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i cant really make a decision as i wasnt alive when some of those teams were around so its difficult to make a decision, but from the teams i have seen it would have to be United 1999, to win the treble is an amazing achievement, and with a lot of players brought through the youth system just made it so much better, like giggs, scholes, the 2 nevilles, beckham and butt. Also the manner in which they won, the never say die attitude, the footage from the 1999 champions league final always gives me goosebumps. Even everyone still remembers matches like the semi final replay of the FA cup, when giggs scored his wondergoal

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The teams that stand out in my lifetime:
1. Man United 98/99
2. Barcelona 09/present day
3. Arsenal 03/04

Barcelona are probably better than that '99 United team but I'm bias so feck off :side:.

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Refuse to vote as the Everton side of the mid-80s aren't on there. I'm not just saying that either, they genuinely were one of the best sides in europe/the world back then.
rofl, they were one of the best back then, but that team isn't even close to being one of the best in history.

Barcelona 09-current
Man Utd 06-09
Man Utd 99
Barcelona 92-94
Milan 88-92
70's Liverpool
80's Liverpool
50's Madrid
1970 Brazil
Ajax 70-72

There you go. I don't think like 8 of them are even debatable. Rooney/Ronaldo led Man Utd > Fergies Fledglings for me, the CL wasn't as deep then and they didn't even get back to the final, even Roy Keane admitted this team wasn't good enough. The "OH BUT THEY WON A FA CUP YO" doesn't really work, the Premiership was harder, and so was the CL.
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