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Fit Finlay v Steven Regal - Nitro 1996 (pre-nWo) Carpark Brawl

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Back in 1996 these two fine wrestlers had a car park brawl on Nitro, imo they got too into the match and the moment and would rival most hardcore matches, it's worth watching just for Bischoff panicing on the commentary and telling the cameraman to "zoom right out" due to one or both guys bleeding, awesome hardcore match though.
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It was a short but sweet hardcore match at a time where they were as rare as hen's teeth. In true WCW fashion, the match virtually spawned out of no where and wasn't advertised as anything overly special and nothing came of it. Not to mention, fans that ordered Uncensored would have been pissed because the match they saw went to a boring no contest, while this match was a sweet ahead of it's time brawl.

WCW was always a really messy and weird show with little rhyme or reason, but the pre-Hall era takes the cake.
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