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This short lived attempt to revive wrestling in Florida had some potential but with Dusty leaving for the WWF not even halfway through the year things went down in a hurry. They had some good matches but from what I remember the heels just weren't heelish enough a lot of the times. Most of my roster actually appeared at least temporarily but I added a few who fit in well and would have possibly shown up down the line anyway. OC = occasional appearances

Top Level Faces:
Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, Mike Graham, Barry Windham, Dick Slater, Bobby Fulton, Tommy Rogers (The Fantastics), Junkyard Dog (OC), Blackjack Mulligan

Mid Level Faces:
Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags (the Nasty Boys) Brickhouse Brown, Scott McGhee, Dustin Rhodes, Steve Keirn, Kendall Windham, Mark Starr, Chris Champion (last two as Wildside tag team), Bugsy McGraw (OC), Brian Blair, Wahoo McDaniel, Tyree Pride

Low Level Faces (occasional wins, opening card type but more than normal enhancement talent)
The Italian Stallion, Brett Sawyer, The Star Riders, Mike Awesome (rookie), Pez Whatley,

Top Level Heels:
Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Sullivan, The Big Steel Man (Typhoon), Terry Funk (before exiting to WCW for his feud with Flair), Dory Funk jr (OC), Larry Zbyszko (AWA champion, OC), Buzz Sawyer, Bad News Allan, Harley Race (OC), Eddie Gilbert, Abdullah

Mid Level Heels:
Johnny Ace, The Terminator, Bobby Jaggers, Black Bart, Ron Bass, Lou Perez, Al Perez, Jim Backlund, Kareem Muhammad, Tony Anthony, Cactus Jack Manson, Bob Roop, Mark Lewin, Dennis Knight, The Cuban Assassin

Lower Level Heels
Ron Slinker, Al Greene, The Mighty Yankees (Bob Cook and Jerry Grey), Frankie Lancaster, Teijo Khan, Doug Gilbert

Enhancement Talent:
Luis Estea, Rick Diamond, Bill Mulkey, Brody Higgins, Jeff James, Steve Collins, Tim Parker, Tony Suber

Spring 89 Belt Holders
FCW World Champion: Dusty Rhodes
FCW World Tag Team Champions: The Funks
FCW Florida Champion: Eddie Gilbert
FCW Florida Tag Team Champions: Al and Lou Perez
FCW Television Champion: Tyree Pride

Kevin Sullivan: Cactus Jack Manson, Mark Lewin, Abdullah, Buzz Sawyer
Oliver Humperdink: Bam Bam Bigelow, The Big Steel Man, Kareem Muhammad
Eddie Gilbert: Doug Gilbert, Al Perez, Lou Perez

Current major feuds: Dusty vs Bigelow for the world title, the Fantastics vs the Funks, loner Bad News Allan battling both heels and faces, tension in Eddie Gilbert's first family between the brother duos, Barry Windham returning to Florida to help his brother, father and Mike Graham in the fight against Sullivan's army
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