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An Indian from Punjab who emigrated to Toronto and trained under Fred Atkins, he achieved fame as Tiger Jeet Singh for his crazed heel antics which includes coming with a sword to taunt and threaten fans/faces and as the first pro-wreslter to defeat a sumo wrestler Wajima Hiroshi.

Debuting in 1965 in Maple Leaf Garden as Tiger Jeet Singh, Tiger for his ferocity, he started on the tag team division first with Professor Hiro and then with Fred Atkins himself becoming a top team by beating Whipper Watson and Bulldog Brower.

While mainly working the Canadian circuit, he also had a run in US feuding with Andre the Giant going on to defeat Johnny Valentine for the US title and fought Gene Kiniski and Bruno Sammartino three times altogether for the NWA world title unsuccessfully.

He went to Japan in 1972 gaining the moniker of most feared man in Japan where he took on Inoki for NWF world title and Seiji for NWF asian title. He went on to team with Abdullah the Butcher taking on Giant Baba and Inoki in a then dream match.

He also had a run in Mexico winning the UWF title from El Canek other than having runs in South Africa controversially during Apartheid era.

With 15 titles to his credit across 9 promotions in a career that spanned over 4 decades in 5 countries and being the first to defeat a sumo wrestler from a non-sumo background, he is a forgotten legend.
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