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Former WWE/ECW Star "Returns" (minor spoiler included)

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Anyone else notice?

Nunzio a.k.a. Little Guido, former 2-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, was one of the referees keeping Del Rio off of Kingston. According to Wikipedia he's been refereeing a couple of house shows as well, filling in for others who couldn't make it due to the weather.

This is thread worthy dammit!
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Yeah I read this somewhere before, good to see he's still got a job as something, shame he isn't actually wrestling though, although small, i always liked him.
Great to see he is still around and has a job, I always liked him and thought he was underused.
I noticed him in that segment with Del Rio and Swoggle.
This is to probably help the young guys, as referees do help put matches together. This is probably another reason Booker & Nash are hired because it's good to have a veteran to go to.
Good for him. I always felt he was underused like other people said. It's nice to know he's still in the business.

I kind of hope he's allowed to wrestle in the independents on the side, kind of like what King used to do.
I think Nunzio/Little Guido was a great seller, especially taking The Last Ride.
He should be the ref in the main event at Wrestlemania.
My brother still brings Nunzio up anytime we joke around with a main event match. He's become a fan of Nunzio's after seeing that goddamn brutal Goldberg spear on him.
Del Rio vs. Guido - Armbar vs. Armbar. Book it Vince!
Del Rio vs. Guido - Armbar vs. Armbar. Book it Vince!
You could make this a triple threat match with Jericho, using Move #574 - ARMBAR!!
is he a full time ref now? The only reason why I think he was there because the show was in Long Island, near where he lives. I know he reffed some matches during the snow storm in the east but those shows were in NYC area
I'm happy for Little Guido, I agree he was underrated and I loved him in FBI. Its good to know that some guys love wrestling so much that they are willing to go beyond just being a wrestler and venture into other avenues to keep the wrestling passion going.
Glad to see that he is still employed. He will provide a veteran presence for the referees and the young wrestlers.
I'd love for him to not just be a wall flower, and actually get involved in some matches and push wrestlers around every so often. Would make the refs actually seem relevant.
He can really sell a move from the big guys because of his skills and stature. It would be awesome to see him sell Kevin Nash's return by taking the jacknife.
I was quite the fan of him back when SD! had the Cruiserweight Division, that was great, good to see him back.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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