

1 V1 Matches
Proc V Slider575 (14-14)
bipartisan101 V Rhetro (17-21)
Meryn V Julie Anne (22-17)
BryanZiggler V Brutalbob (13-7)
new guy V Phaedra (12-12)
Shining Wizard1979 V SonOfAnarchy91 (14-12)
Rodgers V MothJoke (15-15)
WrestlingSteve64 V Hordriss (9-27)
Zayniac V Daggdag (17-8)
Peter Venkman V WrestlingOracle (10-19)
Sixth V Captain Crosscheck (11-17)
Age of Kings V Conor Christ (9-15)
TheDazzler V dxbender (13-10)
Xoundor V Curry (10-12)
3ddie93 V Paradise Hero (16-12)
CaptainObvious V People Power (9-5)
Stef 1909 V Awesome1 (5-7)
Chris22 V Deadman's Hand (13-19)
Ryan193 V zevel6 (17-9)
StupidSexyFlanders V Turbo120 (4-18)
Monday Night Raw V Jax89 (18-13)
Nightrow V Sweenz (10-17)
Pyro and bullshit V kendoo (14-18)
RealManRegal V own1997 (15-15)
Timpatriot V jayenomics (10-7)
Mister Abigail V Efie G (19-6)
HoHo Uchiha V The5star Kid (20-16)
Nine99 V Bearodactyl (13-12)
The Acquired Taste V El Dylan (21-7)
KakeRock V on the roost (22-16)
Corrza25 V BlakeDust (-2) V DJEJR86 (-2) (13-13-8)​

Championship history has been updated (on my computer), I'll be waiting until after Fastlane before uploading it though just in case there is any title changes.

Tag Team Division
If you want to join the division then it's simple, all you need is yourself and one other player, try and come up with a team name if you can and let netty know or you can let me know and I'll inform netty at the earliest time.

As stated we currently have 4 teams:
1. Wrestling Gods (Champions) (netty + WrestlingSteve64)
2. Full Throttle (Turbo120 + camaster2004)
3. New Age Kings (new guy + Age of Kings)
4. Real Man's Curry (RealManRegal + Curry)
5. Armed Rodgery (WrestlingOracle + Rodgers)
6. ProcRock (Proc + KakeRock)
7. BobDust (Brutalbob + BlakeDust)

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. Cena V Rusev - 7

. Nikki V Paige - 3

. Reigns V Bryan - draw/no contest - 4

. Barrett V Ambrose - 6

. Usos V Kidd/Cesaro - 2

. Goldust V Stardust - 1

. Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Kane/Show - 5

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i saw the somewhat updated championship history a few weeks back - thanks for standing up to your word and doing it.

ProcRock teams up for the 2nd time ever and is already challenging for the tag titles..

funny how we are already put against each other as well for the Internet title... my guess is that there are clearly some people being afraid of the the team of KakeRock and Proc so they try to fuck with us 2 MONTHS INTO OUR RUN AS A TEAM

is this fucking TNA or what?

but you are out of luck - win lose or draw in the internet title match we are NOT gonna turn on each other.
i know i know all the kiddies in front of their computers go 'OMG proc vs kakerock at wrestlemania omg omg passing of the torch from the all time greatest competitor and living legend to the brightest raising star omg omg!!!!!!1!1eleven' fucking circle jerking all over the place in anticipation of such match
you are out of luck - it is NOT going to happen

ProcRock is here to stay and to DOMINATE and DESTROY the tag team division - just like we respectively own the singles division

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. Cena V Rusev ........... 5

. Nikki V Paige ........... 4

. Reigns V Bryan / Draw ........... 1

. Barrett V Ambrose ........... 7

. Usos V Kidd/Cesaro ........... 3

. Goldust V Stardust ........... 2

. Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Kane/Show ........... 6

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. Cena V Rusev - 6

. Nikki V Paige - 5

. Reigns V Bryan - draw/no contest - 5

. Barrett V Ambrose - 6

. Usos V Kidd/Cesaro - 5

. Goldust V Stardust - 4

. Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Kane/Show - 5
You can't have the same number for more than one match, you need to change it or I'll be doing it top to bottom 7-1.
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i saw the somewhat updated championship history a few weeks back - thanks for standing up to your word and doing it.
It took me longer than I expected but yeah, as I said as of now they are up to date, just waiting to see if anything changes this sunday before uploading them.

The updated history will be up sometime next week, not sure what day though.

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I forgot to mention it but I have a hospital appointment this Monday so results might not arrive until Tuesday, I'll try and get them done Monday night though.

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Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Big Show/Kane - 7
Nikki V Paige - 6
Rusev V Cena - 5
Usos V Kidd/Cesaro - 4
Goldust V Stardust - 3
Barrett V Ambrose - 2
Roman Reigns V Daniel Bryan - 1

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Roman Reigns--4

BTC: 2 hrs 2 mins 33 secs.

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Cena V Rusev - Rusev 2

Nikki V Paige - Nikki 3

Reigns V Bryan - Reigns 1

Barrett V Ambrose - Ambrose 4

Usos V Kidd/Cesaro - Usos 7

Goldust V Stardust - Stardust 6

Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Kane/Show - Rollins/Kane/Show 5

BTC: 1 hour 34 mins 36 seconds

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7 - Usos
6 - Nikki Bella
5 - Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback
4 - Goldust
3 - Ambrose
2 - Reigns
1 - Cena

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Cena V Rusev- 6

Nikki V Paige - 2

Reigns V Bryan- 7

Barrett V Ambrose- 3

Usos V Kidd/Cesaro- 4

Goldust V Stardust- 5

Ziggler/Rowan/Ryback V Rollins/Kane/Show- 1

BTC: 1:56:23
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