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Forgotten Legends57: El Canek

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For somebody who was around 6 feet and 240 pounds, he should be the smallest guy ever who body slammed Andre' the Giant. But using this as an introduction for someone of El Canek's strature would be grossly unfair.

Starting out at the age of 18 in 1972, he debuted under the moniker and a mask El Universitario later becoming El Canek. By the 1980's he was such a huge star having shot to fame after winning the National Light Heavyweight title from Dr Wagner in UWF. Then he broke into the international scene by defeating none other than a aged Lou Thesz for winning the UWA world heavyweight title, which he went on to win 15 times.

He also wrestled parallel in Japan and most of the matches between him and the foreigners in both places were legendary and huge draws with opponents like Tiger Mask, Antonio Inoki. However by 1995, UWA had shut down but Canek carried the title around till 2004 defending it as a free lancer losing it finally to Dr Wagner Jr. coming a full cycle.

He holds the distinct record of having victories over Hogan, Andre, Lou Thesz, Yokozuna, Vader, Owen Hart body slamming both Andre and Yokozuna other than the Japanese superstars other than having a brief MMA run.

All in all, he had held 20 titles with 15 of it from UWA Heavyweight and had a wonderful run feuding and defeating legendary wrestlers from across US, Japan and Mexico for which he is still little known outside Lucha Libre Fandom.
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He has wrestled all around the world, but even in lucha libre, El Canek is too underrated. He has even bodyslammed Andre the Giant. Not many can say they've done that.

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Are you sure Canek ever beat Hogan in a singles match? Most of their matches were in tags, and Hogan won most of those as far as I know. In singles I know of only two matches. One of them was in the first IWGP tournament where Hogan pinned Canek, and the other was in 1985 which was a UWA - WWF Title unification match best 2/3 falls. It ended in a draw with a fall each and a double count out ending. The singles series is thus 1-0-1 in Hogan's favor. I'm not saying it never happened, I just need a link backing that up.
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