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Welcome to the world of Britcom squalor, you’ll be sleeping in an abandoned hospital surrounded by confused and frustrated 20-somethings and spending some time with an incredibly dysfunctional family. As if that didn’t all sound fun enough, there are also a number of villains waiting to pick you off.


1. Play to your win condition

2. Don’t go nuts on flaming, try to keep it civil and remember we’re all just people behind a screen.

3. Do not discuss the game outside this thread unless I give you a QT to do so.

4. Once you die you may make a single, non-game related post.

5. Day 1 will be 36 hours, Night 1 will be 18 hours. Following phases will have times announced as they start but will roughly follow 28/14 hour guidelines.

6. Non-town have been given help with safe characters to claim and relevant flavour. Flavour is a sentence of two about character and makes more sense in some cases than others. I'd say don't setup spec but you know I wouldn't listen so you can feel free not to either.

7. As I mentioned in the signup thread, there are only 18 episodes of both shows combined so expect there to be some characters who made seriously limited appearances compared to others. Where possible the character names should match the IMDB name.

8. Town is Waller-Bridge aligned with PMs resembling:
You’ll notice no win condition in the PMs. The win condition for both town and mafia is to eliminate all threats to their alignment.

9. Don't quote your role PM directly beyond character, role and show name. Paraphrase flavour when claiming. Don't post/describe the picture from your role PM as this is just for your own/my benefit.

10. Blocked shots are not refunded, x-shot roles are written as 1x/2x/3x/4x…

11. All roles were randomised and were then sent out to Magic first because he asked and in list order after that.

12. If you have any questions about the game, your role or need to rep out, please PM me.

Above all, have fun despite the large rules list. Just remember, there are scum on the loose…

7. Poyser

1. Alco - 1x lightning rod
10. RetepAdam - 2x naive cop, 2x cop
17. Mikey Damage - Godmother, 2x drawing oracle, priest
13. Skybox - Vanilla Townie
3. Laughable Chimp - Mason, Tracked bystander
8. Big Man - Blocked Artist
11. TKOK - Vanilla Townie
15. Zane B - 2x poisoner
16. Magic - 1x vig
6. Odo - Follower-Gossip
4. LethalWeapon - 3x Jailkeeper, 1x motivator

14. CamillePunk - Mason, Watched bystander
9. Jeffatron - 1x healer, Artist Hunter
2. Lawls - Peeping Tom
5. SavageX PHEN0M - Ascetic, 3x BG
12. Rop3 - Vanilla Townie

Day 1 - No Lynch
Night 1 - Alco and RetepAdam died
Day 2 - Mikey was lynched and Skybox died to poison
Night 2 - Big Man and Chimp died
Day 3 - TKOK was lynched
Night 3 - Magic and Zane B died
Day 4 - Odo was lynched
Night 4 - CP and Lethal died
Day 5 - Jeff was lynched
Endgame - Poyser wins

@Alco; @Lawls; @Laughable Chimp; @LethalWeapon; @SavageX; @Odo; @Poyser; @Big Man; @jeffatron; @RetepAdam.; @TKOK; @Rop3; @V. Skybox; @CamillePunk; @Zane B; @KING SANTA; @Mikey Damage;

It is now day 1, With 17 alive 9 votes are required for a lynch.
You have 36 hours

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Hello gentlemen

vote magic

I think this is the best move for today. He is either scum or he’s town that’s going to throw the game for his friends and he’ll be a detriment to the town win condition regardless of alignment. Take the bold step with me and if he flips town then you don’t have to feel bad because he would have been a detriment to us anyway

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You know it’s the right thing to do, alco. It’s time to take our section back. Magic has held it hostage for far too long with his little circle of cronies making sure they hog all of the accolades
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