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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

That was a good PPV attempt i look forward to reading Raw and the fallout of Vengeance as PPV and Match Ratings.

Hurricane/Rosey vs HeartThrobs: Not a match i could get into as i do not like either team, though well written, 3/5

Shelton vs Hassan: Good match, liked how Daivari kept interfering which is typical, Hassan as new champ seems good, 3.5/5

HBK vs Angle: Match of the Night, it would have been great if you wrote that match in full, though fantastic end, with the counters and kick out of the finishers, 5/5

Kane vs Edge: Another solid match, though i didn't like the DQ finish, but liked Kane getting revenge on Lita and Edge with the Tombstone. 3/5

Victoria vs Christy: Another match i was not keen on, pretty much a squash match for Victoria, 1/5

Cena vs Christian vs Jericho: Good match, Y2J should be champ if it was not for Tomko, liked how Jericho walked into the FU, 4/5

Batista vs HHH: Great match, liked how HHH took out the ref and OMG Flair turned on HHH, great finish, 4.5/5

Overall good show nice promos work on match lengths and promos overall rating of Vengeance 24/35.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Good show, i liked it very much,

Promo with Y2J, Christian and Cena very good nicely builds up Y2J/Cena feud.

Heartthrobs vs Rosey and Hurricane: Good tag match, though i can't get into Raw tag division.

Hassan vs Eugene: Liked the return of Eugene, and i thought he might win, good to see Hassan/Benjamin feud is not dying down.

Liked the Eric Bischoff promo as well as Angle/HBK, can't wait for their match at Summerslam, if it was like previous its gonna be good.

Masterlock challenge i can't stand, i hope someone breaks it and sets Chris Master up in a nice feud.

Victoria vs Trish: Shame about the DQ finish though well written, Trish and Lita going into a feud sounds nice and possibly Victoria.

Christian vs Tajiri: Nice filler match, had a feeling Tajiri might have nicked it, though good to see Captain Charisma coming out on top.

Liked the HHH/Batista brawl look forward to the match next week

Angle/Y2J/Edge vs HBK/Cena/Kane: Match of the Night, like the seperate brawls and the way each used their finisher on each other and the return of Undertaker, i look forward to seeing where this goes.

Overall good show, i look forward to reading more 8/10.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review:

Excellent opening Peep Show, great Ass Kissing by Christian and Eric Bischoff. I thought that Christian was the No.1 Contender until Paul Heyman appeared. I see Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff culiminating in a feud which the winner becomes No.1 Contender. Nice announcemnt by Paul Heyman, i look forward to Shawn Michaels vs Christian and moreso Chris Jericho vs John Cena in the re-match.

Great Chris Jericho promo, very typical cocky Chris Jericho, well written.

AJ Styles vs Daivari:
Decent match, here good to see the continuation of the Hassan and AJ Styles feud. The Intercontinental Title scene looks very good at the moment. Nice ending to the match, when it seemed that Chris Masters may make the save but just watched AJ Styles being taken out.

Great RVD promo on Kurt Angle, i like the prospect of RVD vs Kurt Angle to my knowledge has never happened, so that shall be a good read.

Charlie Haas vs Rob Conway:
I like the continuation of the WGTT pulling away from each other. Nice way to build up RTC vs WGTT for Unforgiven, good win for Rob Conway thanks to Test interference. Very good ending with RTC taking out Charlie Haas, then having Shelton Benjamin make the save and Charlie Haas accidentaly taking out Shelton Benjamin.

Good Christian promo, well written, which was very in character. The promo built up Christian and Shawn Michaels feud well.

Johnny Nitro vs CM Punk:
Decent match here, i like the possible feud of MNM vs Punk and Kash. Good ending with MNM double teaming CM Punk and hitting him with the Snapshot. Nice aftermath with Kid Kash being hit with Snapshot as well.

Trish Stratus vs Victoria:
Decent match, good win for Trish, but nice way to move on with Stacy and Trish feud, having RTC hold down Trish as Stacy hit her with the belt.

Great Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas promo, their partnership now thread bare, very well written.

Great Chris Masters promo, it was really well written, with a good lot of action and explanation. I liked how AJ Styles finally got some amount of revenge, but Muhammad Hassan attack, having him stand tall at the end was good.

RVD and Ric Flair vs HHH and Kurt Angle:
Excellent tag team match, in a very typical tag team style match. I was suprised that the heel picked up the win, but great match. Nice ending with RVD trying to get retribution, but getting beaten down.

Nice promo by Paul Heyman on the Hardcore Title Situation, i see a lot of title changes come Unforgiven. I look forward to the new signings debuting on Homecoming. I really like the snide marks made by Coach, Bischoff and Heyman to each other and good video from Hardy.

John Cena and HBK vs Chris Jericho, Christian and Tyson Tomko:
Good Main Event, with a very good finish, with Y2J being singled out and Cena and Jericho getting the win over, building up the matches very well for Unforgiven.

Overall excellent Raw as usual good matches, and excellent promo, the build up to Unforgiven is going really well.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Hey F-D glad to see you and Kane01 keeping up this great thread. I will start to review again from the next Raw and by looks Taboo Tuesday look a good card, here is my votes:

Raw Heavyweight Title
Chris Jericho (c) vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Christian - Elimination Chamber/6 pack challenge/6 man elimination match

Intercontinental Title
AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan vs Daivari/ AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan and Daivari (Handicap)/AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan and Daivari (Handicap Tag)

Raw Tag Team Titles
CM Punk and Kid Kash (c) vs MNM/RTC/New Debuting Tag Team

Women's Title
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria/Lita/Melina/Christy Hemmie/Maria/Candice Michelle/Stacy Kiebler

Hardcore Title
The Coach (c) vs Sabu

MITB Contract match
Edge vs Matt Hardy - Tables/Steel Chair on a pole/Ladder

Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam - ECW Rules - 1 fall to a finish/2 out of 3 falls/30 minute iron man

Shelton Benjamin vs Charlie Haas - 1 fall/No DQ/Pure match

Paul Heyman vs Eric Bischoff - Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee - loser of the match has to either be the other ones servant the following week on Raw/loser has no power over the next Raw/loser has to wrestle an opponent of the winner’s choice on Raw
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