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Starting out in 1935 as "Sailor" Freddie Blassie to capitalize on war patriotism and failing miserably he worked for Jack Pfefer. He finally broke through in 1952 getting success in tag team division with Billy McDaniel as Blassie Brothers.

Finally in 1953, he got some title success winning the NWA Georgia Southern heavyweight title becoming the number one contender for NWA world heavyweight title also becoming a heel using the civil war gimmick becoming the Yankee the fans hated.

He was billed as The Vampire Freddie Blassie filing his teeth, biting his opponents to bleed them. He went back to WWA where he got tag success initially but as a most hated heel that needed police protection from fans being in main event against the likes of Destroyer winning the title from Carpentier defending it against Lou Thesz. He was subject to acid attack before a match against Lord James Blears.

He traded the title against the likes of Rikidozan, Destroyer before losing to Bearcat Wright during Civil rights era and losing the title to Dick the Bruiser. After a brief stint in WWWF, he came back to WWA as face feuding with Rocky Johnson, The Sheik eventually winning and losing the title to Rikidozan.

He came back in 1964 to WWWF feuding with Bruno and Bobo before eventually retiring in 1974 due to age becoming a manager. He managed the likes of Koloff, Mulligan, Adonis, Ventura, Iron Sheik, Killer Kahn, George Steele and Hulk Hogan. His last appearance being threatened by 3 Minute warning saved by Austin being known as "The Fashion Plate of Professional wrestling."

A legend by all means, forgotten or unknown to our generation.
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