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Forgotten Legends6: Nick Bockwinkel

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Considered by his peers and experts to be an exceptional wrestler in terms of wrestling ability and ring psychology and with the ability to cut an eloquent promo, he was one of the faces of AWA/NWA having won over 29 titles.

He also fought in a AWA-WWWF inter promotion title unification match with Backland which ended in double count out. He is however mostly known for St Paul Screwjob (Yes, Montreal Screwjob had a precedent) where Hulk Hogan pinned him for the championship but the decision of the referee was reversed, one of the reasons why Hogan moved to WWF.

Having never wrestled for WWE he never would get the due recognition for his 32 year career.
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before Hogan went to wwe in 83 and vinnie went national the AWA was the biggest territory around the beginning of the 80s. That´s what I read somewhere. Most people forget how big the AWA was before hulkamania since they remember mostly the wwf an their direct competition WCW-NWA with Flair etc.

Just check how many wrestler came from AWA in it´s last days or closure. And even before that, Verna Gagne´s AWA training camp has trained many great wrestlers.
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