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Forgotten Legends23: DDP

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Starting out as a wrestler in Canada in 1979, he failed miserably due to poor training and retired quickly with a knee injury and moved on to run a night club but came back to AWA, albeit as a manager, managing BADD COMPANY and led them to tag team titles. He also managed Col Debeers, Curt Hennig in what was called Diamond Exchange, adding the name Diamond as his trademark catch word going on to coin Diamond Dolls to his valets.

He failed to get a job in WWF in 1990 and joined WCW where he managed The Fabulous Freebirds, Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) while also working as Colour Commentator. Based on what he heard about his priced star, Diamond studd, being taken away from him by WCW to a change of character, as per Magnum T.A's advice decided to become a wrestler again and headed straight to Power Plant at 35 years of age in 1991-92 and made a debut as Scott Hall's partner against Sullivan's team but was soon relegated to jobber status.

Then he created Diamond Mine, a stable of Raven and Nash and redebuted as a wrestler when he teamed with Nash in Vegas Connection, the moment they relived as Insiders years later. Nash left for WWF and Page injured himself leading to getting fired.

Then he turned to none other than Jake the snake Roberts who molded his character, taught him the psychological aspects during his recuperating period. He debut again in WCW with Kimberly as his valet and got involved in various feuds giving his raise to WCW TV championship and started to take on NWO and slowly rose to the DDP we all know; the US, tag and World Heavyweight champion.

He then moved into WWF, 10 years after he was rejected a job, had a feud with non other than the Taker, before being delegated again to Jobber status and then moving on to TNA, JCW and retiring eventually. He then went on to become a motivational speaker, Fitness Guru and trademarked the self Hi-five which won him some money in lawsuits.

He is mostly known for all this variations of Diamond Cutter which he managed to pull off from various positions during his matches and playing the villain in the movie Ready to Rumble and 14 titles to his name of which 11 were in WCW.

He epitomizes the never say die attitude rising again every time he was put down doing what was necessary and changing himself.
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Great post. I had no idea about his career before his success in the late 90s. DDP is a legend for sure. I don't think people mention enough how crazy over DDP was when WCW was at it's height. His feud with Savage was just incredible, especially dressing up as La Parka to notch a win over Savage on Nitro. When he takes the mask off, the crowd goes ape shit.
Always love his matches against Sting and Goldberg. Very underrated star indeed. Also his FCA match with Savage too...
Forgot to mention a few stuff like he and used the People's Champ before the Rock used it famously. His incredible comebacks whenever he was put down, I guess, led to him becoming a motivational speaker.
Here's a random fact about DDP.

He drove Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine to the ring in the Cadillac at Wrestlemania 6.

Bad thing about DDP was his age but even at that age, he had a career that those 10 years his junior would kill for. After he declined the NWO invitation in 1997, he quickly climbed to the upper echelon in WCW.

I even recall his Bowry Death Match with Raven in WCW that saw Kanyon return and recreate the infamous "chairshot heard round the world" moment that Dreamer did in ECW. Who can forget his matches with both Raven and Benoit, as well as his epic feud with Macho Man.

Not only that but DDP was over big time in WCW, especially after he declined the NWO.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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